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- Artist Management Worldwide

- Bridge Arts Management

- Caroline Baird Artists

- Christa Phelps Artist Management

- Classic Management

- Nicola-Fee Bahl Management

- Puskas International Artist Management & Consultancy


! Artist Managers and Agencies KEY
VISITS (to the Website)6
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)13

‘Formed in May, 2012, to specialise in Performing Artist Representation and Concert Management and Promotion. It draws upon some 25 years of experience in the field from 1972, and was founded upon the opportunity to represent the career of a single, outstanding classical solo singer. It is envisaged, however, that additional suitable performers will be added, whenever opportunities arise from time to time, to establish a small roster.’


* ArtAxis Music
VISITS (to the Website)146
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)212

'One of the world’s leading arts management companies, specialising in the field of classical music. Working all over the world, we nurture both established and emerging talent through personal, bespoke management, as well as arranging international tours for the world’s leading orchestras and dance companies. Throughout our long history, we have built our reputation on the care we devote to all aspects of artists’ careers, to our relationships with promoters and venues across the world, and to each of the tours and projects that we manage. At the heart of everything we do is a passion for classical music and the performing arts, and a desire to bring high quality performances to every corner of the world ... We're Making Music Happen'


* Askonas Holt
VISITS (to the Website)369
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)328

'A multi-lingual team of managers are in daily contact with opera theatres and music venues throughout the world, expertly maintaining and developing long-established, successful relationships, and promoting the interests and activities of the singers, conductors, directors and designers Athole Still International Artists' Management is proud to represent.'


* Athole Still
VISITS (to the Website)219
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)316

'A boutique Personal Management representing artists internationally in the classical music arena. Seeking engagements with our partners worldwide, we offer a broad spectrum of talent from exciting emerging artists to those with enviable international reputations.'


* Caroline Phillips Management
VISITS (to the Website)167
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)183

Cathy Nelson set up her own company in 2006 after twenty years working in both the orchestra and agency world. Her focus is primarily composers, frequently working in collaboration with a publisher. She aims to provide long-term advice, guidance and practical support to enable artists to achieve their potential world-wide.‘


* Cathy Nelson Artists and Projects
VISITS (to the Website)15
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)70

'Clarion/Seven Muses has never aimed to become a large agency but rather to concentrate on a very personal relationship with a select number of artists, many of them young and several with quite unusual instruments ...' ALERT This Agency has now closed.


* Clarion/Seven Muses
VISITS (to the Website)171
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)196

'The first agency of its kind in Scotland, representing some of the finest vocal and instrumental talent in the country. We provide emerging and established professional performers for any kind of event across the United Kingdom. All our musicians are from or based in Scotland, and perform regularly on the classical music scene.'


* Classical Musicians Scotland
VISITS (to the Website)149
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)349

'Artist and project management agency operating from London and Paris. Rapidly approaching our 20th anniversary, we are proud to present an outstanding roster of internationally acclaimed artists from the conducting, solo, vocal and ensemble platforms, as well as award winning international tours and cross arts productions.'


* CLB Management
VISITS (to the Website)408
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)265

'CAMI was formed in 1930 by William S. Paley and Arthur Judson, in a merger of seven independent concert managers, as part of Columbia Broadcast System. The convergence of major impresarios under the Columbia Concerts Corporation, as CAMI was originally known, began the tradition of cooperation among independent managers that is still in place today. The company’s dominating presence in broadcasting and representation was sustained and driven by the now legendary roster of artists managed by the company’s founders.'


* Columbia Artists Management
VISITS (to the Website)138
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)233

Encore works in partnership with booking agencies and professional musicians to use new media for promotion and distribution purposes. We work with our clients to determine their publicity needs and then create a customized plan for using new media to reach publicity goals ... Encore’s renowned portfolio of publicity services includes web design, search engine optimization, and multimedia production. Services include promoting classical music through electronic distribution channels (such as iTunes and Amazon.com).‘


* Encore Arts Management
VISITS (to the Website)43
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)128

Formed in 2014: ‘Ours is a world of relationships – a manager’s relationship with an artist is built on mutual respect, trust and integrity – as are relationships with ones colleagues.  However much new technologies and commercial realities change aspects of what we do and how we work, they will never replace these personal relationships and connections that are so critical in our field. It is with this in mind that I have set up Enticott Music Management.  EMM will provide personal and bespoke management to the artists and clients we represent and support’.


* Enticott Music Management
VISITS (to the Website)59
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)146

'A boutique artist management agency, based in London and Dublin, specialising in UK and Ireland based classical soloists and ensembles. At Ériu, we pride ourselves in providing a high-quality, bespoke service to our artists, promoters and clients. We believe in nurturing young, emerging talent and furthering the career prospects of more established artists. Musical excellence is and always will be at the core of what we do.'


* Ériu Artist Management
VISITS (to the Website)112
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)295

'Launched in September 2016, has taken on the mantle of Ingpen & Williams Ltd  of which Jonathan Groves was a director for forty years. Founded in 1946 by Joan Ingpen, and her dog Williams, the company was proud to represent many of the leading artists of the time and to sustain an ethos of trust and integrity. Groves Artists will maintain and develop the tradition of long-term personal management that always lay at the heart of Ingpen & Williams. We will retain a scale of operation which will allow us to communicate with each other, with our artists and with those throughout the world who wish to engage our artists.'


* Groves Artists
VISITS (to the Website)103
Also indexedIngpen & Williams
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)338

'Representing world renowned artists and promising young conductors, musicians and singers.' Formerly Ellison & Strømsholm.


* GunnarManagement
VISITS (to the Website)133
Also indexedEllison & Strømsholm International Artists' Management
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)206

'Established in 1986 by Doreen O’Neill, with a remit to nurture young talent in Wales, Harlequin Agency now has a global reputation for its personal management of artists by its team of dedicated staff. Harlequin has a growing roster of singers, instrumentalists, conductors, accompanists, composers and arrangers, and an increasing number of concert productions and projects, in addition to its broadcast division, Harlequin Media. The meteoric rise to stardom of bass-baritone Bryn Terfel continues to be instrumental in the company’s development. Together with the independent television company, Boom Cymru, Bryn is now a co-owner of the agency.'


* Harlequin Agency
VISITS (to the Website)147
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)221

'Innovation, expertise and responsiveness have been the hallmarks of HarrisonParrott ever since its foundation. Setting up their own agency in 1969, Jasper Parrott and Terry Harrison pioneered a new approach to management – one which was intensive, international, and centered around the needs and aspirations of the artists. Today, that restless and challenging spirit is as strong as ever, shared across one of the most experienced teams in the business.'


* HarrisonParrott
VISITS (to the Website)341
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)281

'Hazard Chase's core business is client management, with a roster of prestigious international artists, including conductors, singers, instrumentalists, choirs, ensembles and composers, receiving an intensive personal management service. Touring and project management have also become significant areas of activity with a well-deserved reputation for the quality and breadth of work undertaken.'


* Hazard Chase
VISITS (to the Website)328
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)233

'Founded in 1986, Helen Sykes Artists' Management specialises in the management of professional concert and opera singers worldwide.'


* Helen Sykes Artists' Management
VISITS (to the Website)183
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)411

'A forward-thinking music management partnership representing some of the finest artists in the world. The partnership between Ikon Arts Management and Edition Peters Artist Management (EPAM) unites both companies' expertise and experience, to bring an unique synergy to the varying strands of artists' working lives.'


* Ikon Arts - Edition Peters
VISITS (to the Website)105
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)305

'A global leader of performing arts management. For thirty years, the company has set the standard for excellence across the artist management, touring, dance, attractions, festivals, events and cultural consulting fields. IMGA’s specialists in offices across three continents offer unparalleled international reach and depth of experience to the company’s artists, clients and partners.'


* IMG Artists
VISITS (to the Website)142
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)337

‘We represent conductors, instrumentalists, singers and composers, tour orchestras internationally and develop award-winning projects ... Our headquarters are in London and we have colleagues working in Berlin and Beijing.‘


* Intermusica Artists' Management
VISITS (to the Website)236
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)272

'Committed to meeting the needs of both artists and promoters, James Black Management is a small, dynamic agency working in opera and concert throughout the UK and Europe, as well as, increasingly, in North America and the Far East.'


* James Black Management
VISITS (to the Website)188
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)299

Keynote Artist Management is an open book whose content is defined by our artists and our passion to deliver innovative, refreshing and engaging projects. We are committed to providing a personalised, collaborative and caring experience for our artists and partners. Integral to Keynote is our commitment to supporting and developing the next generation of talented young performers.’


* Keynote Artist Management
VISITS (to the Website)134
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)196

‘Provides project management, promotion and production for performers and composers, specialising in contemporary classical music and multi-media touring projects.’


* Liz Webb Production & Management
VISITS (to the Website)144
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)189

‘A dynamic boutique agency, based in London, UK, created by Sarah Bruce in 2007. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding personal service to all our clients and working with some of the best artists in the business.‘


* Lomonaco International Artists Management
VISITS (to the Website)111
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)188

‘A visionary agency advocating the integration of multidisciplinary cultural endeavour. With strong foundations in classical music, we provide strategic career management and consultancy to world-class artists and organisations across the performing arts sector and contemporary visual practice.’


* Maestro Arts
VISITS (to the Website)220
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)166

'An agency representing mainly singers but also conductors and, now, a pianist and an opera director. You should find the information you require here about each of the artists we represent, as well as links to their own websites.'


* Mark Kendall Artists Management
VISITS (to the Website)153
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)382

‘Offers the highest standards of personal artist management to a hand-picked list of fine young and established singers, conductors and opera directors.’


* Maxine Robertson Management
VISITS (to the Website)91
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)258

‘A boutique classical music company with international scope, representing a small but meticulously selected roster of some of the finest musicians in the world. We manage a wide variety of projects and tours, many of which stem directly from our own artists.’


* Music Inter Alia
VISITS (to the Website)194
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)215

‘Specialises in the personal management and development of singers and conductors, working on the International Opera and Concert circuit. Established by Neil Dalrymple in 1976, the company has become recognised for its track record in discovering and progressing some of the most exciting talent in Opera.’


* Music International
VISITS (to the Website)117
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)194

‘International representation of opera singers, directors, conductors & choreographers’


* Musichall Ltd
VISITS (to the Website)74
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)119

Promotion of a small group of ensembles, duos and soloists who all ‘have proven records as first rate musicians with a total commitment to the art of music‘. ALERT Unable to raise the Website at Review.


* Neil Chaffey Concert Promotions
VISITS (to the Website)53
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)129

‘In Only Stage you will find all what is theater from playwright to directors, composers, innovators of musical language, opera productions, musicals, singers, orchestras, tours, among the most different projects. In a word, the SHOW we love has here its new house ... We believe that the stage is one and we will work for our artists to find themselves to be open to new artistic experiences that perhaps they had not imagined before or do not imagine in their ropes. Keep in mind that HYBRID is the future of show business.‘


* Only Stage
VISITS (to the Website)91
Also indexedOnly Maestros
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)181

'Founded in 1991 by John Owen and Trudy White, Owen White Management takes pride in developing a close working relationship with its artists, in order to advance their careers and achieve high artistic values.'


* Owen White Management
VISITS (to the Website)178
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)200

'A leading classical music agency, representing a select number of artists, principally conductors, and with expertise in choirs and choral work.'


* Patrick Garvey Management
VISITS (to the Website)109
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)227

‘The Team at Percius offers superb international contacts. In forging Percius, they bring together their skills in what will be a new vision for the arts world: a fast moving, effective and streamlined organisation equipped to deal with diverse projects and artists either for general management, project management or consultancy. We hope our straightforward, honest approach and skill-sets will complement those of our clients, inspiring confidence and creativity.’


* Percius Artist and Project Management
VISITS (to the Website)4
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)18

'Set up in 2006 and specialises in the promotion of outstanding international chamber musicians and soloists ... 


* Pro Artists LTAM
VISITS (to the Website)102
Also indexedLaura Tear | Aminah Domloge (Pro Artist)
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)202

'Formed in 2011 when Allied Artists Agency and Rayfield Artists, two of the most respected independent agencies, merged ... Rayfield Allied exemplifies all the qualities that have made the individual agencies such respected participants in the music world: maintaining the personal service that has always been the driving force for both agencies and benefitting from more than a century of combined managerial experience, whilst still being at the forefront of new media and web developments.'


* Rayfield Allied
VISITS (to the Website)77
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)137

'One of Europe's oldest opera management agencies ... Founded in London in the 1960s and has managed the careers of some of the most distinguished international opera singers, conductors and directors of the post-war period ... Stafford Law was founded as a family business and remains so to this day.'


* Stafford Law
VISITS (to the Website)76
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)114

'Founded in 2006 with the aim of providing a high quality, personalised artist management service, committed to meeting the needs of both our artists and promoters. We pride ourselves on both nurturing new talent and working with established artists. Confident that through our focussed approach we offer a personalised service that provides support and advice within trusting, open relationships with our artists, enabling them to reach their full career potential.'


* Steven Swales Artist Management
VISITS (to the Website)193
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)294

'International artist management company developing the careers of conductors, solo instrumentalists and ensembles all over the world. Our hallmarks are our integrity and our imaginative approach which delivers a bespoke service tailored to the individual’s needs. Our boutique team of six complements experience with a curiosity for developing trends in concert presentation reflecting the diverse audiences of today’s world. We share a passion for classical music, a desire to nurture and support our musicians and a belief in the fundamental power of classical music to connect peoples and enrich all lives.'


* Sulivan Sweetland
VISITS (to the Website)243
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)252

'Our classical artists are of the very highest, international calibre, backed by an agency which prides itself on attention to detail and a strong service ethic.'


* Tashmina Artists
VISITS (to the Website)97
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)212

'Offers personal worldwide management of classical artists, specialising in conductors and is a full member of IAMA.' ALERT Website ‘suspended’ at Review. Replaced Link with one to IAMA Website Entry.


* Tennant Artists
VISITS (to the Website)80
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)160

'In 1999 Tom Croxon founded Tom Croxon Management Ltd specializing in artist management, concert production and PR. Collaborating with some of the world's most gifted and distinguished classical and Jazz musicians, Tom Croxon Management offers creative career management and development.'


* Tom Croxon Management
VISITS (to the Website)92
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)201

‘The wide breadth of knowledge and experience gained in working in the music business since 1985 has enabled Upbeat Classical to provide a knowledgeable and experienced service to both artists and promoters. This, combined with the highest standards of management, an extensive network of contacts and a cheerful and friendly attitude, has helped to establish Upbeat Classical Management as one of the leading agencies of its kind in the UK.‘


* Upbeat Classical Management
VISITS (to the Website)72
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)177

'Founded in 2005. The company is dedicated to managing and developing the careers of classical musicians. We are very selective about our artists, only representing those with whom we feel a particular personal and artistic affinity. We believe this is the best way to support music and our clients with the greatest conviction and integrity.'


* Victoria Rowsell Artists Management
VISITS (to the Website)109
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)236

‘We look after a small group of classical artists worldwide – from a number of the finest representatives of the younger generation, through to experienced and established artists at the peak of their careers – whilst at the same time providing them with a full complement of “in-house” services.’


* Wright Music Management
VISITS (to the Website)315
Also indexedInternational Classical Artists
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)198

‘The  only worldwide association for classical music artist managements. It is dedicated to serving all its members' needs including Affiliate and Group members and it strives to raise professional standards in the business of music.’


~ International Artist Managers' Association
VISITS (to the Website)140
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)205

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