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‘An unparalleled celebration of the performing arts and an annual meeting point for peoples of all nations. Committed to virtuosity and originality, the International Festival presents some of the finest performers and ensembles from the worlds of dance, opera, music and theatre for three weeks in August.’

* Edinburgh International Festival
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Concerts and Recitals Season

FEATURED Prolific provider of concerts and recitals. Normally offers several events per month, at least during their season(s). I have simply and routinely flagged the 1st day of each month as an aide-memoire: check the Website for details.

Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Takes place every June and July ... Its rural location and Georgian buildings make it the perfect location for this small and eclectic festival. However, the festival is not just about this heritage, it aims to bring the best possible classical and contemporary arts to the town ...'

* Ashbourne Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Renowned series of artistic events & exhibitions held annually in the surroundings of the glorious Malvern Hills. Some of the most prestigious musicians, poets, writers, film makers and other artists perform during Autumn every year.' Held September - October.

* Autumn in Malvern Festival
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‘Created in 1995 ... An annual Festival of music, both classical and jazz, literature and an art exhibition of the work of local artists, potters, sculptors - open to all.’ Held Late June.

* Beaminster Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Founded in 1986, the Beaumaris Festival is an annual Arts festival based on Anglesey in Wales.’ Held Late May.

* Beaumaris Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Literature, art, theatre, film, photography, dance and music at venues throughout Belper in Derbyshire. It is a festival of inclusivity, not exclusivity.' Held In May.

* Belper Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The festival brings intriguing, spectacular and (sometimes) down-right curious arts experiences to our seaside town. With over 60 events – a spirited mix of some of the best regional, national and international arts across dance, film, music, visual art, literature, theatre, comedy and more.' Held Mid October.

* Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival
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Also indexedArts Bournemouth
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Established in 1960 as a vibrant celebration of the arts and culture in their broadest sense. Since its inception, the Festival has included a multitude of art forms and hosted many performers and artists of world renown. In recent years ... Bromsgrove Festival has celebrated mainly classical music with some excellent musicians in stunning venues ... [However, in 2017,] Bromsgrove Festival will once more celebrate the diversity of arts and culture by expanding to incorporate an impressive number of events in a wide variety of media. There really WILL be “something for everyone”.’ Held Mid July.

* Bromsgrove Festival
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'A happy marriage of opera, music and books.' Held During July ... Since 1980, the Friends of Buxton Festival ‘have been the life and soul of Buxton Festival providing financial support and enthusiasm which underpins the festival’s continuing development’. The Friends offer a number of concerts and recitals throughout the year.

* Buxton International Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'A non commercial community enterprise celebrating the arts and entertaining people throughout the year – the highlight being the annual Summer Festival.' (Held Mid July.)

* Caerleon Arts Festival
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'A quality programme of music and the arts for this ten-day Festival, a programme which encompasses music and art of all genres. "Something for everyone", as the expression goes ... It is very much a local Festival, and performers and artists are drawn from the town and region only.’ Held Early October.

* Calne Music & Arts Festival
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'Kent's International Arts Festival, one of the most important cultural events in the South East. As an independent charity, the Festival brings a rich mixture of performing arts from around the world to surprise and delight audiences each October. The Festival inspires artists to create and perform. It commissions new work. It champions emerging talent and supports those seeking careers in the cultural industries. It adds financial and cultural wealth to the Canterbury District and contributes to the wellbeing of its citizens. The Festival is enthusiastic about reaching new audiences, encouraging participation, providing opportunities for learning and making sure everyone can be a part of the biggest Arts Festival in the region.'

* Canterbury Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘This vibrant winter festival consists of 18 different events taking place in venues across the Chiltern Hills. With the Academy of Ancient Music announced as their orchestra in residence, and many other world-renowned artists appearing throughout the festival, Chiltern Arts brings the highest quality classical music and arts to the beautiful market towns and villages in the area. Venue locations include Dorchester-on-Thames, Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Great Missenden, Berkhamsted, High Wycombe, Wendover and Tring.‘ Held Early February.

* Chiltern Arts Festival
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‘Provides another opportunity to explore the universal language of music ... Celebrate music in both concerts and in other events perhaps more varied to what one might expect at a Music Festival ... All daytime concerts are free admission, but please leave what you can in the retiring collection.’ Held Mid JuneALERT Could not find Festival listed for 2019 at Review.

* Christchurch Priory Music & Art Festival
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Includes ‘a selection of music concerts (classical, folk, contemporary and jazz); a ceilidh, literary events and art - as well as a quiz night! The Festival is organised and run by the Crail Festival Society, a charity established to further the arts in Crail in particular and Scotland more generally’. Held Mid July.

* Crail Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The first festival dedicated to author Daniel Owen was a week-long event in Mold, Flintshire in 2010 ... The colourful and lively Festival is planned as a highlight in Mold’s annual calendar.' Held Mid October.

* Daniel Owen Festival
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‘Founded in 1953 by Jim Holman whose vision was to create a festival designed to bring arts in all its many forms for the people of Dawlish to enjoy. Now a registered charity, the objects are to promote understanding and increased knowledge and participation in the arts for the public benefit of people of all ages in Dawlish and district by providing public access to music, art, dance, drama, poetry and literature by professionals and gifted amateurs in which there will be experiential teaching and critiquing to develop individual capabilities, competences, skills and understanding. We are completely dependant on volunteers and charitable donations to the Arts Festival.’

* Dawlish Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The beautiful and historic surroundings of Deal, Sandwich and Dover within England's south coast are the backdrop to an annual Festival that celebrates great classical and contemporary music from some of the world's finest music-makers, as well as literature, theatre, opera, cinema, dance and the visual arts.‘ Held Early July.

* Deal Music & Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Offers a packed programme of events designed to appeal to all ages ... The vision of the Deddington Festival is to enhance the community spirit of the parish of Deddington and surrounding villages though an annual Festival of music, performing arts, visual arts and community events which entertain and inspire.‘ Held Early June.

* Deddington Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Four weeks of mostly free events: Music, art, crafts, dance, exhibitions, drama, and poetry.’ Held During July.

* Droitwich Spa ArtsFest
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‘Established as the region’s premier calendar entertainments event since 1979, the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival is Scotland’s largest rural multi-artform festival ... The festival has an excellent reputation for bringing top quality world-class performances to rural locations at the end of May each year. Musical events range from unforgettable operas, to classical, jazz, traditional, contemporary and world music that are usually only experienced in the world’s city venues.’

* Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Taking place in venues mostly in the Sleat peninsula at the southern end of  the Island, the Skye Festival or ‘Fèis an Eilein’ is a celebration of island culture and performing arts with a strong focus on Scottish traditional music, all spiced up with Jazz, Theatre, and lots, lots more. Organised by SEALL, the festival hosts around 30 top quality events in music and innovative theatre, with a community-led fringe programme of house concerts, charity cafés, environmental days, food and drink, art exhibitions and ceilidhs.’ Held July - August.

* Fèis an Eilein
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Also indexedSkye Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Fermanagh's only Arts Festival ... Running even a small festival takes a mammoth amount of time and effort. So why do I and my team of helpers bother? The answer, which is well known, is that festivals are good for you!! They are your mental “five-a-day” - or should that be Flive-a-day! It is also a fact that societies with a rich cultural life are better to live in. Many have realised this which is why festivals like Edinburgh, Galway, Sligo and Belfast continue to grow year on year. So here's your opportunity to enjoy, locally, a range of live, artistic experiences that aim to bring people together socially for their collective enjoyment.' Held Early October.

* Fermanagh Live
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'The mystical little party hidden in the middle of the woods. Gottwood is an independent, boutique, and very intimate underground electronic festival.'

* Gottwood Electronic Music & Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Has grown to become one of Yorkshire’s premiere art and music festivals. Played out in the heart of the beautiful Dales’ village of Grassington over the last two weeks of June, the festival offers an eclectic daily programme of music, comedy and cultural events ...   Grassington Festival is also proud of its Festival in the Community, which is a range of collaborative projects that provide exciting opportunities for local schools, care homes and community groups to get involved in the festival, and create anything from art installations to music concerts.’

* Grassington Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Haddo House is a Scottish stately home located near Tarves in Aberdeenshire, approximately 20 miles north of Aberdeen. It has been owned by the National Trust for Scotland since 1979 ... “Haddo Arts” is an exciting new organisation which brings a unique artistic experience to Haddo. Working with world-class artists and makers, with local professionals and communities, schools and other arts organisations, Haddo Arts will create a distinctive annual programme across the whole of Haddo – the House, the Hall and Country Park.‘ Festival held Early October.

* Haddo Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Halesworth Arts Festival originated 15 years ago. Now a major force in the arts in North Suffolk, it attracts capacity crowds every October, who come for the chance to see top quality artists in small, intimate surroundings. The HAF is a non profit making charity, relying on the generosity of many local businesses and individuals essential to help fund an event of this nature. Unlike many other Festivals, it receives no Arts Council, Lottery or other central Government help.'

* Halesworth Arts Festival
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'Our aim is to engage, interest and move our audiences with unique and beautiful presentations at Hampstead’s most intimate venues ...'. Held Mid November.

* Hampstead Arts Festival
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Henley Festival is fun. It’s classy but real fun. Fantastic top name artists performing a huge range of stuff. You do have to give it a try ... The English summer wouldn’t be the same without it.’ Held Mid July.

* Henley Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Continues to provide high quality performances of classical music, recitals, choral and jazz plus talks, exhibitions and films. The Festival features internationally renowned performers and uses beautiful historic venues around the town, including England's largest surviving Mediaeval Guildhall.'  The Festival also sponsors 'a year-round programme of concerts, talks and films'. Festival held Mid July.

* King's Lynn Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Founded 1977: ‘Over the years it has expanded to nearly six weeks – it now runs from the end of April to the beginning of June each year – and features anything between 30 and 40 events including national and internationally-known artists ... Many events, including the festival committee’s own “core” activities, take place at Leek’s Foxlowe Arts Centre’.

* Leek Arts Festival
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Also indexedFoxlowe Arts Centre
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Run by a local unpaid committee since 1978 (first festival in 1980), is well known and respected. It has put on a wide variety of events in many genres over the years, bringing top quality performers right to the doorstep of Leominster people. It seeks to engage and involve the whole community.' Held Early JuneALERT Not able to raise Website at Review; cf Facebook Page.

* Leominster Festival
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‘An annual festival in rural South Wales dedicated to the advancement of creativity in young people, and a range of musical and theatrical events, based in and around Llantilio Crossenny and Treadam.’ Held Early May. ALERT Problem accessing Festival Website at Review; cited Facebook Page.

* Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama
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‘Our Arts Festival's origins were ... as a small, one day book festival which was very successful. Then, after the first two years, other arts organisations requested to take part. The festival then grew to last over a weekend and now it has grown to be a multi week programme. We aim to offer a varied and inclusive programme of arts for all ages. Not only do we invite some well-known artists to come and share with us their talent and experience, we recognise the huge artistic talent within our community and the Festival strives to showcase these members of our village.’ Held Mid March.

* Lochwinnoch Arts Festival
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‘An English Arts Festival which is primarily devoted to classical music. It is a biennial event taking place in May [2020] and is centred in the ancient and beautiful village of Mayfield in East Sussex, just south of the Spa Town of Royal Tunbridge Wells.’ The Tunbridge Wells International Young Concert Artists Competition is ‘a prestigious competition held every two years in conjunction with the Mayfield Festival’. Each year the Festival promotes a number of fund raising and other concerts and recitals in addition to the biennial Festival itself.

* Mayfield Festival of Music and the Arts
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Also indexedTunbridge Wells International Young Concert Artists Competition
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Robert McLellan was the most important Scottish dramatist and short story writer to work in living Scots in the twentieth century and his influence on the world of Scottish writing has been crucial. McLellan spent most of his working life on Arran and in 2004, the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust decided to honour his contribution to Scottish culture by instigating a festival which would raise awareness and celebrate McLellan's work as well as encourage new work in his name ... The Festival focuses currently on poetry, music, film and drama as well as providing workshops for adults and young people.’ Held Early September.

* McLellan Arts Festival
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Also indexedArran Theatre and Arts Trust
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‘The Melbourne Festival is eagerly awaited by local people and visitors from far afield, it has established itself as the highlight of South Derbyshire’s cultural calendar ... The Festival is always a great chance for local people to see some great events within walking distance of home and no parking fees for drivers! This year we will spread the concerts performances and talks over six weekends so that people can fit in more events.’ Held September - October.

* Melbourne Festival of Creative & Performing Arts
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‘The Festival takes place during the anniversary of one of the very first organised uprisings by workers in 1831 known as the Merthyr Rising. The Merthyr Rising of 1831 was the violent climax to many years of simmering unrest among the large working class population of Merthyr Tydfil where it is believed that for the first time the red flag of revolution was flown as a symbol of workers' revolt. Today we annually celebrate this symbolic event through a cultural festival of music, arts, political discussion and ideas during the anniversary of the events of 1831.’ Held Late May.

* Merthyr Rising
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of the region’s leading multi-arts festivals ... making the arts more accessible to all through an ambitious programme of events and activities ... Visual art, live music, spoken word, performance, special events and more in a range of unique and well-known venues across the town - from court rooms and cafes to the breathtaking Alexandra Hall.‘ Held Late September - Early October.

* Morley Arts Festival
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'Has been celebrating and promoting the arts including music, theatre, art, dance, and comedy since 1989.' Held Late June.

* Oakham Festival
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'A 9 day arts festival which incorporates music, theatre, film and Party at the Wharf.' Held Mid July.

* Oundle International Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A music, science and arts festival that celebrates culture and human achievements in a truly unique way. The Festival’s ethos of combining the very cutting edge of science alongside world class concerts has for the last eight years attracted visitors from all over the world.’ Held Early May.

* Oxford May Music Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Established in 1966, Penkhull Festival is an innovative annual event which takes place in Stoke-on-Trent each September ... The Festival’s home is the historic Domesday village of Penkhull, surrounded by the rolling countryside of the Staffordshire moorlands.’ Held Late September.

* Penkhull Festival of Music & Art
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Over 9 days, we offer our 25, 000 visitors a wide variety of exhibitions, workshops, talks, children’s events and evening performances, all related to the arts.' Held Early August.

* Pittenweem Arts Festival
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'We offer a wide range of music, from classical to jazz, with international artists and rising young professionals. On the first weekend, we also have eight authors in our LitFest, run in association with The Henrietta Barnett School. And there are a series of walks where you can see familiar parts of London with new eyes. Run almost entirely by volunteers, the Festival gives all its surplus funds to charities Toynbee Hall and the North London Hospice.' Held Late June.

* Proms at St Jude's
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Bringing different types of music, drama, talks and much more to the Roseland.  Our mission is to foster and encourage young people in their love of music, art and creativity and to support local organisations and charities through donations. Venues all over the Roseland peninsula host our events and though we may not get to every hamlet every year, we do try!  Our aim is to use as many of the smaller village halls as well as the larger halls and churches.’ Held Late April - Early May.

* Roseland Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Creative Royston is a group of volunteers in Royston, Hertfordshire (UK) whose aim is to celebrate and encourage local creativity all year round and give locals the opportunity to experience both professional and amateur work first-hand. Its main focus is Royston Arts Festival which covers art, craft, music, dance, drama, new writing and a whole lot more. Typically, the festival features about fifty events, including performances, exhibitions and workshops. Many of these are run independently by local clubs and societies.’ Festival held Late September.

* Royston Arts Festival
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Also indexedCreative Royston
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‘Now the most successful multi-arts festival in East Sussex ... Our main Festival is Rye’s principal annual arts event, taking place over the weekends and last two weeks in September. It has developed ... into one of the most successful and respected small festivals of its kind, dedicated to high quality performances in music, literature, theatre and other art forms coupled with a range of activities in heritage and the environment.‘

* Rye Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Inaugurated 2017: ‘Bringing the best and most exciting music, comedy, theatre and family events to Selby, North Yorkshire ... A nine day explosion of creativity and culture, it is about transforming spaces, animating places and celebrating everything that is great about the town & the district’. Held Late JulyALERT “A MAJOR arts festival at a North Yorkshire town will not go ahead this year after funding failed to materialise. The Selby Arts Festival (SAF) launched last year, with thousands of people enjoying music, theatre and comedy at venues around the town ... As part of the SAF’s launch, organisers promised it would become an annual event, but although dates for this year’s event were set, it will not be going ahead.” [York Press 21 April 2018]

* Selby Arts Festival
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‘A non profit making community venture which celebrates the cultural heritage of Exmoor, while inviting top musicians from abroad to celebrate theirs in the six weeks between May Day and Midsummer. In the spirit of diversity the festival also offers a variety of other events and activities including walks, talks, classical music, jazz and opera and an art exhibition.‘

* Simonsbath Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An eight-day celebration of the arts – music, drama, poetry, visual art, photography, dance, talks and literature. It appeals to all ages and tastes; to local residents and to visitors to our vibrant seaside town. We invite national performers as well as local celebrities; professional, well-established names as well as those starting out on their careers.’ Held Late June.

* Southwold Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

St Ives is one of the leading cultural festivals in the UK, covering music, art and poetry events, exhibitions, galleries, guided walks and open artist studios. It is happening over two weeks in and around St Ives in Cornwall.’  Held Mid September.

* St Ives September Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Orkney's midsummer celebration of the arts. Founded in 1977 by a group including the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Festival has grown from small beginnings into one of Britain's most highly regarded and adventurous arts events.' Held Mid June.

* St Magnus Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The St Marylebone Festival is part of the HLF funded St Marylebone Changing Lives Project ... Please help us to refurbish and extend our Crypt, continue our work of offering low-cost psychotherapy and counselling services, NHS primary care, world-class music, and to conserve our heritage by restoring the present 200 year old monumental parish church ... During a week of music and festivities we celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the parish and the many personalities connected with it.’ Held Late July

* St Marylebone Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Staithes has a long and celebrated history of art from the 19th century Staithes Group of Artists to the present day ... Visitors will be able to walk the maze of lanes visiting “galleries” as well as taking part in a programme of guided walks, workshops, talks and film shows. Heritage too plays an important part in the life of the village and will be celebrated in events and exhibitions throughout the weekend. There will be a vibrant programme of music ranging from street buskers to concerts.‘ Held Early September.

* Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘International Arts Festival, based in the magnificent medieval city of Stirling, Scotland for 2018 ... (For 2019, we are moving base location to Scotland’s Capital City – Edinburgh!) ... We invite you to an area steeped in history, legend and folklore to participate in a truly international festival where you will be able to experience the majesty of Scotland and the warmth of its people ... Performances will be determined based on your genre of music and size of your ensemble. These may include ageless churches, historical town halls, contemporary theatres or medieval castles.‘ Held Early July.

* Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A celebration of the power of language to inspire thought and feeling, insight and reflection – through an innovative programme of themed concerts and talks, designed to engage audiences of all ages and cultures.’ Held Late September. At Review, replaced Website Link with Facebook Page.

* Stratford International Festival of Words and Music
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'Annual festival of music and arts based in the three most northerly Yorkshire Dales - Swaledale, Wensleydale and Arkengarthdale - a large rural area of outstanding beauty. Festival venues range from tiny chapels seating fewer than fifty people to halls seating several hundred ... The Festival starts on the Saturday of the Late May Spring Bank Holiday each year, and goes on for two weeks.'

* Swaledale Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Back in 1948, as a nation struggled to overcome the ravages of war, some of Britain’s more visionary towns and cities had the same idea: to launch an annual festival of the arts. Swansea was one of them. Formerly known as the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts, Swansea International Festival is now one of the major festival events in Wales. It is well established and respected, with a loyal core audience. It also has a clear purpose: a formal, annual opportunity to celebrate the town and its people, bringing the best of the world to Swansea and sharing the best of Swansea with the world.’ Held Late SeptemberALERT ’After a wonderful year celebrating our 70th anniversary, the Swansea International Festival will be taking a break in 2019.’

* Swansea International Festival
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‘Features concerts (of a wide range of musical genres), lectures, art exhibitions and workshops, literary workshops and events, theatrical and dramatic performances and an arts market in Bedford Square.’ Held April - MayALERT Unable to locate details of a future Festival at Review.

* Tavistock Music & Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Continues to provide a varied, stimulating and entertaining late summer programme in this pretty seaside town in Pembrokeshire, West Wales ... Talks on many subjects, classic and jazz music, drama, art workshops all contribute to a balanced and enjoyable week.’ Held Late September.

* Tenby Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A celebration of music and literature with a diverse programme of more than 120 events over ten days.’ Held Late May.

* The Bath Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'One of the longest running art festivals in the country.' Festival itself held Late April - Early May - but supplemented by other events including an Eisteddfod competition earlier in the year 'open to all young people aged from 4 to 21'.

* Thornbury Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A four day Summer Festival of music, poetry and art events ... in venues in Wimborne Minster and Lytchett Minster, bringing together choral singers, instrumentalists, young musicians and professional performers.’ Held Early August.

* Wessex Festival
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Annually from 1977: ‘There’s a wealth of music from local and regional groups ... While a lot happens in the evenings, don’t overlook performances during the day.’ Held Mid October.

* Wetherby Arts Festival
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‘A twice-yearly multi-arts festival featuring live music, art, theatre, poetry, comedy, film & family events! The festival aims to bring top notch cultural entertainment to Wigan, and also showcase many local talents from around the borough. It’s a festival of experiences for you and your families to enjoy. So whether you’re a festival first timer or a regular, there’s something for everyone. Sit back, take part, join in ...’ Held April and September.

* Wigan Arts Festival
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‘Focused in and around High Wycombe and Marlow in the South of Buckinghamshire within the Chiltern Hills, the Festival offers a wide range of the arts, both amateur and professional. Its aim is to embrace and engage all members of the community ... Each year, the festival includes a wide range of musical events including jazz, chamber and orchestral concerts, photographic and art exhibitions, theatre productions, National Trust walks, storytelling and talks on subjects of local interest and much, much more. This large range of events reinforces the aim of the festival to bring a wide variety of performing and visual arts to the widest possible audience at a reasonable cost.’ Held Late April - Early June.

* Wycombe Arts Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

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