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'The Exon Singers hold their annual festival in the historic market town of Tavistock, with recitals and services in the town’s beautiful 13th century parish church and in nearby Buckfast Abbey.' Held Early August.

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* Exon Singers Festival
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‘Features concerts (of a wide range of musical genres), lectures, art exhibitions and workshops, literary workshops and events, theatrical and dramatic performances and an arts market in Bedford Square.’ Held April - May.

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* Tavistock Music & Arts Festival
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‘Founded on 16th September 1999 by Steve Smith, a local music teacher. He wanted to provide the opportunity for brass and woodwind players in the area to play in a group. Playing in a group builds confidence and is a great way to improve skills whilst having fun ... Blowzone plays in public several times a year. These are mostly informal occasions providing entertainment at local fairs and fetes. Performing is an important part of gaining confidence as a musician, and it shows our friends and families what we have achieved ... New brass and woodwind players are always welcome. Our members are of all ages, from children to the retired, and range in experience from about Grade 3 to Grade 8 and beyond.‘


+ Blowzone
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‘Evolved from the flute players of Blowzone (Tavistock wind band) towards the beginning of 2000 and comprises flute players from the Tavistock area and beyond. We meet fortnightly to rehearse, learn and most of all enjoy the experience of ensemble playing. Several concerts each season are enjoyed by growing audiences who appreciate the variety of music offered. We have been privileged to share in concerts with other local organisations and maintain a policy of making donations from our concerts to the churches in which we perform.’

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+ Flute Cocktail
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‘If you love to sing and live in the Tavistock area of Devon, then come and try us out! ... We are a mixed choir always welcoming newcomers. We sing a wide variety of choral works and perform two or three concerts a year. Although aspiring to high standards, anyone who wishes to develop their singing abilities is welcome. Auditions are usually only required if the section for the voice concerned is oversubscribed. The choir is very friendly, reasonably serious but NOT SOLEMN! You can attend up to six rehearsals on a trial basis, without obligation.’

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+ Mount Kelly Choral Society
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‘Formed originally to sing shanties at the launch of a new pilot gig on the river Tamar, the pleasure of performing together has kept us going ever since. The Tars all live on the Bere Peninsula in West Devon, where there is a fine tradition of amateur music making. Apart from the music, we are bound together by a shared interest in rowing, sailing and all things nautical. Our music reflects that shared interest - we perform a mixture of traditional sea shanties and other “songs of the sea”, blending male voice harmonies with instrumental support from guitar, concertina and banjo. As our reputation has grown, we have been invited to perform at some very different events, across the South West and beyond.’

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+ Tavy Tars
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'Community arts centre located in a beautifully converted Chapel on the banks of the River Tamar. We programme a wide range of events including folk, jazz, classical music, comedy, film, theatre, talks and exhibitions ... In addition to our ticketed events we also have Gallery Bar Specials. These feature live music and other events from well-known and emerging performers in the south west.'

@ Calstock Arts
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘Music in the Parish Church is led by an energetic director of music who has an eclectic taste in worship music. St Eustachius has a fine Walker pipe organ and Steinway grand piano and both are used to maximum effect to enhance worship ... The church is a popular concert venue that regularly attracts ensembles of high calibre ... A series of free lunchtime concerts, especially those as part of the annual Tavistock Festival, is appealing to an ever increasing audience.’

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@ Tavistock Parish Church
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