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- Brent Music Service Ensembles and Choirs

- Regent Brass


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- Ealing Abbey Choir

- Ealing Chamber Music Club


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- Bishopshalt School


Category Hillingdon
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'A very active organisation, providing a wide variety of innovative programmes and activities including concerts at Wembley Arena, rock and pop festivals, solo competitions, choir competitions, guest performances at local events, participation in national events, as well as international tours ... Brent Music Service is also the lead partner of the Brent Music Education Hub.'

* Brent Music Service
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Also indexedBrent Music Education Hub
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'A national performing arts company that specialises in creating brand new music theatre. We work across the UK and Ireland with leading industry professionals to offer unique opportunities and high-quality training to young singers, actors, dancers and musicians as well as emerging artists and stage technicians.'  Formerly Youth Music Theatre UK.

* British Youth Music Theatre
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Also indexedYouth Music Theatre UK
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'Music at Brunel University focuses on developing a rounded twenty-first century musicianship. Our programmes are centred on the music of our time, but are also informed by a broader understanding of the history and materials of western music and of other musical traditions.’

* Department of Music [Brunel]
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Also indexedBrunel University London
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‘We aim to foster and promote: * the maintenance, improvement and development of artistic endeavour; * the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts in the London Borough of Ealing. To this end, we assist and encourage the promotion of artistic activities by amateur organisations, individuals and professional groups ... Under the presidency of the Mayor of Ealing, membership is open to organisations within the borough which support the objects of Ealing Arts & Leisure.


* Ealing Arts & Leisure
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'An annual competitive event for performers of all ages. It takes place during April and May of each year at a range of venues in the London Borough of Ealing.'


* Ealing Festival of Music, Dance, Speech and Drama
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'Live guitar music since 1969 in West London ... on (almost) every first Sunday of each month.'


Category Guitar Societies
* Ealing Guitar Society
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'Provides children and young people with musical training, in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Our school is in West London where nearly 400 students between the ages of 3 and 18 meet on Saturday mornings.'


* Ealing Junior Music School
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'Aims to provide local schools and young people in the community with high quality music lessons, activities and other innovative, culturally diverse and accessible services ... In September 2012, Ealing Music Service were successful in the bid to be the Lead Partner for the Ealing Music Partnership Hub and secured annual funding from Arts Council England. Ealing Music Partnership's vision is to secure a rich musical legacy for all its children and young people – maximising the potential of every child through collaborative music making, rejuvenating professional learning to secure confidence in the workforce and accelerating progression pathways for our most talented young musicians.'


* Ealing Music Service
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Also indexedEaling Music Education Hub
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‘The aim of the Club is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of recorded music in the company of other music lovers.’ Monthly evening meetings (except August).


* Harrow Music Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Formed in September 2012 with Harrow Music Service as the lead organisation. It works to review music education for young people in Harrow, offer more opportunities and support others who do the same. It includes a lot of different organisations involved in contributing to music education in Harrow ... ‘We are passionate about ensuring that every child in Harrow has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, with performance opportunities and a clear route of progression available for all.‘

* Harrow Music Education Hub
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Also indexedHarrow Music Service
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'Through working in effective partnership Hillingdon Music Education Hub will provide high quality musical experiences for all of Hillingdon's children within our diverse communities ... The Hillingdon Music Hub is run as part of the music and theatres service of Hillingdon Council, which is part of the Green Spaces, Sport and Culture team within Residents' Services.'

* Hillingdon Music Hub
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)390

'Competitive festival with classes for all ages and all abilities ... The primary aim of the Festival is to encourage the study and performance of the arts. This is done by giving the opportunity for public performance of a prepared piece by an entrant and providing constructive criticism in a competitive but friendly atmosphere' Held Late October.

* Hounslow Festival of Music, Speech & Dance
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)289

‘We provide a structured, progressive programme of bands, orchestras, ensembles and choirs for pupils outside school. We also run the Saturday Morning Music School and organise concerts and festivals.'

* Hounslow Music Service
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)227

‘An annual season of short (60-70 minute) monthly recitals on Sunday afternoons at the Acton Hill Church. The series was started by Music Director Jane Schopf in 2004 to provide a venue for young musicians starting on their professional careers, many of whom have subsequently enjoyed international success in competitions and on the concert platform. The series has continued to grow and now attracts established international artists as well. Originally called the Acton Classical Music Concert Series, it was re-named in 2009 in memory of one of its most loyal supporters, Iris Axon, who generously made possible the purchase of our magnificent concert grand, handmade for us by Clive Pinkham (Cornwall). This beautiful instrument has an excellent touch and tone. The church is ideal for concerts as it has the largest unsupported wooden barrel-vault ceiling in London which brings out the middle harmonics, creating a luxuriously warm sound.’


* Iris Axon Concert Series
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)213

'A world-leading Higher Education provider, we offer exceptional vocational training to actors, stage managers, technicians, directors and designers, regardless of their background or economic circumstances. We are also an awarding organisation, delivering world-renowned qualifications in communication and performance and inspiring the next generation of confident communicators through our examinations in drama, literature and poetry.'

* London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)264

'The London College of Music is the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the UK. We offer an impressive range of innovative courses, respected worldwide and delivered with creativity and passion. Our facilities are unrivalled and so is our location - in the heart of the UK's music and media business. What's more, most of our teaching staff still work in the industry, bringing relevant and cutting-edge experience to prepare you for your own career. We are the first all-Steinway School in London.'


* London College of Music [West London]
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Also indexedUniversity of West London
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St Mary’s Perivale is a tiny, beautiful 12th century church situated close to Western Avenue in Perivale, West London. It became redundant in 1972, but has now been transformed by the Friends of St Mary's Perivale into an exceptional music venue serving West London. We have an excellent reputation for consistently superb concerts, given by many of the best musicians in London. Admission is free to all concerts (except the New Year's Day Gala), with a retiring collection, and no tickets are issued, so just turn up! We warmly invite you to visit this wonderful music venue.’


* Music at St Mary's Perivale
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)202
FEATURED: Multiple Concerts and RecitalsYes

‘Monthly series of Saturday concerts ... It comprises two strands: one is an extension of Pinner Jazz, which closed after 20 very fine seasons led by Stuart Nattrass; the other an overflow from the annual Pinner Music Festival (pmf) held in June.’


* Music in Pinner
VISITS (to the Website)183
Also indexedPinner Jazz
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)329
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Started in 1966 and held each year Mid June in Pinner Parish Church: 'Our visiting artists were very complimentary about the warmth and attentiveness of the audiences, as well as the intimacy and yet generous acoustic of the Church and the piano'.

* Pinner Music Festival
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)401

‘A lively recorded music society which meets on alternate Tuesday evenings ... Visitors are welcome as temporary members for a ... donation which is refundable on becoming a member.’ September - May.


* Ruislip Gramophone Society
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)316

The Future of the Music Section  ‘I and some of my wonderful family and voluntary helpers have been involved with the Ruislip-Northwood Festival Music Section since 2001. We have very much enjoyed meeting adjudicators, teachers, competitors and parents and hearing from time to time some outstanding performances. We hope that the Section may continue for many years to come. However we are constantly seeking fresh helpers and in due course (perhaps as soon as 2019) we shall need a new Section Secretary. If you or anyone you know might be interested in running the Section or helping with administration or at the venue on Festival days, please contact ...’ Held Early March.

* Ruislip-Northwood Festival
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)172

‘Piano lessons London at WKMT aims to spread the passion for music amongst all its students. Some of our piano students will end being professional pianists and many others will develop into wonderful piano music enthusiasts. The very purpose of our work is to make Piano lessons in London accessible to everyone ... Our passion for music doesn't stop just there. WKMT London music events are classic! All our students, sessionists, fellow performers and composers are invited to share their talent at our established and professionally recorded London Music Festivals.’

* West Kensington Music Team
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Also indexedWKMT
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)137

Founded 2003: ‘The purpose of the WLPF is to promote the study, development, appreciation and enjoyment of pianoforte performances and skills. Our annual festival aims to encourage all aspects of piano playing from the very beginners to the more advanced, and any money raised will be reimbursed to the Festival, and provide bursaries or scholarships to help further the careers of young pianists’. Held During November.


* West London Pianoforte Festival
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)84
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'A non-auditioned, all-female group of approximately 65 singers who explore well-known jazz songs from the 1930s onwards, plus other popular music. There are a variety of approaches to develop group arrangements and fluency in jazz performance.’ ... The Jazz Ensemble is ‘small auditioned jazz singing group for experienced men and women singers. A high level of commitment with rehearsal attendance and practice at home is expected‘.


Category Jazz Choirs
+ Addison Jazz Choir
VISITS (to the Website)183
Also indexedJazz Ensemble
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)313
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A non-auditioned choir open to all singers who perform much of the standard repertoire, as well as a wide range of new and more recent music, including several works written especially for them.’ Note also the Addison Chamber Choir - ‘an auditioned choir of between 20-30 voices’.

Category Choral Societies
+ Addison Singers Oratorio Choir
VISITS (to the Website)103
Also indexedAddison Chamber Choir
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)185
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'One of London’s oldest and best known amateur orchestras – we celebrated our 100th birthday in 2011. We aim for high standards of musicianship, at the same time as having fun and enjoying making music. At present, we have around 50 regular members and we are hoping to grow even larger. We are based in Kensal Green and perform four concerts a year.'

+ Brent Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)233
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)311
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Band in its traditional 30 piece Brass Band format, carries out many concerts throughout the year both indoors and out. Our 35 strong marching band is available for Parades, Carnivals and Displays. The Marching Band this year has performed at events ranging from village carnivals to formal occasions at Horse Guards Parade in London. In more recent times The Band remains active in the local community, providing concert, and parade performances for local charities and organisations.’


+ British Airways Band
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)241

‘Friendly Barbershop Harmony Club in West London. One large chorus - Capital Chorus - and numerous smaller quartets ... We are a London group of men, singing a cappella in the barbershop style.’


+ Capital Chorus
VISITS (to the Website)125
Also indexedWest London Barbershop Harmony Club
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)208

Competitive award-winning Choir: ‘The stage name of the West London Ladies Barbershop Harmony Club. Our members currently number over 30 and we sing a cappella (unaccompanied) four part harmony ... The Chorus is available to entertain at local and national events and concerts, singing a varied repertoire from popular ballads to Broadway showstoppers and from Bach to Queen! The chorus also puts on its own regular shows at local theatres. Although an amateur group, our approach and dedication are totally professional, and we are never happier than when we are doing what we do best - SINGING!’


+ Capital Connection
VISITS (to the Website)182
Also indexedWest London Ladies Barbershop Harmony Club
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)229
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Founded in 1976 in London W4 by John Thackray, a passionate musician who served as conductor for multiple London choirs ... Chiswick Choir rehearses and performs three concerts per year as the culmination of our Spring, Summer and Winter seasons. The choir is delighted to work with a variety of soloists, small ensembles and full orchestras to deliver works from our varied repertoire.‘

Category Choral Societies
+ Chiswick Choir
VISITS (to the Website)177
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)406
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Founded in 1997 ... It performs with its own period instrument orchestra and has attracted considerable acclaim for the high quality of its performances, its imaginative programming, and its ability to discover and nurture outstanding young singers. Classical Opera  launched a new strand of work under the name of The Mozartists in 2017. While Classical Opera will continue to present performances and recordings of complete operas, our other concert work will be presented by The Mozartists to reflect our expanding repertoire and ambitious plans.'

Category Opera Companies
+ Classical Opera
VISITS (to the Website)154
Also indexedThe Mozartists
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)286
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are an amateur choir, performing with world-class orchestras and soloists in Ealing, as well as Central London and occasionally abroad ... Ealing Choral Society is an auditioned choir. The auditions are a means of ensuring a certain level of ability on entry to the choir, and that these levels are maintained subsequently. Given that we are currently attracting so many new members and retaining most current members, competition for places, particularly in the soprano and alto sections, is now very strong. And with limited space in our rehearsal and performance venues, the auditions are more significant than they might have been previously.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Ealing Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)61
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)170
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Experience the satisfaction of bringing together a musical work with fellow singers and musicians, and of being able to relive the experience on CD and DVD (thanks to our technical crew who record the live performance!). Our soloists regularly come from one of the London colleges of music and it’s such a pleasure to hear them at the start of their careers. Soloists are sometimes chosen from the choir too. Our players are sometimes professionals from London orchestras but we’re delighted to work with local amateur orchestras or players as well ... We give three or four concerts each year by great composers, Mozart, Byrd, Karl Jenkins and Puccini to name but a few.‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Ealing Common Choir
VISITS (to the Website)20
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)54
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An independent voluntary orchestra based in West London usually giving around five main concerts a year. We try to do something in most concerts which is a bit out of the ordinary, without forgetting that players and audiences come to enjoy themselves, so there are plenty of popular classics as well as some fine music you may not know already.’


+ Ealing Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)73
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)159
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'An independent youth orchestra well known for its vibrant and exciting performances of a wide range of mainly 19th and 20th century symphonic works and concertos. The orchestra has about 90 members aged between 13 and 19 years from a wide range of backgrounds who attend more than 30 different schools around west London.'


+ Ealing Youth Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)173
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)305

Founded 1946: ‘In 2017 the Eastcote Choral Society changed its name to the Eastcote and Ruislip Choral Society, reflecting the fact that we rehearse in Ruislip (although we perform in Northwood Hills.) It also enables us to raise funds in Ruislip and recognises the generous support we receive from Ruislip businesses in particular ... We are always looking for new talent: Join us!’

Category Choral Societies
+ Eastcote & Ruislip Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)45
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)133
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘An amateur choir based in West London. FHCS was formed in 1951 and has grown into an ambitious 100-strong choir. Membership is open to anyone with or without choral experience ... The Choir performs three concerts each year, performing a variety of styles and in a range of venues in the local area often joined by professional orchestras and soloists. We also support local communities by singing at a variety of events and raising funds for charities.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Fulham & Hammersmith Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)58
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)249
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of London’s best brass bands! ... Formed in 1895, Fulham Brass Band has a long history of music making and strong links with the local community. We have a regular programme of concerts scheduled throughout the year, TV and film work, and frequently compete against other brass bands at venues around the country. Our friendly, sociable and accomplished ensemble always welcome brass and percussion players that are new to the London area.’


+ Fulham Brass Band
VISITS (to the Website)19
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)39
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Fulham Camerata aspires to be a distinctive amateur choir. We are a chamber choir. With relatively few voices to each part, everyone can hear themselves, hear those alongside them, and feel part of a genuinely collaborative enterprise. Fulham Camerata does not ask would-be members to audition; rather, we welcome and support new members. Over the years, we have found that “self-selection” works – and people feel confident enough to stretch themselves ... Our repertoire has included classical and contemporary, sacred and secular music and we sing with orchestras, piano and organ, and a cappella — however the spirit moves us!’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Fulham Camerata
VISITS (to the Website)64
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)149

Fulham Opera is West London's Premier Independent Opera Company, and aims to deliver high quality, imaginative stagings of large operatic works.’


Category Opera Companies
+ Fulham Opera
VISITS (to the Website)145
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)140

‘The orchestra, originally the Fulham Municipal Orchestra, gave concerts around the borough in association with Fulham Borough Council and, from 1965, under the sponsorship of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham ... As a result of changes to the organization of the Inner London Education Authority in the 1980s and resultant funding cuts, the orchestra changed its name to the Fulham Symphony Orchestra and became an independent organization ... At the heart of its current activities, the orchestra is committed to exploring the large-scale symphonic repertoire in rehearsal and to presenting the results of this exploration in high-quality performances.‘

+ Fulham Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)54
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)115
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A friendly local choir of about 100, performing both sacred and secular music via 3-4 concerts per year ... We hold Open Rehearsals quite regularly to which anyone with even a passing interest in joining the choir (or even just curiosity as to what we get up to on Monday evenings) is invited. However, anyone wishing to attend any of our rehearsals throughout the year - on a totally no obligation basis - will be extremely welcome.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Harrow Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)73
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)188
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Band is open to players of all abilities and we aim to deliver a high standard of performance. There are no musical grade requirements or auditions, although some previous ensemble experience would be an advantage. We aim to help all players improve their performace skills and we play a wide variety of music.’


+ Harrow Concert Band
VISITS (to the Website)107
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)341
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly mixed voices non-auditioning choir based in South Harrow ... We approach our rehearsals with energy and enthusiasm and we hope this is reflected in our concert performances ... Harrow Harmony performs three main concerts locally during the year, one to celebrate Christmas in which there is always a chance for audience participation and two larger concerts in spring and summer, usually featuring guest musicians. We always invite our audience to join us for a buffet after our concerts and our hospitality is now legendary!‘

Category Community Choirs
+ Harrow Harmony
VISITS (to the Website)114
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)221
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly group of professional, semi-professional and amateur singers who come from all over London and the South East but rehearse in Harrow ... Each year we perform one full scale production and we are also renowned for our Workshops, Concerts and Master Classes.’

+ Harrow Opera
VISITS (to the Website)140
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)214

Founded 1959: We usually give four concerts a year, including a Christmas Concert, performing a wide range of music, both secular and sacred, from many centuries ... We are known to be a very friendly society and welcome anyone who can sing and enjoys good music’.

Category Choral Societies
+ Harrow Philharmonic Choir
VISITS (to the Website)49
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)101
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly amateur orchestra based in Harrow. The orchestra performs three concerts a year, usually November, March and July, and always welcomes new players. There are no formal auditions so if you're interested in playing then get in touch, come along and see what we're like.’

+ Harrow Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)65
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)107
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are a friendly and hard-working choir of about 70 voices ... and we perform three concerts each year. New members are always made very welcome. We don't hold auditions, and while an ability to read music certainly helps, it is not always essential. The first term is half-price for new members so they have a proper chance to settle in and see if our choir is for them.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Hillingdon Choral Society
VISITS (to the Website)111
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)233
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘At John Locke Academy in Uxbridge on Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday we have a vibrant music school with a friendly informal atmosphere, which runs for ten sessions each term. Approximately 350 young musicians from all parts of the borough come along on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings in term time. They play in bands, orchestras and chamber ensembles, learn music theory and sing in choirs.’ The young musicians ‘also participate in regular concerts and events’.

+ Hillingdon Music School and Ensembles
VISITS (to the Website)21
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)50

Formed 1985: ‘An amateur orchestra. Its membership consists of local musicians over the age of 18 who want to continue to develop their orchestral playing. There are now over eighty registered members. The orchestra does not hold weekly rehearsals but meets for four rehearsals before each concert. Three concerts are given during the season in different venues within the Borough.’

+ Hillingdon Philharmonic Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)83
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)193
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A chamber choir in Chiswick, West London ... Membership ranges between 50 – 60 people and we sing a wide range of choral music, both sacred and secular ... We sing three concerts each year but also organise other activities which enable the choir to sing in a new setting and to enjoy some more sociable experiences not always involving singing.‘

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Hogarth Singers
VISITS (to the Website)145
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)213
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Has been around since 1903, which makes us one of the longest-established amateur dramatics companies in west London. We are a friendly crowd, always eager to welcome new faces. Our performing year usually consists of an autumn musical show plus a smaller-scale show, concert or revue in the spring, and other special events from time to time. We have mainly been known as a Gilbert and Sullivan society, performing acclaimed productions of these comic operas, but in the last few years we have expanded our portfolio.’

+ Hounslow Light Opera Company
VISITS (to the Website)112
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)206
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Hounslow Music Service runs a structured, progressive programme of bands, orchestras and ensembles for instrumentalists. Players must be having lessons either through Hounslow Music Service or privately, and acceptance to an ensemble will be dependent on a pupil having the necessary skills and level to join, as well as a place being available. Players’ ages range from young primary school children to post A-level students, and rehearsals take place on weekday evenings during term time. They are a great way to make music and meet new friends. Concerts are an important part of playing in an ensemble and all pupils are expected to perform as part of their learning.’

+ Hounslow Music Service Ensembles
VISITS (to the Website)17
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)32

'Amateur orchestra of around 45 players. We play three concerts each season ... We concentrate on the standard classical and romantic repertoire and from time to time perform contemporary works. ... The orchestra fulfils an important dual function in that it benefits its members by enabling them to pursue a passion, and in the wider context it is a means by which the playing of and listening to serious classical music is extended out of the professional arena and into the community. We have a number of chamber groups which occasionally perform additional concerts.'

+ Hounslow Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)145
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)320
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A youth chamber choir based in London. Set up in 2011 as a collaboration between Ralph Allwood, ex-Director of Music at Eton College, and Ed Watkins, Director of Music at the West London Free School. The aim of the choir is to bring together great singers from a group of state schools in London with the best choral direction from the private sector to create a choir that tackles challenging music to a first class standard ... WLFS is the first of the government’s new free schools and is a specialist music school where music teaching is rated Outstanding by Ofsted.‘

+ Inner Voices
VISITS (to the Website)82
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)154

‘In 1971 Pupils Teachers and Parents at Kingsbury High School in North West London so enjoyed a production of "The Mikado" that they wanted to go on, and KAOS was born. A number of members who were in that first show still perform with us today. KAOS performs two staged productions each season and prides itself on the breadth of its offering, from the more traditional Operettas and American Musicals to modern shows and indeed Premieres of challenging works.’

+ KAOS Musicals
VISITS (to the Website)132
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)342

Kenton Light Operatic Society was founded in 1950: now known as KLOS Musical Theatre. We perform two musicals a year one in October and the other in March.’

+ KLOS Musical Theatre
VISITS (to the Website)244
Also indexedKenton Light Operatic Society
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)398

‘Reviving Our Heritage of Synagogue Music ... The London Cantorial Singers were formed by Ian Lyons in 1995, in order to promote and perpetuate his love of traditional liturgical music, which is vanishing into obscurity from today’s synagogue services. The aim of the Choir is to perform synagogue music, once popular but now rarely heard, as far as possible in the composers’ original settings. Our repertoire also includes Israeli and Yiddish popular songs. To fulfil these aims the Choir performs across the whole range of Jewish events including concerts, musical evenings, Selichot and Sefirah services, full chazan-choral Shabbat services, Weddings, Bat Chayil and Bar Mitzvah services, in order to educate and to improve public interest in and knowledge of the art of Jewish Cantorial music.’

+ London Cantorial Singers
VISITS (to the Website)53
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)139

‘A high standard string orchestra which meets to rehearse ... in Queens Park, London. As well as giving public concerts, it has a wide outreach programme including visiting primary schools, hospitals and the Crisis shelters. One of its main aims is to introduce live classical music to young children, and each year we give five or more concerts/workshops in primary schools.’

Category String Ensembles
+ Nonesuch Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)66
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)143
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are an amateur choir of about twenty five singers from around Hillingdon and warmly welcome new members! The choir was founded in 1973 as Trinity Music Society and became Northwood Choral Society in 2008. During each season we rehearse and perform a variety of mainly classical choral music in one of Northwood's churches or their halls, aiming to make our concerts enjoyable for both audiences and performers. We give two major concerts, one in winter and one in spring, as well as a summer concert with music in a lighter vein ... We don't hold auditions, but only ask for commitment and enthusiasm and that you sing in tune.‘

Category Hillingdon
+ Northwood Choral Society
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‘One of London’s leading amateur chamber choirs ... of about 35 voices, based in Hammersmith ... We give three or four concerts each year, mainly in West London but also regularly in major venues in Central London and sometimes further afield. We perform a wide variety of music to a high standard, placing particular emphasis on vibrant and communicative singing. Repertoire is often idiosyncratic, eschewing the typical canonical works to shine a light on forgotten masterpieces and rare choral treasures. We collaborate with top-class soloists and instrumentalists ... The Choir was founded in 1983 as St Peter’s Singers, having emerged from members of the eponymous church choir looking to perform a wider repertoire ... As we had long-since spread our wings from our church base and become a purely concert choir, in 2011 our name was changed to Petros Singers.’

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+ Petros Singers
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A choir open to children between the ages of eight and 18. It is the perfect place to gain theatrical and musical experience while also having fun and making new friends. QPJS is affiliated with Queen's Park Singers, the adult choir, who invite us to perform in their concerts. In addition there are other events, for example, carol singing and Queens Park open gardens day. And we eat cake at the end of every rehearsal!’

+ Queen’s Park Junior Singers
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‘A friendly choir based in Queen’s Park London NW6. Our aim is to sing to a standard that gives pleasure to our audiences and is rewarding for us. Our repertoire ranges from choral music from the Tudor period to works by contemporary composers. We often perform with a chamber orchestra. We usually give three concerts each season, in December, March/April and June.’

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+ Queen’s Park Singers
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Founded 1985: ‘We are a 60-strong mixed voice choir based in West London. Our repertoire is deliberately varied from baroque, classical and contemporary choral works to modern and show songs, traditional Christmas carols and folksongs (from all corners and occasionally in the original language!)  ... We usually prepare for three concerts a year (Christmas, Spring and Summer) ... We also sing at events around the Borough, by decision of the Choir, and often take part in the London Sangverstevne’.


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+ Questors Choir, Ealing
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Founded 1958: ‘We are a small chamber choir of 20-25 singers ... based in the London borough of Hillingdon. We enjoy a wide repertoire of secular and sacred music, which includes major choral works, motets and part-songs. We are a vibrant and ambitious choir performing three concerts a year, in which we are joined by professional soloists and players ... New members in all voices are warmly welcomed ... The ability to sight-read is helpful but not essential if you can follow a score with an acceptable degree of accuracy’.

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Sine Nomine Singers [Hillingdon]
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Established 1946: ‘A very friendly choir whose repertoire is based on the western classical choral tradition. However, in the summer we tend to let our hair down a bit and attempt works from the opera, light opera, musical and jazz genres ... We welcome new singers of all abilities in each of the parts – soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  Our members come from Stanmore, Harrow, Kenton, Pinner, Ruislip, Watford, Bushey, Barnet, Edgware, Burnt Oak, Colindale, Wembley and Mill Hill ...There is no formal audition for the choir, but after about four weeks the MD listens to new members to see how they are doing and to be sure that they are singing in the correct voice part’.

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+ Stanmore Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Each season we offer a wide range of concerts, from chamber music to large scale symphonic works, demonstrating the versatility and musicality of Harrow’s premier community orchestra. Our players are drawn mainly from the local area, highlighting the wealth of talent Harrow possesses. Performing with some of the country’s finest soloists, we present concerts of the highest quality ... Come along to our free pre-concert talks, where you will find out more about the music and meet the players. You will be assured of a warm welcome and an evening of wonderful music.’

+ Trinity Orchestra
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘One of the foremost amateur choirs in Hillingdon, West London. Our membership comprises approximately 80 voices, and rehearsals take place at St Margaret's Church, Uxbridge (opposite the Tube Station, door on the right side) ... We give two principal concerts every year in Winter and Spring, which take place at a variety of venues in the borough ... We also have a Carol Concert in December and a Summer Concert in July.’

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+ Uxbridge Choral Society
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'Since it was founded in 1971 W11 Opera for Children and Young People has commissioned and produced 34 new operas, more than any other UK company, providing a rich repertoire for its cast of 9 to 18 year old children and young people ... Our long term mission is to create a workable repertoire of through-sung pieces that can be staged by schools and community groups. A W11 commission is as likely to hail from the rock, jazz or musical comedy genres as it is to embrace many-layered contemporary classical writing.'

Category Opera Companies
+ W11 Opera for Young People
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'Founded in 1937 and we’ve produced a whole host of well-known musicals since then to the delight of our audiences, many of whom come back again and again. We perform two major musical shows every year with full orchestra, lighting, costume and scenery ...'

+ Wembley Operatic Society
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Also indexedWOS Productions
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A highly talented amateur orchestra based in Ealing, made up of music teachers and good amateur players; new players of a good standard are welcome! ... Each year we perform five concerts locally, and one in central London. Some of us also get together from time to time in small groups to play chamber music, which we perform at an annual concert.’


+ West London Sinfonia
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Parish Choir performs a wide range of music, both popular cathedral-style repertoire and more unusual music – from striking South American baroque works to South African choral dances and new commissions by contemporary composers ... Music by the Bridge Talented young and often local musicians perform in church in monthly Friday concerts (February–July and September–November). Refreshments are available at the back of church. Concerts are free. There is a retiring collection to support choral scholarships at All Saints.'

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@ All Saints Fulham
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Also indexedMusic by the Bridge
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We hold over 80 musical performances each year, nearly all of which are also open to the public. During term-time, Harrovian musicians entertain with the Lunchtime Concert series every Tuesday in St Mary's Church, Harrow on the Hill. The Choral Society Concert in March is an opportunity to hear Harrow School boys singing a major choral work with girls from a nearby girls school as well as School staff. The Commemoration Concert takes place every October in Speech Room, featuring orchestras from Harrow School and The John Lyon School. The Michaelmas Concert also takes place in Speech Room in the autumn term, and audiences are treated to big band music from the School's Concert Band, as well as the School Orchestra and the Jazz Band. Every December, the School hosts Town Carols for anyone from the Harrow area to attend.’

@ Harrow School
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‘The Bhavan aims to preserve, encourage and propagate the teaching and understanding of Indian art and culture as an integral part of the culture of the United Kingdom. It commends universal values in performance and studies. Our objective is to provide a centre of learning in the UK for Indian culture.'

@ The Bhavan
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‘The Musical Museum is home to a wonderful collection of self-playing mechanical musical instruments. From the tiniest of clockwork music boxes to the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ in our concert hall, you can listen to and learn about an impressive array of reproducing pianos, orchestrions, pipe organs and violin players. The museum's theatre space hosts a variety of musical concerts, films and dances throughout the year, and makes a unique and flexible event venue available to hire.‘

@ The Musical Museum
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‘We are West London’s leading arts centre and an independent charity. Come and see us! You’ll find cinema,contemporary art exhibitions, live performance and a vibrant children’s programme.’

@ Watermans Art Centre
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