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The Category Jazz Clubs is a subset of Local Music Clubs. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Jazz Clubs which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Club's Full Record.


Some 'Featured' Providers in this Category are so busy during their Season(s) that I do not even try to list all the dates when they have planned forthcoming events:

- Matt & Phred’s

- PizzaExpress Live

- Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

- Verdict Jazz

- Vortex Jazz Club

- Zeffirellis


In contrast, the following Jazz Clubs do not (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Bridgnorth Jazz

- Fleetwood Hesketh Social Club

- Le QuecumBar & Brasserie

- Leeds Jazz Club

- Olney Jazz Club

- Redcar Jazz Club

- Ryedale Jazz

- Shetland JAWS

- Southport Jazz Club

- Stray's Jazz


! Jazz Clubs KEY
VISITS (to Website)34
VIEWS (of Record)67

Ayr Jazz Club, founded in 2005, is a warm and friendly group of people with a common interest in keeping jazz alive. The club has over 100 members who ... have had the pleasure of listening to a varied range of bands from Dixieland to New Orleans and Trad, as well as music from the 1920 - 30's.’

* Ayr Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of Record)202
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'A self funding, non-profit making community group ... We initially ran short jazz improvisation workshops under the tutelage of local musicians, but now hold 2 & 3 day events with musicians of international standing ... These events are fully booked well in advance ... Having organised a couple of small festivals in the past, we have now opted to regularly put on jazz & blues gigs on the Fourth Friday of every month ... Ticket reservations are essential, since nights are regularly sold out.'

* Barmouth Music
VISITS (to Website)283
VIEWS (of Record)535
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Weekly concerts are held on Wednesday evenings throughout the year except December. Featuring a wide variety of jazz genres including Big Band, Swing, Mainstream, Easy Listening and foot tapping music – there’s something for everyone! A friendly atmosphere and candlelit tables await you.'


* Belvedere Jazz & Music Club
VISITS (to Website)199
VIEWS (of Record)287
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Firmly established as one of the premier jazz venues in the South East of England, attracting the finest musicians. We are always pleased to receive visitors ... We have about 250 members, who receive significant discounts on ticket prices, and we are always pleased to welcome new members. Our belief is that jazz is for enjoyment and we wish to encourage listeners to all the different elements that jazz comprises. We are neither a "Traditional Jazz" club, nor a "Modern Jazz" club; we try to include as many facets of jazz as possible in our programme.'

* Berkhamsted Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)206
VIEWS (of Record)642
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A new chapter for independent jazz in Birmingham & the Midlands. Good gigs and a club atmosphere. New members welcome ... We run most of our gigs at 1000 Trades in the Jewellery Quarter with occasional visits to other venues including The Blue Orange Theatre, Coffee Tales, Saint Kitchen and UCB McIntyre Building.‘


* Birmingham Jazz
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of Record)240
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Bude Jazz Club, the brain child of Pat Sullivan, was formed in 1990 to promote and encourage jazz in Bude and the surrounding area. The club currently presents live entertainment twice a month, usually on Sunday evenings.’


* Bude Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)183
VIEWS (of Record)452
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Provides top class British and International jazz music ... As well as the “home” venue of CUC Wine Bar, Cambridge Modern Jazz also works with other music/ arts organisations in the Cambridge area to present jazz events. In recent years CMJ has worked closely with Stapleford Granary to showcase jazz concerts in their high-quality auditorium. Another successful joint project is with Cambridge Jazz Festival, which takes place every November.’


* Cambridge Modern Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)179
VIEWS (of Record)379
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Jazz fans meeting to listen to live talented jazz musicians from all over the UK and abroad. One of the few jazz clubs who maintain weekly gigs with talented line up every time ... Visitors always welcome.'


* Carlisle Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)300
VIEWS (of Record)429

‘Almost every month Chelmsford Jazz Club puts on music ranging from swing and mainstream to a touch of modern, and plan to keep doing so for a long time to come. As well as old favourites, there are always new names to discover and new approaches to explore.’

* Chelmsford Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)137
VIEWS (of Record)216
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A registered charity bringing the best of Jazz to Cheltenham since 1984. Staging regular monthly gigs at the Everyman Studio Theatre and The Victory Club. All the money we make goes back into the music.’


* Cheltenham Jazz
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of Record)189
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Typically a 10-month 15-gig season: ‘We continue our policy of presenting the widest range and highest quality of jazz that we can - a mixture of bands new to the club as well as “old favourites” - in comfortable surroundings in the heart of the historic city of Chichester ... To reinforce this policy, a programme of members’ surveys is held to understand musical likes and preferences and these results are used to influence future bookings ... Members, guests and friends always welcome’.


* Chichester Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)54
VIEWS (of Record)104
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Darlington New Orleans Jazz Club has promoted live jazz in the town since 1996, and it is our aim to continue bringing quality jazz to Darlington. From ragtime to swing, through the hot dance music of the 1920’s, to the revivalist years and the “traddy pop” of the 1950’s and 1960’s, with perhaps some be-bop and jive, we try to provide a programme which has something for everyone. Jazz has always been about entertainment, and the connectivity between the musicians and their audience, but most of all it is about tapping your feet and enjoying yourself. So don’t be shy, give us and jazz a try! You’ll be sure of a warm welcome.’


* Darlington New Orleans Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)110
VIEWS (of Record)193
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A not for profit jazz development organization which has been continuously active since 1982 ... Since its inception Derby Jazz has worked in partnership with a number of organisations to promote performances and workshops, commission new music and develop local artists.’


* Derby Jazz
VISITS (to Website)157
VIEWS (of Record)212
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Dedicated to maintaining the tradition of Classic New Orleans Music!’ Up to a dozen Saturday evening gigs per annum.

* Dove Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)122
VIEWS (of Record)226
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘South Lancashire's Premier Centre for Trad Jazz ... Watch great live Jazz bands, with good company in comfortable surroundings! ... The sessions are held in ... a beautifully appointed concert room twice a month on Mondays ... with occasional "specials" in months containing five Mondays.’

* Eagley Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)63
VIEWS (of Record)126
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Jazz at the Fleece is an association of people interested in jazz. They volunteer their time, and draw no funds from the club. The club is non-profit (you better believe it), and receives no subsidies from any person or organization. In other words, the people who come to listen to some of the best jazz available in the country, pay for the musicians and the running costs. We do try to keep the latter to a minimum ... We are delighted to be at this lovely venue. The quality of sound in the room is excellent. The facilities seem boundless, with golf, other sports, bar and lounge food as well as fine dining, spa and health facilities, a great hotel, and every Friday night, the best in modern jazz.‘


* Fleece Jazz
VISITS (to Website)117
VIEWS (of Record)164
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Puts on monthly jazz performances from some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians ... in a “jazz club” environment ... The Club has an enthusiastic and growing membership since it started in January 2013, and we are always very happy to see new people too ...'

* Fleet Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)222
VIEWS (of Record)405
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Monthly, Thursday evenings, 8 pm - 10.30 pm.


* Glossop Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)46
VIEWS (of Record)65
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Exists as a non-profit making organisation to provide and promote high quality live traditional jazz in Gosport and surrounding areas. The Club arranges live performances ... by mainly British bands, although there have been visits by bands from as far away as Australia, the USA and Europe.'


* Gosport Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)212
VIEWS (of Record)399
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Focusses on promoting modern and mainstream forms of Jazz. Our aim is to not only provide Sunday sessions at our venue ... but also further promote local jazz events. We have an excellent reputation for providing jazz sessions from national and international names as well as rising local stars ... We look forward to seeing you at our lunchtime sessions on the second Sunday in every month to enjoy a friendly relaxed atmosphere, good food and the best in modern jazz.'


* Harborough Jazz
VISITS (to Website)259
VIEWS (of Record)448
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Hawkes House is a ‘neighbourhood café bar located in the heart of Thornbury‘. Occasional jazz evenings.

* Hawkes House Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)339
VIEWS (of Record)377
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Hay Jazz presents six cabaret evenings with the best jazz musicians in their field. Melody and entertainment!’

* Hay Jazz
VISITS (to Website)96
VIEWS (of Record)218
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We've been presenting jazz since 1969 and continue to maintain only the highest standard of performers each week, both national and international ... Herts Jazz Club members enjoy reduced admission prices to around 40 gigs per year plus more at the Herts Jazz Festival.’ The Club moved from Welwyn Garden City to St Albans in early 2018.


* Herts Jazz
VISITS (to Website)216
VIEWS (of Record)229
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a non-profit organisation, run by a group of friends, bringing the best live mainstream jazz to Ipswich. Students half price, parking available.’


* Ipswich Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)151
VIEWS (of Record)161
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Come and hear the country’s finest jazz instrumentalists and singers. With comfortable seating, atmospheric lighting and a well-stocked bar, we'll be bringing you the ambience of an after-hours metropolitan night spot. If the quality interpretations of jazz, soul, blues and swing songs don’t slip you into a New York state of mind, the moody lighting, chirpy staff and vintage venue certainly will.'


* Jazz at the Ivy Room
VISITS (to Website)229
Also indexedFarnham Jazz Club
VIEWS (of Record)253
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Outrageously good live modern jazz! ...  A Sunday evening jazz club that brings some of the UK's greatest Jazz musicians to Felixstowe. World class music, a great atmosphere, and free entrance - the best Sunday night out for miles around!’


* Jazz East at The Alex
VISITS (to Website)13
VIEWS (of Record)51
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Join us every Saturday evening. We continue to present the very best of British and overseas bands plus international world class soloists! ... Don't forget to bring your favourite tipple - we provide the glasses.‘


* Jazz in the Spa
VISITS (to Website)55
VIEWS (of Record)132

‘Presenting the very best of contemporary jazz in and around Nottinghamshire ... Jazz Steps promotes, supports and develops jazz in and around Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, working in association with a range of organisations and across a range of venues. With a focus on contemporary jazz, our varied and inventive programming spans jazz genres and is designed to engage a diverse audience as well as our loyal followers. We attract national and international performers on a regular basis as well as showcasing the talents of local and regional artists.’


* Jazz Steps
VISITS (to Website)345
VIEWS (of Record)178
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Promoting live jazz in Coventry ... Whether you are new to jazz or a seasoned jazzer: our live music sessions offer a great value for money afternoon of music and entertainment. The different jazz styles range through Traditional, New Orleans, Hot Club, Swing and Be-bop, no genre is unheard of!‘


* Jazz-a-matazz
VISITS (to Website)41
Also indexedWestwood Jazz
VIEWS (of Record)91
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Located in the Crypt of St. Giles Church at the heart of Camberwell, we have been putting on jazz concerts since 1995 ... We are recognised as one of the leading jazz promoters in London and the UK and are highly respected in the jazz and arts scene with a reputation in particular for successful and diverse programming and for bringing new audiences to live jazz. We have been nominated on many occasions for a variety of jazz awards and honours and were recently awarded an honorary "Freedom of the Old Borough of Camberwell" for our work in the local community.’




* Jazzlive at the Crypt
VISITS (to Website)321
VIEWS (of Record)225
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

The policy of Kendal Jazz Club is to present high quality live jazz to as wide an audience as possible at an affordable price. To this end, it aims to support the best of local jazz musicians as well as presenting musicians with a national and international reputation. The club intends to present mainstream jazz, with forays into earlier forms, bebop, and more contemporary styles. The club provides incentives to join but all are welcome at our monthly gigs.’


* Kendal Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)101
VIEWS (of Record)112
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Bringing the best performers in jazz ... Kidderminster Jazz Club is here to entertain you! We'll provide mainstream jazz, in an atmosphere where the classic sounds of the jazz vocalist; easy vibes of the saxophone; mellowness of the trumpet and the relaxing flowing feeling of the keyboards: mixes effortlessly with the rhythm of the drums, while grounded by the heart beat of the double bass ... This is Jazz!‘


* Kidderminster Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)3
VIEWS (of Record)15
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of five voluntary jazz organisations, funded by the Arts Council, working cooperatively in the East Midlands under our parent organisation EMJAZZ. Our aim is to promote jazz in Leicester. We organise a programme of high quality gigs which run throughout the year. And, we run a schools based jazz educational programme (for primary schools) plus a series of jazz workshops (for senior schools). We have developed close working relationships with our local venues, have a number of working partnership agreements and we support the local jazz scene. Our aim is to bring jazz music to as wide an audience as possible and make it part Leicester's cultural life.’

* Leicester Jazz House
VISITS (to Website)311
VIEWS (of Record)156
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Bringing the finest live jazz to the heart of Lostwithiel, supporting young musicians and established performers.’


* Lostwithiel Jazz Café
VISITS (to Website)174
VIEWS (of Record)387
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Began life in the early 1970s as The Chilterns Jazz Appreciation Society. Initially it was simply a record recital group with occasional jazz film shows (cine film – this was just before the video age!). Meetings were held in the back room of Marlow’s Clayton Arms. Live events began tentatively in 1975, but the tiny room proved too small for the growing interest and the first of many moves was made. Over the years no less than eleven different venues have been used ...'


* Marlow Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)162
VIEWS (of Record)418
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Matt & Phred's is a long established live music venue, situated in Manchester's trendy Northern Quarter ... Most notably known for showcasing the best in local and international Jazz, Matt & Phred's offers much, much more. We still have live music gigs 6 nights a week, encompassing the likes of Jazz, Folk, Gypsy, Electro, Salsa, Swing, World and even a little bit of Ska.’


* Matt & Phred’s
VISITS (to Website)253
VIEWS (of Record)142
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

'The long-held club policy is of opening the doors to everyone, of all ages. We have tried to avoid the twin traps of lowest-common-denominator shallowness or pompous jazz snobs who know the middle name of Miles Davis. Older jazz aficionados are welcomed alongside those new to the music to enjoy the visceral experience of live improvised music.'


* Milestones Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of Record)351
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Founded 1999: ‘Has been running successfully for many years as one of the best value clubs around ... The Jazz Club is for everyone with a passion for live jazz, blues and soul. We have had the pleasure to play host to some of the best jazz artists in the world at this London Jazz club, and to provide our patrons with world class jazz at a fraction of the price they would pay in the West End. If you like jazz, the Mill Hill Jazz Club is the place to hang out’.


* Mill Hill Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)195
VIEWS (of Record)117
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Every third Thursday of the month (except August) the old former Crediton cinema, now Buccaneers Bar is taken over by The Moon Jazz House band, some eight players in total. We have a young jammers session to start, followed by a set from the house band or guest band and then an older jammers session. Jam sessions are supported by the rhythm section. We ask jammers to bring music charts for chord reference. Jammers can sit in on the rhythm section or take lead. We also welcome singers.'

* Moon Jazz & Blues Club
VISITS (to Website)181
VIEWS (of Record)306
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Meets on Thursday evenings... Performers include a number of excellent local musicians and guests from further afield who play a wide variety of jazz. Visitors to the Jazz Club are very welcome.'


* Moray Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)237
VIEWS (of Record)335
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘At our monthly concerts, you’ll hear nothing but entertaining jazz music with melody, great harmony and a true sense of swing ... The club has already earned a reputation for having a friendly, welcoming candle-lit atmosphere - call or email us to book a table, we’re confident you’ll like what you see and hear.’


* Moreton Jazz
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of Record)194
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Rochdale-based, fortnightly, Sunday evenings: ‘Visting traditional jazz bands who entertain and delight the members with songs that come from the deep south in New Orleans ... The bands come from all over the country to play at the club and even though it is only a small club when you get a six piece band banging out those old tunes with a three piece horn section blowing those blues it's hard not to be impressed and enjoy the skill and artistry of the musicans playing tunes from a long long time ago’ [Sam Ralph Photography]

* Newtown National Club
VISITS (to Website)41
VIEWS (of Record)60
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Promotes concerts featuring the finest jazz musicians from the UK and, when possible, top USA jazz musicians appear at the Club.’


* Peterborough Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)152
VIEWS (of Record)229
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

PizzaExpress Live presents more than 2000 shows each year across a number of venues ... There are over 20 restaurants hosting regular music every Thursday from Abbey Road to Manchester ... We do encourage our guests to enjoy the food and drink on offer in the venue. The full PizzaExpress menu is available. It is thanks to our food and drink revenues that we are able to consistently book world class artists in intimate venues.‘


* PizzaExpress Live
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of Record)125
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

Founded 1984: ‘A non-profit organisation to provide the best of live jazz music of all genres in Plymouth for the jazz fans of Devon and Cornwall ... Modern Jazz on the first Sunday of the month-this encompasses anything not classed as Trad. Trad Jazz on the third Sunday of the month’.


* Plymouth Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)83
VIEWS (of Record)202
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Has been in existence since 1989 and in that time has presented weekly sessions of mainly Traditional and New Orleans jazz in Cardiff. The PJS present a different band every Tuesday evening.’


* Preservation Jazz Society, Cardiff
VISITS (to Website)49
VIEWS (of Record)104
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We are a small community-based charity, run entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to develop and promote the best in live jazz, and particularly to foster aspiring young talent. We arrange regular live jazz gigs and festivals involving leading UK jazz musicians at first-class venues mainly in Clitheroe, the heart of Ribble Valley. But we also encourage up-and-coming talent, especially among younger players by providing opportunities for playing in public and organising coaching and workshops by professional trainers and musicians.' Ribble Valley Jazz Fest held Early May.

* Ribble Valley Jazz & Blues
VISITS (to Website)197
Also indexedRibble Valley Jazz Fest
VIEWS (of Record)387
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world. We opened in 1959 and since that time have featured most of the legendary and popular names in modern jazz and jazz fusion.’ Promoted in two venues: Main Jazz Club (downstairs): We're a live venue so you need to book tickets in advance to come and see a show. Once you're inside, we allocate you seats and then you can order food and drinks (to be paid for on the night) from your seats, there's a service table throughout the whole show ... Upstairs @ Ronnie's is a 140 capacity bar and live music venue (separate to the main club). There is live music every night of the week.’

* Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)51
VIEWS (of Record)102
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

‘Aims to bring the best of national and international jazz to the city, providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds in the Sheffield City Region and throughout Yorkshire, to hear and learn from some of the greatest of current artists.‘

* Sheffield Jazz
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of Record)127
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Was started in 1997 by local jazz players and enthusiasts to encourage interest in live modern jazz by: * booking and promoting jazz events featuring nationally known and up and coming young artists; * arranging jam sessions and workshops for local musicians; * developing the local audience for jazz by communicating news and information about the programme and other jazz events in Shropshire ... The Network arranges a monthly concert, usually at The Hive, Belmont, Shrewsbury, except in the months of August and December.’



* Shrewsbury Jazz Network
VISITS (to Website)115
VIEWS (of Record)145
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The last jazz club before New York ... Set up in June 1998, and every Tuesday since then, we've had the privilege of hearing top class modern jazz in beautiful St Ives. We've been shortlisted twice in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards as Jazz Venue of the Year and won it in 2015 - we're one of the best jazz clubs in the UK - that's official!'


* St Ives Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)220
VIEWS (of Record)379
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Typically first Friday of the Month at 8.30 pm in the Steyning Centre.

* Steyning Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of Record)200
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Presents high quality modern jazz on a regular basis from September to July.’

* Stratford Jazz
VISITS (to Website)186
VIEWS (of Record)222
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We aim to: PRESERVE Jazz Age music; PRESENT top trad bands; PROMOTE our jazz heritage; PROTECT it from decline; PAMPER dancers & listeners; Offer a PACKAGE of Real Music, Real Dance, Real Ale & well stocked bar for a Real Good Night Out.'


* Sutton Coldfield Trad Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)220
VIEWS (of Record)513
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'If you love jazz why not join us? Yearly membership ... secures benefits at reduced rates at our popular Club Nights and of course at the annual Jazz Festival in the Autumn.' Festival held Mid October.


* Teignmouth Jazz & Blues Club
VISITS (to Website)259
VIEWS (of Record)414

‘We were formed in 1984 to promote local interest in jazz in all its forms. We arrange nine or more concerts per year in Tunbridge Wells ... through a season which runs from each September to December then from February to June.’

* Tunbridge Wells Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)121
VIEWS (of Record)188
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

* Verdict Jazz Featured

‘Brighton’s only purpose-built jazz venue ... The Verdict, adorned with original photographs of jazz legends, has been voted one of Europe's best jazz clubs. The cafe upstairs screens the performances.‘ Usually Friday and Saturday evenings; book online.


* Verdict Jazz
VISITS (to Website)170
VIEWS (of Record)74
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

'One of the UK’s premier jazz venues, programming almost 400 performances a year in an intimate space. We were winner of the Live Jazz Award category at the 2013 Parliamentary Jazz Awards. As a volunteer-led jazz club in North London, Dalston, we have been given the accolade of being one of the world’s best, and have even been singled out by the prestigious Downbeat magazine as one the top 150 jazz venues in the world.'


* Vortex Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of Record)316
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

‘Bringing quality local, national and international jazz to the North-West of England ... We meet monthly on the last Sunday of each month from September to June, with occasional additional special events.’

* Wigan Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)219
VIEWS (of Record)374
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Worthing Jazz Society hosts a variety of talented ensembles every Tuesday, admission is always free and there is the chance to win a prize in the raffle ... While we love to offer free entry, the success & continuation of the jazz is very much reliant on customers supporting the pub itself. Thank you to everyone who supports the jazz on a regular basis!’


* Worthing Jazz Society
VISITS (to Website)101
VIEWS (of Record)91
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

* Zeffirellis Featured

‘Contemporary Jazz and world music performances most Wednesday, Friday and Saturday's upstairs in the Jazz Cafe Bar.’


* Zeffirellis
VISITS (to Website)201
VIEWS (of Record)225
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

'Launched in April 2012 Ziggy's club nights ... featuring the finest Jazz and World music artists in the UK. Showcasing new talent, established artists and star performers.'


* Ziggy's World Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)216
VIEWS (of Record)331
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Grew out of informal discussions between jazz promoters, who felt the need to increase the profile and health of the music, and developed into a proposal to set up a formal network ... Membership is open to a wide variety of organisations and individual people who promote live jazz. This includes, for example, professional and voluntary promoting organisations, and festivals/ venues/ arts centres which feature jazz as part or all of their programme. We also welcome as members individuals or organisations who support the promotion of jazz. This includes, for example, organisations or people in education or media roles.’

~ Jazz Promotion Network
VISITS (to Website)85
VIEWS (of Record)137

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