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The Category Accessibility to Music is a subset of Music Engagement and Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Accessibility to Music Entities which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Entity's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Accessibility to Music Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Music for Autism


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The Category Contemporary Composers is a subset of Composers of Music. Works of the following Contemporary Composers are amongst the most frequently performed in UK concerts and recitals. Clicking on a Name of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

^ Contemporary Composers ANNEXE a-d

^ Contemporary Composers ANNEXE e-k

^ Contemporary Composers ANNEXE l-r

^ Contemporary Composers ANNEXE s-z


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The Category Contemporary Ensembles is a subset of Concert Music Ensembles. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Contemporary Ensembles which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Ensemble's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Contemporary Ensembles do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Cantata Dramatica

- Metapraxis Ensemble

- The Facade Ensemble


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The Category Contemporary Music is a subset of Music Engagement and Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Contemporary Music Entities which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Entity's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Contemporary Music Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble

- New Music in the South West


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The Category Early Music is a subset of Music Engagement and Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Early Music Entities which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Entity's Full Record.


Some 'Featured' Providers in this Category are so busy during their Season(s) that I do not even try to list all the dates when they have planned forthcoming events:

- National Centre for Early Music


In contrast, the following Early Music Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Alamire

- BarrocoTout

- Chalemie

- City of Lincoln Waites

- Faronel

- Ludus Baroque

- Manchester Renaissance Ensemble

- Musicke in the Ayre

- Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

- Waites of Gloucester


Category Early Music
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The Category Embassies and Cultural Institutes is a subset of Arts and Culture Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Embassies and Cultural Institutes which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Embassy/Institute's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Embassies and Cultural Institutes do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Balassi Institute

- Embassy of Japan in the UK


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The Category Local Arts Bodies is a subset of Arts and Culture Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Local Arts Bodies which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Body's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Local Arts Bodies do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Ashford Federation of Arts

- Black Country Arts Council

- Community Arts North West

- Nottingham Asian Arts Council

- Restormel Arts

- Trafford Arts Association


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The Category National Arts Bodies is a subset of Arts and Culture Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the National Arts Bodies which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Body's Full Record.


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Access Creative College has been delivering creative education for over twenty-five years. Operating as England’s largest private training provider, the college delivers creative education at campuses in seven cities, from Bristol in the south-west to York in the north-east. Now offering courses in Games, Media, Music and Events, the college started life as Access to Music. The decision to rebrand was taken in 2017, enabling the college to provide training for more sectors of the creative industries.’


* Access Creative College
VISITS (to Website)233
VIEWS (of this Record)291

‘Pairs amateur choirs, orchestras and ensembles with a composer for a year culminating in a première performance and a broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The composer has the opportunity to get to know a performing group and write a piece especially for them to première, while the group has the chance to contribute to the creation of a new work by some of the UK’s most promising composers. Pieces that are composed are usually around ten minutes long (as a very rough approximation) ...’


* Adopt a Music Creator
VISITS (to Website)275
Also indexedAdopt a Composer
VIEWS (of this Record)253

‘Founded in 1995 to help blind and partially sighted children across the UK, who have a talent or love for music. We believe that visual impairment and other disabilities should not prevent children and young people accessing appropriate musical opportunities ... Many families in the UK who care for one of the 25,000 children with little or no sight, live in relative poverty and cannot afford to give them the musical experiences that can transform their lives. The Amber Trust provides grants to these children for music lessons, music therapy, instruments, equipment and concert tickets.‘


* Amber Trust
VISITS (to Website)166
VIEWS (of this Record)265

‘The critically acclaimed UK choir and instrumental ensemble renowned for its inspiring concerts and imaginative singing education programme, AC Academy.’


* Armonico Consort
VISITS (to Website)209
VIEWS (of this Record)324

'A Community Interest Company on The Isle of Arran which aims to promote live music events on the island throughout the year - all our profits are either reinvested in the company to ensure its continuance or used for the benefit of the local community.'


* Arran Events
VISITS (to Website)294
VIEWS (of this Record)401

'We support all kinds of musical genres to meet the needs of artists and to make music accessible to everyone.'


* Arts Council England
VISITS (to Website)301
VIEWS (of this Record)385

'We believe that art has the ability to reach across boundaries, inspiring, teaching and bringing people together ...'


* Arts Council of Northern Ireland
VISITS (to Website)359
VIEWS (of this Record)365

'We are the country’s funding and development organisation for the arts. ... Our vision is of a creative Wales where the arts are central to the life of the nation.'


* Arts Council of Wales
VISITS (to Website)257
VIEWS (of this Record)525

‘The strategic arts organisation for the county; members include arts organisations, local authorities and public bodies with a remit for the arts ... There are more than 100 member organisations, including everyone involved in the development of the professional arts in Derbyshire.’


* Arts Derbyshire
VISITS (to Website)269
VIEWS (of this Record)506

'A Registered Charity committed to leading, promoting and supporting the arts in Rutland. It consists of a small volunteer committee that aims to be representative of the county’s arts organisations and various creative disciplines.'


* Arts for Rutland
VISITS (to Website)317
VIEWS (of this Record)451

'A voluntary community organisation promoting and organising arts, culture and entertainment events in the historic Lancashire town of Prescot, Merseyside. The highlight of its year-round programme is the Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts, which runs for 10 days, starting on the third Friday of June.'


* Arts in Prescot
VISITS (to Website)338
Also indexedPrescot Festival of Music & the Arts
VIEWS (of this Record)420

‘A voluntary organisation which supports all individuals and organisations involved in the arts in Redditch and those who would like to be.’


* Arts in Redditch
VISITS (to Website)223
VIEWS (of this Record)347

‘ANS encourages and helps facilitate collaboration between the arts sector, the voluntary sector, commercial organisations and local government, aiming to increase arts activities within the community ... ANS provides a comprehensive online diary of events and social networking facility, showcasing the breadth of arts activities taking place within the borough ... ANS promotes, organises and supports arts events within the borough'


* Arts Network Sutton
VISITS (to Website)245
VIEWS (of this Record)288

‘An independent charity (est.1966) supporting 100+ arts and cultural organisation in and around the borough of Richmond upon Thames.’


* Arts Richmond
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)266

'Since its inception, Caithness.Org has grown into a massive resource for information about Caithness. With local news, geography, history and entertainment, Caithness.Org continues to provide thousands of photos from many people, events and places around the county ... Arts.Caithness.Org is similar to the business index except it's for the Arts, covering everything from Painters to Pipe Bands. Also providing Arts news on the site and by RSS newsfeed.'


* Arts.Caithness.Org
VISITS (to Website)212
VIEWS (of this Record)802

Attitude is Everything improves Deaf and disabled people's access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry.’


* Attitude is Everything
VISITS (to Website)200
VIEWS (of this Record)369

'Promotes cultural contacts between the UK and Austria by organising events and supporting artists and projects in the fields of music, performing arts, visual arts, literature, film and science. We provide a venue in central London for recitals, lectures, readings, film screenings, conferences and exhibitions, while also cooperating with various partners throughout the UK.'


* Austrian Cultural Forum
VISITS (to Website)507
VIEWS (of this Record)314

'Bangor Music Festival is a charitable organisation dedicated to presenting contemporary music performed by artists of the highest calibre and has a strong commitment to enrich and educate through workshops and concerts.' Held Mid February.


* Bangor Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)248
VIEWS (of this Record)546

'Firmly established as one of Europe’s foremost early music courses ... The course offers inspiration and guidance to both singers and players of baroque music from an expert team of leading specialists in historical performance style.' Held Mid August.


Category Early Music
* Baroque Week
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of this Record)356

‘Formed to encourage and promote the arts in Berkhamsted. It comprises over twenty Arts Organisations based in the local area which promote arts events open to members of the public ... “The Arts Diary” was first published in 1985 to co-ordinate a Spring Arts Festival and has expanded since into its present annual form. While most of the events take place within Berkhamsted, the Diary contains information about events outside Berkhamsted that are arranged by member organisations primarily for Berkhamsted residents. These events are usually events which cannot be held locally because suitable facilities are not available.’


* Berkhamsted Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)163
VIEWS (of this Record)273

Initiated in 1988 by the local authority, the Festival was designed to bring together the history, ecclesiastical architecture and music of the past for the people of today, and to encourage visitors into the area. Over the years, the Festival has grown to be acknowledged as a "jewel in the cultural crown" ... The Festival is organised by the National Centre for Early Music,York and works in partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.' Held Late May.


Category Early Music
* Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)418
VIEWS (of this Record)470

‘Established in 2004, Blackdowns Early Music Projects were principally conceived to draw together groups of experienced singers to work under the expert guidance of specialist music directors on programmes of infrequently performed early music (mostly pre 1720). Singers are invited from all over Europe and the UK to spend 3 or 4 days working together on music that is usually performed in a suitable venue in or around the Blackdown Hills, bridging the Somerset / Devon borders. Frequently the music is accompanied by specialist early music instrumentalists. The resulting choral concerts have become a mainstream event in the calendar for anyone who loves renaissance or baroque vocal music.’


Category Early Music
* Blackdowns Early Music Projects
VISITS (to Website)225
VIEWS (of this Record)269

'Exists to promote the enjoyment of early music. It doesn't matter if you're a singer or an instrumentalist; very experienced or a beginner; amateur or professional - if you enjoy early music, BMEMF is for you.'


Category Early Music
* Border Marches Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)280
VIEWS (of this Record)377

'Principle role is to support all aspects of the Arts in the Borough. Committee members include representatives from local arts groups plus members and officers from the local council.'


* Borough of Reigate and Banstead Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)174
VIEWS (of this Record)266

'Established in 2006 by Rachel Podger, one of the world’s leading interpreters of Baroque music ... Brecon Baroque was founded in 2007 as the resident ensemble for the festival and now enjoys an international reputation in its own right.' Held Late October.


Category Early Music
* Brecon Baroque Festival
VISITS (to Website)302
VIEWS (of this Record)465

'Fosters and promotes artistic and cultural activities in the Borough. It acts as a co-ordinating body between the many arts groups in the area and the local authority. Membership represents all branches of the arts: music, drama, visual arts, crafts, heritage, writing and poetry, and a large number of associate members whose individual support is much valued.'


* Brentwood Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)237
VIEWS (of this Record)354

'Throughout the year, BREMF contributes to the vibrant arts scene in Brighton and Hove through its programme of choral concerts, workshops and schools projects. The annual Festival takes place in late October and early November and has built a reputation for lively and inspired programming, often exploring connections with different art forms and using performance formats and spaces that challenge preconceptions of early music.'


Category Early Music
* Brighton Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)388
VIEWS (of this Record)536

‘A new venture [2019], organised on a non-profit basis by a group of Bristol musicians, to present and encourage participation in early music ... We have an eclectic programme of music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras; learn more about the instruments and music of these fascinating periods, with talks from expert guest speakers, immerse yourself listening to performances, and experience the magic of a candlelit concert late evening recital.’


Category Early Music
* Bristol Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)92
VIEWS (of this Record)159

'Offers activities and events which are not usually provided by the Borough of Broxbourne's Leisure and Entertainments programme. It also represents the arts interests of individuals and member groups and negotiates with the Borough, so that the arts community may enjoy greater recognition and leisure facilities on a par with the provision for sports.'


* Broxbourne Arts Forum
VISITS (to Website)172
VIEWS (of this Record)363

'World-class concerts, education projects, festivals and summer schools of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music for all ages in Cambridge, UK.' Includes the Cambridge Festival of the Voice held Early May.


Category Early Music
* Cambridge Early Music
VISITS (to Website)383
Also indexedCambridge Festival of the Voice
VIEWS (of this Record)287

'An independent umbrella body which receives funding from a number of Patrons, notably Canterbury City Council, and from the affiliation fees of its members ... Its aims are to encourage and assist in presenting public concerts, recitals, dramatic performances, art exhibitions, lectures, arts festivals and other arts events in the Canterbury district.'


* Canterbury Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)295
VIEWS (of this Record)399

Aims are 'to promote all aspects of the arts through an annual programme of events at various venues in Carmarthen; to attract members of the general public to these events and increase awareness of the arts in Carmarthen'.


* Carmarthen Arts
VISITS (to Website)241
VIEWS (of this Record)462

'Formed in 1998 with the aim of developing young audiences for chamber music. It is the only organisation which concentrates solely on increasing awareness of chamber music amongst young people.'


* Cavatina Chamber Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)172
VIEWS (of this Record)320

'Formed to promote the works of composers who are resident in, or have close connections with, Central England. Our aim is to encourage and foster the music of our composers, primarily through the Central Composers' Alliance website and to stimulate, when possible, live performances with a variety of musical ensembles. We aim to provide mutual support for members in the promotion and publicising of our composers´ works through this website and in any other way which becomes possible as new technology is developed ...'


* Central Composers' Alliance
VISITS (to Website)144
VIEWS (of this Record)278

'Exists to co-ordinate and encourage all kinds of early music activities within the Music Department and the University, from lessons for beginners on Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque instruments and in early vocal techniques, through workshops, master classes and concerts, to postgraduate programmes in performance practice, international symposia and research projects.'


Category Early Music
* Centre for Early Music Performance and Research [Birmingham]
VISITS (to Website)211
Also indexedUniversity of Birmingham
VIEWS (of this Record)330

'CeReNeM is a community of world-leading artists and scholars who bring interdisciplinary perspectives to research in contemporary composition, performance, music technology, improvisation and sonic media. CeReNeM hosts a vibrant postgraduate programme with 50 Masters and PhD students from 18 different countries.'


* Centre for Research in New Music [Huddersfield]
VISITS (to Website)244
Also indexedUniversity of Huddersfield
VIEWS (of this Record)458

'A national and international centre for research and development in the practice and theory of contemporary opera, music-based theatre and other related forms of sonic or multimedia performance. The Centre promotes innovative artistic and critical practices across a range of forms through academic programmes, creative, theoretical and historical research projects, and research collaborations with relevant professional and educational partners.'


* Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre [Sussex]
VISITS (to Website)252
Also indexedUniversity of Sussex
VIEWS (of this Record)546

'The national body for chamber music - leading, developing and connecting the chamber music sector in Scotland.' Formerly Enterprise Music Scotland.


* Chamber Music Scotland
VISITS (to Website)524
Also indexedEnterprise Music Scotland
VIEWS (of this Record)286

‘A charity that uses music and mentoring to help people lead meaningful lives, free from crime ... Music has the power to unlock people's potential to change. It improves wellbeing and enables personal growth, which both aid rehabilitation Our Musicians-in-Residence are multi-instrumentalists and compassionate role models. They deliver group music sessions in prison and monthly sessions in the community. In each session, 5 to 10 people learn and create different styles of music together. We create a safe place for people to express themselves and learn to collaborate with others. Over time, the group bonds and works toward goals such as recordings and performances.’


* Changing Tunes
VISITS (to Website)129
VIEWS (of this Record)294

'An independent community arts and media organisation ... Our work encompasses most art forms including combined arts work and a wide range of approaches from long term community arts projects, performances, outdoor events and publications to web based and video productions, school and community residencies, exhibitions and ongoing groups.'


* Charnwood Arts
VISITS (to Website)207
VIEWS (of this Record)433

'Welcome to the passion to be found in Cheltenham Arts Council's Member Societies – an extraordinary colourful world beyond the office and the home – a kind of life enhancing parallel universe for like minded souls. These Societies are repositories of all that is good about "community": they reveal depth of commitment, sincerity of interest and downright expertise that exists just beneath the surface of Cheltenham’s stoical facades. So, which Society will you join?'


* Cheltenham Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)212
VIEWS (of this Record)407

‘The object of COAST is to promote and provide access to the arts in the Cromer and Sheringham areas, celebrating the variety and quality of work produced in the local area and creating a vision to share for the common good – giving local communities and visitors the opportunity to experience local, regional and national creativity ... It took 6 years of successful October festivals to evolve from the Cromer and Sheringham Art and Literary Festival to COAST ARTS. More than a festival, more than a week in October, Coast Arts is now visible all year, but still culminates in the traditional half term focus. Not that it’s a change, just a quiet revolution, just adding to the success.’


* COAST Arts
VISITS (to Website)67
Also indexedCromer and Sheringham Art and Literary Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)135

'Cooperative of composers based in East Anglia, reaching out to London and the south of England. We consist of composers of all ages – from students to professionals – and our aim is to build opportunities for all our members to fulfil their potential through training workshops, sharing skills, advice and support and providing a range of performance opportunities. As with most composer collectives, funding presents a challenge, so we strive to share what each member can offer to the group. We are always looking to expand, develop and grow our membership ...'


* Colchester New Music
VISITS (to Website)245
VIEWS (of this Record)385

'CoMA programmes a range of concerts, workshops and other special events all through the year. Regional ensembles give regular concerts and some present one-off open workshops. Centrally-organised events are an opportunity for musicians from all regions to get together, and for musicians who are not regular members of an ensemble to take part.'


* CoMA
VISITS (to Website)140
Also indexedContemporary Music for All
VIEWS (of this Record)192

Comar is an exciting arts organisation based in Tobermory, merging the renowned An Tobar arts centre & prolific Mull Theatre. We specialise in visual arts, music, and theatre and are dedicated to making good things happen across art forms on and off our beautiful island home. As well as our producing and commissioning our own work, we host a varied programme of incoming shows - theatre, dance, gigs, comedy film, family shows, community events and more.’


* Comar
VISITS (to Website)448
VIEWS (of this Record)1026

‘Our fundamental aim is to contribute to the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and individuals through enabling them to participate in creativity and learning, initially and primarily through music making. We develop participatory music workshops, mentoring schemes and community music training across Wales. We work strategically to identify need, delivering projects to give people the opportunity to write, play, record or perform their own music, using trained and experienced community arts practitioners.’


* Community Music Wales
VISITS (to Website)148
VIEWS (of this Record)283

‘The cmrc at the University of York supports and promotes creativity in contemporary music of all kinds. Firmly committed to the idea of practice as research, our staff and students are all dedicated to the creation of new music through composition, improvisation and performance ... Cmrc hosts a packed schedule of seminars, performances and workshops every term, with distinguished visiting artists and scholarship.’


* Contemporary Music Research Centre [York]
VISITS (to Website)181
Also indexedcmrc | University of York
VIEWS (of this Record)254

'Focuses on engaging those communities or its members who face geographical, physical or other barriers to participating in the cultural life of their area in high quality, stimulating arts and cultural activities. We work across Norfolk, Suffolk and the wider eastern region and we achieve our mission through regular activities - Creative Arts East Live!, a rural touring scheme for professional live performance events, and Village Screen, a touring cinema scheme for rural communities, alongside a portfolio of projects that involve people in cultural education, that improve health and well-being and that assist in the development of community volunteers.'


* Creative Arts East
VISITS (to Website)354
VIEWS (of this Record)200

'The public body that supports the arts, screen and creative industries across all parts of Scotland on behalf of everyone who lives, works or visits here.'


* Creative Scotland
VISITS (to Website)198
VIEWS (of this Record)304

‘A non profit making charitable organisation, promoting a diverse range of arts activity- visual, musical and cultural on the Black Isle. We have a beautifully restored venue - the Stables - where we host performances, exhibitions, craft fairs, ceilidhs, theatre productions and films. It's a terrific place for a wedding too!’


* Cromarty Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)150
VIEWS (of this Record)261

‘Champions a right to arts and culture for every child ... The Alliance brings together the diverse parts of the cultural sector to work together – including museums, film, libraries, heritage, dance, literature, new media arts, theatre, visual arts and music – with the education and youth sector ... We have more than 2,500 organisational members, more than 5,000 individual members and almost 10,000 Twitter followers.’


* Cultural Learning Alliance
VISITS (to Website)141
VIEWS (of this Record)172

'In 2008 Liverpool was European Capital of Culture ... Since then, we’ve never been far from the spotlight ... Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Council’s cultural service, has continued to build on its world class reputation, using culture as the driving force for the regeneration of the whole city ...'


* Culture Liverpool
VISITS (to Website)331
VIEWS (of this Record)382

Culture Vannin has a strong and proud history of supporting and promoting Manx culture through development, education and grant-giving work since we were established as the Manx Heritage Foundation by Act of Tynwald in 1982. Inspired by the Island of Culture celebrations throughout 2014, we adopted the trading name Culture Vannin, reflecting our continued work to promote our culture in inclusive, engaging and creative ways.’ Also access to: manxmusic.com - manx celtic music and dance - ’where you’ll find everything you need to know about the music and dance of the Isle of Man’.


* Culture Vannin
VISITS (to Website)58
Also indexedManx Music
VIEWS (of this Record)120

‘A new national organisation [2018] representing everyone who believes that cultural engagement and participation can transform our health and wellbeing ... Creativity and the imagination are agents of wellness: they help keep the individual resilient, aid recovery and foster a flourishing society ... This new Alliance brings together the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing and the National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing and involves over 50 leading organisations. We aim to bring about a step change in policy and delivery, and will focus on a strong regional infrastructure to support development and progress in the field.‘


* Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance
VISITS (to Website)94
VIEWS (of this Record)227

'The directorate's purpose is to: * build Scotland's influence and reputation abroad; * create the conditions for culture, heritage and creative excellence to flourish; * value and nurture our arts, culture and heritage.'


* Culture, Tourism and Major Events Directorate [Scotland]
VISITS (to Website)211
VIEWS (of this Record)387

'Set up late in 2010 to help protect and promote arts and culture in the town. It was established as a co-operative in Spring 2011 and members include representatives of arts and community groups.'


* Darlington for Culture
VISITS (to Website)351
VIEWS (of this Record)399

‘As the lead Department for arts and creativity, the Department provides funding for the arts in Northern Ireland, sets arts policy and supports arts based initiatives. It is also the government lead for the creative industries.’


* Department for Communities [Northern Ireland]
VISITS (to Website)196
VIEWS (of this Record)301

'Helps to drive growth, enrich lives and promote Britain abroad. We protect and promote our cultural and artistic heritage and help businesses and communities to grow by investing in innovation and highlighting Britain as a fantastic place to visit. We help to give the UK a unique advantage on the global stage, striving for economic success. DCMS is a ministerial department, supported by 43 agencies and public bodies.'


* Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of this Record)283

'Aims to finance and support projects which contribute to spread French contemporary music in the UK and British contemporary music in France. The goal of this initiative is not only to raise funds for creators and producers, but also to promote partnerships between French and British organizations and to foster exchanges and dialogue between France and the UK.'


* Diaphonique
VISITS (to Website)116
VIEWS (of this Record)350

‘The leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology ... Our vision is an open, inclusive and accessible musical culture. A world where disabled people have the same range of opportunities, instruments and encouragement, where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals ... We are experts in inclusive music-making in education and in using technology to break down disabling barriers to music-making at all levels.‘


* Drake Music
VISITS (to Website)185
VIEWS (of this Record)256

‘We aim to foster and promote: * the maintenance, improvement and development of artistic endeavour; * the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts in the London Borough of Ealing. To this end, we assist and encourage the promotion of artistic activities by amateur organisations, individuals and professional groups ... Under the presidency of the Mayor of Ealing, membership is open to organisations within the borough which support the objects of Ealing Arts & Leisure.


* Ealing Arts & Leisure
VISITS (to Website)68
VIEWS (of this Record)103

'Brings together singers, players, listeners and instrument makers from around Scotland with an interest in the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. Our members range from professional to amateur, from singers to players of viols, recorders, sackbutt, cornett and more!'


Category Early Music
* Early Music Forum of Scotland
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)336

'Supports arts projects in the voluntary sector, with funds mostly provided by East Dunbartonshire Council.'


* East Dunbartonshire Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)205
VIEWS (of this Record)312

'This popular and highly acclaimed course provides an excellent opportunity for experienced players of viols and recorders to work on early music in a chamber setting. Under the guidance of our team of expert tutors, highly regarded as performers and teachers, participants are able to develop their technical and musical skills in an informal, friendly and supportive environment. Many of our participants sing, or maybe play other early instruments, which are very welcome in the evening Tutti sessions and some ensembles. Please note that due to the structure of the course all participants need to be able to play viol or recorder.' Held Early April.


Category Early Music
* Easter Early Music Course
VISITS (to Website)21
VIEWS (of this Record)88

'Organises Early Music workshops in East Anglia. Anyone is welcome to join ... Members receive a quarterly newsletter and reduced admission fees for Forum events, and those of other regional fora in the United Kingdom.’


Category Early Music
* Eastern Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)233
VIEWS (of this Record)611

‘The Cultural Section, which is part of the public diplomacy team, serves Finnish interests in the UK by organising various cultural exchanges and events in co-operation with British institutions, museums and private galleries ... We actively promote events and news that highlight and explore Finland's rich culture.’ Search for ‘Music’ within the Events Calendar.


* Embassy of Finland
VISITS (to Website)248
VIEWS (of this Record)250

'Presents events, workshops, public open-space performances and art gallery shows throughout the UK and abroad. By creating new environments and using public spaces, by linking music, colour, light, space and movement we give new dimensions to public perception and new understanding of contemporary music and performing arts.'


* Eye Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)229
VIEWS (of this Record)209

‘Dedicated to the promotion of historically informed performances of the highest standard on period instruments. It organises a regular series of Early Music concerts ... in the Georgian New Town ... The concert series features not only established Early Music performers but also exciting younger groups. Workshops and talks related to the concerts are also organised.’


Category Early Music
* Georgian Concert Society
VISITS (to Website)191
VIEWS (of this Record)363

Founded 2004: ‘GMF is a non-profit organisation founded by professional musicians. It aims to encourage people everywhere to enjoy and learn about music and the arts, through organising and supporting seminars, summer schools, jazz and world music courses, workshops and performances around the world’.


* Global Music Foundation
VISITS (to Website)88
VIEWS (of this Record)267

'Founded in 1968, and is an umbrella organisation for all types of art and creativity in the Borough of Gravesham ... Gravesham Arts is run by a happy band of volunteers, who are responsible for the day to day running of St Andrews Arts Centre, a grade II listed building set on the historic riverside of Gravesend ... Gravesham Arts has a programme of events throughout the year including monthly art shows, open days, art competitions, events, concerts and workshops.'


* Gravesham Arts
VISITS (to Website)370
Also indexedSt Andrews Arts Centre
VIEWS (of this Record)335

‘Brings international performers to Hastings for concerts, workshops and events.’ Held Mid October.


Category Early Music
* Hastings Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)47
VIEWS (of this Record)84

'Partially funded by an annual grant from the Borough, we seek to encourage local groups to hold events and activities which will raise awareness of the Arts and will increase participation in Arts activities by members of our local communities across the borough.'


* Havering Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)158
VIEWS (of this Record)337

‘An annual, international festival of contemporary and new music, taking place over 10 days and consisting of approximately 50 events – including concerts, music-theatre, dance, multi-media, talks and film – with a related Learning and Participation programme devised and implemented to reflect the artistic programme and respond to regional need. hcmf// aims to provide life-changing and unique artistic experiences to as wide an audience as possible; to be an international platform for new music and related contemporary art forms in Britain; to enthuse existing audiences and draw in new ones through adventurous programming and informed, stylish presentation, and to be an active cultural partner within the region.’ Held Mid November.


* Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)340
Also indexedhcmf//
VIEWS (of this Record)281

'Founded in 1910, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni comprises a language centre, a cinema (Ciné Lumière), a multi-media library (La Médiathèque), a children’s library (Bibliothèque Quentin Blake) and a café-restaurant, and welcomes 200,000 people each year ... The Institut is also active on the music scene, with its annual festival celebrating all aspects of piano (It’s All About Piano) and programme of live opera broadcasts.'


* Institut français du Royaume-Uni
VISITS (to Website)143
VIEWS (of this Record)397

'Widely regarded as one of Europe's leading schools of modern music. Located in London and established over 30 years ago, we have been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school.'


* Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
VISITS (to Website)217
VIEWS (of this Record)310

'Has 50+ member organisations, which means also that hundreds of individuals are associated with its activities ... The Website is one of a number of ways in which IAA aims to keep in touch not only with its members but also with the wider community. It provides an excellent way for societies to publicise their events as well as a diary of proposed events, which has long proved invaluable to those keen to avoid clashes with other events of the same kind or in the same locality.'


* Ipswich Arts Association
VISITS (to Website)234
VIEWS (of this Record)400

‘The Irene Taylor Trust has been working at the forefront of arts and rehabilitation since 1995, bringing creative music projects to men and women of all ages in prisons and in the community throughout the UK. Our work started in prisons with the Music in Prisons programme; since 2012 we have also worked in the community with ex-prisoners on the Sounding Out programme and with NEET young people on Making Tracks. The individuals we work with are some of the most socially disadvantaged and excluded, having faced a range of issues such as abuse, violence, drug abuse, mental health problems, exclusion from school and homelessness. By allowing prisoners, ex-prisoners and people at risk the freedom to create and perform music, we raise their life aspirations, enabling them to play a positive role in their communities. By providing individuals with the chance to develop new skills, both musical and personal, we offer people new opportunities and choices and the chance to move forward.‘


* Irene Taylor Trust ‘Music in Prisons’
VISITS (to Website)108
Also indexedMaking Tracks | Sounding Out
VIEWS (of this Record)241

‘Provides vital support and advice to individuals and organisations wishing to help advance the arts within the Manx community. The Council aims to increase involvement with the arts, from the youngest in the community to the oldest. We do this through a number of initiatives and funding schemes ... A vibrant arts and cultural scene is not just “nice to have”; it's vital both to our wellbeing and our sense of place. We want the very best for our creative and cultural communities. We want to support people to take part in whichever way is best for them. We want to make sure arts and culture belong to everyone.’


* Isle of Man Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)234
VIEWS (of this Record)121

‘The official Italian governmental body dedicated to promoting Italian language and culture in England and Wales. To this end the Institute ... organises concerts, cultural events and exhibitions ... Establishes contacts with institutions, bodies and personalities in the English and Welsh arts and scientific communities to promote projects that further the knowledge of Italian life and culture ...’


* Italian Cultural Institute London
VISITS (to Website)97
VIEWS (of this Record)139

'The Ivors Composer Awards recognise the creative talent of composers and sound artists to promote the art of composition in contemporary classical, jazz and sound art. Since 2003, we have been recognising exceptional talent in classical, jazz and sonic art composition. For the last 15 years, our awards were known as the British Composer Awards, but from 2019 they are The Ivors Composer Awards.' Award Ceremony held Early December.


* Ivors Composer Awards
VISITS (to Website)204
Also indexedBritish Composer Awards | Ivors Academy
VIEWS (of this Record)314

'The development agency for jazz in the North of England. Our mission is to increase the profile of contemporary jazz in the North by developing opportunities for artists and building audiences through collective partnership working. Our vision is that the North becomes recognised nationally and internationally as a place that enables jazz artists to reside, work and develop their practice in dialogue with interested, supportive and open-minded audiences.'


* Jazz North
VISITS (to Website)251
VIEWS (of this Record)449

'Aims to represent, publicise and enhance the activities of the voluntary and professional arts sector in the Borough and to present, with our partners, high-profile arts activities. We also run networking events for affiliates and the local arts community.'


* Kingston Arts
VISITS (to Website)193
VIEWS (of this Record)349

‘Has been set up to programme great quality arts events and family activities across existing venues in the town. Working with partners such as Eden Arts and Highlights Rural Touring, we want to bring more great theatre, cinema, craft and music to our corner of Cumbria.’


* Kirkby Stephen Community Arts
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of this Record)403

'LEMA acts as a co-ordinator of Early Music in the area and runs Leicester Early Music Festival. This is an all-year festival and includes concerts (both free and paid) throughout the year; talks (musical and non-musical); a Newsletter with reviews, articles and concerts diary, workshops, talks, tastings and more.'


Category Early Music
* Leicester Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)195
Also indexedLEMA
VIEWS (of this Record)512

‘The aim of the Arts Forum is to promote and increase participation in arts activities by local people and to enhance the image of the area through the arts. The Forum supports existing arts organisations and encourages local people to be more aware of the opportunities to participate in arts related activities. The Forum distributes annual grants on behalf of Leighton–Linslade Town Council to arts groups in the town ... The Forum also prepares leaflets of members’ events, and maintains an on-line diary of arts events planned for Leighton Buzzard and the surrpounding areas of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.’


* Leighton-Linslade Arts Forum
VISITS (to Website)64
VIEWS (of this Record)115

'Independent charitable organisation ... that has promoted music concerts, festivals and other events in Lichfield since 1974. The organisation plays a key role in Lichfield district’s thriving arts and creative community and has around 300 members including 125 registered volunteers.'


* Lichfield Arts
VISITS (to Website)197
VIEWS (of this Record)424

‘Works with a very diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music - some of whom are very disadvantaged. They often face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the joy and pleasures of participating and sharing with others. LMN's approach to overcoming these barriers is through the quality of our musicians and the way we deliver our music ... Our work is funded through a combination of donations, grants and partnerships ... Created by Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker in 1977.’


* Live Music Now
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of this Record)291

‘A five-day festival of Contemporary Music, founded in 2013 ... Ten concerts, including evening, lunchtime and brunch concerts, and late-evening “cabaret-style” concerts of a more experimental nature in the Festival Club ... London Ear is committed to the nurturing of contemporary music, its composition, performance and audience engagement.’ Festival held Late March: ‘The next Festival is provisionally scheduled for 2021’.


* London Ear Festival
VISITS (to Website)154
VIEWS (of this Record)314

‘Founded in 2015 to continue the legacy and profile of the internationally respected Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music. Its aim is to put before London audiences the highest-quality performers in the field of Baroque music from abroad and from the UK.’ Held Mid May.


Category Early Music
* London Festival of Baroque Music
VISITS (to Website)248
VIEWS (of this Record)418

Held Mid May: ‘Based at St Pancras Parish Church, London, the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music presents a full programme of services, concerts, recitals, and talks, showcasing the very best in contemporary liturgical music for choir and organ.’


* London Festival of Contemporary Church Music
VISITS (to Website)202
VIEWS (of this Record)470

‘Founded by Denys Darlow in 1978 the London Handel Festival has contributed to a Handel revival in the UK, specialising in the performance of lesser-known works of the period. In 1981 the London Handel Orchestra and London Handel Singers made their debut at the Festival.’ Festival held Late March - Early April.


Category Early Music
* London Handel Festival
VISITS (to Website)381
Also indexedLondon Handel Orchestra | London Handel Singers
VIEWS (of this Record)254

'Complementing the world's largest exhibition of early musical instruments is an exciting programme of concerts.' Held Mid November.


Category Early Music
* London International Exhibition of Early Music
VISITS (to Website)190
Also indexedRoyal Greenwich International Early Music Festival & Exhibition
VIEWS (of this Record)454

'Umbrella organization representing more than fifty arts-based community groups that operate in the Maidenhead area.'


* Maidenhead and District Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)392

'Making Music is the UK’s number one organisation for leisure-time music, with a membership of over 3,200 groups representing around 180,000 music makers across the UK. Find out more about who we are and what we do for music makers, meet some of the organisations we work with and find out about our awards schemes ...'


* Making Music
VISITS (to Website)166
VIEWS (of this Record)489

'An annual medieval music festival wholly dedicated to medieval music-making. It's unique in the UK.' Held Early September.


Category Early Music
* Medieval Music in the Dales
VISITS (to Website)309
VIEWS (of this Record)484

‘Exists to promote all aspects of early music in the Midlands of England ... We concentrate on music from the Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. We’re very proud of our workshop programme which aims to provide opportunities across this wide spectrum of historic creativity ... See our Events Diary for details of upcoming events. We aim to use venues which are in reach of public transport and in different locations around the Midlands area so there should be something you can get to. And in a bid to encourage the next generation, Students can come free of charge.’


Category Early Music
* Midlands Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)301
VIEWS (of this Record)367

'Milapfest is Britain’s leading Indian arts development trust, producing world class performances, education and artist development opportunities across the UK. We are a British Art Organisation specialising in Indian Arts with a strong track record of creating and delivering ground breaking artistic projects nationally ... Our principal work includes the three city Indian Music concert series, Samyo, the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music, Tarang, the National Indian Music Ensemble, as well as career development opportunities for young music and dance practitioners of Britain ...'


* Milapfest
VISITS (to Website)195
VIEWS (of this Record)436

'Since our establishment in 1995, Moving On Music has grown to become one of the leading promoters of jazz, folk, roots, traditional, classical and “other” music in Northern Ireland. We are an independent, not for profit organisation and registered charity and endeavour to provide an eclectic array of entertainment and education services to the entire community. We are dedicated to ideals of innovation and originality, championing new developments in music, inspiring and nurturing musical talents and providing opportunities for everyone to get involved in music.'


* Moving On Music
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)374

'Creates inspirational learning experiences for business organisations using the metaphor of music. A conductor of a symphony orchestra, a jazz musician playing in a band, a composer creating a new piece of music - they all provide extraordinary insights into leadership, collaboration, creativity and personal development, and invite the corporate world to explore new ways of thinking about business practice.'


* Music & Management
VISITS (to Website)297
VIEWS (of this Record)424

Music Action International are people from across the world using the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict. We provide innovative ways to support children, young people and adults to overcome the debilitating effects of war-related stress and trauma and connect divided communities in a powerful way through creative music programmes. Our specialist team, many of whom have themselves experienced the effects of war and armed conflict, are trained to support highly traumatised survivors, using music as a way of improving mental, emotional health and building trust through creative expression in physically and emotionally safe environments.’


* Music Action International
VISITS (to Website)352
VIEWS (of this Record)241

‘Music and the Deaf is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to providing access, education and opportunities in music for deaf children, young people and adults ... Hearing loss shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying and making music. It is proven that participation in music can play a crucial role in a person’s development: it promotes inclusivity, teaches young people how to work together, builds confidence, develops communications skills, and provides a vital outlet for self-expression.’


* Music and the Deaf
VISITS (to Website)21
VIEWS (of this Record)63

'In the UK we’re continuing to face increasing social challenges, such as an ageing population and growing diversity within our local communities. Getting involved in music can present a wealth of opportunities – helping us to break down barriers; providing a variety of educational opportunities as well as helping us to find ways to integrate many diverse and minority groups positively into our society. Playing a musical instrument can provide a real sense of personal achievement or could allow parents to experience that unique feeling of pride – hearing and seeing their children perform. At MfA we’re passionate about helping people to find ways to understand and experience the enjoyment and benefits of playing music.'


* Music for All
VISITS (to Website)207
VIEWS (of this Record)403

'A national music education charity providing free access to performance and audience opportunities for young musicians across the UK through its annual season of festivals and concerts. The Music for Youth Season seeks to inspire, challenge, excite and educate, working annually with 100,000 young people.'


* Music for Youth
VISITS (to Website)135
VIEWS (of this Record)283

'We bring live music to care settings across the whole of the UK. From the Shetland Isles and the Highlands of Scotland to Northern Ireland, the Valleys of Wales and down to the south coast of England we operate in hospitals, hospices, care homes, day centres, special schools and community settings too.'


* Music in Hospitals & Care
VISITS (to Website)121
VIEWS (of this Record)275

'Music Support exists because of the experiences of our founders and trustees. Our founders are veterans of the music industry and are all in recovery themselves, from various mental health and addiction issues. They all suffered alone with their problems, and saw countless colleagues, friends and heroes lose their careers, families and even their lives to poor mental health and/or addiction. They decided that enough was enough: a personal and confidential support service provider that understood the specific needs and problems of the music industry was necessary.'


* Music Support
VISITS (to Website)170
VIEWS (of this Record)99

Musica provides interactive music workshops for all ages in healthcare and community settings ... Our music programmes are designed to engage and stimulate, improving the overall well-being of the participants. Each workshop is tailored to suit the needs of the group we are working with ... Our main services are delivered to older adults in care settings ... As we all know, there is not enough money invested into care and many care homes have a very minimal activities budget. Our dream is to work with all care facilities across the UK, regardless of their budget, and help to make a real difference to the lives of their residents.‘


* Musica Music & Wellbeing
VISITS (to Website)110
VIEWS (of this Record)293

‘Creates opportunities for people of all cultures to express themselves through music. Formed by Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and Rachel Pantin in 1998, Musiko Musika has created very successful long-term relationships with schools and communities throughout the UK and abroad. Our model is that of cultural collaboration, and we encourage participants to bring the sounds, songs and stories of their own cultural backgrounds into our music-making projects.’


* Musiko Musika
VISITS (to Website)145
Also indexedEthnic Contemporary Classical Orchestras (ECCO) | World Music Academy | Sing and Learn
VIEWS (of this Record)203

'Based in a medieval church in York. Home of the internationally acclaimed York Early Music Festival, the NCEM promotes a year-round series of jazz, world, folk and early music concerts as well as a thriving education programme.'


Category Early Music
* National Centre for Early Music
VISITS (to Website)242
VIEWS (of this Record)418

‘A vibrant National Youth Music Organisation that supports the creative and educational needs of the young jazz musician. NYJC focuses on small group improvisation and creates a pathway of progression designed to support young jazz musicians from beginner to emerging professionals. We offer a rolling programme of regional activities across England, including the National Youth Jazz Summer School, and support the needs of regional educators and music leaders. NYJC was founded in 2006 by its Artistic Director Issie Barratt in collaboration with a roster of over 40 world class jazz musicians and educators.’


* National Youth Jazz Collective
VISITS (to Website)171
Also indexedNational Youth Jazz Summer School
VIEWS (of this Record)221

‘An association of composers who live or work in the Sussex area. It was the idea of two composers, Peter Copley and Paul Gregory, who with the support of about 20 other composers founded NMB in 1993. The main purpose was, and remains, to put on concerts of members’ works and to promote an interest in new music in the region ... We usually present four or five concerts a year ... Our membership is diverse, especially in the nature of the music we write, and includes professional and amateur composers of all ages. Indeed, membership is open to any composer in the Sussex area whatever their experience and irrespective of gender, race, age or musical style. Our diversity of membership means that less experienced composers can be supported and helped by those who are more advanced in their careers, whether through formal lessons or informal discussion.’


* New Music Brighton
VISITS (to Website)27
VIEWS (of this Record)73

New Music Scotland is a network of artists, ensembles, orchestras, composers, creators, music educators, sound artists, musicians, producers, promoters and anyone who believes in the importance and value of creating new music in Scotland. We are a cooperative that exists to connect, enable and support makers of innovative and experimental new music and our members help drive how we do that. We believe that new music comes from many different cultural traditions and musical practices; what brings us all together is our passion for and belief in the intrinsic value of new music creation for individuals and society as a whole.’


* New Music Scotland
VISITS (to Website)70
VIEWS (of this Record)189

'Founded in 2008 ... this innovative festival is a retrospective of sacred choral and organ music of the previous forty years during all services, together with world premiere performances by Wells Cathedral Choir and organists of music by internationally renowned composers, local composers, and composition students from Wells Cathedral School. There are also concerts and a public masterclass with the featured composer of the year.' Held Mid October.


* New Music Wells
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of this Record)447

‘We use music and storytelling to help people sustain their recovery from addiction. The participants have also experienced homelessness, social isolation, poor mental health and are at risk of suicide. We provide a safe space for people to be creative, build their confidence and develop relationships with people away from drugs and alcohol. Creating new music helps our musicians learn new skills and develop cognitive dexterity. Our current retention rate is over 80%.’


* New Note Projects
VISITS (to Website)61
Also indexedNew Note Orchestra
VIEWS (of this Record)36

Nordoff Robbins is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people. We support thousands of people through our own centres and by working in over 150 partnerships with a wide range of organisations including care homes, schools and hospitals.  Music therapy is a specialist use of music that aims to facilitate physical and emotional wellbeing, and to promote the development and retention of key communication skills. A wide range of instruments can be used in music therapy, including the voice, and the music created is often improvised. Music therapists support people to develop their own ways of being musical in order to explore their potential and connect with the world around them.’


* Nordoff Robbins
VISITS (to Website)85
VIEWS (of this Record)227

‘The NEEMF workshop diary lists all the forthcoming early music workshops that are arranged by us, and the “other events” page lists other early music events that we think might interest our members. Under links you will find links to all the other early music forums; to a large list of small publishers specialising in early music; to sites that offer early music in sheet form that you can download, to sites that offer MP3s of early music, to specialised pages on instruments, and that celebrated category Misc.!’


Category Early Music
* North East Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)444
VIEWS (of this Record)416

'Our main focus is on the practical study of music through workshops and a Summer School. The workshops are held over a wide area from the South Lake District to North East Wales. Summer School is held in Chester. We also hold a library of musical instruments which are available for students of early music to borrow before purchasing their own. Our newsletter is published 5 times a year. We are keen to encourage anybody interested in early music to join us ...'


Category Early Music
* North West Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)235
VIEWS (of this Record)234

'The Northumbrian Recorder and Viol School (NORVIS) was founded as an annual summer school in Durham in 1971 ... NORVIS covers a broad range of early music interests, welcoming viol-players, recorder-players, lutenists and baroque string enthusiasts as well as renaissance instrument and harpsichord players – not to mention solo and choral singers. There is a very generous provision of expert tutors.' Held Early August.


Category Early Music
VISITS (to Website)232
VIEWS (of this Record)554

‘Pronounced 'oh-me’, the OHMI Trust is a UK-based charity pioneering the development and adaptation of musical instruments for those who are physically disabled. Any deficiency or disability in one hand or arm makes traditional instruments unplayable to any reasonable standard. As a result, millions across the world are excluded from music-making for the lack of suitable instruments. This includes people with congenital disabilities such as cerebral palsy and hemiplegia, amputees, those who have suffered a stroke or developed arthritis.’


* OHMI Trust
VISITS (to Website)96
Also indexedOne Handed Musical Instrument Trust
VIEWS (of this Record)163

'Empowers young disabled musicians to build inclusive youth orchestras. Together we develop accessible musical instruments and repertoire, challenge expectations and forge new progression routes through the creation of great music ... Open Orchestras was created in 2013 to address a lack of ensemble musical provision in Special schools. Originally piloted at six schools in the South-West during 2013-15, Open Orchestras has been carefully developed through participatory design with young disabled musicians, teachers and music leaders. It’s an award-winning, game-changing programme that provides everything needed – instruments, repertoire and training, to empower Music Hubs, arts organisations and Special schools across the UK to set up and run their own orchestra sustainably, just like mainstreams schools do ... In 2018, we launched the National Open Youth Orchestra.'


* OpenUp Music
VISITS (to Website)98
Also indexedNational Open Youth Orchestra
VIEWS (of this Record)354

‘We believe that orchestras are for everyone. With over 50 years’ experience, we make world-class orchestral music relevant to people’s lives through dynamic partnerships and innovative projects, particularly in culturally under-served areas of England.’


* Orchestras Live
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of this Record)245

Orkney Arts Forum supports the development of arts and culture within Orkney. The forum consists of representatives from artforms including music, visual arts, literature, drama, dance, storytelling, craft, architecture and new media, and film as well as key organisations and community groups. The forum meets quarterly to discuss the priorities for the arts in Orkney and acts as a consultation group for the arts development service within Orkney Islands Council.’


* Orkney Arts Forum
VISITS (to Website)75
VIEWS (of this Record)182

'A unique producer and charity that works to develop and present the highest quality and most innovative new music and sound-based live events, to engage diverse local and national audiences with our work, and to deepen understanding and appreciation of musical cultures from within the UK and worldwide.'


* Oxford Contemporary Music
VISITS (to Website)200
VIEWS (of this Record)347

‘OxOnArts is provided by the Arts Officers from all the local authorities in Oxfordshire. It is free to use.’ The Oxfordshire Arts Partnership encompasses six Authorities: Cherwell District Council | Oxford City Council | Oxfordshire County Council | South Oxfordshire District Council | Vale of the White Horse District Council | West Oxfordshire District Council.


* OxOnArts
VISITS (to Website)57
Also indexedOxfordshire Arts Partnership
VIEWS (of this Record)148

'Offers a glimpse of how musicians, scientists and linguists are re-inventing voice through an ambitious programme exploring new means, forms and usages of voice in communication and musical creativity. It will premiere new compositions by University of Plymouth composers and guests, including the world premiere of a concert for a beatboxer with an orchestra in her mouth, a choir of real and virtual singers and a fully-fledged invented language, created specially for the festival by David J. Peterson, the inventor of the language Dothraki, of the series Game of Thrones.' Held Late February.


* Peninsular Arts Contemporary Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)171
Also indexedInterdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research
VIEWS (of this Record)436

Playlist for Life taps into a recognised phenomenon: personally meaningful music has the ability to improve life for people with dementia, their family and their carers. We have probably all experienced music which gives us “that flashback feeling”, when a certain song takes us back to a person, place or time whenever we hear it. That feeling is a sign that the music we are listening to is particularly deeply connected to our memories and emotions. For people with dementia it can be a lifeline. But Playlist for Life is about far more than listening to music. It's about creating personal connections. Helping someone to make a playlist brings people together and fosters understanding. It empowers family carers and ensures professional care is more person-centred.‘


* Playlist for Life
VISITS (to Website)58
VIEWS (of this Record)194

'The function of the Polish Cultural Institute is to showcase contemporary Polish culture for Britain 's multicultural audience, particularly in London as it is truly the leading global cultural capital. Our programme covers the visual arts, film, theatre, music and literature.'


* Polish Cultural Institute
VISITS (to Website)210
VIEWS (of this Record)287

‘Our main activities are: Compiling, printing and distributing Preston Arts News three times a year. Organizing and producing the annual Preston Arts Festival. Providing a forum for discussion and arts development.’


* Preston Arts Association
VISITS (to Website)134
Also indexedPreston Arts Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)223

'We are the UK’s leading funder of new music across all genres. Our mission is to stimulate and support the creation and performance of new music throughout the UK and to ensure that this music is enjoyed by a wide audience ... We do this through open grant schemes which are available to musicians and organisations four times per year and partnership programmes which we lead in response to specific needs and gaps in funding.'


* PRS Foundation
VISITS (to Website)122
Also indexedPRS for Music Foundation
VIEWS (of this Record)327

Raw Material’s mission is to improve the lives of young people and their economic position, their opportunities, progression and development, including mental and physical health issues. From our base in Brixton, we provide a range of training, mentoring and professional arts projects to develop creative talent, learn music and media skills, build confidence in a working environment and find routes into employment.‘


* Raw Material
VISITS (to Website)296
VIEWS (of this Record)248

'Ribble Valley is a rural haven within Lancashire that is home to a wide variety of Arts. It’s stunning scenery, bustling market towns and quaint villages set the scene as an inspirational landscape and community for creative people to thrive ... Throughout the year Ribble Valley has a whole host of things to do and see, theatre, music, exhibitions, festivals ... Whether you live locally or are visiting for a day there are always venues providing a regular programme of arts to enjoy and to inspire: discover the art venues to explore ...'


* Ribble Valley Arts
VISITS (to Website)209
VIEWS (of this Record)358

'Norwegian Arts is a celebration of the best Norwegian creative and cultural happenings in the UK. Whether you are looking to experience fresh new music, meet the authors of prize-winning novels, visit inspiring design exhibitions or get a taste for the best Nordic cuisine, Norwegian Arts are making waves internationally, and this is the place to hear about them first.'


* Royal Norwegian Embassy
VISITS (to Website)346
Also indexedNorwegian Arts
VIEWS (of this Record)262

'The Royal Philharmonic Society is for people who love music and live music making and who want to ensure a vibrant future for classical music. For over 200 years we’ve been at the heart of music: supporting and working creatively with talented young performers and composers, championing excellence, and encouraging audiences to listen to, and talk about, great music.'


* Royal Philharmonic Society
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of this Record)419

‘The RVW Trust is one of the most significant sources in the UK of funding for contemporary and recent British music. The Trust was established by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) in 1956 and it continues to fulfill the purposes he intended. The Trust is not able to make grants towards the performance or promotion of the works of the Founder ... The RVW Trust exists primarily to assist British composers who have not yet achieved a national reputation.’


* RVW Trust
VISITS (to Website)101
VIEWS (of this Record)147

‘An umbrella organisation which coordinates, encourages, and promotes artistic enterprises of all kinds in the Saffron Walden area. We provide practical support to local artists and performers to help them display their talents, with initiatives such as music festivals, open studio events, and craft fairs.’


* Saffron Walden Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)101
VIEWS (of this Record)169

‘Supports the work of the local cultural sector by creating a space for networking, sharing concerns, ideas and resources and finding solutions to common problems.  It is a champion not just for the cultural sector but also for culture’s role in the economy, environment, education, health and the quality of life that is so important to the Scottish Borders. The Cultural Forum is concerned principally with the arts, heritage, museums, libraries, creative industries, traditional culture and festivals, though this list is not exclusive.’


* Scottish Borders Cultural Forum
VISITS (to Website)47
VIEWS (of this Record)78

'Is at the heart of the national music industry in all its forms. From preserving our musical heritage with the ever-expanding archive, to representing contemporary composers and musicians, the SMC stands at the forefront. Our aim is to champion the wealth of talent that abounds in Scotland’s musical community by actively promoting music locally, nationally and internationally.'


* Scottish Music Centre
VISITS (to Website)165
VIEWS (of this Record)289

'Serious is a unique force in the field of live music. The company makes a major contribution to the arts world through a national programme that is internationally recognised, working with a network of partners to ensure the greatest reach for our work; each year we produce over 800 events, work with over 2,600 artists, reach live audiences of over 320,000 in over 300 venues, and have a broadcast reach of over 44 million ... Your gift to the Serious Trust makes a real difference to what we’re able to achieve – for example a small donation covers the cost of a ticket to enable someone to attend a concert who, without support, would not have the opportunity.'


* Serious
VISITS (to Website)596
VIEWS (of this Record)264

‘An invaluable forum for networking ... Funded by Sevenoaks District Council, exists to support, encourage and promote all forms of artistic endeavour within Sevenoaks District. Any amateur arts organisation within the district is entitled to membership, and therefore entitled to apply for financial help for a specific production or event. This can be in the form of a grant or under-writing ... SDAC sends out a four-monthly newsletter to all members in which they can promote their activities and help with any production problems that may arise, for example loans of equipment between groups.’


* Sevenoaks District Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)86
VIEWS (of this Record)163

'Founded in 2006. It brought together the work of two organisations (Shetland Arts Trust and the Islesburgh Trust) whose collective histories provide Shetland Arts with a local, national and international reputation for arts development and delivery, built over 20 years of work and innovation. Today, the purpose of SADA is to place the Arts at the heart of Shetland, to educate, promote, support and develop the practice and enjoyment of the Arts by all ... Mareel is the UK's most northerly music, cinema and creative industries centre, operated by Shetland Arts Development Agency.'


* Shetland Arts
VISITS (to Website)159
Also indexedMareel
VIEWS (of this Record)362

'Sistema England is a charity, founded by Julian Lloyd Webber, that seeks to transform the lives of children, young people and their communities through the power of music making, as part of the international El Sistema movement ...'


* Sistema England
VISITS (to Website)225
VIEWS (of this Record)370

‘Founded in 2009 with aim of giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (so-called NEETs) an opportunity to engage with music and the arts, and to use these experiences as a springboard for their future ... Small Green Shoots is one of Arts Council England’s Nstional Portfolio Organisations which accounts for approximately 29% of our funding. However, the bulk of our revenue comes from consultancy work, business sponsorships and other commercial partnerships.‘


* Small Green Shoots
VISITS (to Website)138
VIEWS (of this Record)289

'The national charity for new music ... Our mission is to maximise the opportunities for people to create and enjoy new music. Our work includes composer and artist development, partnerships with a range of organisations, audience development, touring, information and advice, network building, and education. We champion new music and the work of British composers and artists, and seek to ensure that they are at the heart of cultural life and enjoyed by many.'


* Sound and Music
VISITS (to Website)179
VIEWS (of this Record)346

‘We believe every child and young person in London should have the opportunity to experience music-making. Since 2002, Sound Connections has worked in partnership to strengthen the music sector, bridge gaps in provision and deliver landmark music programmes ... As a charity we rely upon financial support and donations from generous individuals, trusts and companies to make our vital work with children and young people across London possible ... Wired4Music is a network of Londoners aged 16-25, all interested in music. From music makers and radio producers to techies and budding A&Rs, Wired4Music connects people from every corner of the capital. We place members of our network at the centre of decision making, co-creating opportunities and amplifying the voices of people to challenge the culture of our capital.‘


* Sound Connections
VISITS (to Website)187
Also indexedWired4Music
VIEWS (of this Record)315

'sound is all about new music. We invite you on a sonic adventure - discover new sounds and expect the unexpected! We support composers to create - making new music is important to us. We think the north-east of Scotland is an exciting and vibrant place to live and visit ...' The Sound Festival is held Early November.


* Sound Scotland
VISITS (to Website)576
Also indexedSound Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)271

'We produce extraordinary musical encounters. We want as many people as possible to experience and enjoy these ... Together with artists and other partner organisations, we create a wide range of ways to experience new music; from concerts in major concert halls to villages, sound installations in museums to music performed on farms plus digital works for the online community worldwide. The music we present in these places embraces all musical genres, from jazz to sound art, electronic to contemporary classical and all points in between.'


* Sound UK
VISITS (to Website)228
VIEWS (of this Record)257

Sound World is a newly formed charity [2018] running concert series, education projects, a commissioning programme and outreach schemes. Our maxim – Great music for everyone – reflects our commitment to the highest artistic and educational standards and also our determination to take live classical music and the best contemporary repertoire to new, diverse audiences. Our concerts will aim to put the best regional performers and composers together with those of national and international renown, creating programmes with a strong local identity and an ambitious outlook. All concerts will feature educational elements, such as talks or Q&A sessions with composers and performers, and for many we will run parallel, themed outreach projects.’


* Sound World
VISITS (to Website)34
VIEWS (of this Record)185

'SAA-uk is an innovative organisation on the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries in how traditional and contemporary Indian Music and Dance is performed, presented and experienced by audiences, participants and Artists.'


* South Asian Arts
VISITS (to Website)415
VIEWS (of this Record)320

'Throughout the year a series of workshops and playing and singing days are organised within the region where members have the opportunity to study works under the guidance of early music specialist tutors. These activities include Baroque chamber music playing days, singing days focusing on particular composers or periods, and workshops preparing larger scale works for both voices and instruments etc.'


Category Early Music
* South West Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)153
VIEWS (of this Record)422

Objectives are: Promote the appreciation of the Arts; Encourage the foundation of new and assist in the development of established charitable societies, clubs and other organisations within Southend On Sea; To act as a co-ordinating body for such organisations; To act as a link between them and Southend Borough Council.


* Southend on Sea Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of this Record)1761

'Covers an area of Southern and South Eastern England already well served with concerts, festivals of early music, early music summer schools and workshops. We have chosen, therefore, to concentrate on tutored playing days for a membership made up of competent but adventurous early music enthusiasts who enjoy playing with like-minded friends. Many leading teachers and other experienced players live in our area and give generously of their time to plan, organise and participate in these inspiring events. The playing days are designed for players of both early and modern instruments who just love playing the early repertoire on whatever is available ... Non-members are invited to try one of our playing days.'


Category Early Music
* Southern Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)188
VIEWS (of this Record)366

‘The main aims of Spanish-British cultural cooperation are to contribute to a better awareness of both Spanish and British history and culture, to foster links between the creative sectors in both countries and to promote the cultural diversity and artistic expression of contemporary Spain. The Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs enhances the dissemination within United Kingdom of the culture, arts and heritage of the 17 autonomous regions. We support artistic projects related to dance, music, visual arts, literature, humanities, architecture, design, etc.’


* Spanish Culture & Science in the UK
VISITS (to Website)155
VIEWS (of this Record)173

'Exists to create a platform for international artists in the cultural heart of London, open to the public and free for all to attend, that will increase cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, through the medium of music, such that any tensions in international relations can draw on experience and enjoyment of distinctive and stylish presentations of diverse authentic traditions.'


* St Martin’s Embassy and Cultural Institute Series
VISITS (to Website)150
Also indexedSt Martin in the Fields
VIEWS (of this Record)178

'On this Website you will find information about the role we play within Stafford Borough’s arts scene and how you can get involved. We have information about the services we offer our members if you’re starting up an amateur arts group or if you’d like to find out about the activities and events of our member societies.'


* Stafford District Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)182
VIEWS (of this Record)313

'Founded in the 1950's to encourage, to sustain and to co-ordinate the artistic endevours of the people of Stevenage. The Arts Guild has a wide range of members -from the performing arts, choirs and orchestras to floral arts, photographic societies and locomotive societies. This web site aims to provide information on the services that the Arts Guild provides and listings of events and contact details for the various groups.'


* Stevenage Arts Guild
VISITS (to Website)134
VIEWS (of this Record)340

‘Begun on a shoestring in 1995, the Stoke Newington Early Music Festival has grown and flourished through the years. Generously supported by local businesses — but always independent of public funding — it is now an indispensable feature of the Stoke Newington summer, loved by local residents and by fans of early music from everywhere.’ Held Mid July.


Category Early Music
* Stoke Newington Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)209
VIEWS (of this Record)284

'Stour Music was founded in 1962 by my father, the counter-tenor Alfred Deller, principally as a festival devoted to early music ... It now takes place over the last two weekends of June each year ... Set in the heart of the Garden of England, the festival takes its name from the River Stour, which runs along the valley between Ashford and Canterbury.'


Category Early Music
* Stour Music
VISITS (to Website)320
VIEWS (of this Record)425

'Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music for voices and period instruments in beautiful old East Anglian churches ... Based  in "Constable Country" on the Suffolk-Essex border, offers about ten concerts throughout the year, four at the Festival itself during the August Bank Holiday Weekend and more in its Winter Series, from October to May.'


Category Early Music
* Suffolk Villages Festival
VISITS (to Website)221
VIEWS (of this Record)391

‘Whether you are a professional musician or just starting out, making music can be tough financially. The cost of instruments and private lessons mean some people never discover the joy of learning and playing music. For disabled musicians who need adapted instruments, the problems can be particularly challenging. At Take it away, we work with our retail partners, Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to break down these barriers. A part of Creative United, a community interest company that drives economic growth and social impact in the arts and creative industries, we provide a range of subsidised and non-subsidised loans. These are designed to make learning, playing and participating in music more affordable and open to everyone.’


* Take it away
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of this Record)154

Tamworth Arts & Events is a creative hub for Tamworth and the wider region. Showcasing exciting and immersive arts activities and events both outdoors and in venue.’


* Tamworth Arts & Events
VISITS (to Website)118
VIEWS (of this Record)221

‘Reprsents the collective interests of community arts groups and organisations in and around the area. TAPA is a member of Arts Taunton and liaises with Taunton Deane Borough Council on behalf of its membership.’


* Taunton Association of Performing Arts
VISITS (to Website)229
VIEWS (of this Record)394

‘An independent charity which supports arts and culture in our local communities ... Our Mission is to inspire creative development in the Test Valley: * By attracting national recognition for the arts in the area; * By generating opportunities for community participation, especially among young people; * By working in partnership to extend our reach and increase our impact.’


* Test Valley Arts Foundation
VISITS (to Website)35
VIEWS (of this Record)114

‘Exists to encourage the singing and playing of early music in the London to Oxford area and currently has over 300 members. TVEMF organises early music workshops and events, and publishes TAMESIS, a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and details of early music courses, concerts and workshops.’


Category Early Music
* Thames Valley Early Music Forum
VISITS (to Website)212
VIEWS (of this Record)380

'Established in 1989 and entirely funded by the music industry. The Trusts’ mission is to give young people a chance to express their musical creativity regardless of race, class, sex or ability ... The Trust’s main source of funding is from the BRIT Awards, Classic BRIT Awards and The Music Industry Trusts Dinner.'


* The BRIT Trust
VISITS (to Website)319
Also indexedThe British Record Industry Trust
VIEWS (of this Record)393

‘Award winning music service for children/adults with learning difficulties. Education, enjoyment & performance. Teaching in Essex, Sussex, Suffolk & London ... The Music Man Project develops the musical instinct that lies within us all to instil confidence, self-esteem and as a vehicle for joy and emotional expression. Rather than focusing on their disability, all students are treated as musicians and Southend Mencap, the charity which runs the project, has only the highest aspirations for what can be achieved by everyone involved in this unique innovation.’


* The Music Man Project UK
VISITS (to Website)209
VIEWS (of this Record)343

'We believe in a world where opportunities for participation, ownership and leadership in music and the arts are available to all ... We aim to inspire, foster and grow a vibrant community of artists, audiences and leaders who together will transform the lives of future generations by increasing opportunity, diversity and excellence in and through jazz.'


* Tomorrow's Warriors
VISITS (to Website)324
VIEWS (of this Record)443

'TEMS has been running since 1999. Our performers are professional musicians respected in the Early Music or folk fields with a sprinkling of younger performers who are establishing their careers. Most have trained at top colleges and conservatoires and have played with nationally recognised ensembles such as the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Our concerts achieve national listings with people attending from as far away as Bristol and Penzance. More than half of our members come from beyond Totnes – from villages and towns in the South Hams, Torbay and from Exeter and Plymouth.'


Category Early Music
* Totnes Early Music Society
VISITS (to Website)194
VIEWS (of this Record)493

‘Folk development for Wales ... We kindle interest, nurture talent and present the very best of Wales’ folk musicians across the world. We hold day courses and residential courses to help enthusiasts and professionals hone their skills and develop talent across our traditional arts. You’ll find us working in schools, in communities, on festival fields and at international showcases, helping to ensure that the traditional arts of Wales continue to enrich lives regardless of age, background, race or language.’


* trac
VISITS (to Website)52
VIEWS (of this Record)221

‘All involved with the Traditional Music Forum (TMF) help to deliver our collective vision for traditional music in Scotland: “Traditional music as a vital and diverse element of Scottish culture, valued by people and communities, locally, nationally and internationally”. Membership of the TMF is open to traditional music organisations, businesses and individuals active across traditional music in Scotland.’


* Traditional Music Forum [Scotland]
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of this Record)107

'Our aim is to promote and increase the range and number of professional and non-professional performances of the contemporary classical music of Wales, developing and creating new work. We want to develop the reach, engagement and participation, of contemporary classical music of Wales in communities across Wales, particularly with young people. Central to our vision is our dedication to support the Welsh non-professional music sector in the creation and performances of the contemporary classical music of Wales.'


* Tŷ Cerdd
VISITS (to Website)494
VIEWS (of this Record)598

Founded 1969: ‘Brings the best of contemporary and new classical music from living composers to adventurous audiences from across Wales and internationally. The annual festival takes place in May within various venues across South Wales ... We want to share the joy of listening and discovery with audiences who long to experience the new and progressive, and we work with international composers who are pushing the boundaries to commission new music which reflects the classical music culture of today and tomorrow.‘


* Vale of Glamorgan Festival
VISITS (to Website)78
VIEWS (of this Record)151

Founded 1993: ‘Provides bespoke, singing programmes for nursery, primary and secondary schools, academies and Music Education Hubs. Our programmes inspire children and young people through choral projects led by expert music leaders and develop existing classroom teachers' confidence and skills to lead music. We improve children's musicianship and singing voices through a clear and progressive method and a diverse range of choral repertoire. We tailor programmes according to the specific needs of schools and individual teachers so that positive and rapid progress can be made by all’.


* Voices Foundation
VISITS (to Website)110
VIEWS (of this Record)123

'Works to promote and increase active participation in creative cultural activities ... Across the UK and the Republic of Ireland there are approximately 63,000 voluntary arts groups, regularly involving more than 10 million people participating voluntarily in creative cultural activities: this activity is, and will continue to be, a critical part of both the bedrock and the grass roots of the cultural life of our communities and nations ... Voluntary Arts receives funding from all four UK arts councils. We have offices in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Derry, with flexible working across England.'


* Voluntary Arts
VISITS (to Website)70
VIEWS (of this Record)288

'We facilitate international work in the arts through collaborations, projects, networks and communication. We provide advice and support to artists and arts organisations from Wales who work on an international level. We are also a contact point for international artists and arts organisations working in Wales.'


* Wales Arts International
VISITS (to Website)188
VIEWS (of this Record)278

'We are funded by Worcester City Council and our remit is to "promote the arts in Worcester". The benefits of being a member of Worcester Arts Council include: Promotion of your activities; Help and advice; Grants for projects and events; Networking Opportunities.'


* Worcester Arts Council
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of this Record)264

‘The NCEM promotes three early music festivals a year in Yorkshire - the York Early Music Festival in July, the Christmas festival in York in early December and the Beverley festival in the East Riding in May ... NCEM Patrons enjoy opportunities to meet early music specialists and like-minded individuals through informal receptions, supper parties and concerts whilst supporting the long-term artistic ambitions of the York Early Music Festival and the National Centre for Early Music.‘


Category Early Music
* York Early Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)229
VIEWS (of this Record)217

'We’re a national charity investing in music-making projects for children and young people experiencing challenging circumstances. We believe everyone should have the chance to make music. Our projects help young people develop musically, of course, but they have personal and social outcomes too. We know that those facing difficulties - economic problems, lifelong conditions, tough circumstances or behavioural issues - are often the ones who get the most out of music-making. Youth Music offers meaningful chances to young people in complicated situations. With your support, we can make a genuine difference to many more young lives ...'


* Youth Music
VISITS (to Website)248
VIEWS (of this Record)372

‘Formed in 2005, we are a mainly modern instrument Baroque ensemble, although many of our string players have Baroque bows. We aim for an “authentic” playing style, and we do sometimes tune down a semitone to Baroque pitch - for example when we have music for strings only, or when Baroque wind instruments are available. We generally play music from about 1600-1785, from late Renaissance pieces at one end to early Classical at the other, including music by Haydn & Mozart. In most concerts we perform trio sonatas or other smaller scale works as well as concertos and sinfonias, and from time to time include vocal and choral music, to provide our audiences - and players - with plenty of variety. Many of our players play to concerto standard, so we do not normally employ paid soloists from outside the ensemble.’


Category Early Music
+ Ashford Baroque Ensemble
VISITS (to Website)62
VIEWS (of this Record)173

'As a world-leading contemporary ensemble, BCMG has premiered over 160 works, most commissioned through its pioneering Sound Investment scheme, with a family of Investors supporting each new piece. In addition, BCMG’s extensive Learning and Participation Programme supports young people as composers, performers and listeners of new music through an exciting range of projects in- and out-of-school.'


+ Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
VISITS (to Website)511
VIEWS (of this Record)415

'The musicians of Boxwood & Brass combine musical virtuosity with an active research profile, creating new editions of key repertoire, unearthing unknown works in far-flung archives, and reviving music not heard since the 18th century. We curate our programmes specifically for each venue and occasion, drawing on original repertoire as well as contemporary arrangements made for the harmonie-ensembles of the late 18th and early 19th century. Our repertoire draws the large body of original works written specifically for winds, many in exclusive new scholarly editions. We also explore the "Art of Arrangement", central to the musical life of the Classical period. Composers, Kappellmeisters and musicians created thousands of arrangements of new and popular works, both for specific Harmonie, and for widespread publication.'


Category Early Music
+ Boxwood & Brass
VISITS (to Website)247
VIEWS (of this Record)179

‘Since its formation in 1996 by baroque cellist Tatty Theo, the award-winning Brook Street Band has established itself as one of the country’s foremost interpreters of Handel’s music. The name comes from the street in London’s Mayfair where George Frideric Handel lived and composed for most of his working life.‘

Category Early Music
+ Brook Street Band
VISITS (to Website)397
VIEWS (of this Record)204

'Charivari Agréable (trans. ‘pleasant tumult’, from Saint-Lambert’s 1707 treatise on accompaniment) was formed at the University of Oxford in 1993 ... Apart from hosting an annual Summer Festival of Early Music in Oxford, the Ensemble regularly expands into Oxford’s resident period-instrument orchestra, Charivari Agréable Simfonie. The orchestra has on-going collaborations with over sixty vocal groups—choral societies and professional choirs alike—all over the UK, and has been conducted by many musicians of renown.' Festival held July - August.


Category Early Music
+ Charivari Agréable
VISITS (to Website)25
Also indexedOxford Early Music Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)79

‘An ensemble of musicians who specialise in the performance of Baroque music using the styles, techniques and instruments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Consort was founded in 1982 and has hosted ... concerts both in the Chichester area and farther afield ... Many people ask why we call ourselves The Consort of Twelve, when in fact we are usually more than that number. Here's the explanation. "The Consort of ..." was  a title commonly given to bands that accompanied masques in the early years of the seventeenth century. Since we originally formed with about twelve strings players, often with two oboes, we adopted this title for our first performance with Opera 70 in 1981.’


Category Early Music
+ Consort of Twelve
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of this Record)192

'All the mystery and passion of Scotland's ancient musical heritage evoked by the voices and authentic instruments of the Highland consort, Coronach.'


Category Early Music
+ Coronach
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of this Record)412

‘The principal orchestra in the South West specialising in baroque and early classical music played on period instruments and in appropriate style ... In the spirit of a true Baroque orchestra, the size and composition of Devon Baroque varies. This reflects the demands of the repertoire, from a small chamber ensemble to a larger orchestra with wind players ... Devon Baroque relies on the financial backing of its supporters; Audiences, Individuals, Dartington Arts, and Grant making bodies like the Exeter & Devon Classical Music Trust ... Together, we can reach our goal of placing Devon Baroque at the forefront of exciting music making, concert giving and education work, not only in Devon, but throughout the South West region and beyond. We have great plans, creative ideas, and fabulous, highly skilled professional musicians.’


Category Early Music
+ Devon Baroque
VISITS (to Website)41
VIEWS (of this Record)120

‘An early music group based in the town of Doncaster. They take their name from the bands of musicians who used to be employed by local corporations as town musicians, “The Waites”. The present band are all local musicians with an interest in early music. They have been together now for a considerable number of years! The music they play is generally centred around the first half of the 17th century, the time when the first detailed accounts of the original Doncaster Waites appear in the archives. Their costume is also based on these accounts and the men accurately represent how the original Waites would have looked at that time. Women of course would never have been Waites, but we like to think that the Waites would have been joined by their friends and family in private music making in the houses and inns of Doncaster.‘


Category Early Music
+ Doncaster Waites
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of this Record)271

‘Founded in 1995 and is named after Din Eidyn, the ancient Celtic name of Edinburgh Castle ... The ensemble has established itself as the leading Scottish Baroque ensemble, performing at the nation’s major festivals and in Canada, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Israel and France. In addition to performing Baroque and Classical repertoire and researching specific historical performance projects, the ensemble has commissioned and performed works by numerous contemporary composers.’


Category Early Music
+ Dunedin Consort
VISITS (to Website)117
VIEWS (of this Record)138

‘A virtuoso period instrument ensemble with a host of distinguished recordings to its name. Since its formation in 1993, ECSE has performed at many major music festivals in the UK and abroad ... In addition to its work with professional vocal groups and solo recitals, ECSE also works closely with other like-minded instrumental ensembles such as the Monteverdi String Band and the Altenburg Ensemble. ECE also performs regularly with choral societies throughout Britain, including many performances of Claudio Monteverdi’s magnificent 1610 Vespers.’


Category Early Music
+ English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble
VISITS (to Website)308
VIEWS (of this Record)216

’Exploring baroque music together since 2014 ... London-based ensemble specialising in, but not limited to, French music of the 17th and 18th centuries ... Formed by participants of the Dartington International Summer School ... with performers from Japan, the UK, Germany and Australia.’


Category Early Music
+ Ensemble Molière
VISITS (to Website)56
VIEWS (of this Record)106

‘A leading UK choir and Early Music ensemble with a repertoire that reaches from the 12th to the 21st centuries. We are known for our passion for seeking out the best, the unfamiliar and the unexpected in the choral repertoire and for giving dynamic performances underpinned by detailed research.‘


Category Early Music
+ Ex Cathedra
VISITS (to Website)337
VIEWS (of this Record)290

‘Specialising in the historically accurate performance of music from the 18th century, the Feinstein Ensemble’s concerts and recordings of the Baroque repertoire have been acclaimed both in the UK and internationally ... They are resident period orchestra at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, performing around 30 concerts a year there ... The Feinstein Ensemble is best known for its interpretations of Bach. Collaborations with their sister group the London Bach Singers have resulted in critically acclaimed performances of all of Bach’s major choral works ... The Singers specialise in single-voice performances of Bach’s Cantatas, Passions and Masses.’

Category Early Music
+ Feinstein Ensemble
VISITS (to Website)242
Also indexedLondon Bach Singers
VIEWS (of this Record)281

‘Founded in 1983, Fiori Musicali have been at the forefront of bringing wonderful baroque and classical music to people and places throughout Britain. We are still going strong and run concerts throughout the year ... Fiori appear in many guises – as a choir, as a small chamber ensemble and as a chamber orchestra; and our CDs include Purcell, Vivaldi, Bach, Zelenka and much else besides.‘


Category Early Music
+ Fiori Musicali
VISITS (to Website)167
VIEWS (of this Record)286

‘One of Britain’s most outstanding period groups with a reputation for stylish & exciting interpretations from chamber to larger choral and orchestral works.’

Category Early Music
+ Florilegium
VISITS (to Website)51
VIEWS (of this Record)107

‘Gabrieli are a choir and period instrument orchestra founded and led by Artistic Director Paul McCreesh. We perform and record great choral, vocal and instrumental repertoire from the renaissance to the present day for the widest possible audience, cultivating an international reputation for excellence, innovation and ambition. Our mission is to educate the public, in every sense – to be standard bearers for the highest quality of performance, to explain, illustrate and illuminate the guiding principles behind our performance ideals and to offer first-class performance opportunities to young people through our bold and ambitious education programme, Gabrieli Roar.’

Category Early Music
+ Gabrieli
VISITS (to Website)167
Also indexedGabrieli Roar
VIEWS (of this Record)232

’The Orchestra comprises some of the best period instrument specialists in the UK. They are considered to be some of the best in their field. Their performances and recordings have been described as “revelatory, luscious, outstanding and illuminating”. ‘Through dedication and scholarly work, the Band have gained an enviable niche for themselves within the early music movement, as being “one of the UK’s finest period instrument orchestras”. Their distinguished players are committed to education work and passing on their enthusiasm and knowledge to the next generation of music lovers - they teach in the top music conservatoires in the UK.’



Category Early Music
+ Hanover Band
VISITS (to Website)210
VIEWS (of this Record)193

‘Acknowledged worldwide as the most innovative British vocal ensemble specialising in early music. Their stylish staged productions of Renaissance and Baroque music-theatre works together with virtuosic performances of contemporary repertoire have won them friends from the BBC Proms to Soweto and brought this repertoire to both specialist and completely new audiences.’


Category Early Music
+ I Fagiolini
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of this Record)122

'Inspired by the name of a 1757 Handel oratorio, Instruments of Time and Truth is a period instrument ensemble, which aims to present world-class performances of baroque and classical music in Oxford and the surrounding region. Every season we programme an exciting series of self-promoted concerts in the City's historic venues while also being an employable resource for Oxford's thriving musical community.'


Category Early Music
+ Instruments of Time & Truth
VISITS (to Website)42
VIEWS (of this Record)82

‘Early music's “bit of rough” - this rebellious London-based medieval/folk ensemble pushes, and often transcends, the limits of what is thought of as early music.... Joglaresa embodies the boldness and improvisatory chutzpah that gets straight to the heart of medieval music ... Joglaresa comprises outstanding classical, world, folk and jazz musicians - a sound that is at once traditional and contemporary - combining intoxicating elements of Medieval, Middle Eastern and Celtic musics, they create a unique London sound that is both extrovert and intimate.’


Category Early Music
+ Joglaresa
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VIEWS (of this Record)119

‘Baroque ensemble based in London, whose chief desire is to bring the highest standard of musical performance of 17th and 18th century repertoire for the benefit of as wide an audience as possible. Far from being dead and remote, the music and texts of the Baroque help us in the 21st century to ponder the concerns of human nature in an emotionally truthful way. Coming to us from an age before technical means of communication and enhancement of sound were available, the music’s impact is colourful, sophisticated and visceral. The energy that the Baroque demands of its performers, is LNM’s most potent tool in striving to move audiences ... LNM often hosts pre and post concert conversations with our audiences, open rehearsals, and mounts masterclasses with established opera singers and work with recent graduates from Music Conservatories all over Europe.‘


Category Early Music
+ La Nuova Musica
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‘Period instrument performance group directed by Peter Holman specialising in music of the 17th and 18th centuries ... Members are drawn from professional and non-professional players with students from the region’s music colleges. Free workshops given by leaders in the field of baroque performance practice provide training, and the funds available are used to enable members of the orchestra to perform concerts with internationally renowned soloists.‘


Category Early Music
+ Leeds Baroque Choir & Orchestra
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’Re-creating the original Borough Waits of Leeds who existed from 1530 to 1835, especially but not exclusively the first century and a half of their existence ... The Waits perform for the Lord Mayor and Corporation, also at stately homes and heritage events around the region, and for organisations such as English Heritage and The National Trust ... They play authentic music on authentic instruments, always performing in appropriate historical dress, and are, as in the old days, available for hire for public and private events.’


Category Early Music
+ Leeds Waits
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Linden Baroque is a unique and much loved part of the British Early Music movement. Formed in 1982 by a group of early music enthusiasts in the front room of a house in Linden Gardens, Chiswick, (London) it combined the talents of a band of music students, young professionals and talented amateurs. Many of the original members now have prominent careers in the early music field - and some founder members are still regularly playing with the band.’


Category Early Music
+ Linden Baroque Orchestra
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‘Draws together London’s brightest young talent to explore and promote new music to an increasingly wide audience. Formed in 2008, the LCO has worked alongside a distinguished array of composers and artists ...’


+ London Contemporary Orchestra
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'Places the best contemporary classical music at the heart of today’s culture; engaging and challenging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard, and taking risks to develop new work and talent. Founded in 1968, the ensemble's commitment to new music has seen it commission over 350 works, and premiere many hundreds more.'


+ London Sinfonietta
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‘Ensemble specialising in accessible, affordable performances of music from the 15th-18th Centuries ... While specialising in the performance of 17th Century chamber music, their repertoire extends into opera, and to the works of composers writing in the High-Late Middle Ages, often overlooked in programmes today ... As part of our aim to make Early Music as accessible as possible, to audiences and performers alike, we release editions of all our works created from manuscript sources whenever possible.‘



Category Early Music
+ Musica Antica Rotherhithe
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'A UK-based early music ensemble dedicated to the performance of early music written by and for women ... We bring together internationally-acclaimed musicians and ground-breaking research to perform this fascinating and continually emerging repertoire. Our programmes illustrate the many faces of women musicians in the 16th and 17th centuries: courtiers, courtesans, actresses and cloistered nuns. There is always an element of story-telling, theatre, and surprise, in our performances, for the women who first made our music had lives as compelling as the music itself.'


Category Early Music
+ Musica Secreta
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‘The original Musical and Amicable Society was founded in 1762 by James Kempson, who directed the choir at St Bartholomew's Chapel, Birmingham. Together with fellow musicians from St Philip's Church (now Birmingham Cathedral), Kempson and his singers gathered on a regular basis at Cooke's tavern in the Cherry Orchard "for practice and recreation" In 2003, Kate Fawcett and Martin Perkins decided to revive this historic society as a collective of professional period-instrument specialists, performing in combinations ranging from small ensembles to full orchestra. Our presiding ethos is one of chamber music - however large or small the formation - where each and every performer has a significant role to play.’


Category Early Music
+ Musical & Amicable Society
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'For over three decades, NLCC has been one of the outstanding groups at festivals across Europe. Specialising in contemporary works, we perform uncompromisingly avant garde music of all periods and have a unique record of commissioning and premièring new works for mixed chorus.'


+ New London Chamber Choir
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‘Formed in 2006, Norwich Baroque works with eminent soloists from the early music world to give fresh and vibrant performances of music by popular and less well known Baroque composers; from Handel and Vivaldi to Capel Bond and Mudge.‘

Category Early Music
+ Norwich Baroque
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'A Baroque ensemble whose ambition is to perform, in sequence, the complete canon of J. S. Bach’s vocal works over 12 years. Founded by Tom Hammond-Davies (Artistic Director) in 2015, OBS offers a unique musical experience that converges composer, performer, and audience ... Bach’s music is community music. He was famously networked amongst an extended family of musicians in northern Germany. Today, OBS champions our local students, scholars, players, soloists, and amateurs in performances that mirror the diversity of our community.'


Category Early Music
+ Oxford Bach Soloists
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'Creating and performing contemporary classical music in Manchester and throughout the world ...'


+ Psappha
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‘Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble. We develop, perform, present and find new audiences for new music within Scotland, the UK and internationally.’


+ Red Note Ensemble
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VIEWS (of this Record)427

‘Salisbury’s only period instrument ensemble. It was formed to enable local players (and some colleagues from further afield) to share their passion for late 17th and 18th century music through concerts and workshops. Using copies of instruments of the period and authentic playing style, the group is able to bring to its audience a sense of intimacy and style difficult to achieve with larger forces and modern, heavier instruments.’

Category Early Music
+ Salisbury Baroque
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‘A group of singers and players known for their engaging programmes of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century music. According to needs, the ensemble varies in size from three to twenty-five musicians. In their concerts The Bach Players make links between composers, national styles, and developments in music – to provide a wider context in which to present the famous composers of the time. They play on original instruments, and all vocal music is sung in its original language. When singers are involved they are part of the group and not “add onds”. They work without a conductor. Their concerts are lively, informal events in which the musicians engage actively with their audiences.’


Category Early Music
+ The Bach Players
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‘The York Waits take their name from the ancient city band of York, the earliest evidence for which we find in 14th century records ... Today’s York Waits have revived the band as it was in its heyday in the 16th century, playing a wide repertoire of period European music as well as their own arrangements of popular dance and ballad tunes. Like their predecessors they play upon a noyse of shawms, ancestors of the oboe-bassoon family, and characteristic instruments of waits before 1600. They also play cornett, saggbut, and curtal, flutes, recorders great and small, crumhorns, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, lute and cittern. By creating a replica band of waits, not only in their instruments and costumes, but also in their performing style, The York Waits have attempted to remove the music from the rarefied atmosphere of the concert hall and return it to the wider audience for whom it was created.’


Category Early Music
+ York Waits
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‘A discovery platform for new music in the UK. It grows all the time as more and more composers contribute their work, and as a diverse group of curators weave its content together in unique and original ways ... A treasure trove for anybody interested in new music from the 20th and 21st Centuries (including the present day), particularly music which has not been created for commercial gain and could otherwise be side-lined ... The British Music Collection is a space for composers who were either born in the UK or have worked in the UK to upload information about themselves and their works ... The Website is closely related to the British Music Collection physical archive – a publically accessible collection of over 40,000 scores, 21,000 recordings and other artefacts including books, programme notes and photographs housed at the state-of-the-art archive centre Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield. The British Music Collection celebrated its 50th Anniversary in November 2017.’


~ British Music Collection
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Also indexedUniversity of Huddersfield
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'Composition:Today was created with the intension of bringing together the widest possible range of resources for Composers and anyone interested in New Music of all kinds.' ALERT ‘From 2009–2019 the site has brought its members interviews, contemporary music news, concert listings, in-depth articles, jobs listings and other benefits. Sadly, in a changing world it has been hard to maintain our membership model. Until we can find a way to make the site viable it is, therefore, with regret that we announce that C:T will be closing its doors to new members for the foreseeable future. The site will remain live for now, but will probably close fully some time in the coming months.‘


~ Composition:Today
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'Early Music is a stimulating and richly illustrated journal, and is unrivalled in its field. Founded in 1973, it remains the leading journal for anyone interested in early music and how it is being interpreted today. Contributions from scholars and performers of international standing explore every aspect of earlier musical repertories, present vital new evidence for our understanding of the music of the past, and tackle controversial issues of performance practice.'


Category Early Music
~ Early Music
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'Embraces all those who enjoy playing, singing or listening to early music. It spans all aspects of the subject, with features on today’s top performers, issues of performance practice, innovative early music projects and festivals taking place all over the world.'


Category Early Music
~ Early Music Today
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‘Has existed since 1981 to bring together all concerned with early music and to forge links with other early music organisations in the UK and around the world. NEMA also acts to represent musicians in the early music field to outside bodies, when required. Whatever your interest in early music - amateur or professional, scholar or performer, listener, instrument maker or CD buyer - you should join Nema.’


Category Early Music
~ National Early Music Association
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