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'There are regular singers nights and occasional guest nights.  Singers nights are informal, everyone is welcome, singers, musicians (all levels and instruments), songwriters, and listeners. All kinds of acoustic music are encouraged. The atmosphere is informal and friendly and entry is free. Guest nights are a little more formal. The guest artist will usually do two 45 min. spots supported by the resident band and floor singers. No need to book a floor spot, just turn up!'

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‘Our Group meets every two weeks ... Meetings are from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. and our programmes are published six months in advance ... Prospective members are always welcome.‘

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'One of the oldest and most famous brass bands in the world. We have been around since 1818 and have been wowing audiences all over the UK ever since - and a hundred years ago, the band undertook two world tours! A remarkable achievement ... Besses are committed to providing high quality, entertaining concerts for audiences local to us in north Manchester (and further afield), whilst maintaining our world-wide reputation and being true to the history and legacy of such an esteemed institution.'

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‘The Band was formed in 1992 ... We concentrate on serving the local community with a calendar of concert performances, playing at nursing homes, garden fetes, churches and most of North Manchester’s parks.'

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‘Based in Prestwich, Manchester. It was originally started in Egerton Street in Whitefield, hence the name ... The choir was started in May 1940 ... We are an open-access choir; that is you don't have to audition. It is not essential to be able to read music but it helps if you can follow a score. We sing a lot of two and three-part songs ranging from the traditional choral ... as well as more modern works ... We do show tunes and old favourites. We even include the occasional pop number.’

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‘In 1876, Joe and Jim Waterhouse and four of their friends purchased a one key flute and a drum, founding the Middleton Perseverance Drum and Pipe Band. The first outings by the band were to local pubs where they played in exchange for ale or lemonade (some of its members were not of drinking age). This earned the band the nickname “The Pop and Ale Boys” ... By 2000, the Middleton Band had formed a successful youth band, continuing the tradition of pop and ale ... By the time the band celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2002, the thriving youth band had provided the senior band with many of its players ... The band’s motif is the Middleton Archer. Bowmen from the area fought at the Battle of Flodden under Sir Richard Assheton, who in 1524 enlarged the Norman church of St Leonard’s, which stands in the heart of Middleton. The Band enjoys wide support from the people of Middleton, and regularly gives public and private concerts as well as leading processions through the town.‘

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Founded 1918: ‘Consists of the Adult Group, Youth Group and Junior Group and prides itself on the wide variety of shows, pantomimes and plays that are performed each year. If you are interested in joining our society, please fill in a form on our CONTACT US page or via email ... Alternatively come down to PADOS Studio Theatre on a Wednesday evening for our weekly social night, have a drink and meet our members!’

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