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'The Inverness Music Festival and the Highlights concerts are organised and run by the Inverness Festival Association. Inverness Music Festival is a competitive music festival open to all ages and abilities. Performers are adjudicated on their performance.' Held Late February.

* Inverness Music Festival
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'We are a group of secondary aged pipers and drummers from Inverness and the surrounding area. We play at various events across the City of Inverness.'

+ City of Inverness Youth Pipe Band
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'All the mystery and passion of Scotland's ancient musical heritage evoked by the voices and authentic instruments of the Highland consort, Coronach.'


+ Coronach
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘In Scotland, brass bands can be found in almost every region and community, however it was identified that in the Highlands there was a huge gap where brass bands have either never been found, or brass music has fizzled out over time. The idea of Highland Brass was born out of discussions between Lorna Bias and Mark Bell, with the idea that a community brass band could be set up to service the Highland community. From these discussions a Brass Taster Day was organised for June 2013 ... and was a success with upwards of 30 players attending on the day. With such encouraging results a committee was formed to push the idea forward to inception.’

+ Highland Brass
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'The largest choir in the Highlands of Scotland and draws singers from a wide area around Inverness. The Choral Society presents two main concerts every year, in Spring and Autumn.'

+ Inverness Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Since our inception in 1977 Inverness Fiddlers have always been part of the local scene, playing for public events and for charities, retirement homes and other good causes. We also play for concerts and ceilidhs throughout the Highlands, and have close links with other fiddle societies in Scotland.’ The Inverness Fiddlers’ Rally is an annual event usually held Mid March.

+ Inverness Fiddlers’ Society
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Also indexedInverness Fiddlers’ Rally
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Founded 2006: ‘We’re a group of “lapsed” amateur musicians based around the Inverness & Moray Firth area, who enjoyed playing music earlier in life and have decided to dust off their instruments & get playing again ... Every December the TTO holds its now-legendary annual Charity Christmas concert and we’ve raised thousands of pounds for local charities ... Are you an aspiring “Terrible”?! We have lots of opportunities for keen amateur musicians. As the name suggests, our attitude to music-making is about the joy of music-making and having a great time – all you need is enthusiasm and a sense of humour! We play a wide variety of music from Disney to Dvorak and Bacharach to Beethoven’.

+ Truly Terrible Orchestra
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'Whether you enjoy classical music, ballet, opera or world cinema, comedy, musicals, drama or contemporary dance, without Eden Court, you probably wouldn’t get to see it here in the Highlands ... We have built up the largest arts education programme in the UK and are seen nationally as experts in the important job of developing creativity in our young people.'

@ Eden Court Inverness
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