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- Clackmannan District Brass Band

- Clackmannanshire Pipe Band

- Hillfoot Harmony Chorus


! Clackmannanshire KEY
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‘The Scheme enables as many children as resources and time will allow, the opportunity to play a musical instrument. Children who receive lessons will be tutored in the skills required to play an instrument. Opportunity exists to participate in and enjoy group music making in the school and the Community.’

* Clackmannanshire Instrumental Music Tuition
VISITS (to Website)215
VIEWS (of Record)399

'An independent organisation with a mission to promote music and the arts around Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.'


Category Clackmannanshire
* Music in Dollar
VISITS (to Website)142
VIEWS (of Record)378
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The choir has fluctuated in size between 30 and 50 members. At present strength we are a small chamber choir of just over 30 ... The Society performs publicly at least twice a year, rehearsing from early January through to the Spring Concert in April and from early September through the autumn for the Christmas Concert in early December.'

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Clackmannanshire Choral Society
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