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- Crystal Palace Band


Category Beckenham
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Sine Nomine Singers

- Velvet Harmony


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- Chandos Choir

- Croydon Operatic and Dramatic Association

- Croydon SDA Gospel Choir

- Surrey Harmony


Category Croydon
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- North Kingston Choir


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- Colliers Wood Chorus

- St John the Baptist Wimbledon

- West Barnes Singers


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St George’s Singers [Biggin Hill]

- The Kentones


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- Kew Wind Orchestra

- Whitton Choral Society


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- Festival Chorus

- Le QuecumBar & Brasserie

- Putney Choral Society


Category Wandsworth
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‘ANS encourages and helps facilitate collaboration between the arts sector, the voluntary sector, commercial organisations and local government, aiming to increase arts activities within the community ... ANS provides a comprehensive online diary of events and social networking facility, showcasing the breadth of arts activities taking place within the borough ... ANS promotes, organises and supports arts events within the borough'


* Arts Network Sutton
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VIEWS (of this Record)323

‘An independent charity (est.1966) supporting 100+ arts and cultural organisation in and around the borough of Richmond upon Thames.’


* Arts Richmond
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VIEWS (of this Record)304

'An annual celebration of music-making which includes choral, instrumental, orchestral, opera, jazz and film events with international stars and local groups and schools performing at venues across Barnes. The Festival celebrates music-making of the highest standard in conjunction with established and emerging stars. It also raises considerable funds for local charities.' Held During March.


* Barnes Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)274
VIEWS (of this Record)470

'Aims to foster appreciation of music, promoting first-class concerts, and encouraging other musical activities especially involving young musicians. These last are achieved by the Saturday family concerts for children and by the annual concert each May given by young musicians.'


* Barnes Music Society
VISITS (to Website)267
VIEWS (of this Record)396

‘One of the largest amateur competitive performing arts festivals in the south-east of England. There are around 450 classes in Music, Dancing and Speech & Drama, with specialist adjudicators in all sections. As well as certificates and medals there are over 200 cups and trophies to be won. A “Musician of the Year” competition is held on the final Sunday, and the Festival acts as a qualifying heat for the All-England Dance Competition.’ Music Section held During November.


* Beckenham Festival
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VIEWS (of this Record)378

'Meets monthly throughout the year, with most meetings taking place on Saturdays. These meetings include visits to organs locally and further afield; social events like the Annual Dinner and Christmas Supper Party; and "educational" meetings to assist members in developing their expertise. Additional meetings are sometimes arranged on weekday evenings ... Several successful day-tours have been organised ...'


* Bromley & Croydon Organists' Association
VISITS (to Website)219
VIEWS (of this Record)428

Occasional concerts and recitals: 'New members are always welcome. Come along to a meeting and see what we're all about!'


Category Guitar Societies
* Bromley Guitar Society
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VIEWS (of this Record)612

‘Hold monthly concerts of live classical music with the aim of giving pleasure to those who enjoy performing or listening to music ... The membership of Bromley Music Makers consists of both listeners and performers. We are a large group with diverse musical interests, naturally all sharing a love of classical music ... Musicians of all standards who are able to offer a well-prepared and enjoyable performance are always appreciated and well received. Why not come along to one of our concerts and find out for yourself what a rich and rewarding experience joining us would be?’


* Bromley Music Makers
VISITS (to Website)56
VIEWS (of this Record)269

‘An independent music service nationally renowned for providing a very high quality comprehensive and inclusive instrumental and vocal music education to the young people of Bromley and surrounding areas, as well as providing opportunities for performance in a wide range of settings to enhance the musical understanding and appreciation of pupils and the wider community ... BYMT became the leading partner in Bromley Music Hub in September 2012.'


* Bromley Youth Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)371
Also indexedBromley Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)339

Fortnightly meetings: 'Prospective members are always welcome'.


* Carshalton & Wallington Recorded Music Society
VISITS (to Website)458
VIEWS (of this Record)1310

Sections include: Choirs and Singing; Woodwind Brass; Strings; Pianoforte. Held Early March.


* Coulsdon & Purley Festival
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of this Record)509

Founded 1965: ‘Guest nights form the bulk of our operation and we have, over the years, provided a varied programme of excellent quality ... Singers and Musicians nights, sometimes called “Open Mike”, are held regularly and all corners are encouraged to sing and play. This is the basis of any good folk club, the encouragement of performance at whatever level. No need to call for a spot: just turn up and go’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Croydon Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)51
VIEWS (of this Record)138

‘A service that works to ensure children and young people in the Borough have access to creative opportunities. We work as part of a network of local partners that include the majority of Croydon state schools, a range of cultural organisations and alternative education services.‘ The Service is the Lead Organisation for the Croydon Music Education Hub.


* Croydon Music & Arts
VISITS (to Website)395
Also indexedCroydon Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)301

‘Open to all to perform in Western Music, South Asian Music, Dance, South Asian Dance and Speech and Drama. It is one of the largest performing arts festivals in the country attracting over 1000 performers each year.’ Most Music Sections held Late April - Early May.


* Croydon Performing Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)194
VIEWS (of this Record)627

'Nowadays, we take for granted easy access to recorded music, through internet streaming, a myriad of radio stations and on portable music players ... However, the pleasures of listening to music in the company of other like-minded individuals, and connected with an informative talk, still remain relevant, and this is the core mission of the Croydon Recorded Music Society. The programmes are given by our own members, by members of other music societies and by professional visiting speakers.'


* Croydon Recorded Music Society
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)517

'As a music student, you'll be taught a range of musical styles and encouraged to explore a wide range of musical genres, taking a hands-on, practical and creative approach to learning. You can study degrees in popular music and music technology with specialisms in Performance and Multimedia.'


* Department of Music [Kingston]
VISITS (to Website)200
Also indexedKingston University London
VIEWS (of this Record)391

Emerald Music School provide award winning choirs, theory and a band for musicians aged 6-18 in Purley, Beckenham and Carshalton ... The students come from a wide area and over 30 schools are represented in the current membership. Countless friendships have been nurtured through Emerald and many continue through the Osiris Ensemble and into adulthood.’


* Emerald Music School
VISITS (to Website)142
Also indexedOsiris Ensemble
VIEWS (of this Record)254

‘This unique series of summer concerts takes place in the Palace's Tudor courtyard which provides a stunning backdrop to every show. Start your evening in style with picnics and drinks in the beautiful Palace Gardens, or dine in the sumptuous State Apartments, before taking your seats for the evening's entertainment.’ Held Mid June.


* Hampton Court Palace Festival
VISITS (to Website)196
VIEWS (of this Record)295

'Aims to represent, publicise and enhance the activities of the voluntary and professional arts sector in the Borough and to present, with our partners, high-profile arts activities. We also run networking events for affiliates and the local arts community.'


* Kingston Arts
VISITS (to Website)217
VIEWS (of this Record)381

'Kingston Music Service (KMS) is the lead organisation for the Kingston Music Education Hub which is funded by Arts Council England. The service provides instrumental and vocal music lessons to young people in Kingston’s schools and music centres. The services we provide enrich the lives of young people in the borough by offering opportunities to become actively involved in a wide variety of music activities.'


* Kingston Music Service
VISITS (to Website)682
Also indexedKingston Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)429

‘Each year performers, with an age range from under 5 to over 80, compete for medals and trophies in a range of classes covering Stage Dancing, Speech & Drama, Piano, Vocal and Classical Instruments. From an initial 5 days of competition in 1932, we now spread over a month, using four different venues culminating with a Final Concert in December and the prestigious Kingston Young Musician Competition in January.’ Held November.


* Kingston-upon-Thames Festival of the Performing Arts
VISITS (to Website)140
Also indexedKingston Young Musician Competition
VIEWS (of this Record)215

'Lead Partner for the Merton Music Education Hub, MMF provides high quality music education for children in the London Borough of Merton.'


* Merton Music Foundation
VISITS (to Website)809
Also indexedMerton Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)424

'Plays an essential role at the heart of British opera. The NOS works in partnership with Arts Council England and the UK’s leading Opera Companies - English National Opera, Glyndebourne, Opera North, the Royal Opera House, Scottish Opera and Welsh National Opera – to provide professional training of the highest quality for singers and répétiteurs who have the potential to become the leading artists of their generation.'


* National Opera Studio
VISITS (to Website)330
VIEWS (of this Record)319

'We are a small, friendly club and welcome visitors to our concerts. Each concert features a popular artiste, playing either electronic organ or keyboard - sometimes both! Come and visit or join a club that features great entertainment from some of the UK's top and International professional artistes at a fantastic venue.'


* Orpington Keyboard Club
VISITS (to Website)193
VIEWS (of this Record)818

Usually evening meetings, once a fortnight.


* Orpington Recorded Music Society
VISITS (to Website)199
VIEWS (of this Record)662

'We are a society of music lovers who meet fortnightly from September to April to hear some of the world’s most celebrated musicians talk, with recorded and sometimes visual illustrations, about their lives and work. Our meetings provide a rare opportunity to learn how great musicians approach their work, and to hear about the private person behind the public image. Our guest speakers come from all fields of music – the concert hall, recital platform, opera, ballet, television and film – and include producers, broadcasters, critics and writers in addition to performers ... Our society has almost 200 members. Some of us have a considerable knowledge of music while others have very little, but what we all share is a great love of music and a desire to learn ... Why not join us and become part of one of London’s most distinguished and exciting music societies?'


* Putney Music
VISITS (to Website)245
VIEWS (of this Record)735

'Admission to ten concerts of the highest standard. The interest of hearing these concerts in pleasant local settings ... Enjoyment of the friendly social side of the Society, a particular feature of the intervals during concerts, when you can meet other members who share your interest in music – and many other activities. The opportunity to buy CDs and DVDs at greatly discounted prices.'


* Richmond Concerts
VISITS (to Website)226
VIEWS (of this Record)369

‘We deliver a range of high quality musical experiences by providing instrumental tuition to pupils in schools and music centres and run a wide range of ensembles. We also work closely with schools to deliver the Wider Opportunities programme and organise hugely popular events including the Singing Festival, Instrumental Festival and Live@The Rose. Our Music Therapy department offers a range of services both in-house and on an outreach basis.’


* Richmond Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)145
VIEWS (of this Record)187

‘The Festival is open to amateur performers of any age in the arts of music, dance and drama and it is just that – a festival of the arts with the emphasis on performance in a supportive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Performances are arranged in sections relative to age and levels of attainment at a variety of venues across the borough of Richmond upon Thames.’ Music Section held Early March.


* Richmond upon Thames Performing Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of this Record)252

Established 1968: ‘9 recitals take place each year with Autumn, Spring and Summer Series in the unique Music Room at Ripley Arts Centre, carrying on the tradition of live music at Ripley ... “Bromley Arts Council” was founded in 1965 to maintain, improve and develop the arts in Bromley. The Bromley Arts Council owns and manages Ripley Arts Centre ... where it is based’.


* Ripley Recitals
VISITS (to Website)110
Also indexedBromley Arts Council | Ripley Arts Centre
VIEWS (of this Record)404

Founded 1926: ‘Admission to The Royal Ballet School is based purely on talent and potential with no exceptionally talented young person turned away through lack of financial means. The School’s mission is to train and educate outstanding classical ballet dancers for The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and other top international dance companies and in doing so to set the standards in dance training, nationally and internationally. The School does this through a carefully structured eight-year course which is aligned with a strong academic education, underpinned by an extensive pastoral care programme’.


* Royal Ballet School
VISITS (to Website)150
VIEWS (of this Record)269

‘Provides a platform for solo and group performers of all ages and abilities and caters for a variety of tastes and styles, by offering some 240 classes in the main sections – Piano, Instrumental, Choral Singing, Vocal and Speech. Provision is made for beginners with little or no stage exposure, ranging through to classes for people with much more performing experience. Throughout, the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment ... Our most recent venture has been to host a series of celebrity masterclasses (one for each discipline in turn) for outstanding performers selected from amongst festival participants.’ Festival held in November.


* Sutton Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)117
VIEWS (of this Record)240

’As lead partner in the Sutton Music Hub, Sutton Music Service works with a range of partner organisations to create all kinds of opportunities for children and young people in the London Borough of Sutton to have an excellent, high quality music education ... Sutton Music Service now exists as part of Sutton Education Services Ltd (SES), a joint venture company between the London Borough of Sutton and local schools. SES will continue to be the leading provider of education support services to local schools and academies, working closely with the London Borough of Sutton, local schools and other educational settings. Sutton has a national reputation for excellence in education, and is consistently one of the best performing local authority areas in England.’


* Sutton Music Service
VISITS (to Website)358
Also indexedSutton Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)324

‘A charitable foundation which exists to promote and present an annual series of high-quality concerts in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Through its connections, Thames Concerts is able to bring world-class musicians to the Borough, and also provide an opportunity for local youth orchestras and choirs to perform. The organisation also aims to support musical education via our programme of music and other events.’


* Thames Concerts
VISITS (to Website)96
VIEWS (of this Record)165

'The two week festival is brought to you by Wandsworth Council and is the pinnacle of the brighter borough’s cultural calendar. It brings together more than 140 events, performances and productions in an array of nooks and crannies throughout Wandsworth - some indoor, some outdoor, and some truly unexpected.' Held During May.


* Wandsworth Arts Fringe
VISITS (to Website)552
VIEWS (of this Record)457

Wandsworth Schools' Music Service is based in Tooting and is the lead partner of the Wandsworth Music Education Hub. Our wide range of music programmes support the development of children's musical talents both in and out of the school environment.‘


* Wandsworth Schools’ Music Service
VISITS (to Website)176
Also indexedWandsworth Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)306

'A major biennial competition for string, woodwind and brass players aged 13-17, with many prizes, including the opportunity to win a fully-funded boarding education at Whitgift School, UK.' [2019]


* Whitgift International Music Competition
VISITS (to Website)215
VIEWS (of this Record)346

’Sixteen days at the end of November each year are devoted to glorious music-making in Wimbledon and nearby areas. The Festival period was chosen to embrace St Cecilia’s Day, November 22nd, and we like to celebrate the Patron Saint of Music with events involving the community.’


* Wimbledon International Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of this Record)239

‘A specialist world music academy for young people in London, which not only brings and teaches music from all over the world but also provides disadvantaged youth with instruments and tuition ... The World Heart Beat Music Academy envisions a world where music, as a universal form of communication, bridges cultural, political, economic and linguistic barriers.‘


* World Heart Beat Music Academy
VISITS (to Website)145
VIEWS (of this Record)246

'A Putney choir open to everyone, it has established itself in the music scene of South West London. They give four concerts a year, usually March, June, October and December. There is a 4-6 week lead into each concert ... There are no auditions, and all that is required is a love of singing and a sense of commitment.  If you’re worried about not having much musical experience please don’t be – there are plenty of strong singers sprinkled amongst the choir to carry you through, and we always achieve a very high standard!'


+ 1885 Singers & Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)62
VIEWS (of this Record)115

‘We are an outstanding choir firmly established in the heart of our community of Wimbledon. We perform a broad spectrum of classical music to a very high standard ... Alongside leading players and soloists we give both orchestral and unaccompanied concerts up to four times per year, making a significant contribution to the cultural life of our community ... Entry to the choir is by audition. Auditions are conducted in a relaxed environment and auditionees are asked to sing a short prepared aria or song, to undertake some simple vocal exercises and a short sight-reading test.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Academy Choir Wimbledon
VISITS (to Website)190
VIEWS (of this Record)326

‘Our music covers a very wide range, from Abba to Bach, and includes films and shows, light opera, traditional folk tunes, and arrangements of the classics or pop compilations. For players this provides variety and interest – while to those who book the band we can offer a choice of programme to suit any occasion. ASCB gives performances throughout the year at both indoor and outdoor events, in a variety of venues from bandstands to shopping centres, and including local churches, community halls and schools. We help several charities with fundraising.’


+ All Saints' Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)440

'Founded 1992 ... Consists of between fifty and sixty singers from all over mid and west Kent from various choirs and choral societies, as well as a number of people who have had little previous experience of singing. Although the choir works to a very high standard, there are no auditions, and all are welcome to attend rehearsals ... The Choir has given three or four concerts, usually with All Saints' Festival Orchestra each year.'


Category Choral Societies
+ All Saints' Festival Choir & Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)215
VIEWS (of this Record)567

Founded 1981: ‘A small chamber choir based in the Bromley area, with all ages of singers, performing an adventurous repertoire to the highest standard ... We would be delighted to receive applications from experienced choral singers with good sight reading ability ... The choir currently promotes four concerts each year. In addition to these, the Allegri Singers are pleased to accept a number of invitations to perform at corporate or private functions and at commemorative services in return for a contribution to choir funds. From time to time, we also sing weekend services at a British cathedral’.


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Allegri Singers
VISITS (to Website)201
VIEWS (of this Record)296

'We are an amateur choir which has been performing in South West London since 1952. We continue to put on regular concerts three times a year. Our aim is to perform programmes with a wide variety of works from all periods, from the familiar to the less well-known. Where possible, local artistes have been involved in solo, vocal and instrumental capacities in our concerts, and local composers have featured in our programmes.'

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Barnes Choir
VISITS (to Website)397
VIEWS (of this Record)446

‘The Band was founded in 1979 and has a membership of around 40 wind, brass and percussion players ... amateur players from South-West London who enjoy practising and performing a wide range of wind band music from contemporary to classical, films and shows.  The Band support the activities of local community organisations and regularly play in the summer on bandstands.  We  also invite audiences to formal concerts so we can tackle the more challenging pieces in the wind band repertoire.’


+ Barnes Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)146
VIEWS (of this Record)169

'A friendly and motivated choir with an enviable reputation. Our repertoire is varied and exciting and we perform with professional orchestras and world-class soloists ... We are ambitious and, although we do not audition, we take our music and our performances seriously. We approach our rehearsals and sectionals with enthusiasm and we aim to give performances of the highest possible standard for our audiences; with every member, whatever their experience, valued and making a contribution. We now perform three concerts a year ... Our entry criteria are the ability to read music, great passion for classical choral works, commitment to rehearsals and an expectation to learn your notes at home; and the eagerness to sell tickets to everyone you know!'


Category Choral Societies
+ Battersea Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)436
Also indexedThomas's Choral Society
VIEWS (of this Record)634

‘A mixed voice choir of about 80 voices founded in 1960. While we sing a varied repertoire, we are best known for our spirited performances of the great and exciting choral works.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Beckenham Chorale
VISITS (to Website)304
VIEWS (of this Record)619

Founded 1977: ‘Over the years the band has continued to grow and now draws from a regular membership of over forty musicians.The Band averages around eight concerts per year, many of these performances, both indoor and outdoor, are in aid of local charities ... We are always on the look out for new players of at least grade 6 standard or above to strengthen the Band, although we are always happy to talk to players who need some band experience to bring themselves up to this standard ... There is also scope for solo work with the band and we have a number of small break out groups including a brass quintet, flute ensemble and a mixed wind ensemble who perform at some of our concerts’.


+ Beckenham Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)136
VIEWS (of this Record)270

‘Established in 1993 to provide an opportunity for girls and boys aged six to eleven to enjoy music making away from a school environment and to perform different styles of singing in a variety of venues. At least a dozen schools are usually represented. The Youth Voices began in 2004 for the 11+ age group. It gives a continuing role for older children and gives extra scope and a wider range of music for us all to enjoy.'

+ Beckenham Junior Choir
VISITS (to Website)205
Also indexedBeckenham Youth Voices
VIEWS (of this Record)438

‘Concert choir with a well-established reputation for quality performance and musical education ... Our aim is to help boys discover their musical abilities in an environment that encourages them to have fun while avoiding the peer pressure that can sometimes discourage them from singing at school. To achieve that the choir is​ completely independent of any school or church, financed entirely from subscriptions and donations and receives no funding from statutory bodies ... The choir perform an average of 10 concerts per year around Bromley and in central London, take part in local and national competitions, and tour abroad.’


+ Bromley Boy Singers
VISITS (to Website)139
VIEWS (of this Record)256

‘Keeping Music Live since 1953!’ Typically half a dozen concerts per annum, often at Bandstands around and about Bromley: ‘We can tailor our programme to suit your venue and audience, and we are well known for entertaining crowds with music that people love. We can perform outdoors as well as indoors and provide all our own equipment‘.


+ Bromley Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)161
VIEWS (of this Record)264

Bromley Philharmonic Choir is always eager to welcome new singers. There is no audition, but all new members are on ‘probation’ for the first few weeks whilst we work out which part of the Choir would suit them best. A reasonable ability to sight-read music is an advantage, but not essential: some members have been unable to read music at all.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Bromley Philharmonic Choir
VISITS (to Website)204
VIEWS (of this Record)380

‘Founded after the First World War, and has developed into one of the most distinguished non-professional orchestras in the country. It has earned a high reputation for concerts of professional standard. Over the years, the BSO has worked with very many internationally famous musicians, including Sir Adrian Boult, Norman Del Mar, Albert Sammons, Dennis Brain, Kathleen Ferrier, Paul Tortelier, Ralph Holmes, Hugh Bean, Emma Johnson, Leslie Howard, Janice Watson and Sir Donald McIntyre.’


+ Bromley Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)195
VIEWS (of this Record)269

Founded 1988: ‘We are a friendly choir which rehearses on Monday evenings ... Our choir sings in SATB and we have vacancies in all parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). We do not have auditions but we have a probationary period of one month to see how we get on ... We perform three main concerts per year. All monies raised at our concerts go to local or national charities’.


Category Community Choirs
+ Bromley Œcumenical Singers
VISITS (to Website)118
VIEWS (of this Record)275

Access to details of over 40 ‘structured bands, choirs, chamber music, keyboard classes, orchestras, & music theatre, for all ages and abilities including adults’ offered by “Bromley Youth Music Trust”.


+ BYMT Ensembles
VISITS (to Website)140
Also indexedBromley Youth Music Trust
VIEWS (of this Record)304

‘A chamber choir that specialises in performing unaccompanied English music. We are also known for the wide range of music that we tackle - from band-accompanied Broadway shows to opera excerpts. The choir was formed in 1968, is based in Richmond-upon-Thames ... We perform at least five public concerts each calendar year ... Membership of Cantanti Camerati is limited to 36 singers and entry is by audition. All members are expected to make a commitment to regular attendance at rehearsals and concerts. Vacancies occasionally arise in all voices: singers are invited to contact us, and try us out as deputies initially - we are a friendly group!’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Cantanti Camerati
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of this Record)248

‘A friendly amateur choir of over 100 members, rehearsing weekly ... We are always pleased to welcome new singers in all voices and do not require auditions. We put on at least four concerts a year, usually including two major choral works with professional orchestra and soloists, a summer concert of a lighter nature; and a Christmas concert.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Carshalton Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)122
VIEWS (of this Record)355

‘A professionally directed, amateur chamber choir of approximately thirty voices. Its repertoire spans over four centuries, from the Renaissance to the present day, and includes a wide range of sacred and secular music. The choir is based in Hampton Hill, Middlesex, on the outskirts of London ... The choir performs both in the UK and abroad with performances including both concerts and church services. The choir is always interested in finding new venues.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Concordia Voices
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of this Record)209

'Established in 1960 and with a current membership of approximately sixty, the Croydon Bach Choir is one of the leading choral societies in the South East. Each season we perform a number of concerts in Croydon, including works by Bach but also a diverse range of other choral repertoire, generally engaging professional soloists and orchestras ...'


Category Choral Societies
+ Croydon Bach Choir
VISITS (to Website)171
VIEWS (of this Record)455

‘An amateur community wind band founded in 1973 ... Welcomes all wind and percussion players of all ages and standards to its rehearsals on Wednesday evenings in West Croydon. There are no auditions. We are entirely self-supporting and financed through membership subscriptions and revenue from concerts. The Band is available for hire for corporate, community or charitable events and concerts can be indoors or outdoors. There is an extensive repertoire from which to choose.’


+ Croydon Symphonic Band
VISITS (to Website)99
VIEWS (of this Record)127

‘Croydon’s finest amateur orchestra ... The Society was founded in 1920 by Dr.W.H.Reed, from the String Players Club that had been formed in 1905 by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor ... The members of the CSO come from all walks of life and are very welcoming to new players ... Anyone thinking of joining can come along to one or two rehearsals before committing any money, so there is no need to be shy!! String players are always welcome and wind and brass vacancies occur from time to time ... Our annual open rehearsals are especially designed for potential new members to come and “try us out”.’


+ Croydon Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)127
VIEWS (of this Record)237

'Attracting players from all over the South East of England, the band nonetheless retains a core of long-standing members. The band is firmly rooted in its community and every year raises substantial amounts for local charities ... Amongst tough completion, we were proud to have been the first UK band to enter the European Championship for Wind Orchestras [2016] ... We are very proud of our achievement, to have pushed ourselves well beyond our comfort zone and to be the first band to represent the UK in Europe.'

+ Eynsford Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)182
VIEWS (of this Record)444

‘A friendly amateur orchestra based in South East London. We play full orchestral music, mostly from the classical and romantic periods, as well as some baroque and modern pieces, including film scores. HSO give three concerts a year, each with nine weekly rehearsals ... We are a very warm and inclusive orchestra, made up of players of all ages from students to senior citizens.’


+ Hayes Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)135
VIEWS (of this Record)240

‘Founded in 1949 by a small band of employees of the Milk Marketing Board in Thames Ditton, Surrey. They had been enthusiastic members of the Milk Marketing Board’s Theatrical Group, which was disbanded early in that year, a victim of that period of post war austerity ... The Society has gone from strength to strength ... and has produced and performed a diverse array of shows, from the traditional Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in the early days, to modern day musical theatre successes.’ [National Operatic & Dramatic Association]

+ Hinchley Manor Operatic Society
VISITS (to Website)58
VIEWS (of this Record)97

'An award-winning female choir that has been delighting audiences and adjudicators at concerts and competitions for 25 years. Based in Sutton in Surrey, we were British Adult Choir of the Year finalists in 2008, winners of the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition in 2010, and winners of Bournemouth Choir of the Year in 2016 – and we've got plenty of exciting plans for the future! ... We welcome enquiries from all voices throughout the year. Sight-reading is not essential, but previous singing experience is preferred. Come and sing with us for a few weeks, and if you enjoy our company and our repertoire, then an informal audition can be arranged.'


Category Ladies Choirs
+ Impromtu Ladies Choir
VISITS (to Website)185
VIEWS (of this Record)507

‘We are a choir of about 40 voices ... We have an interesting and wide ranging repertoire, for example music by Handel, Bach, Mozart, John Rutter, Britten and Karl Jenkins. Classical pieces include choruses from Opera, Oratorios and Cantatas. We also perform lighter songs both in concert and for charity ... We are an all age choir (anyone aged 16 years or more is welcome) with choral members from a wide range of backgrounds ... There are no auditions; we just ask that you can sing in tune. Reading music is an advantage but not a necessity, as learning audio files are available for each voice part.‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Jubilate Choir [Croydon]
VISITS (to Website)120
VIEWS (of this Record)342

‘A ladies a cappella group of singers based in Bromley ... We rehearse on Monday evening ... For the first few weeks come along to listen. Join in as and when you feel comfortable. You will be given music and a teach track of a song from our current repertoire. Once you have learned it you will be asked to audition alongside other experienced singers, primarily to check that you can "hold your own" against the other singers and that you can adapt your voice to blend with others.’


+ Just Voices A Cappella Singers
VISITS (to Website)180
VIEWS (of this Record)291

'Brings together professional and talented amateur musicians to perform orchestral chamber music in the local community. Our repertoire comprises popular masterworks as well as great but lesser known compositions from the 18th century to the present day. We aim to give a platform to the best of young soloists ...'


+ Kew Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of this Record)439

‘The KCO was formed in 1986, as a chamber orchestra responding to the need for the performance of classical music in Kingston upon Thames and the wider district, and a near professional standard of orchestra to attract serious instrumentalists who wish to perform on a regular basis ... Since its formation the KCO has played a wide range of orchestral music, from baroque and classical, through the Romantic era, to contemporary music from the last century. We aim for a balance between the familiar and the new, and have a long tradition of first performances of music by local composers, often of astonishing inventiveness and musicality ... The Kingston Chamber Orchestra has been the Associate Orchestra of Kingston University since 2013. Rehearsal time is given to perform compositions of members of the music faculty. Members of the University play with the orchestra.‘


+ Kingston Chamber Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)147
Also indexedKingston University
VIEWS (of this Record)300

‘One of Surrey’s leading choirs, focussing on high-quality classical concerts. Kingston Choral Society is a vibrant, friendly mixed-voice choir based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. We give four concerts a year, mostly in Kingston and Surbiton, but also in Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, performing with professional orchestras and soloists of the highest calibre. Our concerts cover a wide range of music from the 17th century through to the present day, including new works. We have about 130 singers and welcome new members.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Kingston Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)58
VIEWS (of this Record)181

‘We're a friendly bunch, and we always welcome new members ... Normally a technique approaching Grade 8 standard is expected, but equally important is experience of, and ability in, ensemble playing. There is an informal audition process for all wind and brass. String players are not normally asked to audition but to attend two taster rehearsals, after which the player may be invited to join ... We play a wide range of music. Typically we will open a concert with an overture, followed by a concerto, often with a guest soloist, then play a symphony in the 2nd half ... Our "season" consists of concerts in Autumn, Spring and Summer.‘


+ Kingston Philharmonia
VISITS (to Website)146
VIEWS (of this Record)160

‘Founded as Kingston U3A orchestra ... in 2010 to encourage amateur musicians to enjoy playing in retirement. It became a fully independent organisation in 2014 and adopted a new name, Kingston Third Age Orchestra. The new name reflects the age group of the majority of our players, but we are keen to recruit younger players who are free during the day and able to attend Wednesday morning rehearsals ... The orchestra has about 40 members, mostly in the Grade 6 - 8 range.’

+ Kingston Third Age Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)190
VIEWS (of this Record)265

‘The Choir of the world-famous London Welsh Rugby Club has established itself over the past decade as one of the premier male voice performers in the UK. Highlights include: a tour with the 2005 British and Irish Lions in New Zealand; further high-profile tours to Scandinavia, Asia and across Europe; several appearances on national radio and television; as well as its defining moment, performing at the 2012 London Olympics in front of a worldwide audience of more than one billion. With strong ties to both their Welsh roots and the exile community centred around London Welsh’s famous Old Deer Park, the choir continues to spread its love of music to old and young alike.’


+ London Welsh Rugby Club Choir
VISITS (to Website)266
VIEWS (of this Record)235

Founded 1989: ‘We are a mixed-voice choir with particular emphasis on a cappella music, with a repertoire embracing the music of seven centuries, from Byrd to Britten, Tallis to Tippett, Ramsay to Rutter. As a small chamber choir, we perform up to six concerts a year, and aim to have between 25 and 30 singers in each performance ... In recent years, the Music Makers have been invited to work with trainee conductors from the Royal Academy of Music. The Choir has also sponsored a young choral scholar and appeared in music festivals in London and across the country. We also encourage new music-making by contemporary composers ... We welcome new members with open arms so, if you have a passion for singing, we would love to hear from you’.

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Music Makers of London
VISITS (to Website)164
VIEWS (of this Record)268

Founded 2008: ‘The Group is in essence a Symphonic Concert Band based in Croydon with an aim to give players an opportunity to play wind band music to a high level ... The repertoire is varied ranging from wind band classics and marches to classical, popular and modern compositions and arrangements and we aim to add new music to our library on a regular basis ... The Ensemble, as with most bands, does a few engagements a year to raise funds to buy new music and equipment such as percussion kit and banners’.


+ Norwood Wind Ensemble
VISITS (to Website)90
VIEWS (of this Record)244

'A choir of some seventy voices over a wide age range. Anyone who has a love of singing is invited to come along and see how they get on. There are no formal auditions.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Orpington Chorale
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of this Record)549

'Founded in 1949 ... The orchestra is now a fully independent organisation although it originally came under the auspices of Orpington and District Adult Education Centre, subsequently becoming part of Bromley Adult Education College. Throughout its life, the orchestra has been supported by Bromley Arts Council ... The orchestra has established a regular pattern of three concerts: one in December, one in March, and the final concert of the season, in June.'

+ Orpington Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)169
VIEWS (of this Record)341

‘We’re a London based group offering a wide range of music. From traditional brass band and classical, to pop covers and TV themes, we play it all – and of course it wouldn’t be a brass band without the occasional march! Although only founded in 2017, the band has over 20 members and rehearses weekly, with regular social trips and gigs. We’re a friendly bunch and always open to new players coming along, so get in touch.’


+ Putney & Wimbledon Brass Band
VISITS (to Website)129
VIEWS (of this Record)243

‘A full-size non-professional symphony orchestra performing concerts in and around Richmond-upon-Thames, London ... The Richmond Orchestra performs four concerts a year with a wide ranging repertoire plus several other musical events ... Recent examples: * Public concerts in which primary-age children join with us to play and sing a varied and lively repertoire; * Workshop evenings in which talented young soloists join us to play a concerto, often with an orchestra for the first time; * Open rehearsals (including a performance) in aid of funds for the chosen venue; * First rehearsal performances of works by young composers; * Non-stop Play-ins lasting 4 hours to raise funds jointly with a partner Charity.’

+ Richmond Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)115
VIEWS (of this Record)263

‘Two Teams of Handbell Ringers are based at All Saints' Church, Sanderstead, Surrey: The SAS Ringers; Sanderstead 2 O'Clock Bells. Both teams of bell ringers use four octaves of American Handbells and a 2 octave set of hand chimes ... and give performances locally at a variety of venues.’


Category Handbell Ringers
+ Sanderstead Handbell Ringers
VISITS (to Website)255
VIEWS (of this Record)527

Shirley Singers (formerly known as Springpark Choral Society) is a lively, friendly and welcoming choir. We sing music from the shows, light classical music and both traditional and modern carols at Christmas. There are no auditions ... We give two concerts a year ... Around the time of each concert we visit local care homes and entertain the residents with a shorter version of the concert. We may also take part in other local events.‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Shirley Singers of Croydon
VISITS (to Website)103
Also indexedSpringpark Choral Society
VIEWS (of this Record)206

Founded 2012: ‘One of south London’s leading orchestras with a reputation for exciting, high quality concerts. Our concerts feature great pieces of classical music by composers such as Beethoven, Bruch, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Weber. SELO is equally at home with the music of the twentieth-century, performing works by Bartok, Copland, Debussy, Nielsen, Ravel and Sibelius ... Based in Beckenham, we have many members from the local area and others from further afield. Our short rehearsal periods ... are designed to appeal to busy musicians, and rehearsals are a fine balance of hard work and enjoyment’.


+ South East London Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)175
VIEWS (of this Record)258

'The area's longest established concert band, having been formed in 1968 ... A warm and friendly environment where enjoyment of music is a central ethos, people tend to stay once they join ... We don't have entry restrictions but the standard of the band means that a grade 5 or above is advised. As we are a community band the number of players can change as people move in and out of the area. Even if we don't have any current vacancies, please feel free to get in touch and we'll keep your details on file should a space become free ... The Band enjoys playing at a variety of events both in the local area and further afield.'



+ South London Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)48
VIEWS (of this Record)92

‘We are an amateur orchestra based in Croydon ... The orchestra takes pride in offering a friendly welcome to all musicians of a suitable standard.  Competent sight reading skills are needed. No audition is required, but players are welcome to come along to a few rehearsals on a trial basis before they commit to being members ... The orchestra performs regularly in public several times a year.‘


+ South London Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)142
VIEWS (of this Record)431

‘A small chamber choir based in Beckenham in the south-east London borough of Bromley ... The SLS tackles a wide-ranging repertoire encompassing sacred and secular music by composers of all periods from the 15th century to the present. It concentrates on works that are either unaccompanied or performed with an organ or small instrumental ensemble. English music is a strong element in our programming, but works by a wide cross-section of continental and non-European composers are also performed. The choir has given well-received performances of baroque works, romantic partsongs, and American music. Programmes are designed to complement, rather than compete with, the activities of larger choral societies.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ South London Singers
VISITS (to Website)88
VIEWS (of this Record)267

‘We are a long-established group of singers based in Balham, South London. We welcome any new singers to come along and give us a try without an audition ... During each of three yearly terms, we rehearse a different work or set of works, culminating in a performance usually in one of Wandsworth’s churches. We sing a variety of choral music and aim to make it enjoyable for performers and audience alike.‘

Category Choral Societies
+ South West London Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)133
VIEWS (of this Record)163

'Beckenham’s professional chamber orchestra resident at St. George’s Church ... The orchestra is drawn from an extraordinarily talented, experienced and versatile pool of musicians, a large number of whom are past winners of prestigious awards and musical competitions in the UK and elsewhere. Many either are or have been members of the leading London orchestras and a significant number are principals in those orchestras. Many others are members of Britain’s best known chamber ensembles.'


+ St George's Chamber Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of this Record)398

'Founded in 1944, Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra (SYO) is probably the longest-established youth orchestra in Surrey and London. We aim to provide an orchestral environment which is challenging, fun, friendly and supportive, in which young musicians of all backgrounds can develop their skills and nurture a lifelong love of music. Our name comes from our original home in the leafy suburb of Stoneleigh, near Epsom in Surrey. We moved to our current home in Wimbledon in 2003. We now have over 150 members, from the ages of 9 to 18, drawn from about 60 schools all over Surrey and London. We rehearse on Sunday afternoons during term time, perform three concerts a year in some of the best concert halls in and around London, and work with leading professional musicians.'

+ Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)187
VIEWS (of this Record)352

‘Seeks to provide: * Opera to a high professional standard in Surrey, Sussex and Kent - at affordable prices; * Opportunities for young singers, directors and designers in the early stages of their careers; * The chance for young people to explore opera through workshops, collaboration and reduced ticket prices ... We stage two productions a year at a variety of venues ... We are always looking for experienced and enthusiastic chorus singers ... A short and simple audition is required. Chorus rehearsals, which are held in the Croydon area, take place on Monday evenings and also on Thursdays closer to productions.’


Category Croydon
+ Surrey Opera
VISITS (to Website)100
VIEWS (of this Record)354

'An amateur orchestra which aims to provide the opportunity for players of a reasonable standard to experience rehearsing and performing works from the orchestral repertoire. SSO believes making music should be fun but challenging ... The Orchestra performs three major public concerts per year within the London Borough of Sutton.'

+ Sutton Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)142
VIEWS (of this Record)347

‘Aims to provide enjoyable concerts for local audiences and musicians in south west London. The chosen programme tends to include Western “classical” repertoires, but frequently contains “ethnic” compositions or instruments. This approach lends itself to the Musical Director's desire to give meaning to the phrase “West meets East”. The orchestra members consist of retired professionals, music teachers and keen amateurs.’


+ Thames Philharmonia Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)162
VIEWS (of this Record)270

‘Founded in 1964, and the regularly auditioned membership includes singers of all ages. It aims for exciting programming and high standards, and performs with orchestras and soloists of the best quality. The choir's repertoire includes Renaissance music, choral-orchestral classics of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, new works, cathedral music and other styles. The choir sings at full strength of about 100 voices in large-scale concerts, and in smaller groups for other events.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Thames Philharmonic Choir
VISITS (to Website)97
VIEWS (of this Record)218

Founded in 2005: 'TYO now has a large permanent staff of highly-respected professional musicians and comprises more than eighty young musicians drawn from numerous local schools. Its ethos is defined by a challenging, adventurous approach to programming, which combines well-established large-scale orchestral favourites with twentieth century rarities and new commissions'.

+ Thames Youth Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)223
VIEWS (of this Record)280

The Hill Singers work with young professional soloists and perform three public concerts a year ... We are a well-established chamber choir ... part of the vibrant musical life of Merton ... Interest in choral music has increased dramatically in the last few years and the choices available for singers and are very wide ranging. Our choir is, currently, around 30 voices strong, ranging from people relatively new to choral singing to some very experienced choral singers. There has never been a better time to join a choir, so come and see how we work. You will receive a warm welcome.’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ The Hill Singers
VISITS (to Website)107
VIEWS (of this Record)263

‘A friendly thriving choir of over 100 voices drawing singers of all ages from a wide area of West London. Programmes are chosen to provide the opportunity to sing great works from the choral repertoire as well as to explore less familiar music, ranging from Renaissance to the present day. Members are regularly canvassed for ideas and preferences ... If you are interested in joining, please come along and sing with us at one or two of our Thursday rehearsals. The procedure is that the conductor will ask you to pass a brief voice test when you have found your feet. A basic knowledge of music is necessary, but perfect sight reading or a voice like Pavarotti's is not! There is no need to prepare a piece.’

+ Twickenham Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)158
VIEWS (of this Record)269

‘Vasari Singers is among the leading chamber choirs in Britain. Our repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary which we sing with passion and sensitivity, to exacting standards and considerable acclaim. We enjoy performing concerts in major venues in London as well as elsewhere in the UK; singing services at cathedrals, including an annual visit to Canterbury; adding to our extensive and critically acclaimed discography; and touring other parts of Europe.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Vasari Singers
VISITS (to Website)160
VIEWS (of this Record)242

'We perform three to four concerts a year in Putney and Earlsfield in the South West of London. We largely perform post-classical era works that give interest to every section of the orchestra. We are a society for fluent and advanced amateur players  ...'


+ Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)185
VIEWS (of this Record)450

‘Produces a musical production each Spring and Autumn ... We also have a thriving Variety Music Hall group which perform at venues in Bromley and Croydon and regularly visit theatres across the South East. We stage a mix of traditional and modern shows - and always the WWOS chorus is praised for it's vocal talent and energy on stage - join us or audition for a lead, let us know! We'll invite you to the shows we stage, and you can find details of how to join us and perform on one of the largest and most professional stages in London!’


+ West Wickham Operatic Society
VISITS (to Website)174
VIEWS (of this Record)554

Founded 1975: ‘There are no auditions. We encourage people to join us for one or more rehearsals on a trial basis. Many of the present members have excellent sight-reading ability, but this is a skill which comes with practice, so anyone interested in joining should not be deterred if their sight-reading is less than perfect. The size of the choir is usually somewhere between twenty and thirty. On occasions we invite guest singers to join us when larger forces are needed. Our philosophy has always been to perform music which is a little off the beaten track’.

Category Merton
+ Wimbledon Chamber Choir
VISITS (to Website)78
VIEWS (of this Record)162

'We are a choir of 180 or so members drawn from a wide range of ages, professions and backgrounds, and have a reputation for giving concerts of the highest quality presented with professional soloists and orchestras ... The musical season runs from September to June and typically consists of three main concerts in major venues in and around London and a local Christmas concert in the Wimbledon area. As well as promoting its own concerts, the choir is invited regularly to participate in other events with several of Britain’s leading orchestras and in collaboration with other choirs.'


Category Choral Societies
+ Wimbledon Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of this Record)272

‘Singing rallies the spirit and is a tonic for body and soul - so let us sing together!  Wimbledon Community Chorus is a not-for-profit community choir, accessible to all members of the Wimbledon community regardless of ability or experience. No auditions! ... We have been singing anything uplifting, including folk, pop, world, choral and and soul music ... New members always welcome.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Wimbledon Community Chorus
VISITS (to Website)161
VIEWS (of this Record)799

'We perform three to four concerts a year in Putney and Earlsfield in the South West of London. We largely perform post-classical era works that give interest to every section of the orchestra. We are a society for fluent and advanced amateur players under the guidance of our professional Musical Director/Conductor and Leader. Occasionally we perform with soloists.'


+ Wimbledon Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)284
VIEWS (of this Record)284

‘Set up in September 2015 to give keen young singers in the Wimbledon area the chance to sing a wide variety of repertoire, centred on classical music and extending to gospel, jazz and pop arrangements, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Rehearsals take place in the beautiful and historic church of St Mary's, Wimbledon ... WYC performs in St Mary's and other local churches, but also further afield, in venues across central London and the rest of the UK.’

+ Wimbledon Youth Choir
VISITS (to Website)151
VIEWS (of this Record)212

'All Saints has a strong musical tradition going back hundreds of years. By the sixteenth century All Saints had a choir which walked in ceremonial processions and sang at special services ...  Over the past half-century the range and quality of music has continued to grow, and in 1988 an organ by the distinguished Danish builder Erik Frobenius was installed, securing All Saints as Kingston’s leading venue for concerts as well as other dramatic and artistic events. The choir continues and is known nationally for the quality of its music making and sings an extensive repertoire. As well as contributing to the worship of the church, it makes broadcasts and recordings, has excellent connections with local schools and has regularly produced choral scholars at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.'


Category Churches
@ All Saints Kingston
VISITS (to Website)393
VIEWS (of this Record)423

‘Music is an integral part of the worship and life of our church. Bromley Parish Church has a strong musical tradition with an excellent choir, magnificent organ and bellringers and hosts a range of recitals during the year ... The pages in the Music section will give you a good appreciation of our activities. The Event pages also give further details.’


Category Churches
@ Bromley Parish Church
VISITS (to Website)206
VIEWS (of this Record)290

‘The Canbury bandstand concerts are back this summer and bigger and better than ever. Relax by the river and listen to local talent set the mood for a summer by the river. There will be a huge variety of local bands providing a musical banquet from jazz to brass, soul music to an accordion orchestra - there will be something for everyone.’

@ Canbury Bandstand Kingston
VISITS (to Website)155
VIEWS (of this Record)199

Croydon Minster has over 90 singers involved in four choirs. The Choir of Men & Boys, the Girls' Choir, the Choral Scholars and Lay Clerks sing five choral services each week, give regular concerts throughout the year, and have toured, broadcast and recorded. The church boasts a fine 4-manual organ by the celebrated 19th century organ-builder William Hill, and has a distinguished track record of sending young organists to Oxbridge and music colleges.‘


Category Churches
@ Croydon Minster
VISITS (to Website)171
VIEWS (of this Record)239

‘Fairfield Halls is south London’s largest arts centre. Following a multi-million-pound redevelopment Fairfield Halls will be at the heart of Croydon’s new cultural and education quarter. The venue houses a playhouse, concert hall, studio spaces, rehearsal rooms, restaurants, bars and business lounge. Offering a wide range of performances and facilities including classical performances, concerts, comedy, drama, community shows, conferences, weddings and events.’


@ Fairfield Halls
VISITS (to Website)54
VIEWS (of this Record)149

‘Situated on Kew Green, adjacent to the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens, stands our fine Church building. With its historic Royal connections and many monuments Saint Anne’s Church witnesses to the Christian faith and its central place, both past and present, in Kew community life. Standing in the inclusive High Church tradition with an emphasis on well-ordered choral liturgy St Anne’s offers a warm welcome to all comers.‘


Category Churches
@ St Anne's Kew Green
VISITS (to Website)90
VIEWS (of this Record)214

'St Barnabas is working with a growing list of Partners to bring a wealth of public events to this stunning venue ... This has included a Burns Night Celebration Dinner, a number of concerts and recitals, as well as a Wine Tasting and Tapas evening ... The building can comfortably sit 300 for a concert, lecture, etc. We have a sound system for speaker events, and a good acoustic.'

Category Churches
@ St Barnabas Beckenham
VISITS (to Website)249
VIEWS (of this Record)517

‘As well as hosting concerts by external groups, St John’s runs an organ recital series and is the venue for many of the concerts of its partners, the London Mozart Players and the Central Band of the Royal British Legion. We also run a series of coffee concerts on the first Saturday of every month.’


Category Churches
@ St John the Evangelist Upper Norwood
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of this Record)328

'St Mary’s Choir has a long tradition of providing first rate music for the services. Indeed, St Mary’s is one of the few remaining choirs in England still to sing Choral Mattins regularly as well as the more usual services of Eucharist and Evensong ... St Mary’s is honoured to have a large and quite superb ‘Father’ Willis pipe organ of three manuals and pedals, built in 1889 by “Father” Henry Willis – one of the greatest of English organ-builders in the Nineteenth Century – to a specification and quality closely similar to the renowned organ of Truro Cathedral (built two years earlier by the same distinguished Company) ... Concerts and recitals are a feature of Parish life; a regular series being arranged throughout the year.'


Category Churches
@ St Mary's Ewell
VISITS (to Website)244
VIEWS (of this Record)512

'Holds music recitals every Sunday lunchtime at 1 pm for 30 minutes for the benefit of visitors to Hampton Court Palace and members of Historic Royal Palaces. The recitals given include organ, piano, solo orchestral instruments, ensembles or vocalists.'


@ The Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace
VISITS (to Website)62
VIEWS (of this Record)108

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