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- Blackburn Darwen Music Hub


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- Nelson Civic Ladies' Choir

- Pendle Music Centre

- South Pennine Singers


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- Junction 4 Productions


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- Aughton Male Voice Choir


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'In addition to adult competitors, the Festival includes classes for juniors 18 years and under in all three disciplines and is still run by a voluntary committee and the faithful band of stewards who give their time each year to help supervise the halls and organise the performers in their appropriate classes. We are always looking for new helpers, as each year goes by we all get a little older! If you would like to help please contact the Secretary ...' Music Section held Mid June.

* Blackburn Festival of Speech, Music and Dance
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Weekly evening meetings from early September until mid May: ‘The Church provides relaxed and comfortable surroundings for our informal and friendly meetings and is conveniently situated for communications including easy access to the bus services’.


Category Blackpool
* Blackpool & Fylde Recorded Music Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Popular organ and keyboard music from some of the finest performers on the circuit and ALWAYS on the second Tuesday of every month. Everyone who shares an interest and who derives pleasure from listening to popular music played on electronic organ and keyboard is welcome to join us on our concert nights.'

* Blackpool Keyboard Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Service provides weekly musical tuition in all Blackpool Schools and Academies and, in 90% of our Children's Centres. Its constant drive to improve the experiences and opportunities of all Blackpool children makes the Music Centre a fun place to work and rehearse and staged events have shown that Blackpool children have exceptional talent when given the opportunity ...' Blackpool Music Service is the Lead Organisation for the Blackpool Music Education Hub.

* Blackpool Music Service
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Also indexedBlackpool Music Education Hub
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‘Following extended discussion, Lancashire Contests have opted to amalgamate three contests and focus efforts into further development of a single contest. The annual Fleetwood Open, and Northern Open Contests will not be staged for the foreseeable future. Scarce financial support and sponsorship together with the increasing cost of suitable venues has made it difficult to secure the long-term viability of three separate contests. Decreasing numbers of bands participating in these contests adversely affects sustainable budgeting. The lack of volunteers to assist with the organisation of the events is an unjustifiable burden upon the small group of long-standing individuals who have for many years, given their time and work freely to continue the tradition of band contests in the North West.‘

* Brass at the Guild
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Also indexedLancashire Contests
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Folk at the Barlow (Bromley Cross Folk Club) meets at The Barlow, Edgworth (between Bolton and Darwen). A singaraound session is held from 8.00pm on the first Friday of the month, and a guest musician/singer, with support, on the third Friday.’

Category Folk Clubs
* Bromley Cross Folk Club
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Also indexedFolk at the Barlow
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'You will be performing in bright modern classrooms or lecture theatres with raked seating. Our accompanists use digital pianos. The piano provided for performance is a well-maintained Bösendorfer Grand.' Music Section held Mid March.

* Burnley Festival of Speech, Music & Stage Dance
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'We have been promoting chamber music concerts by professional artists in the Ribble Valley since 1952'. In the main, a series of six evening concerts October - April. But note also the occasional  Luncheon Concerts nearby at Knowle Green.


* Clitheroe Concerts Society
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Also indexedKnowle Green Luncheon Concerts
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Department entered a new and exciting phase of development in 2010 with the introduction of a new approach to the delivery of courses, developing a curriculum founded on production or project based learning ... You will be joining a department in a new and exciting phase of its development, with courses designed to allow students to experience the nature of performance creation as it is found in the professional world.‘ Courses described included: Music; Music Production; Musical Theatre.

* Department of Performing Arts [Edge Hill]
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Also indexedEdge Hill University
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‘3 days of community based quality live music - by the people for the people ... Fleetwood has always been a musical town with tales of the sea right through to still having many live bands performing regularly. For 42 years Fleetwood was the home of Fylde Folk Festival until Alan Bell retired in 2014. A wonderful and dedicated team continue the tradition with a difference, to encourage a younger audience, and nurture a cross-generational love and appreciation of all styles of Folk and Blues.‘ Held Late August.


Category Blackpool
* Fleetwood Folk & Blues Weekend
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)218

‘Wednesdays 8-30pm, Admission by raffle ticket.’


Category Jazz Clubs
* Fleetwood Hesketh Social Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Festival is a series of competitions for AMATEUR vocalists, choirs and instrumentalists as well as verse speakers, trainees in reading for performance, acting, mime and improvisation. We want to make our Festival attractive to all and to make the "set pieces" appropriate and more exciting to individuals, to be more 21st century, and to encourage participation.’ Held Late November.

* Fleetwood Music & Arts Festival
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‘We meet monthly throughout the year to hear music that will be new to most of us and (hopefully) enjoyed by all of us, and so discover music that we might otherwise never hear. At most meetings, a member or a guest presents a programme of his or her choice. We also have “Members’ Choices” evenings, where members bring along whatever they think others will enjoy ... Our core programme is classical, but in a broad sense, and presenters often include a seasoning of jazz, folk or brass. We have even had bagpipes — Swedish bagpipes!‘



* Garstang and District Recorded Music Society
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)157
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Playing the ukulele is fun and can be done by anyone. No experience is needed to pick it up, learn 3 or 4 chords and then start singing along. No exams, no rules, just good fun. All members of the group need to be members of the Arts Society. If you are already a member through another group you do not need to join again.'


Category Ukulele Clubs
* Garstang Ukulele Group
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)617

‘Formed in 1964 by staff of the Harris College, we have promoted classical chamber music concerts at midday continuously for more than half a century ... In September 2003 we moved into the newly refurbished Preston Minster. This has a reverberant acoustic which supports a wide range of musical ensembles.’ Monthly concerts, September - June.

* Harris Music Preston
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Also indexedPreston Minster
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)149
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Lancashire Music Service (LMS), the lead Hub partner, was formed more than 50 years ago and is the County’’s music education service, with a long track record of providing high quality musical opportunities for the children of Lancashire. It provides instrumental and vocal teaching, music curriculum delivery and access to ensembles for more than 15,000 pupils per week representing around 60,000 hours of tuition, including through Whole Class Ensemble Tuition. It provides development and training for instrumental, vocal and classroom teachers, and has become a national leader in the use of ICT in music education ...’

Category Lancashire
* Lancashire Music Hub
VISITS (to the Website)140
Also indexedLancashire Music Service
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)249

'Founded in November 1997 by David Batty, we have been meeting every 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of every month.’ Concert Guest Artists ‘have ranged from Scottish dance bands, sing a longs, a mixture of classical and folk music to artists taking requests from the audience. We like to have a variety of music genres and styles ... We hold a concert on the third Wednesday of every month, a professional guest artist features on alternate months. Our local players are the special guest artists on the months in between.’


* Leyland Accordion Club
VISITS (to the Website)157
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)549

'The Festival provides a wonderful showcase for encouraging young performers in music, dance and drama to perform in public and experience competition in a friendly and creative environment. The participants also have the opportunity to be judged by experienced independent adjudicators. As well as encouraging young people, the festival delights in affording performance opportunities for more mature singers and actors with our Festivals of Choirs and One Act Plays.' Held Late March.

* Lytham St Annes Festival of Performing Arts
VISITS (to the Website)169
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)381

'A community music and education charity based in the West End of Morecambe, working throughout Lancashire, the North West and internationally. We provide a year round programme that covers a breadth of music making activity involving people of all ages and all backgrounds. We are one of the longest running and most highly regarded community music and education organisations in the UK.'

* More Music
VISITS (to the Website)343
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)191

'We are a friendly group, who have had over 40 years experience of staging outstanding classical concerts, particularly piano concerts ... We engage pianists and other musicians of the highest standard. Nearly all play internationally and are recording artistes ... We aim to have an informal relaxing atmosphere. Many of our musicians talk a little and amusingly about the music they are playing and also the composers.'


* North Fylde Music Circle
VISITS (to the Website)115
Also indexedBlackpool Piano Concerts
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)363
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

A Lancashire Music Service Centre: ‘Our network of Music Centres across Lancashire has been providing musical opportunities for children and young people across Lancashire for over 50 years. They provide regular, after-school opportunities for young musicians of all levels of experience to play together in ensembles as well as offering group and individual tuition.‘

* Ormskirk Music Centre
VISITS (to the Website)100
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)197

‘Presents an annual season of Saturday evening concerts with world-class musicians, young stars and popular music to celebrate all kinds of music-making and musical tastes ... In September 2013, Parbold Douglas Music completed nine months of intensive fund-raising by purchasing a Steinway full Concert Grand, with grants provided by the Arts Council England, Lancashire County Council, West Lancashire Borough Council, Parbold Parish Council and North West Music Trust and particularly noteworthy was the £12,000 raised by the local community ...’

* Parbold Douglas Music
VISITS (to the Website)105
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)131
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Set up in 2012 to give young musicians a chance of gaining substantial funding to help them continue their musical studies. The bursary is going into its fourth competition and in 2018 the prize fund available will be £18,000. The bursary competition takes place every two years, and runs over a course of rounds in the form of a video entry followed by two live performances. Since the first competition in 2012, the bursary has been continuously growing - expanding its range to include surrounding cities, but whilst still encouraging the local musicians that are at the core of the bursary's foundation.’ Eligibility ’Aged 17 to 21 years ... All who live within a 30 mile radius of The Colne Muni.’

* Pendle Young Musicians’ Bursary
VISITS (to the Website)111
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)205

‘The Association welcomes all those with an interest in the organ, its construction and its music, whether or not they play the instrument themselves. Our activities include visits to hear and play local organs, from small instruments in rural churches to large instruments in local cathedrals and town halls, visits to organ builders, organ recitals by members, educational metings and social events.’

* Preston & District Organists Association
VISITS (to the Website)95
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)226

‘Our main activities are: Compiling, printing and distributing Preston Arts News three times a year. Organizing and producing the annual Preston Arts Festival. Providing a forum for discussion and arts development.’

* Preston Arts Association
VISITS (to the Website)104
Also indexedPreston Arts Festival
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)174

'Ribble Valley is a rural haven within Lancashire that is home to a wide variety of Arts. It’s stunning scenery, bustling market towns and quaint villages set the scene as an inspirational landscape and community for creative people to thrive ... Throughout the year Ribble Valley has a whole host of things to do and see, theatre, music, exhibitions, festivals ... Whether you live locally or are visiting for a day there are always venues providing a regular programme of arts to enjoy and to inspire: discover the art venues to explore ...'

* Ribble Valley Arts
VISITS (to the Website)141
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)306

'Established in 1987 and since 1991 has been an annual event. The festival is keenly anticipated by piano music lovers, not only throughout the North West of England, but much further afield, many of whom return year after year ... Our list of performers over the years reads like a “who’s who” of classical pianists, including Moura Lympany ...' Held in July.

* Ribble Valley International Piano Week
VISITS (to the Website)127
Also indexedBlackburn International Music Festival
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)362

'We are a small community-based charity, run entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to develop and promote the best in live jazz, and particularly to foster aspiring young talent. We arrange regular live jazz gigs and festivals involving leading UK jazz musicians at first-class venues mainly in Clitheroe, the heart of Ribble Valley. But we also encourage up-and-coming talent, especially among younger players by providing opportunities for playing in public and organising coaching and workshops by professional trainers and musicians.' Ribble Valley Jazz Fest held Early May.

Category Jazz Clubs
* Ribble Valley Jazz & Blues
VISITS (to the Website)189
Also indexedRibble Valley Jazz Fest
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)380
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The vision of the School of Journalism, Media and Performance (JMP) is to prepare students to become the next generation within the creative industries. Whether you want to be a theatre practitioner, filmmaker, broadcast journalist, musician, web-designer, animator, screenwriter, print or on-line journalist, games designer, media producer, music producer, dancer, photographer, TV producer and music theatre performer or maker, JMP offers courses at all levels to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enter your chosen profession. Through practice-based study in modern teaching studios using the same resources that are used by industry, we prepare our students to be successful in a huge range of key creative roles.'

* School of Journalism, Media and Performance [Central Lancashire]
VISITS (to the Website)135
Also indexedUniversity of Central Lancashire
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)261

‘Do you enjoy listening to Good Music? Why not come along one evening to the Southport Gramophone Society. A society for the appreciation of quality music ... The presenters include many of our own members and speakers from other recorded music societies.’


* Southport Gramophone Society
VISITS (to the Website)114
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)344

'Founded in 2016 ... commits to presenting regular high quality jazz gigs around town, seasoning the flavoursome North West England music scene with ensembles big and small, traditional and modern.'


Category Jazz Clubs
* Southport Jazz Club
VISITS (to the Website)160
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)334

‘The Festival is completely planned, run, and administered by volunteers. Volunteers can be adults of any age and a musical or acting background is not necessary! Most volunteers are needed during the Festival itself to act as Stewards. If you would like to volunteer – even for just a half-day or so, please contactus ... Our profound thanks are due to all those supporting the Festival, and in addition to some anonymous individuals and current members ... We are introducing a Patron scheme. With this we seek to harness the goodwill of those in the community wishing to support the development of music, speech and drama within the NorthWest.’ Held Mid October.

* Southport Music Festival
VISITS (to the Website)234
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)399
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A non profit making organisation run by a team of regular and dedicated volunteers. The Club aims to provide a platform for local, national and international musicians to perform their music.’


Category Folk Clubs
* The Willows Folk Club
VISITS (to the Website)133
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)167
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The repertoire is extremely varied, and by no means all "a cappella"! It ranges from part songs and English folksong arrangements, church anthems and motets, through the more traditional larger-scale works ... The choir, which is an auditioned choir, meets weekly ... and aims to perform one concert each term, usually for local charities.'

+ A Cappella Singers [Blackburn]
VISITS (to the Website)167
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)378

‘Established in 1893. All new members are welcome. If you don't fancy being on stage but would like a new hobby, we are always looking for off stage helpers. If you have any skills or are simply willing to volunteer your time please get in touch and join us.’

+ Accrington Theatre Group
VISITS (to the Website)101
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)244

‘A mixed-voice choir, based in South Lakeland, Cumbria, with an ever-expanding membership of over 70 ... The choir gives two regular concerts, usually at Christmas and in the Summer, and also takes part in the Mary Wakefield Festival in Kendal ... We offer a very warm welcome to anybody wishing to join us in singing a variety of styles. No audition necessary but an abundance of enthusiasm, a sense of humour and the ability to sing in tune would be helpful! ... We look forward to seeing you!’


Category Choral Societies
+ Arnside Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)143
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)224
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Batala is a form of Samba Drum music which originates in Salvador de Bahia in North Eastern Brazil ... The music has its roots in African traditional music which found its way to Brazil and has been incorporated in to Brazilian culture since ... We periodically introduce new members to the band through a series of beginners workshops. Previous drumming experience is desirable but not necessary as you will be assigned to a drum appropriate for your level of experience.'


+ Batala Lancaster
VISITS (to the Website)301
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)186
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Formed in the early 1990's by Major John Boden, a retired Army Musical Director. His aim was to offer young people the opportunity to meet together and make music as an alternative form of entertainment ... Players of all age groups and abilities are welcomed, the only requirement for membership being a basic knowledge of music and the willingness to learn.'

+ Baxenden Concert Band
VISITS (to the Website)217
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)528

Founded 1963: ‘The Society stages a full show every year, as well as various concerts and social events. A great way to get involved in local theatre and have fun with a friendly group of people, we welcome members of all ages who want to get involved, be it taking to the stage or helping out behind the scenes. Just get in touch with us or visit our website to find out more!’

+ Blackburn Gilbert & Sullivan Society
VISITS (to the Website)183
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)359

‘A large mixed-voice choir of around 90 singers founded in 1933. It offers enthusiastic amateur singers in Blackburn and the surrounding area the opportunity to learn and perform major choral works and other varied repertoire, often with professional musicians ... There are no formal auditions, but we expect you to be willing to commit to regular weekly rehearsals and be prepared to do some practice at home. You do not need to have been in a choir before, or to sight read, but you do need to be able to follow and understand the music.‘

Category Choral Societies
+ Blackburn Music Society
VISITS (to the Website)107
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)174
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of around 95 members of all ages from 18 to 80+ ... We sing a range of songs in different traditions, including : gospel, popular and religious. It is not necessary to know how to read music (although it is very useful) and we have no auditions. We sing a Capella (with no accompaniment) and enjoy performing whenever we can.’

+ Blackburn People’s Choir
VISITS (to the Website)233
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)259

‘One of the leading amateur orchestras in the North West. We attract players locally and across the north-west and work with professional conductors and soloists to achieve a high standard of performance.’

+ Blackburn Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)130
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)211
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are the longest established amateur musical comedy society in Blackpool. Established in 1950, we have produced over eighty productions from Operetta to West End Musicals ... A wide range of acting, singing and dancing talent combine to deliver an irresistible mixture of youthful energy and experienced stagecraft. Our professional production team provide direction that is both dynamic and sensitive to the individual production. Like most amatuer companies we are always looking for new members. If you feel like having a go, come along to a rehearsal and have a look for yourselves ... Not an actor or dancer and still feel you could offer something, we still need people to help backstage (costumes and scenery etc).’

+ Blackpool & Fylde Light Opera Company
VISITS (to the Website)62
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)139
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Formed 1923: ‘Over the years and through the generations our choir has grown from strength to strength and presently our 40 members are in constant demand throughout the Lancashire area which is a testament to the dedication and commitment of its members past and present ... You are invited to come and listen to us rehearse. Just come and sit at the back and make your own mind up. We are always happy to welcome new faces.’

+ Blackpool Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to the Website)124
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)184

'Brings together able local players and exceptional soloists to perform major orchestral masterpieces and other works of musical interest. Our soloists have included local musicians, sectional leaders from within the orchestra and students from Chetham's School of Music. The orchestra also believes it has a role in developing players and audiences for the future. Collaborating with local arts organisations and running educational outreach projects is an important part of this work.'

+ Blackpool Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)174
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)367
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a 4th section brass band, based in the village of Crawshawbooth, nestled in the Rossendale valley. There is a proud tradition of producing quality brass bands in the Rossendale valley area, our band is no exception. A concert has a variety of formats; including Private Garden Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events to Marching or Walking Days etc.’


+ BMP Europe Goodshaw Band
VISITS (to the Website)110
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)232

‘We are a friendly amateur musical theatre company who stage two shows a year at the Little Theatre, Southport. We welcome anyone who wishes to gain experience in on stage and technical theatre.’

+ BOS Musical Theatre Company
VISITS (to the Website)94
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)165
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Choir, consisting of some thirty-six boys and twenty-five men, sings the two principal Services at 11.00 and 6.30 on most Sundays of the year. Tours to the Isle of Man and to France feature regularly in the Choir’s annual programme, as well as visits to Cathedral Churches in the UK.'

+ Broughton Choir
VISITS (to the Website)225
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)397

'During World War Two, brass bands in the Burnley area lacked support. But with the help of Colonel Parkinson with instruments and musicians from local bands, they formed the Burnley Home Guard Band. The Band continued after the war, and because the band was formed from an alliance of many bands, in 1951 its name was changed to the Burnley Alliance Silver Band.  The Band is totally self supporting, and presently has 25 regular players ... The band is happy to welcome new players & take bookings.'

+ Burnley Alliance Silver Band
VISITS (to the Website)216
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)462
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Originally formed on instruction of Burnley Town Council in May 1920 ... The Choir perform at least four annual major concerts, usually accompanied by the Burnley Municipal Orchestra.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Burnley Municipal Choir
VISITS (to the Website)186
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)532
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Burnley Orchestra is alive and well and is within a few years of celebrating its Centenary, We encourage all budding young musicians, all those lapsed older musicians who’d like to be playing again and anyone else who plays an orchestral instrument to come along and sample the joy of being a part of a big group of like-minded people ...'

+ Burnley Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)144
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)363
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A friendly bunch of people who share an interest in music and, especially, choral music. While most of our members are singers, we also welcome members who prefer to stay in the background helping “backstage”. We welcome new members whatever your musical ability, so why not give us a go? While there is an easy-going atmosphere, there is also a commitment to working hard to achieve a high standard in performance. Singers can join the choir at any time during the musical year and there are no auditions, or stipulations about being able to read music, although it obviously helps to have some who can.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Carnforth Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)29
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)113
Concerts and Recitals Season

‘We perform 3 to 4 concerts per year in Carnforth, Morecambe and the Lancaster area.’

Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'We are a Wind Concert Band with approximately 35 regular members of varying talents and all enjoy performing to the local community and beyond ... If you would like a challenge and enjoy all types of music then please do not hesitate to contact us or come along for a chat at one of our rehearsal nights.'


+ Clitheroe Town Band
VISITS (to the Website)113
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)343

The Group arose out of a Workshop at the 2013 Ribble Valley Jazz Festival. Now gives performances under the name of The Clitheroe Ukulele Orchestra: ‘Beginners are always welcome and you don’t even need a ukulele as we can lend you one to try out before you buy your first ukulele. The sessions are lively and great fun and we now have our own song book with over 50 songs’.

+ Clitheroe Ukulele Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)123
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)253

'The Band’s archives include well documented history taking us back to 1842 when, funded by public subscription, the “Accrington Old Band” was formed. There were a total of 24 instruments, including such long forgotten items as Ophicleides and Serpents ... The military tradition lives on in a small way, with one or two members (and regular guest players) having been musicians in the armed forces. Several players - Euphonium, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute and Cornet/Trumpet - perform as soloists, some whenever possible! All the members play in at least one other wind band and a few also play in local brass or silver bands. This adds to the wealth of practical experience and variety of musical styles to draw upon.‘

+ East Lancashire Concert Band
VISITS (to the Website)121
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)337
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Successful competing band who ‘pride ourselves on entertaining, enjoyable concerts and dedicated high quality contest performances ... Concert programmes range from light background music for gala days to themed concerts. Typical examples are "film" nights or "last night of the proms", which are very popular with audiences. There are no limitations when it comes to membership of the band, with the current age profile from 9 to 75!’


+ Eccleston Brass Band
VISITS (to the Website)47
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)135

‘We are a medium sized mixed-voice choir based on the rural South Cumbria/North Lancashire border. We sing a wide range of music, religious and secular, ancient and modern ... We believe in encouraging young musicians and young singers and have collaborated with several youth groups in recent years ... We do not hold auditions but you will need to have a good ear, be able to hold a line in four-part harmonies and have some music reading ability. Most important though are a love of music-making, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard! ... Dating back to the early 1900's, Eversley Choir has an interesting history and been associated with some very distinguished musicians including Sir John Barbirolli and Sir Malcolm Sargent.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Eversley Choir
VISITS (to the Website)36
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)112
Concerts and Recitals Season

‘Normally hold 3 concerts a year; our Spring concert is usually a substantial work with professional soloists and orchestral accompaniment.‘

Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly and welcoming choir based in Fleetwood Lancashire and aim to provide an environment where all interested singers can be part of a large group performing major choral works. The Fleetwood & District Choral Society was established in 1969 and has become a well known group in the Fylde and North West ... If you would like to come along and sing with us, we always welcome new members in any voice section. No audition is required.‘

Category Choral Societies
+ Fleetwood & District Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Freckleton is a small village based in between Preston and Blackpool in Lancashire and there has been a brass band in the village since the latter part of the nineteenth century ... Freckleton Brass Band has been a constant force in the North West for a good number of years during which time we have won many competitions ... We can now look forward to rejoining the Championship Section yet again in January 2019 where we will be competing with well known bands such as Faireys and Fodens.‘


+ Freckleton Brass Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Consists of 24 amateur and semiprofessional players from the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area. We aim to give four concerts a year to support local fundraising events, offering a wide range of music from light classical to showtunes and jazz.'

Category Light Orchestras
+ Fylde Concert Orchestra
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We're an amateur orchestra who play in St Annes. We practise on Wednesday evenings and perform 3 or 4 times a year. Our members come from all across Lancashire: Lytham St Annes, Blackpool, Preston ...’

+ Fylde Sinfonia
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Mention the ukulele and people automatically think we sound like George Formby.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Fylde Ukulele Network (FUN) is a band of musicians who sing and play an eclectic variety of songs from folk to pop, rock 'n roll and dance numbers ... Based on Fylde coast of Lancashire, England, we are committed to sharing our own brand of happiness and music to make your event a great success.’

+ Fylde Ukulele Network
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'Formed in 1992 ... We sing West Gallery Music: the all but forgotten rural church music of the 18th and early 19th centuries. At that time, most small churches were organ-less and their choirs were led by fiddles, clarinets, cellos, bassoons etc – music florid and lively, rhythmically energetic, delighting in earthy (sometimes unorthodox) harmonies and simple polyphony. Victorian reformers disliked the style preferring the more decorous "Hymns Ancient and Modern", sung by children’s choirs, to organ or harmonium accompaniment.' (The Choir's name is taken from hymn words by Charles Wesley.)


+ Gladly Solemn Sound
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'Originally all of the Guardian Concert Band players were people who worked at Guardian Royal Insurance in Lytham ... With the closure of Guardian Royal Insurance in Lytham the band were forced to relocate ... but have kept the name & its reputation ... The band comprises over 30 players ranging in age from teenagers to those who have had a lifetime’s experience playing all sorts of music from classical to big band to jazz. Our players travel from around the North West of England from as far afield as Garstang and Leyland.'

+ Guardian Concert Band
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‘The Haffner Orchestra is Lancaster’s symphony orchestra, comprising amateur players and local professionals drawn from across the North West. Audience members frequently tell us they are amazed and delighted by the wonderful music ...  We play a broad range of music from the baroque and classical periods to romantic and contemporary works including new commissions.’


+ Haffner Orchestra
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Concerts and Recitals Season

’The orchestra gives three regular concerts a year in Lancaster. These take place in November, February and June, and there is always a pre-concert talk, free of charge.‘

Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Hesketh Bank is a village located in West Lancashire, between Preston and Southport. The band was formed in 1895 as a temperance band. Hesketh Bank Silver Band plays a wide range of music from traditional marches and hymns through to jazz and modern compositions ... Players of any ability or age are welcome ... If you can play but have not done so for some time or just starting out then this is the Band for you. All are welcome and instruments can be provided.’

+ Hesketh Bank Silver Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Society was formed in 1930, and is affiliated to both the National Operatic and Dramatic Association and to the Greater Manchester Drama Federation. The Junior section, known as “HeyKids”, was formed in 1990. The Society produces two full musicals each year: one for the senior section(16+) and one for HeyKids (8 -18), as well as a play and concerts from time to time ... We are a friendly bunch who are always on the lookout for new members and helpers.‘

+ Heywood Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society
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Also indexedHeyKids
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Founded 1981: ‘Over the years the Hyndburn Singers have continued to sing an interesting and varied range of music but the choir now concentrates on singing lighter easy-listening songs. The choir has performed for many different types of audiences ranging in venues from church halls through to Accrington’s refurbished market hall to the Town Hall and has sung for several different charitable organisations.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Hyndburn Singers
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‘Having lessons is one thing, but the skills a young musician gains from making music in a group are an important part of their development  as musicians, and as people. And they’ll have great fun too! Lancashire Music Service runs a network of Music Centres throughout the County where young musicians of all levels of experience can play together in bands and ensembles and sing in choirs, offering an ideal progression route from Whole Class Ensemble Tuition alongside opportunities for more advanced students.‘

Category Lancashire
+ Lancashire Music Service Ensembles
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‘A large mixed-voice choir with its origins dating back to 1836. Although our repertoire is grounded in classical music we sing a wide range of pieces from classical and contemporary composers ... We welcome people of all ages and abilities: experience is not essential and there is no formal audition - voice tests are at the discretion of the Musical Director. We have members who are new to singing and some who are very experienced. The Choir is a very mixed group!’


Category Choral Societies
+ Lancaster & District Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of the oldest secular male voice choirs in the country. It can trace its history back to its foundation in 1899. The Choir continues its traditions of providing entertainment for audiences, enjoyment for members and money for charities.’


+ Lancaster and District Male Voice Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

’Lancaster's only brass band which has a history that goes back to the early part of the 20th Century ... We are a very friendly and social band with ambition to improve and become a contesting band. We play at community events, galas, fetes, remembrance parades. Anyone who can play on any instrument is welcome to come along and join us and will be more than welcome ... We also have a Learner Band for people of any age and ability.’


+ Lancaster City Brass
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We welcome all singers – old, new, experts, beginners. There are no auditions, but enthusiasm, a sense of humour and a love of music are essential! You don't need to be able to read music fluently, or even at all, though an approximate idea of what those strange symbols on the paper mean will be helpful. In any case, you will find your reading improves quickly once you have started. The music is very varied and may sometimes be quite challenging, especially if you haven't sung in a choir before, but any work you put in will be well worth it.’


Category Community Choirs
+ Lancaster Millennium Choir
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Concerts and Recitals Season

‘We perform about eight times a year; past gigs include the Sage Theatre Gateshead, Keswick and Whitby Film Festivals, halfway up Ingleborough, various streets and church halls and the good old Gregson itself.’

'A 70 strong mixed-voice choir. What unites us is a love of music and performance and the pursuit of musical excellence. All of us have had a short, informal audition and although some musical literacy is required we believe the variety of our musical backgrounds adds to the diversity and flexibility of the group. We perform works from the Renaissance to the present day, including new commissions.'


Category Choral Societies
+ Lancaster Singers
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Concerts and Recitals Season

‘We give 5 or 6 concerts a year, which are held in a variety of venues ranging from large concert halls, where we perform with professional orchestras and soloists to tiny village churches.‘

‘Established in 1946 in the heart of industrial Lancashire as the Leyland Motors Band, taking its name from the world famous truck and bus company. Now an independent group of some thirty musicians, the Band has retained its local connection and now proudly bears the name of its home town ... Leyland Band has also rightly earned its reputation as an unrivalled concert entertainer by producing dynamic and unique performances both at home and abroad. Leyland Band has always fostered a strong sense of originality ... Everyone is welcome to visit our rehearsals every Monday and Thursday at Boxer Place, but as we occasionally change venue, check with us before setting out.‘

+ Leyland Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Based in the Lancashire town of Lytham St Annes. The Choir offers the opportunity for non-professional singers from the local community to come together to enjoy a diverse range of choral singing in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. We perform a wide range of music at our regular concerts each year at various venues throughout North West England. The choir was originally called the King Edward and Queen Mary Singers but adopted its new identity as The Lidun Singers in 2012 ... The name Lidun (pronounced Lie-dun) is taken from the original name for Lytham as recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Lidun Singers
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Successful contesting band ‘based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire and is thought to be one of the oldest brass bands in England. The first known public performance dates back to 1845 ... We are a hard working, sociable band with a good balance of concerts and contests throughout the year ... Our Junior Band has been running for a few years and ... beginners of all abilities are welcome and we also have a selection of instruments available to use’.

+ Longridge Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A large choir with over 250 members ... a fun and enthusiastic choir, meeting on average 35 weeks a year. The choir brings various people of all ages and backgrounds together to have a really fun time whilst learning new songs and developing a deeper understanding of music ... All rehearsals last 2 hours, starting with various warm up exercises ... Formed in 2012 ... After watching “The Choir” on the TV with Gareth Malone, I thought I wonder if anyone in Lytham would be interested? After a post on Facebook and an article in the local press 300 arrived at the first rehearsal and the Lytham Community Choir was born.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Lytham Community Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Typically perform two major concerts per year plus a Christmas offering.

Category Choral Societies
+ Lytham St Annes Choral Society
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’Would you like to join us? We'll be really pleased to see you! New members are always welcome. Our minimum age is 16 but we don't stick rigidly to that and younger people can join us as long as they are really keen and their parents agree. In fact there have been under 16s in all of our recent shows. Our annual Gilbert & Sullivan show is in the Autumn. Rehearsals for it start in May ... As well as singers, we need helpers in all theatre areas and they are made just as welcome. They generally get involved nearer the date of the show though that depends on the area they are helping with.’


+ Marton Operatic Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Based in Ainsdale, Southport, the choir performs a variety of music from choral arrangements of popular classics, through show tunes to light classical. Most of our performances take place in the Southport area and raise money for various charitable causes ... We are a friendly choir and welcoming to new members. No audition is required. The ability to read music is an advantage, but is not necessary.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Octave Choir
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'The Society is made up of a choir and an orchestra, which perform a truly diverse range of music across five concerts each year.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Ormskirk Music Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly orchestra of adult string players meeting weekly in Thornton Cleveleys. We welcome anyone who has taken up a string instrument or perhaps returned to playing after some time, and wants an opportunity to play with others and work towards performances ... Public performance is a key focus of the orchestra and we have collaborated with brass bands, choirs, opera groups, and soloists.‘

Category String Ensembles
+ Phoenix Strings
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‘There has been a band in Pilling since around 1875, the first being a Fife & Drum band, which later changed to a Brass Band. In 1935, the junior members of Pilling Brass Band split off and formed the Pilling Jubilee Silver Band, the name coming from the first engagement they attended, which was the Silver Jubilee celebrations of King George and Queen Mary on May 6th 1935 ... We have a busy schedule of concerts and contests around the local area throughout the year, ranging from local festivals and garden parties, to Preston Guild Hall and Blackpool Winter Gardens.’

+ Pilling Jubilee Silver Band
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‘Founded in 1927, Preston Cecilian Choral Society is a professionally-led amateur choir performing several concerts a year in and around the city of Preston, in north-west England. Our repertoire ranges from choral society favourites such as Messiah to lighter arrangements of jazz standards and folk songs, and everything in between! ‘

Category Choral Societies
+ Preston Cecilian Choral Society
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‘Made up of a number of local flute players who meet ... to play ensemble music. Our line up includes alto, bass, contr'alto and contra bass flutes, and we have a new arrival - a sub contra bass flute! This gives us an unprecedented range! Please browse our site and contact us if you are interested in joining us or would like us to play for your event.’

Category Flute Ensembles
+ Preston Flute Group
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)470

Award-winning Society, founded in 1954, mounting one G & S production per annum: ‘The Society would particularly like to encourage non-singing members to join. For historical reasons, we have rather become a group of performers, and this tends to put a great deal of pressure on our currently rather small band of helpers for prompt, costume, make up, scenery, lighting, sound, stage management, publicity, transport, ticket and programme sales, bar staffing, making brews, etc. We would really love to see you, even if you think that singing is not for you!’

+ Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society
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‘Founded 1965 ... The Company currently has around 100 active members, ranging from teenagers to the “young at heart”. The main focus of the Company's activities is the production of an opera ... each spring and a concert before Christmas ... Preston Opera is always ready to welcome new members in any capacity – as singers, or to help with production, staging, costume, make up, props, front of house duties, even making the tea! If you are interested in joining us all you need to do is to turn up at one of our rehearsals and introduce yourself.’

Category Preston
+ Preston Opera
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a fun and friendly choir based in Preston Lancashire. We generally do 3 concerts a year and practice weekly from September to May.‘

Category Community Choirs
+ Preston Orpheus Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

’Recognising the enjoyment people have when listening to light orchestral music, the Promenade Concert Orchestra was formed in 2007, by professional clarinettist, Howard Rogerson, to provide the opportunity for Morecambe and the Bay area to also enjoy such music. The Promenade Concert Orchestra has developed a highly acclaimed and successful series of concerts at the Platform in Morecambe and has subsequently taken programmes to places such as Grange-over-Sands, Settle, Ribble Valley, Chorley and Lancaster Grand Theatre.‘


Category Light Orchestras
+ Promenade Concert Orchestra of Morecambe
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)134
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of the leading amateur mixed voice choirs in the North West ... with singers of all ages who perform a wide range of classical and light music, including religious oratorios and also secular works. The society is a member of The National Association of Choirs and is unique in the North West by having their own Chamber Orchestra of instrumental players of Strings (violin, viola, cello and double bass), Woodwind (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon), Brass (French Horn, Trumpet and Trombone) and the four part SATB choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass).’

Category Choral Societies
+ Ramsbottom Choral Society & Orchestra
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)229
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Formed in 1980 ‘to give concerts (featuring and extending their repertoire to include reputable chamber choral works), to sing church services (in local churches), and to undertake a week-long summer residential visit or tour, when the choir would deputise for an English Cathedral choir for a week or so ... In addition to singing services at a number of Abbeys and Minsters and performance of many concerts, both religious and secular, in and around the Preston area, the Choir has undertaken a civic role for the City of Preston - singing for Mayoral Services, Christmas Charity Events, annual carol concerts’. ALERT Website Link no longer helpful at Review; cited Facebook Page instead.

Category Preston
+ Rawstorne Singers
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)289

‘One of the leading choral ensembles in the region. The group give a varied annual programme of concerts each year at Blackburn Cathedral (where they are based), and also take part in a number of services there throughout the church year. The choir is also delighted to be invited to sing at other venues both in Lancashire and further afield ... The choir's repertoire is broad, including sacred and secular choral music spanning five centuries. Each season the programmes range from small-scale unaccompanied works to performances with orchestra.’

+ Renaissance Singers [Blackburn]
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A group of singers in the North West of England, and were formed to provide an opportunity to meet and sing together. The choir is a broad mix of people, from professional musicians to people who just enjoy singing as a hobby, and contains a wide range of ages- young and older voices ... We meet every week, and perform around three concerts a year.’

Category Community Choirs
+ ReSound Community Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1977, and currently has over 40 members. Membership is made up of ladies from all age groups and all walks of life ... We have been very fortunate over the years, to have had some eminent composers write or arrange music for us ... Our repertoire is vast and extremely varied and ranges from traditional choral works, spirituals, folk songs, to more modern pieces ... We are regularly invited to perform at a variety of different venues both locally and further afield to give concerts on a paid basis and also to raise funds for charities.’

Category Ladies Choirs
+ Rossendale Ladies Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Choir was founded in 1924, by the late Fred Tomlinson MBE. He took a group of local singers and moulded them into one of the country’s finest male voice choirs, winning many competitions and festivals, including the Intenational Eisteddfod in Llangollen ...  Rossendale Male Voice Choir has close musical and social links with the Rossendale Ladies’ Choir. The two choirs have often shared the same concert platform and sometimes perform as a mixed choir when they become known as The Rossendale Festival Choir.’

+ Rossendale Male Voice Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A typical “village band” based in the Hodder Valley in Lancashire. Like many voluntary organisations the Band has had its “ups and downs” during the last 100 years, but thankfully has survived to be one of the few remaining bands in the area ... From its early days the Band provided music for many local events, such as church processions, sports days, agricultural shows and indoor concerts - a tradition which still continues.’


+ Slaidburn Silver Band
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)172

‘Formed in 1979, under the auspices of our senior society – Southport Amateur Operatic Society (now Southport Spotlights Musical Theatre Society) – to stimulate the interest of young people in musical productions - the first production being "The Boyfriend" in 1980. Open to young people from the age of ten upwards to eighteen SONG aims to produce one large scale musical each Easter, and a smaller workshop or cabaret style presentation in the autumn.’

VISITS (to the Website)177
Also indexedSouthport Operatic New Generation
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)346

‘We are a string orchestra open to anyone with the desire to play music from the “string repertoire” engaging the best technique in order to discover that “pure string sound” ... South Ribble Strings welcomes string players of all ages. The group includes some string players with vast experience of playing in orchestras at diploma standard. In order to feel comfortable in joining us you should be a minimum of grade 5/6 and have some experience of playing in an ensemble. During rehearsals you should be prepared to hone your technique and have a great time in the process!’

Category String Ensembles
+ South Ribble Strings
VISITS (to the Website)299
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)814

'The present orchestra was formed in 1952, generally playing three concerts a year in local venues. We are a group of enthusiastic and friendly musicians getting together once a week to rehearse for a series of concerts throughout the concert season. The orchestra plays a wide variety of music from the standard classical repertoire through to light classics. Our concerts provide an opportunity for everyone to experience live music played by a full orchestra in local venues.'

+ Southport Orchestra
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)272
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Successful Society including winner of several NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) Awards. Typically two shows per year. Formerly ‘Southport Amateur Operatic Society’: ‘The society has decided that, although their name has borne with it a guarantee of an excellent performance, it was time to bring it up to date. They felt that the standard of their productions was far from amateurish, as declared by the comments from the audiences and NODA, and as they hadn’t actually presented any shows recently which could be described as opera, the name did not fully reflect the society as it stood today. Therefore we have now become Southport Spotlights Musical Theatre Society.‘ [Amdram.co.uk]

+ Southport Spotlights Musical Theatre
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)144

St Anne’s Community Choir started in 2015 and now has around 50 members. We were formed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy singing in harmony. We are a friendly group of people and are always ready to welcome new members. Like many choirs we are rather short of male voices so, if there are any shy tenors or bass singers out there please come and join us.’

Category Community Choirs
+ St Annes Community Choir
VISITS (to the Website)111
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)384

Founded 1962: ‘We have a mixed range of abilities (musically) but we do put on a good show under the leadership of our Conductor ... The band is always keen to welcome newcomers of all ages. We have a busy concert programme throughout the year ... The band is not just a Concert band, we also have quite a history of contesting’.

+ Thornton Cleveleys Brass Band
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)180

Valley Academy is a stage school based in the Crawshawbooth area of the Rossendale Valley. Specialising in teaching Musical Theatre to young people, the Academy is the only theatre school in the Valley to perform three full-scale Musical productions every year! Valley Aloud! is our Community Choir.’

+ Valley Academy School of Musical Theatre & Dance
VISITS (to the Website)154
Also indexedValley Aloud!
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)164

‘Was born in 1986 after a public performance from Liverpool Barbershop Chorus inspired a handful of keen singers to attempt to recruit members from Southport and surrounding areas. The Chorus has gone from strength to strength and now numbers around 35 performing members and many associate members ... We are a male chorus, but if you happen to be of the fairer sex there is also a ladies chorus in Southport – “Just Voices” - who have just as much fun as us.’

+ Wayfarers Barbershop Chorus
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)139

The Objective of the Ashton Hall Organ Restoration Project  is:’the promotion and restoration of the historic concert pipe organ in Lancaster Town Hall: “This instrument remains one of the few in its original state and clearly demonstrates the outstandingly high quality of craftsmanship, tonal voicing and finishing by Norman & Beard during the 1900’s and beyond. As such, the Ashton Hall Concert Organ is an irreplaceable masterpiece equivalent to, if not superior to, any instrument produced by rival companies at the time. It is simply a ‘lost//forgotten National Musical Treasure’ [Roger Fisher]”.’ ALERT ‘Most concerts are given in the Ashton Hall in Lancaster Town Hall but when this venue is in use for other events the concerts are presented in Lancaster Priory.‘


@ Ashton Hall, Lancaster Town Hall
VISITS (to the Website)13
Also indexedAHORP: Ashton Hall Organ Restoration Project
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)45
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Friends of Blackburn Cathedral Music (FoBCM) aims to supplement the provision of Liturgical music at the Cathedral through an ambitious concert series at the Cathedral, providing not only wonderful education opportunities for Cathedral Choristers to sing great choral works with leading orchestras (chiefly the Northern Chamber Orchestra and the period instrument ensemble, The 18th Century Sinfonia), but also enriching the spiritual and cultural experiences of local people ... Blackburn Cathedral is blessed with a world-class Organ, built by JW Walker and rebuilt by Wood of Huddersfield. This is not only showcased to great effect through its use as an inspirational liturgical instrument, but also through the many recordings that have been made and in the regular lunchtime concerts and organ meditations that have taken place throughout the year.‘

Category Cathedrals
@ Blackburn Cathedral
VISITS (to the Website)197
Also indexedFriends of Blackburn Cathedral Music
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)420
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

’A cultural venue for drama, dance and all performing arts - right in the heart of Hyndburn ... The Civic is a lively community theatre. If you want to watch shows or be in shows or do anything arts and crafty, there is always something going on at The Civic ...’

@ Civic Arts Centre & Theatre Oswaldtwistle
VISITS (to the Website)186
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)204

'Music is at the heart of all that we do. It lifts us when we are sad and it helps us celebrate our most joyous moments in life. Some are given the gift to perform, and we are very fortunate to have some talented musicians in the Priory, and their singing and playing enhances our worship as they join their voices with the angels in praising God ... Our music programme offers a wide ranging experience from worship at any of our choral services, or an organ recital, to a concert by one of our young performers or experienced professional musicians ...'


Category Greater Churches
@ Lancaster Priory
VISITS (to the Website)161
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)272
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Our programme of concerts (performed in the Great Hall at Lancaster University) offers a varied diet of music including orchestral concerts, chamber music, jazz, world music, opera and new music. The series capitalises on the wealth of talent in the region as well as bringing in nationally and internationally renowned artists.'


@ Lancaster University
VISITS (to the Website)156
Also indexedLancaster International Concerts
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)311

The Atkinson is Southport’s beautiful new home for music, theatre, art, poetry, literature and history, right in the middle of Lord Street in Southport and just 3 minutes’ walk from Southport train station. Significant investment has been made in refurbishing the stunning 19th century buildings, to create a really welcoming multi art-form venue with a strong contemporary feel.‘

@ The Atkinson
VISITS (to the Website)293
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)157

'By offering an exciting entertainment programme and a diverse range of participatory performing arts, The Grand's vision is to bring wholesome engagement of the Arts to individuals of all ages. This journey begins from the early years and continues every step of the way through to adulthood through our various performing arts-based activities and projects.'

@ The Grand Clitheroe
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