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'Club meetings are held at 2.00pm ... with local musicians encouraged to take to the stage and play traditional music on instruments featuring predominantly accordion and/or fiddle. A "Special Guest" then performs two 30 minute sets during the evening with the entertainment finishing around 5:30pm.'

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'Founded in 1960 and every year since then has been bringing to this corner of Scotland a season of concerts of classical and contemporary music performed by musicians of national and international acclaim. We have always encouraged young artists and we have an excellent reputation with our audiences and amongst the promoters of music in Scotland for the very high standards of our concerts. Meeting the ever rising cost becomes increasingly difficult and would never be possible without generous help from Enterprise Music Scotland and our other sponsors and supporters.'

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'Since 2000 Music in Lanark has been bringing exceptional talent to the people of Clydesdale. From September through to March of the following year we present concerts showcasing a wide range of musical styles, from classical chamber music, opera and jazz to traditional Scottish. We also provide a regular platform for young musicians to perform at the beginning of each concert, thus enabling talent to flourish.'

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'A female voice choir of about 20 voices who are based in Hamilton, Scotland ... We were formed in August 2014 and so we are a new choir. In that short time we have undertaken a number of engagements in central Scotland, working with local musicians and performing on our own right.'

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'We are always looking for new members of all ages, especially in the male voice sections of the choir. Although we are a non-auditioned choir we still aim to maintain high standards ... You don't have to be able to sight-read, but a reasonable ability to read music would help (and, of course, the ability to sing in tune). We realise it can be very daunting to take that first step into a new organisation but many of us who did have been greatly rewarded by the experience of providing much pleasure to our audiences ...'

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'We are an award-winning amateur flute orchestra ... With a full range of eight different types of flute - from piccolo down to subcontrabass in G - we play more instruments than you might think. Accompanied by a full range of percussion, we are able to achieve the most orchestral sound possible ... Although we have many experienced players, we also have a number of learners of all ages. We are always keen to hear from players of all abilities, as well as absolute beginners who may be interested in learning. The orchestra is available to play concerts for your school, church or any other event; and can be a novel way of fundraising for your own organisation.'

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Award-winning Band established in 1894: 'If you'd like to be part of our band, we welcome both learners of all ages as well as experienced players and have an open door policy so please feel free to drop by our practices if interested in joining'.

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'Exists to provide musicians an opportunity to perform in the local Lanarkshire community, and to present a variety of musical entertainment, from light, popular and film music, through to symphonic works from the great composers.'

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‘The Choir came into existence in 1920 when a far-sighted District Clerk, Walter Burnett, started a Choir to take men off the streets at a time of great unemployment, and provide them with an appreciation of music and a new social environment. It was hugely successful in meeting its first objective “to improve the musical education and social life of the men in the village, and to stimulate an interest in, and love for good music in the community”. As the Choir developed, their Annual Concert became a focal point for the members, a peak achievement performance and a climax for all the hard work and commitment that had gone before. It also gave the villagers the opportunity to hear and see professional quality artistes of all persuasions, at an affordable cost, something that was well beyond the reach of residents at that time.’

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'Formed in 1936, in a local builder's yard, when two or three joiners began singing during their lunch break. With the exception of the war years the Choir has gone from strength to strength and is now over 50 strong. The Choir's repertoire is wide and varied ranging from classical, church music, music from the shows and light popular music.'

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'A lively mixed-voice choir performing mainly classical works. Our major concerts generally take place in May, and either November or December each year, with occasional variations or additional events.'

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Have developed their spaces into a 'St Mary's for All' - including offering a winter Concert Series.

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