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- Kinver Light Operatic Society

- West Midland Light Orchestra


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- Astwood Bank Operatic Society


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‘A voluntary organisation which supports all individuals and organisations involved in the arts in Redditch and those who would like to be.’

* Arts in Redditch
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'Renowned series of artistic events & exhibitions held annually in the surroundings of the glorious Malvern Hills. Some of the most prestigious musicians, poets, writers, film makers and other artists perform during Autumn every year.' Held September - October.


Category Arts Festivals
* Autumn in Malvern Festival
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'If you love live music performed by outstanding classically trained artists and would like to help ensure the continuation of our 50 year tradition through our Friday evening series of chamber music, then please consider supporting us. Our programmes are wide ranging, from the classics like Haydn , Beethoven and Mozart to new works by living composers, taking in the rich romantic repertoire and modern music, with a strong thread of music by 20th century English composers. Our Box Office receipts do not come near to covering the total cost of putting on our concert series and Bromsgrove Concerts are reliant on grants and donations from charitable bodies and individuals for their continued existence.'

* Bromsgrove Concerts
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Established in 1960 as a vibrant celebration of the arts and culture in their broadest sense. Since its inception, the Festival has included a multitude of art forms and hosted many performers and artists of world renown. In recent years ... Bromsgrove Festival has celebrated mainly classical music with some excellent musicians in stunning venues ... [However, in 2017,] Bromsgrove Festival will once more celebrate the diversity of arts and culture by expanding to incorporate an impressive number of events in a wide variety of media. There really WILL be “something for everyone”.’ Held Mid July.


Category Arts Festivals
* Bromsgrove Festival
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'Began in 1981 as an international platform for talented young instrumentalists and singers between the ages of 18 and 25 (28 in the case of singers). Since then many outstanding finalists have found The Bromsgrove a stepping stone to national and international recognition and success.'

* Bromsgrove International Musicians Competition
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'Annual Festival promoting Music in the Community concerts, education workshops and chamber music recitals of the highest quality in Worcester and the surrounding areas. It aims to create a vibrant, accessible and enjoyable environment, where people of all ages can interact with classical chamber music concerts and events. The Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival delivers opportunities where musicians and composers can collaborate with members of the community to produce a music festival for the whole family.' Held Early October.


* Chamber Music @ Worcester Festival
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Also indexedAstaria String Quartet
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‘Four weeks of mostly free events: Music, art, crafts, dance, exhibitions, drama, and poetry.’ Held During JulyALERT ’The Committee of the Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) has decided that the next Droitwich ArtsFest may be held during 2020.’


Category Arts Festivals
* Droitwich Spa ArtsFest
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'Launced in 2007 offering local musicians a platform on which to perform and the opportunity for the public to experience the wide array of musical talent that Evesham has to offer. Since 2007 the Festival has run as a biennial event with each Festival building on the success of the last, the introduction of the Young Musician of the Year competition in 2009 proving so popular that it has now become a permanent feature of the Festival.' Held Mid June.

* Evesham Festival of Music
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Also indexedEvesham Young Musician of the Year
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'Ever since its first concert on 31 October 1903, Malvern Concert Club, founded by Sir Edward Elgar, has been a cornerstone of musical life in Worcestershire. Over one hundred years later, today’s Concert Club is proud to continue that tradition of bringing the best chamber music to this part of the country. Whilst grounded in the tradition of the string quartet, each season brings a varied selection of music for small ensemble, with and without keyboard, and voice. Our performers are British and overseas musicians of international standing, with a balance of established artists and promising newcomers.'

* Malvern Concert Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Set in the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, Malvern Winds has become one of the UK's most established and popular summer course for amateur wind players. A chamber music course for wind players who are seeking an inspirational approach to their music-making. Course open to Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Horn players of grade 6 to performance diploma standard in graded ensembles.’ Held Mid July (at Woldingham School, Surrey)


* Malvern Winds
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'We have changed the name of this page to Musical Breaks to reflect the fact that we now hold events at both Bewdley and Llandudno.The Bewdley events were originally known as “Brian Sharp Musical Breaks” ... Brian Sharp was probably the most well-known organist in the UK. His career spanning over fifty years, encompassed all aspects of the Theatre and Electronic Organ World ...'


* Musical Breaks
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Our Bands, who are not competing with each other at Pershore Midsummer Brass, choose their own programme. There are those who meet to make excellent music to entertain as well as those who have enjoyed success in the highest competitions in the country.' Held Early July.

* Pershore Midsummer Brass Festival
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'We use the term "folk" loosely and all kinds of music from Blues, Country, Americana, Jazz, Traditional and Contemporary Folk are always enjoyed along with poetry and story- telling. Club nights have a relaxed atmosphere and the hall has great acoustics, so there is no need for amplification. You can perform either on or in front of the stage or, if you prefer, from where you are sitting. If you feel happier singing with the words in front of you, that's not a problem as a music stand is provided.'


Category Folk Clubs
* Rushwick Folk Club
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‘Provides the following services to the young people of Worcestershire: - Lessons in schools; - Projects, workshops and whole class tuition; - Six Area Music Centres throughout the county; - Wide range of orchestras and bands; - Instrument hire, collection and delivery service; - Trips, tours, courses and performance opportunities.’  Severn Arts (formely known as Worcestershire Youth Music.) is the Lead Organization for the  Worcestershire Music Education Hub.

* Severn Arts
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Also indexedWorcestershire Youth Music | Worcestershire Music Education Hub
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Annual weekend event taking place Late June. The Friends of the Upton Jazz Festival is 'Worcestershire's Premier Jazz Society for the best live jazz in the area featuring top musicians from Britain and abroad'.

Category Jazz Festivals
* Upton upon Severn Jazz Festival
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Also indexedFriends of the Upton Jazz Festival
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'The Folk Festival is promoted by the Upton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society. Membership of the society is available on application and acceptance by the committee. Membership is open to all those who wish to promote Folk Dancing and Folk Music in the district of Upton upon Severn in South Worcestershire.' Held Early May.

Category Folk Festivals
* Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival
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Also indexedUpton upon Severn Folk Dance and Song Society
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'We are funded by Worcester City Council and our remit is to "promote the arts in Worcester". The benefits of being a member of Worcester Arts Council include: Promotion of your activities; Help and advice; Grants for projects and events; Networking Opportunities.'


* Worcester Arts Council
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‘The Society's aims are to promote the classical guitar in our region, through ensemble playing in our Guitar Orchestra, development of skills in the Youth Guitar Orchestra and arranging professional concerts ... Performing in the orchestra certainly helps to develop a person's musical skills and sight reading ability. It is a different discipline from solo playing, it gives the opportunity to perform at public concerts as part of an ensemble - how many of we amateur guitarists would have the opportunity to do this as a solo performer?’


Category Guitar Societies
* Worcester Classical Guitar Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The perfect opportunity to test your skills in music or drama. Thousands of budding musicians and actors have entered classes in the ... distinguished history of the “Friendly Festival” ... Why not test your own nerve and performance ability in a nurturing and supportive environment, in the wonderful city of Worcester? Prizes, awards and a festival concert are all on offer to those who dare!’ Held Mid March.


* Worcester Competitive Arts Festival
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‘Promotes live concerts by top-quality professional musicians and organises music-related educational events at Huntingdon Hall, an historic building in the centre of Worcester. We regularly provide a platform for outstanding young players, singers and groups with local connections ... Membership is designed to enable local community access to diverse, high quality chamber music and not least to encourage younger people to develop a taste for good, live music.’


* Worcester Concert Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘We are The Worcester Ukulele Club! (also known as the WUCcies), and quite simply, we’re a friendly bunch, who love singing and playing our Ukes! ... There are approximately 100 active club members. Many members also perform at gigs, raising money for the club’s chosen charity for that year. Popular music from all eras and genres is played, with a repertoire of over 130 songs.‘


Category Ukulele Clubs
* Worcester Ukulele Club
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‘Aims to promote the enjoyment and understanding of music composed before 1800. We achieve our aims through: * An annual Festival and concerts during the year. We promote historically informed performances offering the history and social context of the music performed on authentic instruments. Our audiences enjoy the intimate and sociable atmosphere and the opportunity to ask the performers questions; * Outreach Programmes; * The Pride and Prejudice Ball.’


* Worcestershire Early Music
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‘Founded in 1964 ... A friendly group of people dedicated to furthering knowledge and appreciation of the organ and its music – open to all, not necessarily organists.’

* Worcestershire Organists’ Association
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'The Wychavon Festival of Brass was the result of an initiative developed by the Vale of Evesham Commerce and Tourism Association which, in the late 80’s, was seeking to raise the profile of the town. An exciting brass band contest was seen as an interesting and novel way of attracting visitors and offering the local population the opportunity to hear and experience some fabulous brass music!' Held Late October.

* Wychavon Festival of Brass
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Everybody, Let’s Sing ‘started from a love of singing. No matter how old you are, the joy of singing with other people is uplifting and soul enhancing! We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience those feelings. ELS has various sections – all with the same aim – to enjoy singing together, and at times, to share this singing with a wider audience. Alvechurch Community Choir meets regularly to sing, and on occasions, perform. The choir’s outreach activities to care homes and community groups also draw in, and entertain, others’.

Category Community Choirs
+ Alvechurch Community Choir
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Also indexedEverybody, Let’s Sing
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‘We are a mixed choir of all ages made up of around 40-50 singers ... We perform our own fundraising concerts during the year and in addition we perform concerts by invitation from other organisations, churches, village halls, charities, etc., who wish to raise their own funds ... We perform music of many styles – show songs, opera choruses, spirituals, folk songs, traditional songs, ballads, classic pop – so there is something to please everyone.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Arrow Vale Singers
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A brass band based in the town of Evesham, Worcestershire, England. It is made up of roughly 25 players with percussion and entertains the local community in concerts both for local charities and also to support itself.’


+ Avonbank Brass Band
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'Founded in 1951 having developed from the local Women’s Institute Choir. We are a mixed voice choir and currently have around 55 members. The Society gives three concerts per year at local venues, performing a variety of choral works with professional soloists and orchestral accompaniment, as well as lighter music.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Barnt Green Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Band was formed in 1998 when woodwind were invited into the Blackwell Brass Band to encourage further growth. Since these humble beginnings it has gone on to reach its current strength of around 55 players. There are a wide range of players in the band of varying experience and calibre. The repertoire includes marches, jazz, calypso, blues, pop, rock, film scores and more.


+ Blackwell Concert Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'"Bret" Band are the only surviving village band in Worcestershire. The earliest mention in public records which the band has found, is one in September of 1895 where reference is made in the Evesham Journal to an event to raise funds for the newly-formed band. Further research has revealed that the band was formed sometime between the autumn of 1894 and the summer of 1895. The band evolved from a Band of Hope based on a chapel in the village and when first formed it was known as the Bretforton Temperance Band (there’s no answer to that!) Some years ago the band was fortunate enough to purchase this chapel and now it is here that they meet to practice ...' ALERT Could not open the Band’s Website when Reviewed; cited their Facebook Page instead.

+ Bretforton Silver Band
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'Our two concerts during the year take place in the spring and at Christmas.We sing a wide selection of choral music, some of the great choral works and some not so well known ... As well as our two concerts a year members of the choir take part in many other choral events ...'

Category Choral Societies
+ Bromsgrove Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Band, now styled on Military Band instrumentation, was originally founded by a small nucleus of 7 or 8 young musicians in February 1992, following the demise of the Evesham Sea Cadet Corps Band. The number of members achieving good results for examinations set by the Royal Schools of Music has resulted in the Band rapidly gaining recognition as a successful training ground for young musicians and aspiring adults within the Vale of Evesham.’


+ Celebration Reed & Brass Band
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‘Malvern’s own fine amateur orchestra ... Its membership, drawn from all over the Midlands region, now exceeds one hundred players ... The Orchestra rehearses intensively over two consecutive weekends culminating in a concert on the second Sunday. The Orchestra is committed to continuous improvement and with this aim we hold one-day workshops, and a Young Musician Competition, to provide opportunities for up-and-coming performers.  There is always a place for musicians of a high standard, particularly in the strings, so if you are interested in joining the Orchestra (auditions are not necessary, but grade 8 is advisable) please contact us.’

+ Chandos Symphony Orchestra
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Cradley Singers is a choir of approximately 30 singers performing three concerts each year in and around the Malvern and Worcester area. Although we originated as Cradley Village choir, our members now come from many villages and market towns in the area, such as Ledbury, Bromyard and Malvern. We sing a wide variety of music ranging from serious works such as Vivaldi’s Gloria and the Duruflé Requiem to light-hearted jazz and contemporary pieces.‘

Category Community Choirs
+ Cradley Singers
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‘Founded in 1980 the Elgar Chorale is one of the leading chamber choirs in the West Midlands. We are a mixed voice choir of about 40 singers, many of us professional musicians, based in Worcester. We have a busy and varied programme of concerts taking place around Worcestershire and beyond. Our repertoire ranges from medieval to the modern day, from unaccompanied to with a small orchestra. The choir sings at many events to raise money for charity.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Elgar Chorale
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Worcestershire-based ESO was founded by William Boughton as the English String Orchestra in 1978. It soon formed a reputation for performances of English music and made many recordings. For full orchestral repertoire, ESO grew to become the English Symphony Orchestra. Ever since then, “ESO” has served as an acronym with a dual meaning. The idea of ESO is to share the joys of live music with as wide a population as possible. Our typical concert programme will features performances by the Symphony and String Orchestras, and a variety of chamber ensembles, in locations around the West Midlands, Three Counties, Shropshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, plus invitations to appear elsewhere for festivals or in residence.’


+ English Symphony Orchestra
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Also indexedEnglish String Orchestra
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'A unique family of three choirs. The Choral Society has a long established history, dating back to 1899, and a great tradition of singing all the great choral works. We also look to the future of choral singing and in addition to the main Choral Society, we have two choirs for young people. Wyre Forest Young Voices, our youth choir for young singers, and Primary Voices, our junior choir for children.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Kidderminster Choral Society
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Also indexedWyre Forest Young Voices | Primary Chords
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)189
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Kidderminster Festival Orchestra, a professional group of some 25 to 35 performers, has been formed with the intention of filling the “high cultural” void in the area of North Worcestershire, South Staffordshire and Shropshire. Given time to establish a reputation as a quality chamber orchestra, it is hoped that TKFO will also work further afield ... Now that it has been established that the Arts Council will be unable to assist with this project, the town has been taking matters into their own hands to establish an independent approach to the core funding for TKFO. As a result the “Friends of the TKFO” will be undertaking various fund raising projects to get the infrastructure of the orchestra onto a secure footing ... Kidderminster is the first provincial town in the Midlands to have, as a part of its musical culture, a fully professional orchestra.’


+ Kidderminster Festival Orchestra
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)172

'We have an extensive range of male choir musical arrangements with over 130 items in our music library. However, at any one time our performance repertoire is about 30 songs and these are regularly refreshed with new items introduced and others given a rest. The repertoire is very varied and caters for all audience and choir member tastes. Not only do we sing in English but we also cover songs in other languages. Arrangements include show songs, popular music, spirituals, and other traditional male choir items.'


+ Kidderminster Male Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Formed in 1919, we are a mixed choir of some 140 voices performing four concerts during the year. Our concerts take place in either Malvern Theatres or Great Malvern Priory. As well as three main concerts, we perform annually at a Carols for All Concert in Great Malvern Priory in December, specifically to raise funds for charity. We’re a large but friendly group and we’re always ready to welcome new people to our choir and audience.‘


Category Choral Societies
+ Malvern Festival Chorus
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Well known for our seasonal concerts and performances at fetes, weddings, garden parties and in parks, the  Malvern Hills District Brass Band is a dedicated and friendly contesting Worcestershire brass band, with a large repertoire of music to suit all occasions, ... and is keen to hear from brass players or percussionists of any age or ability who may be interested in joining.’


+ Malvern Hills District Brass Band
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Dates from 1922: ‘Our repertoire is large and our library contains over 300 titles. We perform music from TV and film as frequently as musical showstoppers. We sing great Welsh male voice choir classics as well as music of the masters, sixties classics, pop, and songs with strong African rhythms. The full blooded sound of sea shanties contrast with the close harmonies of barber shop and, of course, Christmas provides us with an array of much loved pieces to relish and share. We love and enjoy our singing whether the music is pleasingly straightforward or satisfyingly challenging. New members are always welcome – please see our Contacts page ... or turn up at any Rehearsal!’

+ Malvern Male Voice Choir
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'A mixed, adult choir of about 40 singers. The repertoire is varied but chiefly short pieces that are spiritual, classical, arrangements of popular songs, and songs from shows, rather than major choral works.'

Category Community Choirs
+ Malvern Singers
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Has mounted choral concerts since its inception in 1975, but ‘with major public concerts ever more expensive to mount, and funding support difficult to obtain ... since 2014 the organisation has organised a new kind of “choral workshop” twice a year, where singers are expected to do some preparation in advance, but the emphasis is on high quality singing and fun’.

Category Choral Societies
+ Midland Festival Chorus
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)168

We are a professional orchestra based in Worcestershire: ‘During 1995 Nigel Morley, a well known and respected local figure in music circles, founded The Midland Sinfonia. Nigel’s dream was to bring live professional classical music to the people of Alvechurch in north Worcestershire, the Midlands and further afield ... During 2003, TMS became a registered charity with an elected Board of Trustees. The Board invited sponsors and patrons to support the orchestra financially and it is entirely due to their generosity that The Midland Sinfonia can offer such a high quality programme each season. We cannot emphasise too much the importance of our kind supporters, particularly The Elmley Foundation, without whom it would not have been possible to continue ...’

+ Midland Sinfonia
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)226
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The original Musical and Amicable Society was founded in 1762 by James Kempson, who directed the choir at St Bartholomew's Chapel, Birmingham. Together with fellow musicians from St Philip's Church (now Birmingham Cathedral), Kempson and his singers gathered on a regular basis at Cooke's tavern in the Cherry Orchard "for practice and recreation" In 2003, Kate Fawcett and Martin Perkins decided to revive this historic society as a collective of professional period-instrument specialists, performing in combinations ranging from small ensembles to full orchestra. Our presiding ethos is one of chamber music - however large or small the formation - where each and every performer has a significant role to play.’


+ Musical & Amicable Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Has established a reputation as one of the region's leading early music singing groups ... We are based in Evesham, Worcestershire (in the UK) and our members come from the Vale of Evesham and the surrounding area. Usually, but not always, we sing in colourful 17th century costumes ... We are equally happy to sing in churches, village halls, outdoors or indoors and enjoy this variety of venues. Our repertoire is varied and, as well as music from the 16th and 17th centuries, we sing contemporary works.’

Category Evesham
+ Musyck Anon
VISITS (to the Website)80
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)188
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A thriving amateur mixed choir of about 100 voices ... Our concerts, usually three each year, are performed in Pershore Abbey ... a superb venue with acoustics which are ideal for a chorus of our size. We work with a number of professional orchestras and soloists who join us from all over the country ... There are no formal auditions although you may be expected to attend a simple voice test.’

Category Choral Societies
+ Pershore Choral
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)220
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Established in 1948: ‘The Orchestra is made up of 35 members and it is enlarged for concerts to 40-50 players depending on the programme ... Orchestra repertoire is varied, but mainly comes from the classical, romantic and early twentieth century. The programmes are designed to be interesting and a challenge for players to rehearse, to attract an audience and to be financially viable in terms of music hire, copyright and soloist's fees.’

+ Redditch Orchestra
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)229

‘Our Society performs their main show once a year, traditionally during April, at the Palace Theatre, Redditch. Over the years the range of productions has varied considerably and we have been recognised by NODA both for shows and programme production ... We are a friendly society and actively welcome new members to join us either in an acting or non-acting capacity ... Whilst in session we rehearse twice a week - on Wednesday night for Company and Chorus and Monday night for Principals.‘

+ Studley Operatic Society
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)140

‘Our repertoire is accomplished, lively, fun and varied, covering pieces of choral, pop, ballad, musicals and comedy styles, giving us a wide and varied repertoire which can be tailored to the tastes and requirements of our audiences and client.’

Category Community Choirs
+ The Bel Canto Singers
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)222
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

The Film Orchestra is the UK’s (& probably the world’s) 1st amateur orchestra to perform ONLY original music for film, TV & video games. Originally a rehearsal orchestra, bringing all ages together to enjoy playing original screen music, TfO has expanded with the addition of graded orchestras, wind bands, jazz bands, chamber ensembles, workshops and events to enjoy and promote the work of the film composer. With a growing network of musician members aged from 8 to 80+ and featuring professional musicians alongside enthusiastic amateurs, TfO truly brings together enthusiasts from across the spectrum of music making.’

Category Light Orchestras
+ The Film Orchestra
VISITS (to the Website)76
VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)169

‘An SATB chamber choir with up to 24 members based in Malvern, Worcestershire. Our membership, which includes those who come from much further afield, all share an enjoyment of a wide range of music from the Renaissance to the 21st century, both serious and light. The choir gives five or six concerts every year. As well as promoting our own events, the choir regularly teams up with fine venues ... and organisations ... This well established choir is enthusiastic to explore new events, new venues and new partners.’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ The Hills Singers
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)170
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Takes its name from the beautiful Vale of Evesham, where we are based, in Worcestershire. Vale Connection Ladies Barbershop Chorus (as we were originally known) was started in Evesham back in 1994 by a small but perfectly formed group of just ten ladies who shared a passion for singing in harmony. Today we're still singing - and still growing! We sing unaccompanied A Cappella style and most of our songs are arranged in the kind of close, four-part harmony that gets toes tapping and spines tingling.’

Category Evesham
+ Vale Connection
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)189

‘Worcestershire based Volante Strings is a group of 12 - 14 string players who regularly give concerts at home and occasionally overseas ... We generally play chamber style without a conductor which means working very closely with each other in rehearsal in order to achieve a high standard of concert performance ... Our programmes encompass a varied and challenging range of styles, from classical, through contemporary to light and our repertoire covers music from as far back as the sixteenth century right up to the present day. It gives us much pleasure to perform arrangements by our own players and also new works written specially for the ensemble by local composers ... Our name, Volante, means “fast and light” and comes from the Italian word for flying. It is used to describe a particular style of bowing.’


Category String Ensembles
+ Volante Strings
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VIEWS (of ‘Full’ Record)135
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Originally set up in 1997 Worcester City Brass provides the many talented young brass players in Worcester and the surrounding area the opportunity to meet and make music. WCB earned an enviable reputation both locally and nationally when the Youth Band performed at the British Open Brass Band Championships Gala Concert at Symphony Hall, Birmingham and the Junior Band performed at the National Youth Brass Band Championships. For a number of years WCB was mothballed whilst the musicians and musical director took a change of musical direction. Worcester City Brass reformed again in the summer of 2015 ... We currently have 2 brass bands: Training Band and Youth Band.’


Category Worcester
+ Worcester City Brass
VISITS (to the Website)34
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‘A traditional Brass Band. Its members are a mixed group of more than 30 friendly people, ranging in age from 12 to 65 years. They include teachers and school-children, lecturers and students, local government and private sector workers, full-time and part-time employees and the retired ... We play a wide range of music. It's easy listening music, embracing songs from the stage, themes from films and TV series, light classics as well as more traditional Brass Band music ... Whilst a number of players use their own instruments, the band owns a full range of high quality, new instruments which it loans to members.‘


+ Worcester Concert Brass
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Worcester Festival Choral Society, founded in 1861, has brought the “great choral works” to the magnificent setting of Worcester Cathedral for more than 150 years. Its illustrious history has included close associations with composer Sir Edward Elgar from its early days. Today the Society comprises around 140 auditioned, amateur choral singers selected from across Worcestershire and beyond. The Choir holds three major, classical concerts each season. Each is supported by professional orchestras and internationally acclaimed soloists, and draws large audiences - proof that even in these days of digital downloads, nothing surpasses the enjoyment of live choral music!’


Category Choral Societies
+ Worcester Festival Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The main aim for the Choir in any year is to raise money for Charity. Sometimes these concerts are for our own Charities but most are to support other organisations in their charitable work. The Choir is itself a Registered Charity and since 1987 has raised approaching £150,000 for Charity. Most choristers attend our own concerts with between 50 and 60 at the others. We also assist at Weddings and Funerals, where typically between 30 and 40 would attend. These smaller events can present some difficulty in finding enough volunteers NOT to sing ... We are keen to welcome new choir members and additions to our non singing supporters, “Friends Of Worcester Male Voice Choir” who are a much appreciated part of our team.‘


+ Worcester Male Voice Choir
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra, based in Pershore Abbey, have become the area’s most popular orchestra, with sixty dedicated professional and non-professional musicians from Worcestershire and the surrounding counties. The Orchestra has a growing reputation of working with internationally renown and aspiring soloists with four principal afternoon concerts per season in the beautiful surroundings of Pershore Abbey.’


+ Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

Worcester Young Voices provides a great opportunity for young people to discover their voices in one of three choir groups ranging from 5-16 years old ... We present a small number of concerts during the year which delight parents, grandparents and friends. From time to time, we join with schools and other choirs groups from around the county. All are welcome to come along and have a go. Come and try it out for a couple of weeks, see what your voice can do.’


+ Worcester Young Voices
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‘The Orchestra gave its first concert in the Public Hall on 26 April 1906, with Ivor Atkins conducting more than 100 players. Elgar assisted in drawing up the programme, and conducted occasionally in performances of his own works. His daughter, Carice, played the violin in the orchestra for many years ... We currently have more than 60 regular players but are always keen to hear from potential new members across all sections.’


+ Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra
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'A local non-professional orchestra serving the towns of Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport-on-Severn and the wider community of the Wyre Forest area of the West Midlands. We give three concerts a year, plus other musical events as and when they offer the opportunity.'

+ Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The venue’s annual programme is made up of well over 200 specialist film screenings, over 400 workshop sessions and 12 exhibitions as well as participation and educational projects in the local community. Its live programme puts it at the top of many What's On in Birmingham lists. It consists of over 200 performances includes chamber and orchestral concerts, jazz, folk and blues gigs, top stand up comedy, cutting edge theatre and dance and more traditional drama.'

@ Artrix Arts Centre
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'Nestled alongside the River Avon, Abbey Park offers a riverside walk, the historic Abbey, crazy golf and play areas for the children and easy access to the town centre ...'


@ Evesham Abbey Park
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'Evesham’s leading venue for live entertainment, offering a diverse programme of events from dance to drama, concerts from rock to classical, comedy, pantomimes, musical theatre, workshops and so much more ...'

@ Evesham Arts Centre
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Malvern Theatres presents over 600 live performances a year attracting some 300,000 visitors. We screen over 700 film showings each year to an audience of over 70,000 film lovers but the shows are only half the story. Through our Engagement & Creative Learning programme, we work with people of all ages and all abilities, including individuals with a variety of disabilities and complex conditions, to provide experiences which will engage, inspire and empower individuals for life. We successfully achieve all of the above with less than 1% of annual turnover publicly funded, and the vision of our trustees and staff is to become one of the few financially independent theatres in the UK.’

Category Great Malvern
@ Forum Theatre Malvern
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘The Priory has a strong musical tradition. We have a talented Director of Music, strong choirs and dedicated organists who lead the music. The Priory Choir consists of adults and children while the Priory Singers is a mixed voice choir for adults. In addition, we enjoy the resources of a mixed-age orchestra, a Praise Group and a nascent Worship Band ... The organ is widely used by the church and the community in general; some five civic services and ten local school services per year are held, as well as concerts, organ recitals and teaching sessions.‘

Category Greater Churches
@ Great Malvern Priory
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Situated in the heart of Kidderminster’s conservation area, close to the Library and College, the Town Hall is a landmark town centre building with fine architectural features both externally and internally. The venue is used for a wide variety of cultural events, meetings, lectures, private parties, weddings, tea dances, formal occasions and trade fairs.’

Category Kidderminster
@ Kidderminster Town Hall
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‘Our mission is to provide arts and leisure activities to the local community and beyond with the aim of improving the social well-being of the inhabitants of Pershore and surrounding areas. Number 8  offers a vibrant programme of film (with digital projection and 3D), live events (including music, theatre and dance), plus events beamed in via satellite such as ballets, operas and the National Theatre Live seasons.’

Category Evesham
@ Number 8 Community Arts Centre Pershore
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‘First opened its doors in August, 1913, a comparative latecomer in the wave of new theatre building in which public demand for entertainment had been finding expression since the beginning of the century.’ A variety of uses over the next 70 years culminated in a 1982 Report that ‘only 60 people turned up to see a concert. Just five of them were from Redditch. “The fate of the Redditch Palace is in the hands of the audience.” The Redditch Borough Council took over the management and running of the building in 1985 and since then has continued a tradition of providing a wide mix of entertainment to please every palate.’

@ Palace Theatre Redditch
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Pershore Abbey sits in the heart of the community and has been a place of worship focussed on the life and needs of the wider community for over a thousand years. We want to share the life of this former Benedictine Abbey with those who want to come and worship and mark life’s important events, with those who want to enjoy good music and performance, with those who love history and with those who long to share God’s love for everyone ... Throughout the year Pershore Abbey plays host to a number of concerts and events in and around Pershore. Ranging from orchestral concerts to lectures, religious celebrations to family friendly fayres, there is a lot to see and enjoy throughout the year.’


Category Greater Churches
@ Pershore Abbey
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘This fine Victorian bandstand was restored and re-erected in its original position in Priory Park in the 1980's through the efforts of The Malvern Civic Society who now use it as their logo.’ Summer series of Sunday afternoon concerts.


@ Priory Park Malvern
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‘The birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar ... set in sight of his beloved Malvern Hills, this small family home in the village of Lower Broadheath is the perfect environment for nurturing a creative genius. Perhaps by wandering around the garden over the cottage threshold a spark of inspiration may alight in our welcomed guests ... Growing up as a child at Lower Broadheath he was constantly surrounded by music, in the family home and in his father’s shop, and throughout his life he immersed himself in musical performance. This is our wish for his birthplace, to fill the property and gardens with the joyous sounds of live music, music in all its forms from cello to dulcimer.’


@ The Firs
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Information and news about the lunchtime concerts, organ recitals, and other events taking place in Worcester Cathedral.’


Category Cathedrals
@ Worcester Cathedral
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

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