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'Acclaimed as the finest series of brass band concerts in the world!'

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'The aim and object of the club is to foster spread of knowledge about folk songs, music and dance and to encourage their performance by all manner of folk, in association with other local and national folk organisations as the committee see fit.'

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‘Founded in 1976  ... a Championship Section Band based in the village of Drighlington in West Yorkshire ... Drighlington Band are available to perform at almost any type of event! With a wide repertoire, Drighlington Band can perform at your concert, event, party, whatever it may be! Whether you require a full band or our award winning, smaller Drighlington Ensemble, we can help!’

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'The objective of the Society is "To educate the public in the Dramatic and Operatic Arts and to further the development of public appreciation and taste of the said arts". Although the wording of this now seems a little archaic, our aims remain the same and we always make sure we enjoy ourselves whilst achieving our objective.'

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Formed in 1998: 'We are open to all ages and abilities, although a reasonable standard of playing would be needed. The band has traditional concert band instrumentation – a woodwind section currently consisting of flutes, Bb clarinets, bass clarinet and saxophones – alto, tenor and baritone; and a brass section consisting of trumpets/cornets and baritone/euphonium.'

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'A mixed-voice choir of about fifty singers, founded in 1943. We give three main concerts each year: Autumn, Christmas and Spring, singing a wide range of music from the classical repertoire. A summer concert, performing music in a lighter vein, is usually held as well as other social and special events.'

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