‘The Music Room at Champs Hill, a private 160-seat concert hall in the West Sussex countryside, has become a venue of choice for recitals and chamber music, recordings and live broadcasts thanks to the vision and generosity of David and Mary Bowerman. Champs Hill Records, an independent label dedicated to recordings made at the hall, young artists and new or under-represented repertoire, was founded in 2010: “It's not about making money, it's about giving people the chance to hear some of the finest musicians in the world, and about providing a platform for some of the marvellous young performers who are on their way up. With Champs Hill Records we're also keen to present relatively little-known music that is unlikely to stand a chance with the big labels.".’


~ Champs Hill Records
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‘One of the world's premier classical music record labels: superb sound quality, outstanding artists, and ground breaking search for neglected musical gems.‘


~ Chandos Records
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‘One of the UK’s foremost independent music labels. Our catalogue is curated to inspire the adventurous: from ancient bone flutes to string quartet with Scottish Highland bagpipes and almost everything in between. Regularly awarded editors’ choices in the media.’


~ Delphian Records
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‘Discover classical music with us - by composer, by instrument or by masterwork - and of course via our over 100-year old catalogue of iconic artists and legendary recordings.’ DG is owned by Universal Music Group, part of the French mass media congolmerate Vivendi.


~ Deutsche Grammophon
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‘A small, independent classical record label with its own location recording and post-production facilities. It is named after Dinmore Manor, a beautiful residence in Herefordshire, where some of our recordings were made. Our aim is to supply high quality CDs of varied and entertaining repertoire at very competitive prices. Many of our recordings are available only direct from us.’


~ Dinmore Records
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‘Founded in 1993, in the UK. Established our American branch (now the group HQ) in Vermont in 2009. One of the most active and rapidly growing classical music record label groups, we specialise in re-discovered masterpieces, rare and new music, and released our 500th title in May 2018.’


~ Divine Art Recordings Group
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’Independent classical music label dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and high quality recordings combining outstanding musical talent and imagination. We focus on bringing freshness to the early music repertoire as well as exploring works by women and by Brazilian composers.’


~ Drama Musica
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‘Since 1958, the label founded by Bernard Coutaz has not ceased to explore new repertoires and broaden its horizons, from early music to that of the twenty-first century ... Take a look at the music press, the television, the streaming services, the concert programs, YouTube, Culture Box, Spotify, and it is clear that sixty years after her birth, the belle of Arles is more dazzling than ever.’


~ Harmonia Mundi
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‘Britain’s brightest record label ... An independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first.’


~ Hyperion Records
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Musical Traditions Records produces CD-Rs of important music which is not commercially available.  All are accompanied by a substantial booklet giving as much information as we can find about the performers, their lives and their music.  Wherever possible, the complete recorded repertoire is made available, usually for the first time - thus many of our productions are actually double CD-Rs ... We also sell a range of selected CDs from other labels.  All can be accessed from the drop-down Catalogue list, Genre list, or Search page link ... Each Musical Traditions CD-R in the catalogue has links to its review, booklet notes and track listings available for your perusal, and most others have review links.’


~ Musical Traditions Records
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NMC is a charity and a record label almost exclusively devoted to releasing & promoting works by contemporary composers from the British Isles.‘


~ NMC Recordings
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‘Recovering, restoring, recording and performing the forgotten operatic heritage of the 19th century.’


~ Opera Rara
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‘Founded in 2005 by violinist Matthew Trusler, with the goal of producing artist-focused recordings of the highest quality and artistic interest ... Has since established itself as a significant creative force, and now works with some of today’s major artists.’


~ Orchid Classics
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Founded 1988: ‘Most of our work is producing master tapes for other record labels, and we are now regarded as one of the top classical location recording companies in the UK. We have produced over 500 CD recordings - many award-winning - for many major companies’.


~ Regent Records
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‘Based in the UK and launched in the spring of 2011, the award-winning classical label  Resonus Classics has a growing reputation for high resolution classical music recordings supporting diverse and eclectic repertoire with artists from across the globe including the UK, the Netherlands, France, Iceland, Australia and the USA.‘


~ Resonus Classics
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‘A leading British independent label fueled by a passion to produce and nurture great music, where integrity and creativity are valued at the highest level ... Signum works closely with its sister company, Floating Earth, the leading production and engineering specialist service provider in Europe and this partnership has resulted in consistently outstanding recordings, including an array of award-winners.’


~ Signum Classics
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