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‘Over 100 performances, spanning almost every musical genre. Based at venues throughout the town: pubs, churches, restaurants, in the open – and it’s all FREE.‘ Held Mid May.

* Dart Music Festival
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‘A chamber choir based in Kingsbridge, Devon, UK. It was formed in 1985 and draws its members from around the South Hams. The choir's repertoire covers a wide range of sacred and secular music - works that are performed unaccompanied or are accompanied by keyboard, organ or instrumental ensembles. While most of our members are what might be called "mature", we are keen to promote young performers and frequently invite local students to take part. Concerts take place in a variety of venues, usually to raise money for charitable causes.’

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+ Alvington Singers
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'Founded in 1946 by Gerald King, Director of Music at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. The choir originally consisted of cadets and staff of the College supplemented by a few local civilians. The collaboration between town and college continued well into the 1980s, when changes within the college resulted in the choir becoming a self-supporting, independent society. Under successive directors, the choir has sought to maintain the established traditions of first-class programmes and performances.'


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+ Britannia Choral Society
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‘A symphonic wind band encompassing all the instruments found in a military band. Its repertoire can cover every genre of music from classics through film scores, jazz, rock and pop as well as military music. We rehearse ... at the Britannia Royal Naval College and have a full diary of events both in the locality of Dartmouth as well as the wider Devon community. Membership requires applicants to be an average of Grade 6+ (exam pass is not necessary but an audition may be required) and emphasis is placed on musicality and regular attendance.’ Note also the College’s Big Band, Parade Band, and Corps of Drums.

+ BRNC RN Volunteer Band
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Also indexedBritannia Royal Naval College| Big Band | Parade Band | Corps of Drums
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‘We are an amateur orchestra based in Dartmouth, with around 25 players drawn from across the South Hams and beyond. The orchestra was originally set up by a group of friends who were looking for an opportunity to play locally. Since then, it has grown but still keeps its friendly, sociable ethos. We currently perform three or four concerts a year, including one in the annual Dart Music Festival, each May.’

+ Dartmouth Orchestra
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'An enthusiastic group of over fifty men from South West Devon anywhere from Torquay to Plymouth, who love singing together in four-part close-harmony Barbershop style ... We are well known throughout the region for our entertaining performances, and we focus on the singing of four part harmony in the barbershop style, straight from the heart ... The Kingsmen is the Performance name of the Kingsbridge Barbershop Harmony Chorus.’


+ Kingsmen Close Harmony Chorus
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Also indexedKingsbridge Barbershop Harmony Chorus
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Old Gaffers is the name of our shanty crew, based in the South Hams of Devon. Most members have some association with the sea and have been singing traditional songs for many years. The group can be seen and heard performing from a large repertoire of songs at a number of different venues throughout the year.‘

+ Old Gaffers
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Has 'a growing reputation as one of the best small arts venues in Devon'.


@ The Flavel
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