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*** To find Concerts and Recitals so far captured for TODAY (or, indeed, for any forthcoming date in the next few months) - other than from the FEATURED Providers - enter the Date in the ‘Search’ Box, using the format e.g. 2019-06-08 (for 8th June 2019) and press ‘Return’. The Results are accompanied by a Google MAP.

You can also search for Concerts and Recitals by MONTH using ‘Advanced Search’, the results also being displayed on a Google Map and here able to be filtered by Country, Region, Area or Nearby


Open Concerts and Recitals primarily gathers Descriptions of the - organizers of - performers at - venues for - forthcoming classical concerts and recitals in the UK. The  Descriptions are normally taken directly from the entity’s Website (or Facebook Page).

The Record for each entity is cross-referenced if appropriate to a Locality and Area within the EXPLORE Categorization, accompanied by a Google-based Map pinpoint if that seems likely to be helpful.

The events listed on the Websites will almost always be open to all - though of course attendance at the majority will be priced or at the least encourage a donation.

New Listings can also be displayed by firing up ALL the LISTINGS, after which not only can you Sort by Recently Added, but also by Popular and Most Visited. The New Entries are also listed from time to time on the Facebook Page.


SEE How to Search for some further details, the Site Map for detailed coverage, and About for background information. The Glossary includes some Category ‘Scope Notes’.


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