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- Aylesbury Vale Arts Council


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- Chesham Germains Male Voice Choir


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- Olney Brass

- Olney Jazz Club

- Sounds Familiar Community Choir


Category Olney
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VISITS (to Website)46
VIEWS (of Record)59

'Each year we organise five concerts of high quality performances, mainly of chamber music, by both established and rising professional musicians. The concerts are an opportunity to hear current and future stars playing live, locally in a less formal atmosphere ...'


* Amersham Concert Club
VISITS (to Website)260
VIEWS (of Record)421
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘For more than thirty years, the Amersham Festival of Music has been one of the top annual music events in South Bucks. The festival has grown steadily in that time and now runs for 3 or more weeks each spring and also includes a winter season of concerts featuring our own Festival Orchestra.’

* Amersham Festival of Music
VISITS (to Website)217
Also indexedAmersham Festival Chamber Orchestra
VIEWS (of Record)295
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘No glossy advertising: we save the money for music. This series is now one of the finest of its kind in the UK (so we are told): international weekly concerts, on average an hour long, featuring mainly professional musicians, with wide-ranging and innovative programming, and at a price we hope anyone interested can afford ... We are friendly and informal, so if you haven’t tried us please do come along: music lovers make their way to St Mary’s on Thursdays from miles around.’

* Aylesbury Lunchtime Music
VISITS (to Website)82
VIEWS (of Record)98
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A non-competitive choral festival. All choirs of every level of experience are welcome, in the spirit of the Scandinavian Sangerstevne. There are four concerts during the day of the main festival, with 6 choirs performing in each concert. Each choir performs a short set of songs, and forms the audience for the other choirs in their concert. At the end of the concert, all the choirs join together to perform two simple songs that have been sent to them in advance.’ Held Early March.

Category Choral Festivals
* Beaconsfield Festival of Choirs
VISITS (to Website)257
VIEWS (of Record)233
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Free entrance. We have several regular hosts who take it in turns to run the evening using small PA systems, and we welcome all styles of performer. If you would like to perform, then just come along and introduce yourself to the host for that evening. We try to give everyone a spot, and work on a first come first serve basis, with everyone usually getting at least 3 numbers. Some of our evenings can be very busy, so come early or you may miss out.'


Category Buckingham
* Buckingham Acoustic Club
VISITS (to Website)185
VIEWS (of Record)426

Founded 1989: ‘Over the years it has brought top quality musical performers to the town and has become an eagerly anticipated part of the summer's activities and an important cultural event in the Aylesbury Vale area. The Festival is a registered charity and relies entirely on volunteer effort, local sponsorship, individual donations and grants to keep ticket prices affordable’.

Category Buckingham
* Buckingham Summer Festival
VISITS (to Website)88
VIEWS (of Record)195

'We believe passionately that music is an invaluable and essential part of education for young people. The thrill of making music and exploring our creativity through instrumental and vocal work builds confidence and self-esteem. We develop learning and listening skills alongside concentration and co-ordination. Children who learn music are better equipped for success in life ... Buckinghamshire Music Education Hub is a network of music education organisations, community groups, Buckinghamshire schools and music practitioners who share a common vision to provide and create musical opportunities and experiences of the highest quality for all students in the county at all levels and in all types and genres of music.'


* Buckinghamshire Learning Trust Music
VISITS (to Website)260
Also indexedBuckinghamshire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of Record)356

'Founded in 1963, this Association exists to promote interest in the organ and organ music. Membership is open to everyone interested in the organ, whether players or not ... To achieve its objective, the association provides a monthly programme of visits to churches, and elsewhere, to play organs, holds lectures, arranges recitals and provides social functions.'


* Buckinghamshire Organists' Association
VISITS (to Website)182
VIEWS (of Record)440

'We look forward to receiving your entries, whether it will be your first time at Chesham Arts Festival or whether you have been before ...'. Held February.


* Chesham Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)157
VIEWS (of Record)415

'We are a friendly club, welcoming visitors and performers from all nations, of all ages and from all walks of life. We all share a common passion for folk and acoustic music and we love a good sing and a good laugh ... We actively look to provide quality and varied entertainment at a very sensible price. We normally have two main guests each month, interspersed with singers nights and occasional nights featuring a local or emerging artiste.'


Category Folk Clubs
* Chesham Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)203
VIEWS (of Record)381
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘This vibrant winter festival consists of 18 different events taking place in venues across the Chiltern Hills. With the Academy of Ancient Music announced as their orchestra in residence, and many other world-renowned artists appearing throughout the festival, Chiltern Arts brings the highest quality classical music and arts to the beautiful market towns and villages in the area. Venue locations include Dorchester-on-Thames, Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Great Missenden, Berkhamsted, High Wycombe, Wendover and Tring.‘ Held Early February.


Category Arts Festivals
* Chiltern Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)112
VIEWS (of Record)228

‘CMA was formed in July 2014 by a group of like-minded parents and music professionals whose vision is to create an independent music academy which will truly nurture and support the developing musician in every child ... Values: * We welcome all young musicians in the Chilterns; * We play the music that we love together in a community of friends; * We strive for excellence at every level; * We encourage each child to grasp all the opportunities available to them to fulfil their musical potential.’


* Chiltern Music Academy
VISITS (to Website)361
VIEWS (of Record)151

'We teach a wide range of musical styles and techniques at all levels, offering you the opportunity to engage with music from the medieval period to the present day, from Purcell, Schubert and Wagner to film scores, jazz and Joni Mitchell. You can include interdisciplinary courses that feature as part of your degree. You can also study for an MA in Music or for a PhD on a research topic of your choice.'


* Department of Music [Open University]
VISITS (to Website)192
Also indexedThe Open University
VIEWS (of Record)307

Cranfield: ‘Focussing mainly, but not exclusively, on the contemporary acoustic, roots, folk and blues music scene, we bring nationally renowned as well as local artists together on a monthly basis’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Forest Folk and Roots
VISITS (to Website)161
VIEWS (of Record)278

‘The Festival aims to promote chamber music of the highest quality in the local area, featuring both established international artists and talented young musicians.’ Held June-July.

* Jordans Music Club
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of Record)252

'Most events take place in the ancient village church of St John the Baptist ... This lovely building has a fine immediate acoustic, and music heard at this intimate range has real impact and presence. A concert here is a very special experience. The Festival features promising young talents as well as nationally and internationally famous artists and composers. The programme ranges from classic masterworks to the less familiar, but no less intriguing. It includes something for all - early, baroque, classical and contemporary music rub shoulders with jazz, folk music, art lectures, poetry and children's events.' Held Mid October.



* Little Missenden Festival
VISITS (to Website)220
VIEWS (of Record)520

‘The Festival provides a unique opportunity to perform in front of family and friends, a small audience, and a professional adjudicator. Everyone is welcome to come and watch all the classes.‘ Held November.


* Marlow Festival of Music and Drama
VISITS (to Website)177
VIEWS (of Record)373

'Began life in the early 1970s as The Chilterns Jazz Appreciation Society. Initially it was simply a record recital group with occasional jazz film shows (cine film – this was just before the video age!). Meetings were held in the back room of Marlow’s Clayton Arms. Live events began tentatively in 1975, but the tiny room proved too small for the growing interest and the first of many moves was made. Over the years no less than eleven different venues have been used ...'


Category Jazz Clubs
* Marlow Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)164
VIEWS (of Record)420
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Has been set up to provide an opportunity for anyone who is new to the ukulele to practice their favourite songs in a friendly group environment. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun.’


Category Ukulele Clubs
* Marlow Ukulele Group
VISITS (to Website)128
VIEWS (of Record)196

‘Was etablished to advance the education of the public in the Arts and in particular the arts of Dance and Drama ... Our festival runs over four weekends in June.’

* Mid Bucks Performing Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)193
VIEWS (of Record)475

Chamber Music in the Chilterns  ‘An annual chamber music festival that takes place over three days in June. It was founded in 2009 by Paul Lewis and his wife, Bjørg Lewis. Their wish was to start a festival near to where they have lived for many years. They wanted to create an event that would be a significant addition to the local music-making scene, but also through the international calibre of its artists, attract a national and international audience.’

Category Amersham
* Midsummer Music [Chilterns]
VISITS (to Website)179
VIEWS (of Record)228

'We are a friendly, non-competitive, club for classical guitar players who enjoy making music together. Our meetings combine ensemble playing with ample opportunities for members to give short recitals to a friendly audience.'


Category Guitar Societies
* Milton Keynes Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)224
Also indexedNorth Bucks Guitar Club
VIEWS (of Record)541

‘Established in 1968, the largest and longest established annual performance festival in Milton Keynes providing an encouraging platform for amateur performers of all ages.’ The ‘music’ sections are usually held Early March.

* Milton Keynes Festival of the Arts for Dance, Music and Drama
VISITS (to Website)138
VIEWS (of Record)184

Milton Keynes Music Education Hub is an organisation led by MKC Community Learning MK Music Faculty consisting of schools and key partners that are responsible for music education and music-making across MK.‘

* Milton Keynes Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)99
VIEWS (of Record)171

‘MKlele is a Milton Keynes / Bedford area Ukulele group ... We play a wide variety of music from 3 chord pop songs through to more challenging stuff ... Ukulele players and singers of all standards will find a warm welcome at MKlele. You can just turn up at one of our regular sessions.’

Category Ukulele Clubs
* MKlele
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of Record)259

‘Brings internationally acclaimed musicians to the intimate setting of St Lawrence's Church. The Festival’s mission it to become one of the most interesting, exciting and appealing chamber music festivals in Europe, and one with its own unique setting and character.‘ Held Mid September.


Category High Wycombe
* West Wycombe Chamber Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)20
VIEWS (of Record)63

‘Focused in and around High Wycombe and Marlow in the South of Buckinghamshire within the Chiltern Hills, the Festival offers a wide range of the arts, both amateur and professional. Its aim is to embrace and engage all members of the community ... Each year, the festival includes a wide range of musical events including jazz, chamber and orchestral concerts, photographic and art exhibitions, theatre productions, National Trust walks, storytelling and talks on subjects of local interest and much, much more. This large range of events reinforces the aim of the festival to bring a wide variety of performing and visual arts to the widest possible audience at a reasonable cost.’ Held Late April - Early June.


Category Arts Festivals
* Wycombe Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)112
VIEWS (of Record)262

'We are a fun, dynamic, national award-winning ladies chorus who sing in four to eight part a cappella harmony. Originally formed some 30 years ago, we’re still going strong thanks to the go-getting, team-spirited women within our group. We perform whenever and wherever we get a chance – in competitions, shows, parties, events and the Channel Tunnel! Our members span ages 20 to 60+, and come from every walk of life, but with a common aim: to achieve great things while having an enormous amount of fun, and to spread that joy to every last member of our audience.'

+ Amersham A Cappella
VISITS (to Website)205
VIEWS (of Record)421

'The Band has roots going back to 1845. In recent years the band has made significant progress, growing steadily in membership and in the standard of playing ... The band has established an intermediate level band and a beginner group to extend opportunities to new and developing players: * Amersham Band – high quality with national recognition; * Amersham Community Brass – for developing players; * Brass Roots – group teaching for beginners and elementary level; * Amersham Brass Ensemble and Quintet – brass groups suitable for smaller events ... Membership across all the bands today exceeds 75 players. The main Amersham Band has released several CDs and has reached the National Finals on a number of occasions.'


+ Amersham Band
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of Record)291

‘A society with almost 100 singing members from a variety of backgrounds. Some near-professional standard, some discovering for the first time.‘

Category Choral Societies
+ Amersham Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)273
Also indexedAmersham & Chesham Bois Choral Society - AMCHOR
VIEWS (of Record)461
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Founded in 1932 by Charles Pope. With an initial eleven members, the Society concentrated mostly on madrigals and part songs. Today the society has nearly 100 singers, and tackles performances of both the great classical choral repertoire and more modern works with equal enthusiasm and success ... The society performs three concerts a year; Christmas music in December, traditional choral works with orchestra at Easter and a light-hearted programme in the summer.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Aylesbury Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of Record)246
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Made up of enthusiastic amateur players from Aylesbury and the surrounding areas ...The band performs several concerts throughout the year as well as at civic occasions such as the annual "Mayor Making" ceremony in May, and at fêtes and Christmas carol concerts.'


+ Aylesbury Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)170
VIEWS (of Record)427
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A group of amateur singers of varying ages and professions. The Consort was founded by Charles Pope sometime in the 1950s as an evening class madrigal group and has metamorphosed in recent years into a group that sings just about anything from any period unaccompanied. We are always looking for new members in all voice ranges. A good standard of sight-reading is required and we are an audition only choir.’

+ Aylesbury Consort of Voices
VISITS (to Website)115
VIEWS (of Record)215

Founded 1958: ‘The Choir continues to be supported by high calibre soloists and musicians. That our concerts are known for their high standards of performance and presentation is testament to the vision, commitment and enthusiasm of many people whose varied talents, expertise and hard work behind the scenes have enabled the Choir to flourish throughout its long history‘.


Category Choral Societies
+ Aylesbury Festival Choir
VISITS (to Website)186
VIEWS (of Record)494
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Formed 1979: ‘We have always produced fully staged operas with orchestra, welcoming singers of all abilities from the local area and further afield. Each October we put on a concert performance in the Aylesbury area of a full opera. Rehearsals then start for the main production which is staged in early March. We audition for principal roles for the forthcoming season in May each year. New chorus members are always welcome and are not required to audition’.


+ Aylesbury Opera
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of Record)232
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Founded in 1949 by Charles Pope, a former teacher at Aylesbury Grammar School, who was a major figure in local music ... We have over 50 players ... who come together to perform, improve their musical ability, and spend time with like minded musicians ... We perform four concerts a year in Aylesbury ... The Charles Pope Memorial Trust is a grant awarding, charitable body, operating in the Aylesbury Vale area for the benefit of music students of all ages.‘


+ Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)266
Also indexedCharles Pope Memorial Trust
VIEWS (of Record)260
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Formed in 1910, the Society has, with occasional interruptions such as wartime, presented productions every year. Since the late 1980s their number has increased from one to two - and even three - per year. Our early years covered mostly G&S but even by the late 1920s the repertoire was being extended. In recent years we have covered a very wide variety of music, featuring Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Ivor Novello and others, together with critically acclaimed performances of Fiddler on the Roof, Me and My Girl, Cowardy Custard and Oklahoma!’


+ Beaconsfield Musical & Operatic Society
VISITS (to Website)302
VIEWS (of Record)262

‘A friendly community band, welcoming players of all ages. We are busy providing musical performances in Buckinghamshire and beyond, with a mixture of indoor and outdoor concerts held throughout the year. We aim to promote music-making in our region, encouraging other groups to join us in performance; and, not least, to enjoy the company and friendship of like-minded folk. For those who might be wondering, the band took its name from the days when it was based in Bisham School. The band moved to Stokenchurch some years ago but decided to retain the original name. Less concerned with formal playing qualifications, we are keen to attract committed musicians willing to help us move forward. The current repertoire, which is broad based, requires a playing level equivalent to Grade VI or above.’


+ Bisham Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)190
VIEWS (of Record)213
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1901 the Band has survived 2 world wars without a break. We play at local fetes and put on concerts in Milton Keynes, and have a few television appearances to our name, one of which focused on our longest running tradition. Every Christmas since 1901, starting at 6am the band plays carols around the streets of New Bradwell. Tradition says that children aren't allowed to open their presents until they have heard the band play! ... A strong emphasis is put on our Development Group which will produce the players of the future. Instruments and tuition by senior band members are provided to development group members completely free of charge.‘

+ Bradwell Silver Band
VISITS (to Website)151
VIEWS (of Record)231
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Society is probably one of the oldest and long-established choirs with its roots going back to 1859 ... Concerts are usually held 3 times a year at the end of each term ... We perform a wide variety of choral music and engage professional musicians and soloists, when appropriate.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Buckingham Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)222
VIEWS (of Record)461
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Band's aim is to encourage the interest of wind band musicians of any age and to give them plenty of experience of playing in public. We are always on the lookout for woodwind, brass and percussion players. There are also instrumental ensembles associated with the Band. The Band presents two main concerts each year, plus many other public engagements particularly during the summer and Christmas period. It raises much money for local and national charities.’


+ Chalfont Concert Wind Band
VISITS (to Website)214
VIEWS (of Record)419
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Musicals and Concerts in and around the Chesham area. We perform major musicals at The Elgiva and use smaller venues for concerts and revue shows.‘


+ Chesham Musical Theatre Company
VISITS (to Website)144
VIEWS (of Record)262

‘We are an amateur choir of 40 or so men who rehearse on Tuesday evenings in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. We give 5 or 6 concerts a year, have an annual musical tour, but primarily enjoy our singing!’


+ Chess Valley Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)14
VIEWS (of Record)41
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'An amateur string orchestra for adults. Our players include music professionals and advanced amateurs. As a non-profit organisation we simply seek to cover the costs of staging our concerts. Some of our concerts raise funds for charity. Our objective is to share the enjoyment of music-making and to bring a wide range of music to our audiences. We stage three concerts per year and through this we provide an opportunity for soloists to perform with an orchestra. Often we combine with wind players, choirs and others to offer a wider range of music than the typical string repertoire.'



Category String Ensembles
+ Chiltern Camerata
VISITS (to Website)115
VIEWS (of Record)360
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'A community wind band based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The band was set up in 1982 to give the opportunity to adult musicians to continue in a high standard musical ensemble beyond their school and college days. The band plays a wide range of music including marches, well-known film and show selections, solo items, popular classics as well as more recent wind band repertoire.'


+ Chiltern Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of Record)499
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Chiltern Hills Brass Band came into existance in December 2012, some two years after Denham Hendon Band moved to High Wycombe. It was decided to change the name to suit the area in which we are based, and community we serve.'


+ Chiltern Hills Brass Band
VISITS (to Website)186
VIEWS (of Record)345
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'A friendly, mixed choir of about 20 voices which performs a wide repertoire of mainly unaccompanied, a capella music from all periods and from across the world. We are based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and give about 3 – 4 concerts a year ... We usually perform to raise funds for charity. Sometimes we are invited to sing at weddings or other church services. At least one event every year raises funds for the choir, to enable us to continue buying music that will enlarge our repertoire. For many years, we have been “twinned” with The Oriel Singers, a Liverpool choir, with whom we promote joint concerts.'


+ Damon Singers
VISITS (to Website)247
VIEWS (of Record)371
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a choral society of over 100, founded in 1975, and performing to a high standard accompanied by professionals - conductor, repetiteur, orchestral and instrumentalists and soloists ... Danesborough Chorus is one of the finest amateur choral societies in the Milton Keynes/south-west Bedfordshire area. We aim to perform a varied repertoire, from standard to newly commissioned works.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Danesborough Chorus
VISITS (to Website)72
VIEWS (of Record)193
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We enjoy serving our local community by playing at summer fetes, parades and horticultural shows as well as more formal occasions such as the D-Day and Remembrance services. We have a varied repertoire including marches, hymns, TV/film music and popular classics.'


+ Ellesborough Silver Band
VISITS (to Website)176
VIEWS (of Record)449
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Gives performances of great artistic quality in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty. Performances take place in the spectacular Opera Pavilion, which sits within the rolling landscape of the Chiltern Hills, less than an hour from London ...'


Category Opera Companies
+ Garsington Opera
VISITS (to Website)236
VIEWS (of Record)328
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

‘We are a ladies a cappella (unaccompanied) chorus based in Milton Keynes.  We call ourselves a “chorus”, rather than a “choir”, because we don’t just sing our songs, we perform them. We sing for fun, competition and charity in four parts mostly in the “barbershop” style.’

+ Junction 14 Ladies A Cappella
VISITS (to Website)87
VIEWS (of Record)232

'We would love the opportunity to entertain you and your guests. We offer a different and memorable experience ... We sing a range of upbeat hits, rhythm and blues and ballads to melt your heart. Whatever your occasion we will be able to put together a programme that gives the mood you want to achieve.


+ Knights of Harmony
VISITS (to Website)177
Also indexedChess Valley Barbershop Singers
VIEWS (of Record)308

'Enthusiastic amateur choir with members drawn from the area around Gawcott, Padbury, Nash, Winslow, Lenborough and Buckingham ... We sing a variety of pieces, mixing classical, popular, choral and show tunes. Each term we hold a concert in one of the local venues and raise money from ticket sales and donations to support a local Charity. The Charities are chosen by members of the singers who usually have a connection with the nominated Charity or a special interest in the work it does.'

Category Community Choirs
+ Lenborough Singers
VISITS (to Website)172
VIEWS (of Record)548
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘MAOS is an amateur theatre group based in Marlow. We perform several theatre productions throughout the year alongside fundraising and social events.’


+ MAOS Marlow
VISITS (to Website)110
VIEWS (of Record)140

‘A mixed voice choir of over ninety strong. Based in the centre of the town, our members are attracted to MCS from the Marlow community and surrounding towns in Berks, Bucks and Oxon ... Our concerts are varied and, as well as choral music, may include orchestral pieces and instrumental soloists. We warmly welcome new singers of any voice range, regardless of previous experience.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Marlow Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)132
VIEWS (of Record)356
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Founded 2014: ‘We play a wide repertoire catering for all standards. Our players include some relatively new to their instrument, some returning to their instrument after a long break and some semi professionals ... The aim is to be a true community orchestra for the Marlow area, being encouraging and welcoming to new players and to take a varied repertoire to a wide variety of venues in the local area‘.


+ Marlow Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)67
VIEWS (of Record)188

'A traditional British brass band ... Established in 1906, the band regularly plays in the local area, as well as all around the South of England ... The band plays a wide variety of music, including classical music, pop music, music from stage and screen, as well as more traditional brass band favourites. We perform at many events throughout the year ... The band is keen to take a prominent role in the community, and enjoys supporting and hosting events around Marlow and Buckinghamshire.'

+ Marlow Town Band
VISITS (to Website)187
VIEWS (of Record)380

'MK Brass is a First Section brass band, based in Milton Keynes, and serving the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and South Northamptonshire.'


+ Milton Keynes Brass
VISITS (to Website)162
VIEWS (of Record)238

‘Under the skilled direction of our MDs, the Chorale has developed a wide repertoire including many less-known works, and has gained an enviable reputation for its performances of works by modern composers such as Adams, Hovhaness, Jenkins, Rutter, Pärt and Tavener. The choir and its audiences were sometimes surprised at how much they enjoyed these trips into unknown territory ... We regularly perform with about 80 singers, giving four performances a year in venues such as Milton Keynes Theatre and churches in and around Milton Keynes. We engage professional orchestras and soloists, and employ a professional Musical Director.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Milton Keynes Chorale
VISITS (to Website)37
VIEWS (of Record)71
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘When the new city of Milton Keynes was in its infancy, an amateur symphony orchestra was formed in 1971 with the aim of performing works from the full range of the orchestral repertoire to a high standard. Now ... that same orchestra has become an important part of the cultural and musical life of the city and the surrounding area. The orchestra is very much a community orchestra, run primarily for its members and those interested to support them in the performance of major orchestral works.’


+ Milton Keynes Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)132
VIEWS (of Record)170
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A choir for young people aged 8 to 18 (unbroken voices), established in 1997 ... The choir focuses on part-singing and harmonies and a wide range of music from classical to contemporary, including jazz, folk and pop arrangements, so there is a type of music for everyone! It is a very enjoyable choir and a great opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy singing. MKYC generally sings in 2 or 3 parts (Soprano 1, Soprano 2 and Altos).’

+ Milton Keynes Youth Choir
VISITS (to Website)75
VIEWS (of Record)181

‘Amersham’s local community orchestra ... Formed in 1962, MSO has gone from strength to strength in recent years and its repertoire now includes many works rarely attempted by amateur groups.’

Category Amersham
+ Misbourne Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)206
VIEWS (of Record)496

‘A community choir with an emphasis on singing for fun ... mixing up a range of styles and sounds. We are a welcoming bunch, with a range of backgrounds, ages, experience and a blend of multi-part harmonies - whether accompanied or a cappella. We perform at local events, collaborate with other musical groups, take bookings for sessions and hold our own concerts ... Whatever your interest, we welcome new members, so if you have ever thought about taking up singing as your hobby we would love to hear from you. You don't need to be the new Pavarotti! You just need to make a reasonably pleasant sound and be able to hold a tune!‘

Category Community Choirs
+ Music Makers of Milton Keynes
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of Record)478
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘NP Singers are an enthusiastic and friendly SATB choir, who enjoy singing a wide range of music from Baroque to Rock! We are a well-established choir, and support local charities with our regular concerts ... We give at least four concerts a year, the proceeds of which are used to further develop the choir, extend our repertoire and to support other charitable organisations.‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Newport Pagnell Singers
VISITS (to Website)91
VIEWS (of Record)222
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An amateur orchestra, based at the Open University, Milton Keynes ... It is a symphony orchestra with about 60 regularly rehearsing players ... The orchestra gives two concerts and two schools concerts a year (all on Friday lunchtimes) and participates in the OU Carol concert ... Staff, students and people living or working nearby who can attend rehearsals are welcome to join us ... We play a broad range of symphonic and other music.’


+ OU Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)78
Also indexedOpen University
VIEWS (of Record)154

‘The chamber choir Polymnia (named after the Greek muse of sacred song) was formed in 1996 when a group of friends decided to form a small choir which would sing to a very high standard ... Since then Polymnia has gone from strength to strength giving concerts in Bedfordshire and beyond, usually raising money for charities, and often drawing on local musical expertise for guest instrumentalists and accompanists.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Polymnia
VISITS (to Website)80
VIEWS (of Record)172

‘Military/concert band based at RAF Halton near Aylesbury ... Its members come from all walks of life, including the Armed Forces and the Civil Service. The majority of the band are local civilians who travel from a wide area to meet every Tuesday evening ... The band performs at many different types of function each year, from official parades, air shows and concerts, to church services, formal dinners and receptions. The band is often to be seen during the summer months at bandstands around the country, especially in London and on the south coast.’

+ RAF Halton Area Voluntary Band
VISITS (to Website)99
VIEWS (of Record)201
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a men's community choir based in Seer Green, near Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire ... We sing a wide range of music, including pop, folk, swing, jazz and classical ... and perform alongside and sometimes together with the Village Voices women's choir ... We are an unauditioned, friendly choir that aims high!’

+ Seer Green Singers
VISITS (to Website)102
VIEWS (of Record)231

‘17 musicians, 2 vocalists, a musical director, and a master of ceremonies is what you get when you see the Sound Force Big Band! ... As well as playing a wide range of traditional music including 40s’ swing, Frank Sinatra, County Basey and Glen Miller, Sound Force puts their special interpretation on more modern songs such as those of Dusty Springfield and using modern arrangements by Jools Holland, Brian Faye (BBC Big Band) to keep their repertoire up to date. Sound Force has helped raise over £100,000 for charities ...’


Category Big Bands
+ SoundForce Big Band
VISITS (to Website)122
VIEWS (of Record)453

‘Founded in 1980 ... We currently have about 100 active singing members, and perform with professional orchestras and soloists. We present three concerts each year, including a Carol Concert in December. One of our concerts is part of the Amersham Festival of Music.’

Category Choral Societies
+ South Bucks Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)108
VIEWS (of Record)218
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are an adult mixed voice choir and welcome all singers whatever your experience or ability. We do not audition and there is always the opportunity for solo parts. Our motto is “Singing for Pleasure” ... We perform on average four times a year, raising money for locally based charities. All the money from our ticket sales is passed on. The choir has a varied repertoire from the classical to shows and pop music. Not only do we perform at concerts, we also sing at special events too.’


Category Community Choirs
+ Stoke Poges Singers
VISITS (to Website)90
VIEWS (of Record)141
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An all-female singing group ... You don't have to audition to become a Songbird. You will learn about your voice, improve your singing technique and performance skills​. The Songbirds also find that the sessions build their confidence, grow their friendship group and further develop their team playing skills. Whether you are a “shrinking violet” or you love being “in the limelight” -  there is a home for you at The Songbirds! The Songbirds perform two concerts every year raising money for locally based charities or for charities close to the hearts of The Songbirds' members ... Song genres include: Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop and Classical.’

Category Ladies Choirs
+ The Songbirds [Marlow]
VISITS (to Website)197
VIEWS (of Record)348

‘A thriving wind band playing a wide variety of music to a high standard, based in the Vale of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire ... The Band aims to continually expand repertoire as well as perform several concerts a year. Band members are friendly and hardworking, coming from all walks of life, with playing abilities ranging from Grade 8 to professional standard. We welcome players of any age who are of this standard; particularly clarinets, trombones, tuba and percussion. If you are interested you would be welcome to come to one of our rehearsals.’

+ Vale Symphonic Wind Band
VISITS (to Website)85
VIEWS (of Record)179

‘We are a women's community choir based in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire ... We sing a wide range of music, including pop, folk, swing, jazz and classical. We are unauditioned, but aim high! The choir has been on tour to Prague, Kilkenny, Belgium, Paris and Tuscany.‘


Category Ladies Choirs
+ Village Voices
VISITS (to Website)152
VIEWS (of Record)270
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We pride ourselves on being a community group open to all ages and abilities. Our rehearsals are informal and relaxed. We have a lot of fun at the rehearsals, in our social events and in staging our excellent concerts. We perform mostly classical music and it is not necessary to audition to join the choir.

Category Choral Societies
+ Wendover Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)84
VIEWS (of Record)241
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Established in 1871 by a group of hand bell ringers and is one of the few bands in the country to have its own Band Hall. The band is based in the picturesque National Trust village of West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. We are a friendly group of people who give up our time to perform for the enjoyment of others as well as ourselves and always welcome new members.’


+ West Wycombe Brass Band
VISITS (to Website)163
VIEWS (of Record)244

‘A true community band, welcoming musicians of all ages and standards. It is made up of a very friendly group of players, and less experienced musicians get plenty of encouragement from more experienced members and from the musical director ... Members agree that their playing, especially their sight-reading, has improved since they joined, and the overall standard of the Band continues to progress.’

+ Winslow Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)118
VIEWS (of Record)342

Woburn Jazz previously known as The Open Band, is a band of 15 - 20 core players, playing big band arrangements, jazz standards, latin and funk pieces.‘


Category Big Bands
+ Woburn Jazz
VISITS (to Website)113
Also indexedThe Open Band
VIEWS (of Record)232

‘The company was formed in 1975 and its first production was HMS Pinafore. Since then a G&S Operetta has been performed every year. We also perform summer shows and concerts and so have a very busy and active time each year. We are a friendly Society and welcome new members to perform on stage or to help backstage or front of house.‘


+ Wolverton Gilbert & Sullivan Society
VISITS (to Website)37
VIEWS (of Record)57

‘We are a community orchestra based in Milton Keynes performing light orchestral music for the local community and to raise money for charities ... We aim to perform three or four concerts a year and including a sell-out Christmas concert.’

Category Light Orchestras
+ Wolverton Light Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)28
VIEWS (of Record)67
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘As the oldest brass band in Milton Keynes (founded long before the city was thought of) we have a long and interesting heritage. The band owes so much to those who have gone before and this is why present members are determined to keep it going ... The band used to compete (the earliest records go back to 1909) but we now concentrate on being a local community band, developing existing players and teaching learners. We are a friendly and mixed ability group who enjoy making music and helping each other.’

+ Wolverton Town Band
VISITS (to Website)113
VIEWS (of Record)224
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An auditioned chamber choir of about 50 singers in South Buckinghamshire. Rehearsing in Beaconsfield, we perform four or five concerts per year in the area, ranging from a cappella works to large choral pieces with orchestra. The choir goes on tour in Europe every other summer.’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Wooburn Singers
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of Record)186
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘On the 2nd of January 1923, 12 good men and true gathered at Westbourne Street Methodist Church in High Wycombe with one desire: to form a choir. The main objective was to create and deliver high quality singing entertainment for the town and the villages of South Buckinghamshire. Today ... the Choir ... has grown to 60 members ... and continues to provide entertaining music of all kinds to the South Bucks area (and well beyond). And in those intervening years, the Orpheus has notched up more than 60 male voice choir festival awards by projecting a warm, friendly atmosphere, and a sense of fun in what they are singing while maintaining very high standards of vocal music and a distinctive Orpheus “sound.”’


+ Wycombe Orpheus Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of Record)180
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An orchestra of classical proportions consisting of local players of a very good standard. It maintains the proportions of a classical orchestra but regularly expands to perform romantic and modern works. The players come from High Wycombe and the surrounding area. We like to provide younger local soloists with the opportunity to play a concerto with the orchestra and we also commission works from aspiring composers in the area.’


+ Wycombe Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)80
VIEWS (of Record)205
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Free Sunday Afternoon Concerts: ‘Come on down the Memorial Gardens from 2.30pm on select Sundays from May till August, for an afternoon of live entertainment, tea, coffee & cake!‘


@ Amersham Memorial Gardens
VISITS (to Website)50
VIEWS (of Record)152

Christ Church Music in Marlow  is dedicated to bringing varied and high quality concerts to our lovely venue in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK. Christ Church is a modernised Victorian chapel on Oxford Road (SL7 2NL) and is just perfect for chamber music, small choirs, jazz ensembles etc.’

Category Churches
@ Christ Church Marlow
VISITS (to Website)198
VIEWS (of Record)448

‘Welcome to Arts at Stowe, bringing incredible music, art, and theatre, for all ages and tastes to Stowe. We are also very proud to celebrate the talents of our young people at Stowe and we extend an open invitation for our audience to come and enjoy a selection of their performances.’


@ Stowe School
VISITS (to Website)81
Also indexedArts at Stowe
VIEWS (of Record)218

'The Barn Concerts have become an integral part of our lives. There is huge pleasure in hearing beautiful music played by renowned musicians which is only surpassed by the happiness so apparent in the people departing after an evening in the Barn.'


@ The Barn Carlton
VISITS (to Website)178
VIEWS (of Record)348

'Founded in 1969 by the world-renowned jazz musicians Dame Cleo Laine and Sir John Dankworth. It has a vision to: "engage the widest range of people with music in all its diversity" Sir John and Dame Cleo began the realisation of that vision with the development of The Stables Theatre, in some outbuildings at their home, as a venue for concerts and education activities. In October 2000, the new Stables Theatre opened its doors, with a second phase of development opening in 2007. It is now home to The Jim Marshall Auditorium with 448 capacity (398 seated and 50 standing) and Stage 2 (80 seated and 20 standing or 100 standing) ... Presents around 350 concerts and 250 education sessions each year.'

@ The Stables
VISITS (to Website)347
VIEWS (of Record)415

'The Concerts & Lectures Series is an ongoing cultural extravaganza of classical music and fascinating lectures on a wide variety of subjects, performed by talented (often visiting) musicians, academics and experts. They are all open to the public, so whether you’re staff, a student, alumni or just interested please come along and see what we’ve got to offer!' ALERT At Review, unable to find a future programme for the Series.

@ University of Buckingham
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of Record)355

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