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'Established in 1972 and we are one of the longest running folk clubs in the country ... There are guest performers every other week and singers nights in between. It's quite common to have as many as twelve to fourteen acts on singers nights! We have always provided a wide variety of music and styles from traditional and contemporary folk to blues and bluegrass. If you are in the area please drop in, you may be pleasantly surprised ...'

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'Morpeth Music Society is proud of its central role in the cultural life of Morpeth, presenting an annual series of classical concerts performed by professional artists of national and international standing.'

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'An exciting three-day annual festival of street entertainment, indoor events, music, dance, craft, dialect, heritage and traditional fun - held the weekend after Easter.'

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Usally meet: 'Every Tuesday evening 7pm - 10.30pm. The format for these evenings is 7-30 to 8-15 everyone who wants to play can join in to a set programme to be used on guest artist nights. The time after that is made up of anyone who wishes to play solo or in groups'.

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‘The Festival remains one of the largest music festivals in the North of England affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals of Music and Dance and Speech. Our main sponsors were Morpeth and Ashington Town Councils. The Festival Committee is grateful to our numerous Individual and Business Patrons who also help fund festival activities. The Festival operates as a Charity and all involved are volunteers. There is a main committee of 14 and about 20 active supporters who help with preparation and during Festival sessions ... The committee invites anyone with an interest in the festival to come forward as a supporter.’

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'We are a friendly group with a common interest in singing ... If you like to sing and would like to come and join in there is no audition and you don’t have to be able to read music but if you can great.'

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Formed 1925: ‘The 80’s saw a period of great success for the Band, winning many contests. The Band moved confidently into the 21st century, qualifying twice for the National Brass Band Championships and winning promotion up to the First Section. However the closure of Ellington Colliery in 2005 and the loss of the miner’s support was a severe blow to the band. Fortunately Northumbrian Water kindly offered to support the band and continued to do so for over a decade. The Band is now one of the busiest (and best) concert bands in the North East.’

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‘A friendly and welcoming organisation consisting of players from a range of abilities, ages and backgrounds. We are always on the look out for new brass and percussion players, from beginners to the more experienced ... A 4th Section band based in the North East of England ... From January 2018 we will be competing in the 3rd Section.’

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'A local choir based in Morpeth for local people who like to sing for pleasure. We sing all sorts of music. From classical music to seasonal and folk and occasionally we commission and perform brand new choral works. At the moment we are around 70 strong and we are always looking for new singers to join us. Please contact us if you feel you would like to be a part of this exciting choir ...'

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The Northumbrian Community Folk Choir for Men ‘A group of men from a variety of backgrounds and with a broad range of musical experience, who meet every week to share the joy of singing, in good company. We sing a wide range of songs, in exciting vocal arrangements, mainly from the North East folk repertoire, but including gospel, world music and contemporary popular songs.’

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‘A hugely popular choir of women’s voices, based in Morpeth, Northumberland. Their name derives from “Werca” ... who is described variously as a “wild and witchy woman” and “saintly” - very much like the choir, in fact. They are known for their passionate singing of the beautiful songs of their region, and a wide range of folk and contemporary songs which express the joys, hardships and hopes of women of all times.’

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‘Music is incredibly high profile at Bede Academy and has been referred to as “the heart beat of the Academy”. There are many events to prepare for throughout the year including termly concerts, the carol service, presentation day, young musician of the year, and the annual Academy production to name but a few. Being a musician has become commonplace and the whole Academy is involved in Music in some way, whether it be through curriculum lessons, assembly singing, Technical Intelligence Lectures, extracurricular ensembles or private instrumental tuition. Music underpins the Christian ethos in Assemblies on both the North and South sites, which are accompanied daily by a worship band made up of students.‘

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'The Theatre presents a regular programme of professional performing arts to its local community and has successfully brought amateur and professional practitioners alongside each other to develop work for the community ... and attracts audiences from a broad area including North Tyneside and rural Northumberland.'

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