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How to find concerts and recitals on particular dates

To find Concerts and Recitals so far listed for a specific DAY, enter the Date in the ‘SEARCH the Website’ Box, using the format Year-Month-Day (e.g. 2019-06-08 for 8th June 2019) and press ‘Search’. You should generate a Listing of Organizers, Performers, Venues who have advertised concerts/recitals for that Day, accompanied by a Google Map showing where each ‘Provider’ principally is based. Click on an Icon of interest to Link to the Provider’s ‘Full’ Record.

You can also search for Concerts and Recitals by MONTH using the parameter labelled 'Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals' in ‘Advanced Search’: The results displayed should also be accompanied by a Google Map, but here in addition able to be ‘Filtered’ by Country, Region, Area or Nearby. (The ‘Search’ Box Filter here can also be used to enter a specific Day of the Month in the required format, as above.)

How to find concert and recital providers located in particular parts of the UK

 The best way to do this is to fire up ‘All’ the Listings for the type of Provider(s) you wish to focus on, and then to ‘Filter’ those Listings using the name of the particular part of the UK of interest:

* First, choose a Provider within the Categories hierarchical structure I use, focussing on the subsections 'Organizers of ...', 'Performers at ...', 'Venues for ...'. You can choose a Provider name at any level of the structure within those three areas of the categorization, even e.g. ‘Venues for UK Concerts and Recitals’;

* Click on the Heading of the Provider you have chosen

* Next click on the phrase ‘All Listings’ - towards the top right of the page you have generated;

* Then click on the phrase ‘Filter listings ...’, top left of the page that has then appeared;

* Finally choose the ‘Area’, ‘Region’ or ‘Country’ you are interested in from their drop-down lists (or type one of the place names I use in ‘Nearby’), and press 'Search'.

Generated should be a list of ‘Brief’ Records of your chosen Provider(s), based in the part of the UK you have selected, and accompanied by a Google Map displaying the localties where each Provider primarily is based. Clicking on a Google icon will lead you to its 'Full' Record.


Overall, there are five Types of Entry in the Directory:

Organizers - concert societies, cultural festivals, music colleges and academies, etc

Performers - orchestras and bands, choirs and singers, chamber ensembles, etc

Soloists - pianists, violinists, sopranos, tenors, etc (Just a few examples of each ...)

Venues - cathedrals, concert halls, arts centres, etc

World of Classical Music - portals, associations, magazines, online platforms, etc

Each Record is cross-referenced if appropriate to a Locality and Area within the EXPLORE Categorization, accompanied by a Google-based Map pinpoint if that seems likely to be helpful.


All Listings

If you click All Listings - displayed top right under the A-Z on most Pages of Listings - you will be able to Sort the Listings by:

- Recently Added (reverse chronological order)

- Popular (ranking of the number of displays of the Full Records of Entries which have been made so far by Users of the Directory: the most popular Record first)

- Most Visited (ranking of the number of links to the Websites primarily cited in the Entries which have been made so far by Directory Users: the most visited Website first)

as alternatives to Alphabetical (by Title of Entry).

All Listings also 'explodes' and collates the Entries for a Category and any Sub-Categories it has (e.g. for 'South West England' this would include all the Entries within Avon, Cornwall, Devon etc as well as those within Bath, Bodmin, Barnstaple etc; for 'Orchestras and Bands' it would include all the Entries for Big Bands, Brass and Silver Bands, Chamber Orchestras, etc)

Once you have an 'All Listings' you can Filter listings using various parameters (click top left). SO - for instance - you could generate a listing of the ‘Brass and Silver Bands’ in ‘Cornwall’ which have Entries in the Directory to date.

Note that on certain displays it is also possible to do all this for the Complete Directory by clicking on “All Listings” in the banner at the top of the screen.

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