= Alasdair Nicolson
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= Anna Meredith
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= Benjamin Oliver
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= Bob Chilcott
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= Cecilia McDowall
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= Charlotte Bray
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= Cheryl Frances-Hoad
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= Colin Matthews
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= Colin Riley
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= David Bednall
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= David Matthews
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= David Owen Norris
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= Edmund Jolliffe
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= Emily Howard
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= Freya Waley-Cohen
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= Gabriel Prokofiev
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= Gavin Bryars
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= George Benjamin
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= Graham Fitkin
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= Harrison Birtwistle
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= Howard Blake
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= Howard Goodall
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= Ian Venables
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= John McCabe
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= John Rutter
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= Joseph Phibbs
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= Judith Weir
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= Julian Anderson
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= Karl Jenkins
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= Kathy Hinde
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= Kenneth Hesketh
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= Michael Berkeley
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ALERT ’Faber Music is deeply saddened to announce the death of Oliver Knussen, our beloved House Composer of over forty years, on 8 July [2018].’

= Oliver Knussen
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= Paul Mealor
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= Paul Patterson
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= Paul Spicer
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= Raymond Yiu
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= Richard Bullen
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= Robert Laidlow
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= Robin Haigh
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= Roxanna Panufnik
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= Sally Beamish
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= Stuart MacRae
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= Tom Coult
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