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- Lost in Song


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- Camborne Music Festival

- Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir


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- Mabe Ladies Choir


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- Callington Singers

- Callington Town Band


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- Liskeard Concert Series


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- Indian Queens Band


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- Samba Celtica

- St Buryan Male Voice Choir


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- Sue Hooper Charitable Foundation


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- Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature

- Imerys Singers

- Restormel Arts

- St Austell Arts Centre


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- Celtic Fiddlers

- Local Vocalz

- St Ives Concert Band


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- Philleigh Folk


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- St Breward Silver Band

- Tintagel Orpheus Male Voice Choir

- Wadebridge Town Band


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'Whether you’re studying the flute at school or haven’t played since you left school 4Flutes offers opportunities for all flute players whatever age or ability. Choose from informal flute choir workshops or larger events with international flute players all aimed to explore the flute and its repertoire, learn something new and meet other players.'


* 4Flutes
VISITS (to Website)240
VIEWS (of Record)393

'Established in 2010, following a merger with the internationally renowned Dartington College of Arts ...  Our distinct institutional lineage has resulted in an international track record of innovation, experimentation and a long history of staff and student success. As a specialist arts institution, Music at Falmouth offers exceptional opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and professional networking within and beyond the university.'

* Academy of Music and Theatre Arts [Falmouth]
VISITS (to Website)230
Also indexedFalmouth University
VIEWS (of Record)332

'In the Late 1960s a tide of contemporary American folk music was sweeping Britain and several clubs in Cornwall featured this material. However, in 1967 a small group of traditional singers, including Vic Legg and Lar Cann started meeting for weekly sessions in the Masons' Arms, Bodmin. They decided to start a club to raise funds for British folksingers to visit Cornwall. The first recorded club night of the Bodmin Traditional Folk Club, as it was then, was on 31st May 1968 in an upper room at The Barley Sheaf.'


Category Folk Clubs
* Bodmin Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)311
VIEWS (of Record)437
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Everyone is welcome to our Folk Club whether you sing, tell stories, play an instrument or just want to listen to live music and have a bit of fun - alternate Sunday nights at the Falcon. We have occasional guest nights, when we enjoy talented people who tour the country; but on most of our evenings we make the music and fun ourselves. We enjoy each other's company, play music together, listen to each other sing ... Come along and meet us.’


Category Folk Clubs
* Bude Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)131
VIEWS (of Record)222

'Bude Jazz Club, the brain child of Pat Sullivan, was formed in 1990 to promote and encourage jazz in Bude and the surrounding area. The club currently presents live entertainment twice a month, usually on Sunday evenings.’


Category Jazz Clubs
* Bude Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)183
VIEWS (of Record)454
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Putting a swing in the step of the town each year, this lively four day event features a great bill of both local and national jazz musicians ... Various styles of jazz feature, but traditional and New Orleans styles are especially popular. Enjoy the best live jazz in Cornwall!’ Held Late August.


Category Jazz Festivals
* Bude Jazz Festival
VISITS (to Website)76
VIEWS (of Record)229

'Promotes classical music through a series of Sunday afternoon concerts during the Autumn and Spring, and an additional concert in the early summer. All the concerts are open to the public, and tickets are always available on the door.'


* Bude Music Society
VISITS (to Website)188
VIEWS (of Record)606
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Cornwall’s performing arts scheme for rural communities. We are a pioneering charity who fill local sports halls, chapels and our wonderfully varied village halls with poetry, laughter, music, drama, stories and dancing.‘


* Carn to Cove
VISITS (to Website)330
VIEWS (of Record)322

‘Brings high quality live music to the centre of Penzance between the months of October and April. Founded by viola player Tim Boulton, our aim has been to offer people in West Cornwall a series of concerts given by internationally touring musicians – the quality of concerts you might expect at London’s Wigmore Hall or other top chamber music venues – but at Penzance prices ... Concerts Penzance is family friendly, run by a team of local volunteers that includes several members of Penzance Youth String Orchestra – visiting musicians often comment of the number of young people in the audience compared to other venues. Offering audiences that bit more has been a strong feature of the concerts with musicians often introducing the music they perform and engaging directly with the audience through their music making ...’


* Concerts Penzance
VISITS (to Website)154
VIEWS (of Record)192
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Brings folk's best to Cornwall, and showcases Cornwall to the world. Our main stage gigs feature legends, rising stars and established artists. Hang out during the day at our Fringe Tent for back-to-back pulsing talent from across the south west. Wadebridge's streets and pubs are invaded with artists in abundance at one of Britain's finest small festivals, the perfect Celtic last blast of summer.' Held Late August. (Cornwall Folk Festival runs various other activities throughout the year.)


Category Folk Festivals
* Cornwall Folk Festival
VISITS (to Website)256
VIEWS (of Record)310
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The World's largest Male Choral Festival, where choirs from all over the world sing in over 50 concerts and events all over Cornwall, UK ... There are also three Competitions, a Symposium, and plenty of time to relax amongst friends amongst some of Europe's finest Coastline.’ Held biennially Early May [2021].


* Cornwall International Male Choral Festival
VISITS (to Website)322
VIEWS (of Record)424

‘Led by Cornwall Council, our Hub is made up of over 40 partners and supporting organisations all working together to support music education for young people in Cornwall ... The “Cornwall Music Education Hub” will champion, celebrate and grow Cornwall’s rich music heritage and, through inclusive, dynamic and innovative learning, will inspire children and young people to achieve their musical potential.'

* Cornwall Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)435
VIEWS (of Record)275
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Provides a platform for many talented amateur musicians and verse speakers of all ages and abilities. It gives the stimulus of preparing for a public occasion and an opportunity to listen and learn from the performances of others. As important is the constructive criticism, help and advice given by experienced adjudicators, which helps the competitors improve their respective skills. The Festival is held in March each year. In Festival week classes run from 9.30am to 9.30pm, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions ... A gala concert takes place at the end of the week, on the Saturday at 7pm, celebrating the highlights of the week’s performances.‘


* Cornwall Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of Record)239

‘From the large “Father Willis” organ in Truro Cathedral, acclaimed by many of the nation's top organists to be one of the finest in the country, to the many small instruments in rural parishes, Cornwall has something to delight every lover of the King of Instruments. Add a Cornish welcome and hospitality and it's easy to see why the Cornwall Organists' Association has some of the best-attended gatherings of organists and organ enthusiasts in the country.‘

* Cornwall Organists’ Association
VISITS (to Website)92
VIEWS (of Record)201

'The Cornwall Youth Brass Band (CYBB) is the oldest County Youth Band in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1955 and held its first Residential Course in 1959, the start of a long tradition, which has continued without a break until the present time. Indeed the Band now holds two courses a year, at Christmas and Easter, each culminating in a Public Concert.'

Category Truro
* Cornwall Youth Brass Band
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of Record)200

‘Join the renowned Dante Quartet for a feast of chamber music, in venues ranging from the Tamar Valley to historic villages on the western side of Bodmin Moor. We present exciting and accessible concerts alongside workshops and open rehearsals, scenic walks and delicious shared meals – something to inspire and entertain everyone.’ Held Mid July.

* Dante Summer Festival
VISITS (to Website)98
VIEWS (of Record)171

West Cornwall: ‘Weekly folk and acoustic music club. Guest performers once a month. Friendly atmosphere, great floor singers, musicians and monologue delivery’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Dreamers Folk
VISITS (to Website)124
VIEWS (of Record)245
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Festival has three main aims: •To create an enjoyable event for all involved; •To raise money for the RNLI; •To preserve and promote the maritime heritage of Falmouth and Cornwall.' Held Mid June.

Category Folk Festivals
* Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival
VISITS (to Website)429
VIEWS (of Record)430

'The International Musicians Seminar, Prussia Cove is one of the premier short course seminars in the world. It offers musicians from all over the world the opportunity to participate in seminars which are unique in both their approach and environment. They attract maestri of world standing who encourage traditional values of musicianship and develop the artistic potential of tomorrow’s leading musicians ...  IMS Prussia Cove gives 16 public concerts a year in different churches throughout west Cornwall, arranges an annual autumn tour around the UK which culminates at the Wigmore Hall in London, and puts on various fundraising concerts and events throughtout the year at different venues around the country.’


* IMS Prussia Cove
VISITS (to Website)289
VIEWS (of Record)280
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Bringing the finest live jazz to the heart of Lostwithiel, supporting young musicians and established performers.’


Category Jazz Clubs
* Lostwithiel Jazz Café
VISITS (to Website)176
VIEWS (of Record)390
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Celtic Festival, Newquay - Cornwall: ‘A spectacular festival, welcoming people from around the world to enjoy music, dance, arts and culture, representing Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man ... Lowender Peran is a registered Charity set up to encourage recognition of Cornwall`s heritage and Celtic links as a vibrant, living tradition that people of all ages and backgrounds can participate in and enjoy.’ Held Early November.


Category Newquay
* Lowender Peran
VISITS (to Website)407
VIEWS (of Record)118

'For over a decade Music at Tresanton has been gaining praise for its innovative programming and concerts. The festival takes place annually in November, and offers a unique chance to hear a carefully devised programme of four concerts, played by the finest classical musicians, in the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the beautifully restored St Mawes Methodist Chapel ... The concerts are organised in collaboration with Hotel Tresanton, and all inclusive packages are available from the hotel. But individual concert tickets are also available, as well as subscriptions to all four, and more information about alternative accommodation ...'


* Music at Tresanton
VISITS (to Website)201
VIEWS (of Record)369

'Most evenings are "round the room" sessions where everyone has an opportunity to sing, play a tune or tell a story (there is no obligation to perform and audience are equally welcome). We come from a background of traditional music, but most evenings have a welcome mix of music and song, often including contemporary song, American old timey, old music hall songs, blues and occasional items of classic pop! As one might expect, there is an emphasis on Cornish tunes, and most of the tunes come with an invitation to all musicians to join in.'


Category Folk Clubs
* Penzance Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)132
VIEWS (of Record)314

‘Was set up in 1970 with money given by Maisie and Evelyn Radford to advance musical education and to help musicians in Cornwall. The Radford sisters were well known for their work in music in the county since they came to live in Cornwall in 1911 ... Their concern was always that individuals should be able to realise their musical potential and that they should not be held back by lack of opportunity to study. The Trustees have fulfilled this purpose in a variety of ways. Grants have been awarded for tuition and for help with advanced studies, loans and grants have made possible the purchase of better instruments for advanced students and the Trust has run orchestral courses and workshops for players of all stages.‘


* Radford Charitable Trust
VISITS (to Website)106
VIEWS (of Record)200

‘Bringing different types of music, drama, talks and much more to the Roseland.  Our mission is to foster and encourage young people in their love of music, art and creativity and to support local organisations and charities through donations. Venues all over the Roseland peninsula host our events and though we may not get to every hamlet every year, we do try!  Our aim is to use as many of the smaller village halls as well as the larger halls and churches.’ Held Late April - Early May.


Category Arts Festivals
* Roseland Festival
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of Record)177

'Classical, Jazz & Folk music concerts held in Portscatho, Cornwall ... The aim is to promote affordable live music with a regular programme of concerts, which include nationally and internationally known artists, ensembles and choirs ... Whilst we are a society with members, our concerts are public. We warmly welcome non-members who account for a very significant proportion of our ticket sales ... Roseland Youth Music (RYM) is the educational branch of Roseland Music Society. It promotes musical activity among young people on the Roseland; provides professional musicians to work in local schools; enables students to experience live music of all types and see and hear a range of musical instruments being played, and offers them the opportunity to participate in practical workshops involving listening, composing, improvising, singing, playing and performing together.'


* Roseland Music Society
VISITS (to Website)83
Also indexedRoseland Youth Music
VIEWS (of Record)302

Founded 1948: ‘An annual competitive Festival to encourage the study, performance and appreciation of music and speech by affording amateur competitors the opportunity of having their performances assessed by highly qualified Adjudicators, and above all, to enjoy performing’. Held Late November.


* St Austell Festival of Music and Speech
VISITS (to Website)79
VIEWS (of Record)161

'The St Endellion Music Festivals take place at Easter and in the Summer [Late July] every year in the Collegiate Church of St Endelienta, bringing together a wide range of exciting musicians from all over the world ... Endelienta is a joint venture of three partner organisations: the St Endellion Parochial Church Council, the St Endellion Festivals Trust and the Diocese of Truro. Together we wish to make St Endellion a community hub for the arts and spirituality – attracting people from North Cornwall and beyond. With a year-round programme of classical, folk and jazz concerts, workshops, visual art exhibitions, festivals and reflective days, we want to reach out to local audiences and those visiting from further away, including young and older people and to those affected by poverty, disability or social isolation.‘


* St Endellion Festivals
VISITS (to Website)215
Also indexedEndelienta
VIEWS (of Record)355
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The last jazz club before New York ... Set up in June 1998, and every Tuesday since then, we've had the privilege of hearing top class modern jazz in beautiful St Ives. We've been shortlisted twice in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards as Jazz Venue of the Year and won it in 2015 - we're one of the best jazz clubs in the UK - that's official!'


Category Jazz Clubs
* St Ives Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)225
VIEWS (of Record)381
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

St Ives is one of the leading cultural festivals in the UK, covering music, art and poetry events, exhibitions, galleries, guided walks and open artist studios. It is happening over two weeks in and around St Ives in Cornwall.’  Held Mid September.


Category Arts Festivals
* St Ives September Festival
VISITS (to Website)91
VIEWS (of Record)128

Established 1912: an annual competitive open air brass band festival held in Bugle, Cornwall:  ‘The contest is open to brass bands only and shall consist of 25 brass players plus percussionists as required by the music score. Only brass band instruments shall be permitted ... The Festival shall be held annually as near as practicable to the third Saturday in June.’

* West of England Bandsmen’s Festival
VISITS (to Website)136
VIEWS (of Record)195

'A chamber choir specialising in unaccompanied vocal music from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, with an accent on early music.'


+ A Cappella [Penzance]
VISITS (to Website)174
VIEWS (of Record)367

Formed in 1927: 'Recent years have perhaps seen challenging times for the brass band movement, and Bodmin has had more than its fair share of struggles in concentrating the attentions of players. This downturn pales into insignificance, however, when news broke to the banding world of a raging fire that tore through the Band’s rehearsal rooms in December 2009. Arsonists completely destroyed the bandroom, including its entire set of instruments, percussion, uniforms and historic music library. Yet the tragedy of fire has in fact galvanised support from local bandsmen desperate to ensure that the town of Bodmin does not go without a band it can call its own for long. And so from the ashes of the fire and within earshot of the remains of its bandroom, Narissa Hall, 2010 saw Bodmin Town Band began the process of rebuilding a band for which the town will be proud for another 93 years to come!'



+ Bodmin Town Band
VISITS (to Website)244
VIEWS (of Record)533
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We perform a wide variety of high-quality choral works in the local area and we aim to make a valuable contribution to the life of our local community. We hope that you will be able to participate in our music-making, either as a singer, audience member, friend or sponsor. New members, young and older, in all voice parts, are very welcome to join us.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Bude Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)148
VIEWS (of Record)454
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are your local orchestra so please help us to play the music you enjoy the most by sharing your feedback and thoughts with us ... We would especially like to hear any suggestions for favorite pieces, or contact from potential new members.’


Category Bude
+ Bude Concert Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of Record)218

‘Membership is at present as inclusive as the current Band Hall facility allows. We do not discriminate on grounds of age, ability, sex, ethnicity, religion or income, and welcome all who wish to maintain, improve/develop their interaction with music, as part of the local community. Band membership is entirely free, and this includes access to instruments, music, uniforms, tutorage and the use of the Band Hall itself during supervised opening times ... We are pro-active in our mission to take music into the community, regularly holding taster session at schools to encourage active involvement and membership ... We continue to strive to be an influencing and engaging part of Bude, and seek to do so through the presentation of public concerts and recitals.‘


+ Bude Town Band
VISITS (to Website)120
VIEWS (of Record)249

‘Since 1974, the Choir has given over 700 Concerts, averaging some 18 per year, raising thousands of pounds for many churches, chapels and charities. As well as being a founder member of the Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs, the Choir is also affiliated to the Festivals of Male Voice Praise, each year being represented at Festivals in Exeter, Bristol and London ... The Burraton Boys started in 2014 - a small group of us from Burraton Male Choir got together to sing Cornish and Sea Shanty songs. Since then we have continued to expand our repertoire with some easy listening songs and more Cornish and Sea Shanty songs.‘ ALERT Choir Website unavailable at Review. So I have referenced an Entry for the Choir on the Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs Website instead, but have kept the Website address I was using as an alternative since the Choir still seems to be active.


Category Saltash
+ Burraton Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)106
Also indexedBurraton Boys
VIEWS (of Record)168

'Cornwall's most famous and successful brass band ... The Camborne Town Band has been competing in contests since the late 1800s and is unsurpassed by any other in Cornwall ... The band is in demand for concerts, both in Cornwall and throughout the UK, and is committed to ensuring musical excellence and quality entertainment in the field of brass music, with a traditional and unique style. Repertoire includes the full spectrum, from light popular music, through operatic, film and light orchestral works, to original brass band music, all performed by quality soloists and supported by a collection of fine musicians.'


+ Camborne Town Band
VISITS (to Website)250
VIEWS (of Record)358

'Has established itself as one of the best youth brass bands in the UK, performing concerts and competing in contests across Cornwall and beyond ... Young, current or aspiring, brass and percussion players are always welcome to join the organisation, having the opportunity to learn and perform in a range of ensembles: the Training Bands, Camborne Junior Contesting, Camborne Youth, and Camborne Brass.'

+ Camborne Youth Bands
VISITS (to Website)178
VIEWS (of Record)253

'Formed early in 1997 in an attempt to resurrect the singing traditions of the area in the local pubs around St Just and West Cornwall, and to raise funds for local charities. Our distinctive sound was formerly familiar in impromptu sessions throughout the town, especially during the St Just Feast celebrations, but had declined in recent years due mainly to the demise of the local tin mines ... The release of four CD’s, brief television appearances and local radio exposure have kept Cape Cornwall Singers in the public eye ... Cape Cornwall Singers are ordinary people, with ordinary lives, who sing with passion of the enduring traditions and extraordinary beauty of our homeland ... We are always seeking new members, no experience necessary, males over 18 (because we are pub singers).'


+ Cape Cornwall Singers
VISITS (to Website)191
VIEWS (of Record)352
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A fun group of approx 40 ladies, ages from 16 to 80+, who love to sing four part a cappella harmony ... Some funny, some leaders, some listeners, some sensible and some nutty! Each bringing something to the mix moving “Champagne” forward with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts ... Come join the fun!’


+ Champagne Cornwall Chorus
VISITS (to Website)81
VIEWS (of Record)220

‘We aim to be the most entertaining male voice choir in the South West and for the City of Truro to be proud of us. The ethos of the choir is to have fun and enjoy singing. Each year we host a visiting choir and also spend a weekend away ... Singing is all about team work, not only within each section of the choir, but as a complete unit. All backgrounds are catered for; we offer a friendly and very sociable atmosphere and many life long friendships are made.‘


+ City of Truro Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)171
VIEWS (of Record)358
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We play a wide repertoire of music, including contemporary wind orchestra pieces, film scores, jazz and classical rearrangements ... We are a truly community-based orchestra, with people of all ages participating from across the county. We regularly perform at local venues across Cornwall, including Truro Cathedral, Falmouth Methodist Church, Padstow Harbour and St. Michael's Mount, amongst others.'

+ City of Truro Wind Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)200
VIEWS (of Record)500

'We are a full-range orchestra for adults that wish to "return" to playing after some time away from their instrument, however short or long. Ideally, new players are not expected to be complete beginners or professional/concert standard. Our repertoire is predominantly classical, both traditional and contemporary, and we perform at indoor venues throughout the year.'


+ Cornwall Concert Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of Record)315

‘Established in January 2001, as part of a major new initiative to boost singing in Cornish Primary Schools ... The choir stems from a partnership between Truro Cathedral and the Cornwall Music Service Department and comprises children from all over Cornwall. The project came about following a radical decision to use the musical resources of the Cathedral, in the form of its choristers, to help bring singing back into the community’s primary schools. The Junior Choir was then set up to give those youngsters wanting to take their singing further a vehicle to enable them to do so.‘


+ Cornwall Junior Choir
VISITS (to Website)50
VIEWS (of Record)90

'The Cornwall Music Education Hub recognises how valuable ensemble experience can be in the development of musical skills and supports a network of ensembles and choirs across the county to provide a rich and varied menu of musical opportunities for young people: * Cornwall County Choirs; * Cornwall Youth Brass Ensemble; * Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra; * Cornwall Youth Orchestra; * Cornwall Youth Percussion Ensemble; * Cornwall Youth Wind Orchestra; * Sax is our Business'

+ Cornwall Music Education Hub Ensembles
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of Record)261

'One of the largest mixed voice choirs in the West Country with over 160 members, and although newly formed has already made a huge impact wherever they perform. The repertoire spreads across all aspects of music and includes classical, oratorio, showstoppers, opera, blues, folk music and jazz.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Cornwall Symphony Chorus
VISITS (to Website)201
VIEWS (of Record)410
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

’Since its debut in 1977, Duchy Opera has built up a reputation as one of the finest regional semi-professional opera companies in the UK, committed to staging exciting, inventive opera, as well as concerts in village halls or country houses. Duchy Opera uses Cornwall-based performers, musicians, designers & technicians wherever possible, actively seeking out young, emerging talent and encouraging innovation and creativity.‘

Category Opera Companies
+ Duchy Opera
VISITS (to Website)200
VIEWS (of Record)346
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Auditioned choir of amateur singers, currently about 40 strong ... Bach features in many programmes but the choir also performs a wide range of music from the choral repertoire. ECBC usually gives three concerts a year, one ... just before Christmas ... one in May and one in June.'

Category Choral Societies
+ East Cornwall Bach Choir
VISITS (to Website)181
VIEWS (of Record)296

'Bound together by lifelong friendship and shared experience for more than 25 years the Fisherman's Friends have met on the Platt (harbour) in their native Port Isaac to raise money for charity, singing the traditional songs of the sea handed down to them by their forefathers.'


+ Fisherman's Friends
VISITS (to Website)352
VIEWS (of Record)233
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We have over 60 singers and give concerts throughout Cornwall and beyond, often for charitable organisations, and arrange concerts with other community choirs and musicians. We also take part in choir competitions and festivals ... A marked feature of Four Lanes Male Choir  is our commitment to community singing, comradeship and a love of the Cornish choral tradition. This sentiment is conveyed in our choir’s motto "Sing we for pleasure - for one and all".'


+ Four Lanes Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)176
VIEWS (of Record)386

'Formed in the early 1890s. During the Second World War the Band disbanded due to members being called for active service and becoming part of the Home Guards. The reformation of Hartland Town Band as we know it today was in early 1960 ... The Band can be heard, twice weekly, rehearsing in the St. Johns Arts and Music Centre, as well as at various events and concerts throughout the year. Encouraging the "future generations" to carry forward the brass band tradition in the village is important to the Band: there is a small Training Band who meet weekly and we are always willing to welcome new members.'

+ Hartland Town Band
VISITS (to Website)114
VIEWS (of Record)298
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a mixed-voice choir, singing a wide variety of mainly classical repertoire from all eras, and in different languages. We do not hold auditions, and welcome new potential members to come and try us out for a few weeks before committing to join us. We provide rehearsal files (CDs and/or mp3 files) at a small cost for those who find them helpful for learning new repertoire. Our year consists of two terms each about 18 weeks long, culminating in twice yearly concerts usually in Jan/Feb, and June/July.’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Helston Chamber Choir
VISITS (to Website)50
VIEWS (of Record)166
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Helston Town Band has an extremely rich heritage, which can be traced back to the turn of the century; indeed, alongside the younger musicians, there are members of the current band whose family connections extend back four generations ... It will always be for their association with Helston’s world- famous Flora Day, when band members lead the dancers through the streets, shops and houses of the town, for which the Town Band is best known. In addition to Flora Day, the Band undertake numerous civic functions and engagements and perform regularly at concerts throughout the county ... Helston Town Band has, in one form or another, had a “training” group for many years ... and the Concert Band now incorporates younger players who have moved up from the beginners group, players who do not want the full time commitment of contest banding and also players returning from retirement.’


+ Helston Town Band
VISITS (to Website)47
Also indexedHelston Concert Band
VIEWS (of Record)98

‘Music brings people together! This saying could well be our motto as we're a very varied group of people, all bound by their love of music. Men, come and join us. All are warmly welcomed and, next to practising hard to achieve a high musical standard, it’s all about the spirit of fun and conviviality. Making music by yourself isn't fulfilling? Come and join us! We’re always happy to welcome new people. Find out more about us ...'

+ Imerys Mid Cornwall Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of Record)475
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A modern ladies choir rehearsing in 3 locations across Cornwall ... They sing in 3 part harmony to live piano accompaniment and perform in exciting locations across Cornwall ... These choirs are for anyone who already loves to sing or for people who fancy giving something new a try! ... There are NO auditions and you DON'T need to read music ... We have a fantastic repertoire of well known songs. The harmonies make the songs that bit more special and you will find the experience truly uplifting. In addition to this, rehearsals are brilliant fun!’


Category Ladies Choirs
+ inTune Choir
VISITS (to Website)65
VIEWS (of Record)115
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Based in Looe, Keltique is a thriving and passionate award-winning vocal group of women of all ages and musical abilities, who share one thing - a love and enthusiasm for the music they sing, from modern pop and songs from the shows to gospel and traditional classics. We perform all over South East Cornwall - from Polperro to Liskeard to St Germans, as well as in Looe - whether more formally in local churches and halls, at the Looe Music Festival, the West Looe May Fayre, the Polperro Arts Festival, at Christmas lights ceremonies, or informally at flashmobs, at weddings and parties, on the beach or in the pub! – and we always aim to present a versatile musical repertoire but, most of all, we just love singing together!’


Category Ladies Choirs
+ Keltique
VISITS (to Website)213
VIEWS (of Record)418
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Singing since 1944! ... The Choir is always looking to recruit new members and you can be assured of a very friendly welcome and an enjoyable evening of singing.’


+ Kerrier Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)165
VIEWS (of Record)345

‘Kidz R Us is an award-winning youth theatre company, dedicated to getting young people involved in the performing arts, to support their development and the wider community. Rave reviews and standing ovations are a bonus! We work with around 100 children, teenagers and young adults a year, and since 1994 have produced more than 80 shows and won numerous awards.‘


Category St Ives
+ Kidz R Us
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of Record)216
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘In November and at Easter the choir typically performs one or two major choral works, ranging from baroque composers like Bach, Handel and Vivaldi to Haydn and Mozart from the classical period, to Rossini, Brahms, Elgar, Dvorak, Puccini and Fauré through to more modern composers such as Duruflé, Lloyd Webber, Rutter and Jenkins. The choir also puts on a Christmas concert of seasonal music and readings and a summer concert, typically of shorter pieces both sacred and secular.’

Category Launceston
+ Launceston Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)98
VIEWS (of Record)164
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1969 and has a current membership of more than 50 choristers, with a repertoire extending to over 50 pieces and covering a wide variety of traditional and modern material ... We perform around 20 concerts a year, mainly in West Devon and East Cornwall, as well as going away on an annual tour to other parts of the country.’

+ Launceston Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)145
VIEWS (of Record)218

‘At the heart of the town since 1919 ... A friendly group of brass musicians who rehearse weekly in preparation for concerts, contests, civic duties and anywhere we are invited to play. The band has enjoyed continued success over the past few years ... This has been achieved by commitment from all the players, several of whom are under 18, all credit to them. Over the last few years, the band has seen a rise in the number of under 18's that have joined the training, junior or senior bands ... As a band, we never have our door closed, we are always looking for new members to join ... Our Solo & Quartet Contest has developed ... to be a premier event in the band's calendar attracting musicians from far and wide.’


+ Launceston Town Band
VISITS (to Website)151
Also indexedSolo & Quartet Contest
VIEWS (of Record)265
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A history going back over 150 years. Our main aim is to provide the local community with an understanding and appreciation of brass band music. We encourage players of all ages and abilities to join in and enjoy being involved in the performance of live brass band music. The band is always looking to the future and is currently recruiting new players – we welcome players aged 7-70+!’


+ Liskeard Silver Band
VISITS (to Website)120
VIEWS (of Record)292

Offer a range of concerts around and about Liskeard, as well as participating in male voice and other festivals.


+ Liskerret Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)53
VIEWS (of Record)174

‘Do you enjoy singing?  Come and try us out- we would love to meet you. ​We are a friendly group of ladies, of all ages, and we sing everything from Mozart to Motown! The choir has been singing in the community for over 30 years, raising thousands of pounds for local charities.’


Category Ladies Choirs
+ Looe Valley Singers
VISITS (to Website)226
VIEWS (of Record)376

‘The Band aspires to greatness but with a strong conviction that banding should be a hobby to be thoroughly enjoyed. We always welcome new players, young and old ... All the top orchestras have former bandsmen in them, brass bands teach music to a high standard. Whatever your ambition, joining Lostwithiel Band can help make it happen. Its a fun, active and healthy hobby which will last for a life time. Don't forget that it has been shown that banding improves school exam success and is good for reading, mathematics and general confidence and competence. Thousands play, come and find out why.’


+ Lostwithiel Town Band
VISITS (to Website)79
VIEWS (of Record)226
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We are an internationally renowned choir based in the beautiful Cornish village of St Neot ... ​We are always ready to welcome new members ... Age? - Anything from "voice just broken" to "undertaker ready" ... Can't Read Music? - Who cares, we'll teach you! ... Can't Sing? - Yes you can, you just don't know it yet! ... Feeling Nervous? - Don't worry!'

+ Loveny Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)228
VIEWS (of Record)489

’Formed in 1904 and reputedly the oldest male choir in Cornwall, Marazion Apollo Male Choir is based in the ancient charter town of Marazion, close to Penzance, and faces the Jewel in the Cornish crown, St Michael’s Mount, in Mount’s Bay ... Visitors are always welcome to come and sit in on practise nights just to listen and if you feel you might like to join us then try singing with us for a week or two before committing yourself to a decision.‘


+ Marazion Apollo Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of Record)1219

‘One of Cornwall's most innovative male choirs. Formed in 1974, we perform a popular mix of modern and traditional material - and we have fun doing it! ... Come and join us - and make more than 50 new friends in an instant!’


+ Mevagissey Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)141
VIEWS (of Record)171
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Formed 2001: ‘A mixed voice choir of about 35 voices ... The choir has built up an eclectic repertoire with serious and humorous, religious and secular pieces. It includes short classical pieces, traditional songs from various countries, songs from musicals, pop songs and challenging and beautiful modern pieces ... There are no auditions. Reading music is an advantage but certainly not a requirement ... Just come to a rehearsal, introduce yourself and listen or join in’.

Category Community Choirs
+ Mounts Bay Singers
VISITS (to Website)85
VIEWS (of Record)228

Mousehole Male Voice Choir is the second oldest Male Choir in Cornwall. It was formed in the autumn of 1909 by a small group of men and boys. They obtained the use of an old net loft in Mousehole, for a practice room with the purpose of learning carols to sing during the Christmas season. During its long and impressive history the Choir has grown from strength to strength and is well known internationally ... The choir now has a membership of over 85 singers - the most in its long successful history.’


+ Mousehole Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)103
VIEWS (of Record)218
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘“Nankersey” is the old Cornish name for the village of Flushing, near Falmouth in Cornwall. The Choir was formed in 1949 and, originally named “The Nankersey Glee Singers”, held their first concert in 1950. The Choir is still based in Flushing and now has some 60 members drawn from across West Cornwall. Nankersey abides by its original motto, 'To sing for and to give pleasure' (one of their CD titles) ... The Choir has delighted audiences near and far, raising significant sums for charities, organisations and projects (in Cornwall, England and Jersey) by singing in the open air, village halls, chapels and churches, and (in company with other choirs) as part of the biennial Cornwall International Male Voice Choir Festivals and massed Choir events in the Royal Albert Hall.’


+ Nankersey Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)179
VIEWS (of Record)385
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Founded in 1856 - Probably the oldest institution in the town.’ Organize a significant programme of concerts each season, and in recent years have offered a Training Band which acts as a feeder into the main Band.


+ Newquay Band
VISITS (to Website)58
VIEWS (of Record)145

‘Newquay, Cornwall’s surf & holiday capital is home to an excellent Male Voice Choir. The Choir has nearly 40 members who come from all walks of life and are united by a love of singing which takes place in a wide range of venues. In recent years, the choir has performed in chapels, churches, preaching pits, schools and cathedrals and have entertained in pubs, clubs, marquees, hotels and conference centres.’


+ Newquay Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)74
VIEWS (of Record)125
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A 64-strong community choir based in St Austell, Cornwall. We love getting together and singing our hearts out and our performances show that we sing for the joy of it. We have been together since 2012 and ... we have built up a reputation for beautiful singing in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. We like to sing for other people, in particular helping raise funds for charities and local causes.’


Category Community Choirs
+ NoteAbility
VISITS (to Website)157
VIEWS (of Record)410

Old Time Music Cornwall host and promote American Old Time music sessions in West Cornwall. Musicians, singers and dancers are very welcome to join us as well as anyone interested in learning more about American Old Time music ... The key instruments are fiddle and banjo, usually backed by guitar and if available a double bass. However any combination of instruments can be used and it is not unknown for mandolin, banjo-uke, harmonica, jaws harp, dulcimer, autoharp and bones to be played in a session. Percussion is usually supplied by a dancer, flat footing. Other instruments are sometimes tolerated but cannot be guaranteed a welcome at an old time session.‘


+ Old Time Music Cornwall
VISITS (to Website)42
VIEWS (of Record)123

Founded 1966: ‘The membership has slowly increased over the years to 35 members now, and we share our enjoyment of singing by giving concerts in churches, chapels, residential homes and various halls in Cornwall and further afield ... Coming from the parish of Pelynt, home of the famous Bishop Jonathan Trelawny (1650-1721), 3rd Baronet of the Manor of Trelawne in Pelynt, we have been granted permission by the present Sir John Trelawny, our Choir Vice President, to be known as “Trelawny's Men”’.


+ Pelynt Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)57
Also indexedTrelawny’s Men
VIEWS (of Record)140
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A mixed choir of over 80 voices. We perform two main concerts a year, one in May and one in December, and also sing in local churches at special events. Our repertoire is wide ranging ... All you need is enthusiasm, an enjoyment of singing and a pencil! We’ll provide the music and the tuition ... We are a non-audition choir and if you are interested in joining us, you are invited to attend three rehearsals to find out if we suit each other ... Membership for singers in full time education is completely free.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Penzance Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)65
VIEWS (of Record)222

'For a while we have been thinking that our name - Penzance Amateur Operatic Society - does not give the correct idea of what we actually are nowadays. Those two words "Amateur" and "Operatic" may unfortunately even put people off. The name has been fine for many years, but the time is right for a change - so from now on we are going to be Penzance Musical Theatre Company. We do hope you also think this is better for our times, and will be glad of the decision ... We put on at least one big show a year, offering a wide variety of performance and production opportunities to our members. If you are interested in being involved with us, please get in touch ...'

+ Penzance Musical Theatre Company
VISITS (to Website)214
Also indexedPenzance Amateur Operatic Society
VIEWS (of Record)637

‘Established in 1906, just a few miles from Lands End, we are an amateur symphony orchestra. We believe that we are the most southerly and the most westerly orchestra on the UK mainland! ... Weekly rehearsals and two annual concerts with professional (but usually student) soloists provide classical music playing opportunities for our members who include many pensioners and schoolchildren. Playing days are organised from time to time to allow 50-60 local younger and inexperienced schoolchildren to experience orchestral playing.‘


Category Penzance
+ Penzance Orchestral Society
VISITS (to Website)134
VIEWS (of Record)276
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a very forward looking choir of over Fifty voices, singing a wide range of music from modern to more classic pieces ... Since its formation in 1953, the choir has taken part in many music festivals on home ground and further afield, including Blackpool, Cheltenham, Llangollen and Malta ... We welcome any ladies who would like to come and join us ... We practice every Wednesday evening ... Call in and have a listen, we welcome visitors.‘

Category Ladies Choirs
+ Penzance Orpheus Ladies Choir
VISITS (to Website)186
VIEWS (of Record)459
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'PHOENIX is a lively and fun loving adult choir founded in 2007. Check out our music page to see our full repertoire which includes an eclectic collection of music performed by the choir, soloists and musicians ...'


Category Community Choirs
+ Phoenix Singers St Ives
VISITS (to Website)182
VIEWS (of Record)401
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Have since their formation in 1923 provided the very best in traditional Cornish and modern choral music. The choir has appeared on radio and television, attracts audiences from many countries wherever they perform and has forged friendships with choirs from England, Wales and elsewhere in the worl ... On selected Wednesday evenings throughout June, July & August each year the choir can be seen “at home” on the fish quay in Polperro, entertaining locals and tourists alike ... Many members of the choir are also in the Polperro Wreckers who sing in the lovely Old Millhouse Inn in Polperro at about 9.30pm on most Wednesday evenings.’



+ Polperro Fishermen's Choir
VISITS (to Website)228
Also indexedPolperro Wreckers
VIEWS (of Record)372
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in February 2006 by the merger of Praze and Hayle Male Voice Choirs. As with many smaller choirs in the County there is increasing age of members and a shortage of younger recruits. The solution was successfully sought in the two choirs coming together ... Praze Hayle Male Choir is committed to a strong programme of concerts, weddings and other local events both in and out of doors. The wide repertoire of the two former choirs has been successfully combined and expanded upon.’

+ Praze Hayle Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)49
VIEWS (of Record)109

‘We are part of the heritage of “Cornwall’s Forgotten Corner“ ... You are most welcome to come and see us practice on a Wednesday night at the Village Hall, Kingsand from 7.30-9.30pm. Free tea & biscuits while you see the pains we go through!!‘

+ Rame Peninsula Male Choir
VISITS (to Website)193
VIEWS (of Record)480
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Restormel Concert Band was founded in 1979. The intention was to provide a platform for the many talented woodwind players in Cornwall that had no opportunity to play in any form of ensemble. Originally known as St Austell Concert Band the name was soon changed due to confusion with the already established St Austell Brass Band ... It is a true community band consisting of adults and students, amateur, semi-professional and professional musicians ... RCB plays 15 concerts per calendar year all over Cornwall and as well as aspiring to be the leading concert band musically in the South West it raises thousands of pounds for charity each year. The repetoire includes classical wind band music, selections from shows, film music as well as the latest easy listening pop.’


+ Restormel Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)80
VIEWS (of Record)228
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The County of Cornwall has produced many quality musicians and musical ensembles, and is home to brass musicians both active and retired that have performed, composed or conducted at the pinnacle of brass playing. On the 13th July 2012 "Roche Brass" was formed with a core group of experienced players, based in this geographically central location, with the intent of maintaining the tradition of brass banding and to encourage local youngsters to become involved in the movement. Youth bands are of the upmost importance when ensuring the future of brass banding. It follows then, that as part of the Roche Brass band organization it has already started a learner group and youth band, which has received strong and enthusiastic local support.’


+ Roche Brass
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of Record)222
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A symphonic wind ensemble created and directed by Ruth Ballantyne based in Saltash ... The ensemble is encouraged to improve and develop. RWindband encourages members to promote the strengths of individuals in their section and all players should be prepared to support fellow members. The ethos of the band is that of a team ensemble with band members encouraged to offer a high level of commitment.’


+ RWindband
VISITS (to Website)93
VIEWS (of Record)151

‘Combines the pleasure of singing with raising funds for charities ... We perform in the Saltash area and beyond. Membership is open to all ladies over 16 years of age ... We are always ready, where possible, to sing with different choirs and seek to arrange reciprocal concerts ...'


Category Ladies Choirs
+ Saltash Ladies Choir
VISITS (to Website)180
VIEWS (of Record)653

Successful contesting Band, now with accompanying Junior Band, ‘originally formed in 1919 after the First World War, at the Working Men's Club in Saltash. The band was active until the outbreak of the Second World War. Unfortunately, all the band's instruments and equipment were placed on a barge moored in the River Tamar and were lost during a bombing raid! It was not until 1974 that moves were made to reform the band ...’

+ Saltash Town Band
VISITS (to Website)151
VIEWS (of Record)320

‘A local amateur operatic and dramatic society formed in 1916. We usual meet in September to launch the new show which we perform every year in April ... If you've seen one of our shows in the past, or if you once joined us on stage, we would love it if you could share your experiences and memories of the society with us.’

+ St Austell Amateur Operatic Society
VISITS (to Website)145
VIEWS (of Record)494

St Austell Choral Society usually presents two main concerts per year, with additional ones, especially at Christmas. We currently have around forty five singers ... We are always pleased to welcome new members. Auditions are not necessary.‘

Category Community Choirs
+ St Austell Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)63
VIEWS (of Record)252
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

St Dennis Band is extremely proud of its heritage with early records traced to the mid 19th Century, believed to have been formed in 1838 as part of the festivities in connection with the Coronation of Queen Victoria it has continued to function by voluntary contributions up to the present time ... The Band has experienced highs and lows during its existence and following a decline in the mid 1990’s showed the determination that has always been present, concentrating their efforts on Youth which paid dividends, progressing from a group of young inexperienced players to the mature Band of the present day. The Band has qualified for the National finals five times in the last decade rapidly moving up through the sections where they have now established themselves in the Championship Section.’


+ St Dennis Band
VISITS (to Website)145
VIEWS (of Record)202
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Cornwall’s premier string orchestra ...  Apart from playing for enjoyment, the orchestra raises money for charity by giving a series of concerts of classical music every year ... The kind of player we are looking for will be roughly of Grade 8 standard or have comparable orchestral experience. We do not audition in the formal sense, but ask any prospective member to come along to a couple of rehearsals to play next to the section leader who can then make a decision.’


Category String Ensembles
+ St Mewan Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)73
VIEWS (of Record)183

‘Situated between Falmouth,Truro and Redruth, Cornwall. You can see us out and about in the local area throughout the year ... The Band was founded in 1928, with not one of the 30 volunteer villagers being able to even produce a note on a brass instrument ... We are still going strong ... one of the busiest in the area, working throughout the year with a few contests and many engagements particularly in the summer season.’ ALERT Now linked to Facebook Page.

+ St Stythians Band
VISITS (to Website)151
VIEWS (of Record)192

Formed 1947: ‘Three words; tradition, success and charity, reflect the choir’s illustrious past and present. Only three Musical Directors in 70 years; choir members with over fifty years’ service. Cornish Choir’s Federation membership and support from the beginning. Awards at numerous music festivals, invitations to sing with other choirs countrywide and audience feed-back. Over the years, the choir has raised many thousands of pounds for a wide range of good causes’.

+ St Stythians Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)62
VIEWS (of Record)105
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 2006 with just 9 members ... We have nearly 40 choristers on a good day and the sections are well balanced. We are always looking for new members of all ages ... Our philosophy is never to be complacent so we practise hard, and we are not afraid to try new music outside the realms of the usual male voice repertoire and have a lot of fun in doing so.’


+ Tamar Valley Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)52
VIEWS (of Record)102
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Cornish have a proud tradition of expressing their loves, beliefs, hopes and fears through music. Songs chart the history of Cornwall's Methodist past, the hardships of life as a tin miner, the peril of those at sea, or the lament of the cousin jack, longing for family and familiarity whilst working a long way from home ... In 2010 we formed the Aberfal Oggymen with one purpose in mind: To sing Cornish songs in three part harmony, and to sing them in our community so they would never be forgotten. Apart from dropping the Aberfal from our name, [people kept thinking we were Welsh], nothing has changed since then.’


+ The Oggymen
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of Record)203

‘One of the premier choral groups in Cornwall and the South West; we consistently stage ambitious concerts and supported events which have been highlights of the classical music scene ... At the heart of the choir's existence lie regular performances of all the large mainstream choral repertoire, from Monteverdi's Vespers and Bach's Mass in B Minor, through Mozart's Requiem to Elgar's The Dream of Gerontius ... We are also committed to education and organise occasional seminars to explore some of the more unusual works in the weeks before the performance.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Three Spires Singers
VISITS (to Website)61
VIEWS (of Record)80
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1988. Based in Torpoint, Cornwall, it has members drawn from all over the Rame Peninsula. Over the years since its formation, the choir has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity, as well as giving audiences a great deal of musical pleasure.‘

Category Ladies Choirs
+ Torpoint Lady Singers
VISITS (to Website)100
VIEWS (of Record)217

‘Cornish choir formed in 2011 by a small group of ladies with a passion for singing and the intention of raising money for charity ... We currently have forty members, and new members are always welcome - no audition necessary ... Please contact our secretary ... for an informal chat if you wish to come for a taster session, or would like to book the choir for a concert. We look forward to your company.’

Category Ladies Choirs
+ Tregadillett Songbirds
VISITS (to Website)154
VIEWS (of Record)289
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Something wonderful is happening to Treverva. All will be revealed over the next year or two, however, now is an exciting time to join us, get up to speed and become part of what can almost be described as a revolution, a fundamental change which we know will appeal to young and old alike. The best way to find out what we have in store and to make your own contribution is to join us ...'


+ Treverva Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)109
VIEWS (of Record)472
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'One of the largest choral societies in Cornwall, with 140 members. We perform major choral works, as well as more contemporary pieces, including premieres.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Truro Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)107
VIEWS (of Record)268
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1996 ... An amateur orchestra which meets for the enjoyment of the players. It is for you to play in the company of other musicians, and above all, for you to enjoy music in a friendly and non-competitive environment ... New players are welcome - our membership includes both experienced players and the less so, although not absolute beginners. There are no auditions or any criteria for people to join ... We put on two or three concerts each year at local churches, and they ask us back, so that's a good sign.’


+ Truro Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)62
VIEWS (of Record)79
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘3 concerts a year at various venues in North Cornwall. We sing a variety of music both choral and more light hearted.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Wadebridge Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)124
VIEWS (of Record)400
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals
+ Wadebridge Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of Record)365

Founded 1998: ‘A friendly and welcoming band with a wide age range of players from youngsters to senior adult. The band maintains a large ranging repertoire embracing classical, jazz, swing, rock, show, film and TV themes. We perform with local choirs, other bands and musicians in regular concerts throughout the year mainly in the west Cornwall area from Truro to Land's End. We are happy to entertain audiences in venues ranging from big outdoor public events to the more intimate surroundings of small village halls and everything in between. The band comprises a full range of instruments from woodwind to brass and percussion’.


+ West Cornwall Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)58
VIEWS (of Record)170
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The building is often sought after for concerts by local and national choirs and orchestras due to its sound quality but essentially it is an active place of worship. Our church organ is a fine instrument, enhancing worship considerably. It is probably one of the best instruments in the County.'



Category Churches
@ All Saints Falmouth
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'We are a unique rurally-located theatre which delivers a wide-ranging arts programme that includes theatre, music, dance and comedy ... The theatre is situated in the heart of Cornwall and is the county’s largest performance venue, playing to audiences of 180,000 annually and has a strategic role within regional arts, being one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations.' ALERT ‘Transformation in Progress: Reopening Autumn 2020’.


@ Hall for Cornwall
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‘The loan of Hall for Cornwall’s grand piano to St Mary’s Church, Penzance has caused an explosion of musical activity in West Cornwall, creating fantastic new opportunities to experience the very best in live music in this exceptional building – in the heart of the beautiful seaside town of Penzance. Our programme includes a variety of reasonably priced concerts, with quality, youth and community taking centre stage ... Traditional church music is very important here. The present grand organ comes from the university church in Oxford and is now undergoing major renovation. The church is in constant use by musicians, artists, schools. We play host to a wide range of musical events throughout the year. A SPARK worker ( Spirituality and Arts ) helps to organise events to help us think about God through the creative arts.’


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@ St Mary’s Penzance
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‘Sterts must be one of the UK's most unusual theatrical settings: an 400-seat amphitheatre nestling on the grassy side of Bodmin Moor, in the open Cornish air yet protected from summer rain by a massive canopy ... With community at the heart of everything we do, 4 Sterts Theatre Company shows are produced each year with local people of all ages taking part. The best of local and national touring theatre make up the rest of the summer and studio programmes, with the summer shows in the outdoor theatre, and the remainder in the studio in the colder months ... Sterts Singers are the resident singing group.’

@ Sterts Theatre & Arts Centre
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'Truro Cathedral is truly a centre of musical excellence. We have developed one of the best choirs in the country, far better than could be expected from a "small" Cathedral and the envy of some of the more famous foundations. Our reputation for excellence is further enhanced by the legendary quality of our Father Willis organ, which often attracts world-class recitalists who would not otherwise visit Cornwall. As a result, congregations and concertgoers in Truro can enjoy the very best in Cathedral music ... A varied concerts and events programme by carefully selected "outside" groups, means that we are one of the most interesting and rewarding music venues in Cornwall.'


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@ Truro Cathedral
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‘The Association was founded in the 1950s to look after the interests of the brass bands of Cornwall, and to promote an annual brass band contest, now known as the “Cornwall Brass Band Championships”.

~ Cornwall Brass Band Association
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'CMN is a not-for-profit music organisation – part of the Creative Kernow charity. We have a simple aim: To inspire, support, connect & promote music in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly.'

~ Cornwall Music Network
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