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The National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs is a national association of clubs dedicated to Scottish traditional dance music. In approx. 70 clubs in Scotland and Northern parts of England, players and audience meet monthly to share their love of this type of music ... Clubs and their members are kept informed through a magazine, Box & Fiddle.’ Also categorized here are a number of Accordion Clubs, generally located in Mid and Southern England.

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Meets ‘Second Wednesday of each month (Sept-May) ... Includes Buffet Supper each month ...  7.30pm - 10.30pm’.

* Alnwick Accordion & Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Club meetings are held at 2.00pm ... with local musicians encouraged to take to the stage and play traditional music on instruments featuring predominantly accordion and/or fiddle. A "Special Guest" then performs two 30 minute sets during the evening with the entertainment finishing around 5:30pm.'

* Biggar Accordion & Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

’A social club based around playing and listening to the accordion. Based in Rowley Regis, in the Black Country ...  First Monday Each Month Free and easy Social Night everyone welcome. Band practice, new members needed and very welcome for this band, junior members urgently needed. A large selection of accordions available to try or borrow. Fourth Monday of the Month We have a guest artist.’

* Black Country Accordion Club
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'A unique and diverse musical group whose mission is to make great music whilst having fun! Our membership comprises accordion players from the age of 25 to 85 – both amateur and professional. BAB’s repertoire is wide-ranging and includes classics, music from the shows, pop, rock, folk and accordion originals ... More recently, we have introduced a percussion section and a small number of alternative wind instruments to complement our sound.'

* Bradford Accordion Band
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Concerts and Recitals Season

‘We perform at venues throughout Yorkshire and pride ourselves on giving a lively show.’

‘We are a medium sized group of accordion enthusiasts who meet monthly. Our playing abilities range from elementary to advanced, but don’t let the advanced players put you off as they really help our playing ... We also organize occasional concerts with guest artists as well as Orchestra Days with a guest Musical Director, which are great fun.’

* Cambridge Accordion Club
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Meet 'first Thursday of each month (no meeting in January)'.

* Crieff Fiddle and Accordion Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals
* Dingwall Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals
* Fort William Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Meet 'first Thursday of each month (Oct - April with no meeting in January)'.

* Galashiels Accordion & Fiddle Club
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'The Club welcomes enthusiasts of the accordion in all its forms, whether they be complete beginners or seasoned professionals. Most of us are somewhere in-between! While the piano accordion is the instrument played by most members, button accordions, bandoneons, concertinas and other instruments are represented too.’ Organize Guest Evenings ‘when we can sit back and enjoy the performances of well-known accordionists from all over the world’.

* Guildford Accordion Club
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'All levels of player are welcome as well as listeners who just enjoy traditional accordion and fiddle music in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Our audience always enjoy hearing good music. No reasonable offer to play will be turned down. It may surprise you but many of our members have never touched, let alone played an accordion or fiddle. Our Club night is a family affair, we have members from 8 to 80. All are made welcome ... The Isle of Skye Accordion & Fiddle Festival is usually held annually Late May.

* Isle of Skye Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Also indexedIsle of Skye Accordion & Fiddle Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Founded in November 1997 by David Batty, we have been meeting every 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of every month.’ Concert Guest Artists ‘have ranged from Scottish dance bands, sing a longs, a mixture of classical and folk music to artists taking requests from the audience. We like to have a variety of music genres and styles ... We hold a concert on the third Wednesday of every month, a professional guest artist features on alternate months. Our local players are the special guest artists on the months in between.’

* Leyland Accordion Club
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'A friendly Lincolnshire-based club for anyone with an interest in playing, or listening to others play, the accordion ... Sometimes, we are invited to send players to entertain outside the confines of the Club. Please bear in mind that whether we are able to oblige depends upon the type of function, size of venue etc. We are not professionals, but enthusiastic amateurs, and our beloved instruments are mainly acoustic without amplification.'

* Lindum Accordion Club
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Founded 1985: ‘The North Staffs Accordion Club welcomes all accordion enthusiasts, playing and non-playing. We have concert nights, an accordion band and tuition groups’.

* North Staffs Accordion Club
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Meets ‘First Thursday of each month (Oct - April)‘.

* Oban Accordion Club
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Meet 'every Wednesday of each month (Sept - April)'.

* Orkney Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals
* Peebles Accordion & Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Usally meet: 'Every Tuesday evening 7pm - 10.30pm. The format for these evenings is 7-30 to 8-15 everyone who wants to play can join in to a set programme to be used on guest artist nights. The time after that is made up of anyone who wishes to play solo or in groups'.

* Seghill Comrades Accordion & Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Promotes the best in traditional Shetland music, holding events throughout the year, as well as the annual Shetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival usually held Early October.

* Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Also indexedShetland Accordion & Fiddle Festival
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Started in 1993: 'With a wide range of playing abilities from junior to senior levels, we try our best to pick music that everyone can get involved in. Marches, polkas, waltzes, light classical, country and western, musicals, 40s, 50s, 60s popular sing-a-long music – if we like it we’ll have a go at it ... Our meetings are held at two different venues, alternate weeks ... Visitors are welcome to come and listen to our practices, but a call beforehand would be appreciated (so we can tell you which venue we are at and put out a few more seats).’

* Skegness Accordion Club
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Meets ‘First Monday of each month (Oct - May)’ at 7.30pm.

* Thurso Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals
* Uist & Benbecula Accordion & Fiddle Club
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Concerts and Recitals Season

Organize ‘special events in the summer’.

Meets 'third Tuesday of each month (Sept - May)' at 7.30pm.

* Wick Accordion and Fiddle Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

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