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Meet 'every Wednesday of each month (Sept - April)'.

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'Orkney is a group of around 70 islands, situated just off the northern coast of Scotland. The festival is based in Stromness, in Orkney’s West Mainland, where around two thirds of all events take place. Other venues and locations vary year to year.' Held Late May.

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'Orkney's midsummer celebration of the arts. Founded in 1977 by a group including the late Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Festival has grown from small beginnings into one of Britain's most highly regarded and adventurous arts events.' Held Mid June.

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'A small chamber choir that is based in Orkney, a group of islands to the north of Scotland. It was founded in 1988 by Neil Price for the purpose of performing any choral music for a choir of such a size that would challenge and stretch its abilities. Although the aim is to achieve high standards, the choir is run informally, never losing sight of the fact that its main purpose is to provide recreation for its members. The choir performs frequently throughout Orkney and especially in St Magnus Cathedral, a magnificent building constructed by the Vikings in 1137.'

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