‘The website of the Brass Band League Northern Ireland. The aim of the site is to promote brass banding in Northern Ireland and provide an information repository for anyone interested in it ... The BBL has an executive committee which is elected at our Annual General Meeting. The executive overseas the day to day running of the BBL and its various events.‘

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‘The Association was founded in the 1950s to look after the interests of the brass bands of Cornwall, and to promote an annual brass band contest, now known as the Cornish Brass Band Championships.’

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‘The Council of WEBBA is responsible for the organisation of the annual West of England Regional Finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain ... We also engage with the other councils, associations or bodies that govern other areas of the Amateur Brass Band Movement throughout the United Kingdom, constantly seeking to maintain and improve the standards of the Regional Finals ... The Council is comprised of representatives from the Cornwall, Gloucestershire, South West and Wessex Brass Band Associations, who work together to progress the aims of the organisation.’

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‘An affiliation of brass bands from the geographical region of England generally known as East Anglia ... The aim of the Association is to improve and develop public education in the art and science of music by the presentation of concerts, recitals and festivals and to co-ordinate training of individual members by presenting masterclasses, courses and other tutorials.‘

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‘The GBBA has a wide range of member bands, from Championship to Non-contesting level. Spread throughout our regions of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, our bands perform at contests and concerts all year round for the enjoyment of their audiences and themselves. As well as promoting local brass banding and representing member bands at a national level, the GBBA arranges two contests per year, for both member and non-member bands. An Entertainment Contest is held early in the year, with an Own Choice Test Piece Contest following towards the close of the year. In partnership with Gloucestershire Music, we also help the talented youth of our community to develop. Please take the time to support our work and help further develop the musical heritage of our area.’

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‘Brass Bands are graded a bit like football leagues, with Championship Section bands performing at the very highest level. We also are proud to have a number of bands who are youth bands, or training bands, and bands that aren’t registered for competioins, but just perform for the fun of it! ... The LBBA has two key events each year; a solo, duet and quartet competition in the spring, followed by an open full brass band competition each November.‘

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Results for the Annual Contest held Mid March amongst almost 100 Bands who are Members of the five Local Associations within the Region: Bucks & District; East Anglia; London & Home Counties; Oxford & District; Southern Counties.

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‘The Midlands Area Brass Band Championships are one of the most hotly contested competitions in the UK. Each year, over 80 bands compete in the five sections for the chance to represent the area at the National Finals ... and to determine the grading positions for the following year ... The regional championships is an independant contest run by the regional committee.‘

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‘The Championships attract bands from Cleveland, Cumbria, Durham, East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire (formerly Humberside), North Yorkshire, Northumberland, and Tyne and Wear. Each band will compete in their respective graded section for the honour of representing the North of England, at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.’

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‘Since 1946 the NWABBA have been supporting brass bands from across the North West of England region and beyond ... Our member bands come from Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. Our involvement in contest organisation is well known, however, we aim to provide an all round service to our bands.’

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‘The Regional Committee is an autonomous body responsible for the organisation of the North West Regional Championships, which determine the bands who qualify for an invitation to the finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, owned by Kapitol Promotions Ltd. Any band whose bandroom is located within the boundaries of Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Merseyside and Northern Ireland is eligible to compete in the North West Regional Championships.’ Championships held Late February.

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'We aim to run three contests (plus other events) per year. Entries are welcome from bands from outside of the Association; further details are available from the Contest Secretary. We endeavour at all times to appoint experienced, well-known and highly respected adjudicators at our contests.'

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'SBBA has been looking after the interests of Scotland's brass bands since 1895 ... SBBA has vastly widened its horizons in recent years and now boasts over 100 member bands, of which 20 per cent are youth bands. Having been a male-dominated activity for many years, brass banding in Scotland has also seen a huge growth in female participation, which has now reached 44 per cent. The SBBA also encourages the advent of new ensembles covering all age groups ...' The Association organize the Scottish Open Brass Band Championships and the Scottish Youth Brass Band Championships.

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‘Established in 1946, aims to support its members by delivering both funding and education, benefiting both players and audiences alike. The Association is also proud to supervise and maintain the tradition of contesting in the Region.’

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‘Organisers of the Regional Championships in Wales ... The Welsh Brass Band Championships is one of 8 regional contests that take place annually from which bands can qualify for an invitation to the finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. The winner of the Championship Section in Wales also qualifies to represent Wales at The European Brass Band Association Championships.’

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‘Formed with its objectives to encourage the formation of Brass Bands in the area, and to improve existing bands, and to provide facilities for social interaction between the Bands. The Association organises an Annual Winter Competition for Adult Bands and an Annual Youth and Training Band Contest.’

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‘The Association exists to provide support for all member bands within the West Midlands and surrounding area. During the year, the association host a number of events including an annual contest, youth training day and various master classes and seminars. The association is funded entirely by subscriptions from member bands. The association is run by a committee of volunteers comprised of members of local bands.’

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‘Bands will be competing across all sections seeking the honour of representing Yorkshire at the finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. With some of the finest Bands in Britain such as Black Dyke, Brighouse and Rastrick, Grimethorpe Colliery, Rothwell and many others all competing in the Championship Section, few contests are so fiercely competitive.’ Held Early March.

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