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- Oakham Festival

- Rutland Concert Band

Rutland Mainly Organ & Keyboard Concerts



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- Rutland Musical Theatre


Category Uppingham
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'A Registered Charity committed to leading, promoting and supporting the arts in Rutland. It consists of a small volunteer committee that aims to be representative of the county’s arts organisations and various creative disciplines.'


* Arts for Rutland
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'CSSM's annual courses mix professional and amateur musicians, continuing a tradition established in 1945 by our founder Ralph Vaughan Williams ... The wide variety of annual, week-long courses at CSSM attracts adult singers and orchestral musicians of all standards and ages. We are renowned for our exceptionally friendly atmosphere.' Held Early August. (Historically took place in Sherborne; now seems to be settled in Uppingham.)


* CSSM Summer School of Music
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'The story began in 1991 ... Since then it has grown steadily. The consistently high quality of the performers at Music in Lyddington, most of whom have already made their Wigmore Hall, London, debut, has been a crucial factor in the success of the society. The performers themselves have told us how much they relish the relaxed atmosphere and the excellent recital grand piano ...'


* Music in Lyddington
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'Independent Charity formed to deliver the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of Rutland. Working with NMPAT as the lead partner and a range of local deliverers, Rutland Music will support all schools and develop musical opportunities for the County.'


* Rutland Music
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‘We are a community choir in Rutland based in Edith Weston with members drawn from all over the county and beyond. We sing for fun and to gain a sense of community spirit as encouraged by that choir master extraordinaire Mr Gareth Malone!‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Chater Community Choir
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‘The Society undertakes two concerts each academic year in December and March ... The Society’s repertoire is drawn from a range of musical periods in both the sacred and secular traditions, but with a particular emphasis on performing many of the great masterworks of the choral repertory with orchestra. The Society is supported by the staff and facilities of Oakham School.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Oakham Choral Society
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'We’re based in Oakham, and are available to play big band swing and jazz around Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and the East midlands in general. The band started in 2005 and over the years our repertoire has grown, so we can adjust our setlist to suit your event. We love to make music, so please ask about booking us, or suggesting somewhere we could do a gig. And if you just like listening, join our mailing list!'


Category Big Bands
+ Rutland Big Band
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'Usually promotes three public concerts annually, as well as giving its members other opportunities to sing at other events and with other groups ... We are a very friendly choir, including all ages, and we do not audition. Although we strive to improve our musical ability we never forget to have fun whilst doing so! The choir includes a wide range of abilities from experienced musicians and singers to those who have not sung since leaving school. You will soon find your musical knowledge increasing whilst at the same time gaining an entire new social circle with like-minded people.'


Category Community Choirs
+ Rutland Choral Society
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'The Rutland Sinfonia is an amateur orchestra ... but there is nothing "amateur" about the quality of our performances. Founded in 1976 ... our aim is still to bring high quality, enjoyable and inspiring performances of orchestral music to smaller towns and villages in rural areas in and around Rutland ... We have made enormous progress in recent seasons in the quality and chemistry of our music making ... Just as we welcome young people in the orchestra, we also welcome families and young people, and their friends, in our audiences. We are always interested in suggestions and ideas, and our thanks go to those who complete and leave the feed back forms.’


+ Rutland Sinfonia
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Refounded in 1959: ‘In recent years they have performed three concerts during the season, which lasts from September through to April. These include a November concert, and a Christmas concert which has audience participation. A major choral work is performed in the Spring ... The choir is open to all, no audition is required although the ability to read music is an advantage.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Uppingham Choral Society
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‘The Band has been in its present form since 2010, but many members have played together in Uppingham and at Uppingham Community College for many years. Being a community band, our goal is to create opportunities for musicians of all ages to make music. For this reason, we keep subs very low ... And because no-one gets paid for organising or leading the band, our running costs are kept to a minimum. Which means that our community of villages, churches and charities can easily afford to have us play at their fund-raising or other events.‘



Category Big Bands
+ Uppingham Jazz & Soul Band
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'Public performance is fundamental to Music at Oakham. It builds vital personal confidence and provides goals to work towards. Our pupils take part in over 80 concerts each year in Rutland and venues around the UK. Our annual English Song Competition and Piano Duet Competition, adjudicated by professional musicians, are eagerly anticipated events in the school calendar. We produce recordings, tour abroad biennially and participate in major national competitions. We aim to give our pupils as many opportunities as possible to hear live music and achieve this by hosting professional concerts and taking pupils to local concerts.'


@ Oakham School
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'Uppingham's music-making has an enviable reputation for its outstanding musical tradition and exciting, dynamic projects. With music being threaded through the whole school community, we encourage and support individual excellence and mass participation. A large and committed team of specialist musicians bring considerable expertise and dedication to their individual and ensemble teaching ...'

@ Uppingham School
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'One of the most pleasant and best equipped small theatres in the country, presenting up to 100 events a year for the general public and members of Uppingham School. Seating 280, it is ideal for conferences, lectures, presentations, concerts and recitals. All seating has a clear view of the stage, and audibility is excellent, with a professional sound system and fully computerised lighting.'


Category Uppingham
@ Uppingham Theatre
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